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Please choose the corrective figurative meaning for this proverb:
 Derived from the command given by a canoe navigator to close the deck boards of a canoe and otherwise prepare it when entering rough water. "Be prepared."
 Hasty work can result in inadequate results and delays.
 Don't cry over split milk.
 To marry or have intercourse with the wife of one's brother. There is a potential reciprocation in which money may go from an elder brother in return for food and service from a younger brother. Once established, particularly where the younger couple have children, a cycle of this type may continue after the younger husband has died. Marrying the wife of a deceased younger brother, then, will interrupt such a cycle. Similarly, sexual relations with this woman may jeopardize the cycle.
 The true man or leader has a strong, unwavering character. His decisions are firm and unchanging.

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