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oterukel a oterekall.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
ouchellimaoi a ngar ngii a loba el merael el mong.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ng di mle tia el omerael el mo er a Beliliou.Book: Omerolel A Elilai El Mo Er A Beliliou
ochisii a olechiis er ngii; orriik. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ma Levi a milekiis el mechei a rokui el tekoi, e mlo oltirakl er a Jesus.And leaving everything, he rose and followed him.Religious Passages Found Online
Tia a domekedo er ngii el kmo ng evaporation.Book: Ungil El Dosuub
mechulii a omechull er ngii; mengisemesem.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
telongklel a telongakl er ngii; metongakl el dil. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Altang kuk ngara chung er kid.Maybe it's just our destiny.Sentences uploaded by volunteers (U)
Ma Jesus a dilu el kmo, "Kau ke meral kldmokl el mo mad el kirek? Ak melekoi er kau a meral tekoi. Uchei er a lorros a malk e ng mo edei el moumededenger er ngak."Jesus answered, "Will you lay down your life for me? Truly, truly, I say to you, the rooster will not crow till you have denied me three times.Religious Passages Found Online
A ngelekek a mechiuaiu.My kid is asleep.Sentences uploaded by volunteers (U)
Ser a le tobed er isei a Jesus e a re sensei er a Llach ma re Farisi a mle meringel el mengetiit er ngii e oker er ngii a ker el kirel a betok el tekoi,As he went away from there, the scribes and the Pharisees began to press him hard and to provoke him to speak about many things,Religious Passages Found Online
A kekerei, e kmal smecher el buik a uleker ngak, "Ng techa ngklem?"Religious Passages Found Online
ulsiul a ulsiu er ngii; ulsiul a ngerel; blutek, btekel a ngor.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
oikikab a telkib el oikab; oisisab.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
mengetom a remuul el mo ketom; diak le kedorm; mengetiot, kotemengii a oles, kotom a kamang; ketemengel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A belngel tia el rael a mle cheldukl er a meklou e meaiu el bad el locha se el kired el merael er ngii e ng di a mo bedul a bita me a bita a mle cheldukl er a bad el dirrek el dimlak lsa el ungil a blechebechel.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
cheludech a merat el kerrekar el omechakl, kekebekakl, bechakl Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Mocha bedul a kebesenge er tia el sils e a Captain Wilson a ultebedii a tekoi me ng mlo er eou a kik e tirke el chad er a Sina el mla er a diall a mlo doiderekl er ngii e mesuub el meius el ometech er tir a leme se el taem el lebo lousbech er a kik.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
Kudmeklii a ungil klausechelei lobengterir e mo oldingel er tir er a rekeblirir me a ngii di el ker.Religious Passages Found Online
Tirka el chad er a English a ulbii el mo er a kleim el mlai.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
chusuch a mengesuch, chusuch a ngikel, chusuch a blai.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Me ng mlo omoch a blai er a beluu er a Ngeaur el melai a kall me a klalo el mo lmuut er a udoud me ng ngmai er a chelsel tia el beluu.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Ak di mle ua ise e ng melekinga a Tutau.Book: Ak Milekera er a Ulengull er a Skuul
A lebo e ng mocha ulecheuekl er tia el teluo el tang er a diangel er a mo bedul a beluu e ko er a melbedebek el kmo a ochedak a merur er ngak me a bo kcholt er ngii er a seked e kelel sebek a telil.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
"Ke meduch el ngar er a chei?" Me a Luk a ua sei, "Ng diak ksa el meduch el ngar er a chei.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
E a lebe ldum e ng dirrek.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Me kau el chad, ke mle sibai er ser a cho mokedong? A le ua isei, e lak bo louedikel a rengum. E ngdi le ngar ngii a techellem el mo diak msibai, e mnguu ngii el techall.Were you a slave when called? Do not be concerned about it. (But if you can gain your freedom, avail yourself of the opportunity.)Religious Passages Found Online
Tia el Ngesias el beluu a ngar er ngii a klou el ii er ngii.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
chachesechusem a di du el mengesechusem, chusechesemii, chusechusem, bechesechusem er a kall, chesechesemel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
otecheklel a otechakl er ngii, metecheklii e kudmeklii a meleuaoch.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Me ngika el mechas el Techur a ngklel a ngoura ngika el ngalek me ng oungalek er ngii.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Oldubch ra malt.Pushing out of the leaves.Proverbs taken from McKnight and found online (P)
Sel ngii a kmal techel tial teletael a—a melemolem el—osisechalk er a beltikelreng.The catalyst in this process has been—and will continue to be—the principle of love.Religious Passages Found Online
Uchei era le bo el ngelt a sils eak kulemes er tir el chad el mla remuul a delengcheklir era kederang e chumlii a ngau. Ak mlo era blik. Ng ta el kesus el dimlak a cheliuek e omdasu er ngka el chad el ulemekedong er ngak.Translation of The Island of the Blue Dolphin
A blauang a di chimong, ma de betok el chad, me kid a di tal chad, ele kede rokui el dmak el menga er ngii el di osisiu el blauang.Because there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread.Religious Passages Found Online
"Ma le ua isei, e ng techa ngikel blak a rengul e mellomes a rengul el mesiou? Ng ngikel chad el mastang er ngii a mla tutkii el mo oungerachel er tirkel bebil er a re mesiou e omesterir a kelir er sel belsechel."Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom his master has set over his household, to give them their food at the proper time?Religious Passages Found Online
el ngii a mo omtebechel er kemiu el mo lmuut er a ulebongel, me ng diak a cho bo mobals er ngii er sel sils el le mer ngii a Rubak er kid el Jesus Kristus.who will sustain you to the end, guiltless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.Religious Passages Found Online
otelel a otoel er ngii. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Me ke torakl aika el klekedellel e mo ridekekl e mo chemau a benged ngasech el chemiis e ngika el rubak a kmo, ngii kau ingii.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
ngusel a redil el bechil a ochedal buchelsechelengel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
"Ng diak di kululuuch el kirir e le merekong, ak dirrek el meluluuch el kirir tirkel mo oumera er ngak el tekingir a uchul."I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word,Religious Passages Found Online
Sel bora obliil,me betengel er a mekesong e kemekrang?Trivia questions uploaded by volunteers
Mak melekoi er kemiu er chelechang, el di ua cho mngelekek, el kmo mruul a rengmiu el kiram el mo ua ia rengmam el kiriu, e lak a medechel el berrotel er a rengmiu.In return (I speak as to children) widen your hearts also.Religious Passages Found Online
Me a rubak a dula el kmo, "A klukuk e kede kuk mo mesterir a kakerous el kall.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Ng sebechiu el ouchedam er ngii."Book: Telungalek er a Belau
Ngetpang -- Ngerdubech 4.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
deledes a betok el deles; mekekeriei ei delobech; chimak a deledes er a bakllild.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Tia ikid e a tii a mla mekedmokl me te ngiluu a chimo el kob el msa king me ng ngilmii e ng di ng locha dimlak el soal.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
Ma Petrus a meltuchel er a Chedaol Reng, e ulenger er tir el kmo, "Kemiu el merreder er a re chad, ma re mechuodel,Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them, "Rulers of the people and elders,Religious Passages Found Online
Many of these examples are taken from the 1990 Josephs dictionary or from Justin Nuger's dissertation or were uploaded by volunteers. The sentences marked with '(E)' are more likely to use correct spelling and orthography than those marked with '(U)'.
If you would like to add any more, please use the upload page.
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