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"Lak mobes el mdu er a Pedrico el kmo a bdelul a kloleklel."''Don't forget to tell Pedrico the head is his.''Translation of The Old Man and the Sea
komanget a mengemanget; remuul el mo mekemanget. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
olabek a klekedall el melabek; omekmeaiu, ngobekii, nguabek, olabek er a kerrekar; mamed. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ng mirrael el mo metik er a bills.Book: Chisel a Bebil er a Charm
A rechad ra llach a mo tames el mesmechokl a rokui meng diak el bo ra keras.The attorneys will attempt at a settlement to avoid trial.Sentences from The New Palauan-English Dictionary (E)
blail a bliull; mla obail, milii, mail a belsiich, bilel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A rebebil a locha kmo, "Ng diak el sebechek lotirakl a llechemiu."Religious Passages Found Online
mengiuetokl a mengiud a selokel; oiuetokl a chimal, oiueteklii, iiueteklel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
kaberebart a didu el omart er tir; mertii, mart, kaberebart a tekoi, bertel a udoud. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Se el lebebil el tobed er a skuul e te me reme me te obetererir a rengalek e a delrir a mo er a sers me a lechub e ng mo er a mesei.Book: Ak Milekera er a Ulengull er a Skuul
A ngkedem a kesengil, e ng kleim el kluk.Your fine is at least five dollars.Sentences from The New Palauan-English Dictionary (E)
Isei a uchul mak ullengit me bo de kasoues e kungedecheduch er kemiu. A kmal mera er ngii, ngak a ua isei el rrengodel er a bombatel el kirel ngikel loumera er ngii a re chad er a Israel."For this reason, therefore, I have asked to see you and speak with you, since it is because of the hope of Israel that I am wearing this chain."Religious Passages Found Online
A bochang el merek a miting, e tirkei el teuang el ngelekir el dil a okerei er ngak er a templo:"A templo nguangerang? A ki di mla mes a siasing er ngii e merkong." "Ngerang a aki molchesuar sel ki msiseb er a templo?" "Ngerang sel kot el ki bo molatk er ngii?" Nglocha mle tang el sikang el ngarngii a techellek el mengedecheduch er tirkang el teuang el dil el kirel a blil a Rubak. Ma kurolang el mora skojo, e te milmesumech er ngak, e ngkel kot el ngeasek el dil a dilung el kmo, "Di de kaseues er a templo!"Religious Passages Found Online
terrakl a berriid; mla meterakl; toreklii a blai; tereklel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
sekesekel a omelekosek er ngii; melekosek.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A rua Mary el mle berrotel er a uchul a tang er a belngel a chemrungel a di mle dengarch e kaucherechur.Book: Kemril a Ngikel
Ngdi lsekum kom mor a beluu e ng diak le ngikemiu, e kom tuobed el mor a rael e dmu el kmo,But whenever you enter a town and they do not receive you, go into its streets and say,Religious Passages Found Online
Ng diak di aike el me berreked er a beluu me se el le kiei er ngii a kawauso er a daob.Translation of The Island of the Blue Dolphin
Mitia e a Jesus a dmu er ngii el kmo, "Mcheridau e Satan! A Chedaol Llechukl a kmo, ‘Mongull el meluluuch er a Rubak el Dios er kau, e di le ngii el tang cho mosiou er ngii!’"Then Jesus said to him, "Be gone, Satan! For it is written, " ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’ "Religious Passages Found Online
A urerel a chad er a omeruul el kall a meruul a kelir a rengalek er a skuul.The job of a cook is to make the food.Sentences uploaded by volunteers (U)
e chelechang e ng chemotang er a le mei a Osebeled el Kristus Jesus, el mlo mesisiich er a kodall e ochotii a diak a ulebengelel klengar el okiu a Ebangkelio.and which now has been manifested through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel,Religious Passages Found Online
karuruul a didu el keruul; kasebechakl, kaingeseu, kaosechesech, ketkakl el meruul el mo e mei. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Me ser a le renges a Maria e ng milekiis el orreched el mo olsiuekl er ngii.And when she heard it, she rose quickly and went to him.Religious Passages Found Online
Ng di tal Mastang a medengelii a delechel ongarm el de ngarngii, ringel, me a klengitelreng. Ng di ngii el tang a meskid a diak a ulebengelel budech er a taem er a ringel. Ng di ngii el tang a remutech a telemall el rengud lokiu aikakid el tekingel:Religious Passages Found Online
