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Ma re chad er a Samaria er a le bor a Jesus, e te kmal ullengit er ngii me le kiei el obengterir, me ng kiliei el erul klebesei.So when the Samaritans came to him, they asked him to stay with them, and he stayed there two days.Religious Passages Found Online
seldall a kirel el mesuld; suldii a ulaol; smuld a tebel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ngika el Ius a kila kelel e dirk mle songerenger.Book: Ius me a Uel
A Sechou a kmo, "Ke mo merrau e a bo lemeched me di doruu e kele bo mongoit?"Book: Sechou me a Deroech
Me tir el chad er tia el iungs me ng dirrek el mlo sbechir el suub a bebil er a tekoi er a llomes me a klaodenge el okiu tirka el chad.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
Me a lemerema a ta er a temel ngika el Olik me letemellii a blil Ngeaur e lorael e tia ikid e te mlo olab a tekingel ngika el buik me a lebocha lorenged a blai er a Ngeaur e te milsang a seches el merorem el mo ua deremellel aike el ungil a deremelel el ongeched e sola e merenged a blai.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Ng kora uchul a delil ar rurrot.Like the crotch of an aristocratic woman.Proverbs taken from McKnight and found online (P)
chelsuches a selumes er a rasm; mla mechesuches; chusechesii, chusuches a medal, mengesuches; chesechesel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A klengitelreng er a kedeb el klechacheroid er kemam a mle mereched lobult el mo deureng. Ng lmuut el ngaruchei er sel urunguled el mo dmak. Le Rubak el mla ocholt a kmal betok lokiu a reprofet er Ngii me a dirrek el Chedaol Reng el mla oterkeklii a klemerang el kirel Okiis er a Kodall el mei er ngak, e ak ko er a di omes er ngii er a uldesuek sel deluut el mo dmak lobengterir a recheledaol el mla mekiis er a kodall el betik er a rengud.Sadness from the temporary separation was immediately replaced with happiness. It was more than a hope for a happy reunion. Because the Lord has revealed so much through His prophets and because the Holy Ghost has confirmed the truth of the Resurrection to me, I can see in my mind what it will be like to be reunited with our sanctified and resurrected loved ones:Religious Passages Found Online
Ng ngara kerongesii?Book: Ke Orrenges Ng Diak
Chais Belau.Palauan news.Proverbs taken from McKnight and found online (P)
teleber a delebokl; mla meteber; toberur a bung, tober a dellomel; teberul a bung. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A rechedad a ua leblals er ngii el chad er aike el betok el ungil el omerellel a king el mo er tir, el di ngika el chad a uchul, le ng ngii a rirurt er a deleongel.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
A Ngerutoi ng rengedel ker el beluu?Trivia questions uploaded by volunteers
A resechal me a redil a di du el delngod.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
Uchelel a Ebangkelio er a Jesus Kristus, el Ngelekel a Dios.The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.Religious Passages Found Online
Ng mekerang e a telbiil a mo mengisois er a klaumerang er kid?Why is it important for me to understand the roles of Jesus Christ?Religious Passages Found Online
A Esel a chudelel a Meked le ng klou er a Meked.Book: Telungalek er a Belau
Me a lsa el kmeda e tia el delel a kmal klunga e sokol mongkangk, e ngii el Meluadeangel a ko er a chilsngekl, mengika el kekerei a kmo, "Ng medei" e a lechub e ng kolekel el mo er a ikrel a Tngel e ngii a kmal mekelda tia el delel me ng mongkangk a bita el delel.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Ngouchaet a chikled rengii el tekoi.My neck is sore from that affair.Proverbs taken from McKnight and found online (P)
Ngomtebengang er tia el kadekmel a chimal el dellochel er a daob e ngiluu el mer bab e ulemes er ngii.After he judged that his right hand had been in the water long enough he took it out and looked at it.Translation of The Old Man and the Sea
Bo de kaukerreu e de kaingeseu el olecholt er a bltikerreng e doruul a ungil.And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,Religious Passages Found Online
E a ngor a mlar a eanged e melekoi el kmo, "Ngkaikid a betik er a renguk el Ngelekek, el ngii odeuir a renguk."and behold, a voice from heaven said, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased."Religious Passages Found Online
Me te dilu el kmo, "Ng ngeral mengasireng el tekoi cho bo mruul maki mes e mo oumera er kau? Ng ngera ke mo remuul?So they said to him, "Then what sign do you do, that we may see and believe you? What work do you perform?Religious Passages Found Online
