One Random Word for each Part of Speech

For a more thorough discussion of Palauan parts of speech, please refer to:

The following is a simple list of the Palauan parts of speech with brief descriptions and an example word for each one.

1affixa word stem at the front or end of another word that modifies itm-you.
2aux.auxiliarymlahas (done something).
3aux.past.auxiliary past tensemlobecame; got.
4babya baby wordnennengsleep.
5conj.a conjuctiona lechul meif (only).
6cont.a contractionlekle ak
7expressionan expressionikakidhere they (things) are.
8interj.interjectionchelikexclamation of surprise (esp. directed at group of people).
9mod.modifierlakif one doesn't; (if) there weren't; don't.
10n.nounchebirukerrengunfairness; inconsiderateness.
11n.a.s.anticipating state nounchiollaction of waiting.
12n.a.s.poss.3san anticipating state noun possessed by a single person, animal, or thingchuklelweaving work.
13n.a.s.redup.a reduplicated anticipating state nounkerrekeriiltrial; judgement.
14n.act.action nounomesuub(action of) learning; studying
15n.instr.instrument nounosuchedaction or way of pressing. nounremeteetthose of high family; the rich.
17n.poss.1pea noun possessed by the speaker and perhaps others, but not the listenerbngamour (exclusive) trap (usually for fish).
18n.poss.1pia noun possessed by the speaker and the listener and perhaps otherschedadour (inclusive) relative.
19n.poss.1sa noun possessed by the speakerbukmy smell; my odor; my scent.
20n.poss.2pa noun possessed by multiple listenerscherengiuportion; amount or quantity (of food) equal to those being served.
21n.poss.2sa noun possessed by a single listenerbngamyour (singular) flower, green coconut sheath, etc.
22n.poss.3pa noun possessed by multiple peoplecherrirtheir laughs.
23n.poss.3snoun possesed by a single personomingeldivision; boundary; line of demarcation; part in hair.
24n.r.s.resulting state nountellemallcrime; destructive deed; violation (of custom, etc.); responsibility or fault for something broken, etc.
25n.r.s.poss.3sa resulting state noun possessed by a single person, animal, or thingdeleselsomeone's criticizing.
26n.r.s.redup.a reduplicated resulting state noundelmedimechlarge amount of dots or spots.
27n.redup.noun reduplicatedchebechabdust (esp. under house).
28n.res.a residual noun; something formed residually after an actionulleselokeldirtied water after washing clothes.
29num.numberongelolem6 [sixth] (ordinal).
30pro.pronounrokuiall of them.
31ques.question wordngerrachwhat is it?
32v.a.s.anticipating state verbngemetallis to be bailed.
33v.a.s.redup.a reduplicated anticipating state verbngerengerodelelastic; stretchable.
34v.caus.causative verborrosdrown (someone). inchoative causative verboldiongis beginning to shout.
36v.caus.redup.a reduplicated causative verboldekdakput (different items) all together.
37v.erg.ergative verbmetarkget scratched (up). inchoactive ergative verbmecherrengelangis getting completed.
39v.erg.pasta past-tense form on an ergative verbmilecheedgot/became stuck.
40v.erg.recip.redup.a reciprocated, ergative verbkabebeuget broken all at once.
41v.erg.redup.reduplicated ergative verbmekerkardbe afflicted by sharp intermittent pain.
42v.i.intransitive verbomitulkroll over when sleeping.
43v.i.inch.inchoative instransitive verbmekerengangis just waking up.
44v.i.pred.predictive instransitive verblongelungis about to cry.
45v.i.redup.intransitive verb reduplicatedombebitoklgo around in every which direction.
46v.imp.imperative verbbecherieNever mind (nevermind). Leave it alone.
47v.imp.3piimperative verb suggesting a collective activity with both the speaker and listener(s)dekaingeseuLet's help each other!.
48v.inch.inchoative verbkoieihas (miraculously) survived.
49v.pasta past-tense of a verbmlotngeongdiscovered (something, someone) accidentally (typically by walking around). perfective verb operating on multiple peopletokingiterirtalk to people for purpose of discipline or persuasion. perfective verb which happened in the past to multiple objectsmilliikpicked (coconuts). perfective verb acting on a single personmelkiiget coconuts from (tree). perfective verb which happened in the past to a single person, animal, or thingmilelkiigot coconuts from (tree). perfective inchoative verbcholbediangbeginning to hit.
55v.pred.a predictive verbmochungis about to go.
56v.r.s.a resulting state verbultoksticking out; projecting; opposed; gone against.
57v.r.s.redup.a reduplicated resulting state verbdelebedebescut or snipped in many places.
58v.r.s.t.a resulting transitive state verbkluokucarrying; cradling.
59v.recip.a reciprocal verbkakoadfight with each other.
60v.recip.redup.a reciprocal, reduplicated, verbkadekdaktbe afraid of each other.
61v.redup.a reduplicated verbombebekallsail or drive around aimlessly.
62v.s.a state verbhidoitoo much, excessive, over exerted.
63v.s.inch.a state inchoative verbmesulangis getting tired.
64v.s.inch.redupa reduplicated inchoative state vertmediditangis just getting dry. state verb describing multiple people, animals, or objectsmekikiongelwith plural objects.
66v.s.pred.a predictive state verbkerekung(tide) is about to start rising.
67v.s.redup.a reduplicated state verbouberberingeldecorated; ornate; fancy.
68v.s.redup.inch.a reduplicated inchoative state verbbechelelengangbecoming white.
69v.s.t.transitive state verbchemaufacing towards.
70v.s.t.inch.inchoative transitive state verbmedechangis getting to know how (to); is becoming skilled.
71v.s.t.redup.a reduplicated transitive state verbmededengeibe somewhat familiar with.
72v.t.a transitive verbmengitechelset boundaries or fix limits of. inchoative transitive verbomechelangis (just) beginning.
74v.t.pred.a predictive transitive verbmengesmerungis about to close.
75v.t.redup.a transitive verb reduplicatedmerterotpound or smash in several places.
76var.a variant spelling and pronounciation of another wordeimuongeimuo
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