omurek a ngodechii a bedengel el oba burek; murek a such; brekel a bail.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Sel molisechakl…, eng blechoel ungil er tirkal mesuub a lomes malechub e lorrenges er a chimol tekoi" (Teaching, No Greater Call [1999], 55). Me sel molngeseu er a rechad er a telungalek el mo medengelii a klemechel a President Monson, e momdasou oker tir el mo kldmokl el ouchais a losuub ruriul er a bla mdak el menguiiu er tial klumech. Molengit er a derstang el chad el mo ouchais el kmo ngerang lomelchesiu er ngii eng kot el klou a belkul tekoi ra chelsel tial klumech. Mongesimer el mo ouchais er a klaumerang er kau el kirel tial klemechel a President Monson.Religious Passages Found Online
A Gretel a dimlak lomes er a chelsel Ng dilu er ngika el mechas, "Mosisecheklak e ak metitur.Book: Hansel me a Gretel
ralm a ilumel; ralmchull, ralm er a omoachel; lmel a ngeliokl. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A rokui el klalo a lemechoit e a gravity er a beluulechad a kmurs el mo er eou.Book: Monguiu e Moruul
mechelii a omuchel er ngii; chetelaol a mla mechelii a klakoad, uchelel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Isei e tulerreched el mong e mlo metik er a Maria ma Josef, e milsa ngiil tolechoi el ulekedurs er ongolel a charm.And they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby lying in a manger.Religious Passages Found Online
dochelir a loia dechelel; mo klou; betok; dochel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ma uriul er a le ngederterir, e ng di mle ngii el tang el mo ngmasech er a rois el mo meluluuch. Me ser a bocha le kebesengei, e a Jesus a di mle ngii el tang;And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone,Religious Passages Found Online
bekesisaik a mereched el mo mesaik; sikel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
kelud a didu el melud. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
mrotech a omrotech; brotech; mertechii a sechelil; mrotech a chimal, bertechel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
E a le merma Silas ma Timothy el ngar a Masedonia, e a Paulus a uluusbech a rokui el temel el olisechakl a Ebangkelio, e olecholt er a re chad er a Judea el kmo a Jesus a Mesias.When Silas and Timothy arrived from Macedonia, Paul was occupied with the word, testifying to the Jews that the Christ was Jesus.Religious Passages Found Online
A risel aika el Lius a dirrek el blechoel el kaidesachel.Book: Omesubel a Bebil er a Dellomel me a Charm
Kmal di medechel cherul buil el kungkad era mlik.I only have two months to pay off for my car.Sentences uploaded by volunteers (U)
irechar a mla memong; ngar a mong el taem, rechuodel, tekoi er a irechar. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ng kmal dimlak a oldurech er ngii."Book: Keo me a Moku
obudech a bludech; ta rengrir a rechad; budech, mdechii a beluu, mudech, mla obudech a beluu; chelellakl; bdechel a beluu.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
el kmo, "Ak ulterekokl el mo omekngeltengat er kau e mo omdois er a re ngelekem."saying, "Surely I will bless you and multiply you."Religious Passages Found Online
olengimech a sesei el merberebet; ngimech er a ralm; oldalech; olengemengimech, ngmechel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
mams a mekekerei el ngikel el mekekerei er a mekebud.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A kim nga era skuul, eaki millamel a mekesong era skuul.When we were kids in school, we used to cut the grass and do general clean up at school.Sentences uploaded by volunteers (U)
e a ikel le bor ngii a mo medechel er ngii a tellemall ma their paths are ruin and misery,Religious Passages Found Online
E ngdi bai mle sorir a lmuut el ungil el beluu, el ngii a beluu er a eanged. Isei e a Dios a diak le merur a lomekedong er ngii el kmo ng Dios er tir, ele ng mla kudmeklii a mo belurir.But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared for them a city.Religious Passages Found Online
omekal a ousbech er a okal; merael er a milkolk e omekall, okelil a dui.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
bekebekall a kirel el obekebek, mekebekii a medal, rullii a rengul el mo ungil, mo diak le merur; omekebek er ngii, bekebekel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Many of these examples are taken from the 1990 Josephs dictionary or from Justin Nuger's dissertation or were uploaded by volunteers. The sentences marked with '(E)' are more likely to use correct spelling and orthography than those marked with '(U)'.
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