Tiang el Lild a mla er a Ngeremengelong er a Chelab.Book: Siukang er a Belau
obngung a mochu chuob; uleiull a obngung.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ng ngar ngii a klisichek el remuul a ikel rokui el mer ngak el okiu a klisiich el lomeskak a Kristus.I can do all things through him who strengthens me.Religious Passages Found Online
kesuariroi a ta er a bedengel a cheled.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
ngisall a kirel el mengiokl; ngisall a ongraol er a kebesengei el diokang. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A Jesus Kristo a Sebechekled el mo er a Chedam. A tekoi el mesebechakl a ngar er ngii a uchelel tekoi er a Latin el kmo "ngike el mengeluch el kirel a tang."1 A Osobel a mesebechakl er kid, lousbech a mui el klemedengei, llemalt, me a chubechub. Se el bo dodengelii tiang eng sebechel mekekid er a beltikelreng me a omereng el saul el kirel a Tngakireng.Jesus Christ is our Advocate with the Father. The word advocate has Latin roots meaning "one who pleads for another."1 The Savior pleads for us, using understanding, justice, and mercy. Knowing this can fill us with love and gratitude for His Atonement.Religious Passages Found Online
A eianged a mle mechucheb el bedul Ongos e aika el bduch el lodengei a mla mo kaidedibus. Ngii me a lombebibechakl er a delongelel a risois el di eiabed me a eolt a mla ngobeet.The sky was clouding over to the east and one after another the stars he knew were gone. It looked now as though he were moving into a great canyon of clouds and the wind had dropped.Translation of The Old Man and the Sea
Ak mekerang e ngmai a klengeltengat er a templo?Religious Passages Found Online
dbokel a kirel el medibek; dibekii a bduu, duibek, melibek a bduu el olab a uach, dbekel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A demak a chetil a kuruul a party.My father doesn't want me to have party.Sentences from The New Palauan-English Dictionary (E)
omoik a melechesokl; merdekekl e remurt, uos a omoik er a ked, bikel a uos. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
dekel a bambuu el usbechall er a omelikes; melikes el oba dekel, dekelel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
basket a klekool; rengalek a oubasket. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ak chemaot er a kodall.I'm preoccupied with several deaths (in the family).Sentences from The New Palauan-English Dictionary (E)
Kadi momtab alsekum ng bek el sils el kirel a chad el melasm el omekoad er a buil, ng milebedebek. Tia el buil a mechichiis. Engdi kabo momdasu alsekum eia chad a kirel el melasm el omekoad er a sils? Kede milechell el melusch, ngulemdasu.Imagine if each day a man must try to kill the moon, he thought. The moon runs away. But imagine if a man each day should have to try to kill the sun? We were born lucky, he thought.Translation of The Old Man and the Sea
Ak meriik, e melemed, e meruul a kall, e mengetmokl er a blai.I sweep and mop and make food and clean the house.Sentences uploaded by volunteers (U)
Ng kmal mle oltobedechur a nglikir.Their dance was very comical.Sentences from The New Palauan-English Dictionary (E)
obiich a bliich; obeketakl, miich a klemerang, michii a ralm, omiich, bichel a ralm.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Te kmal mle chebuul.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
mechechemecham a beot el mecham; chomur, chuam a rachel, chemul. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
sekidel a kirel el mesakd; brer a sekidel; sokdii, smakd a brer; odak a bambuu e smakd; sekdel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Te kmal mlo mekakt er a lesa tia el beluu el di cheleleu me a kiak a ta el chad e di tir me ngika el mechas el Dileolt.Book: Keo me a Moku
chelsuar a chelsbad, chellebed a medal, mla mechesuar. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A iusbeluu a charm; ng kmal mekekerei el charm.Book: Llecheklel me a Omesodel
Me ng blechoel el melai me ng mlo bleketatkl er ngii el orecheklel a kelel a ledibus a delal.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Ng kired el oltirakl er a llechul a beluu.Book: Siukang er a Belau
Many of these examples are taken from the 1990 Josephs dictionary or from Justin Nuger's dissertation or were uploaded by volunteers. The sentences marked with '(E)' are more likely to use correct spelling and orthography than those marked with '(U)'.
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