Most frequently used words

122.279amod.contentless word which precedes nouns and verbs under various conditions; if.a a omuchel a cheldecheduch; a le ko skoki mla mei; bai a klalobuai.
28.117elconj.which; who; that (introduces various types of clauses); (appears between descriptive state verbs and the nouns that they describe).el a olecholt e omeketakl er a tekeungel; omech a tekoi; ngii el chad a merael el mei, obengkel a omerael el mei.
36.677erprep.indicates specific (as opposed to non-specific) object noun phrase in certain constructions [similar to how 'the' is different from 'a']; used to precede the object of locational, directional, source, temporal, and causal a omeketakl a ilekelel a tekoi e dirrek el omech; chad er a Belau, ak merael er a chelechang.
42.199econj.and; (and) then or consequently; (if...,) then; while; but.e a omechoel; omuchel e omech a bebil er a tekoi, e sechelei, toktang echad er a chei; e ngerang?
51.961ngiipro.he/she/it (emphatic).ngii a melekoi el kirel a chad me a klalo; ngii el dil, ngii el kall, ngii el beluu; ngii el urreor; ngii el udoud. a omech a tekoi; kau me ngak me ngii, Calista me tir a mong.
71.563ngpro.he/she/it (nonemphatic).ng a ngii; ngii el chad; ngii el kall; ngii el blai; ng melim a ralm; ng kall; ng blimiu?
81.393moaux.will; shall; become; a melekoi er a ngar medad; mo er a klukuk; ng mo el merekong? ng mo e mei.
90.876mlav.s.was/were (located); existed.mla a melekoi er a rrekui el tekoi; mla mong; mla er ker; mla er a skuul. not; does not exist; non-existent.diak a bechachau; diak a kall, diak a udoud, diak a chad er a blai.
110.655dimod.only; just; any.di a olkael; di kau a mei e diak a ngodech; di tedei el buik a mong; se di kau, se di ngii.; person; human being; living being; someone; somebody; anyone; anybody.chad a rokui el diak lulekoad el klaol; chad el dait; chad el babii; chad el ngikel; chad el lius. chad a sechal, dil, redil, ngalek, chad er a Belau, chad er a Merikel.
130.513kireln.poss.3shis/her obligation; duty; calling; he or she must or has to; one's business; what concerns one; level or height (reached by water, etc.).kirel a ultebechel ua isei; kirel el ngii a mong, kau a kirem el melutk.
140.489tiangpro.this object near speaker and near listener .tiang a olsechall er a melekoi er a klalo el kmeed er ngii; tia el babier, tia el udoud, tia el kall.
150.445lemod.[contentless linking word]; because.
160.405tangnum.1 [one] (unit of time; human; counting).tang a ochur el chimong , ta el buil, ta el tekoi, ta el chad.
170.379kmalmod.very; often.kmal a olsiich a tekoi; merang; kmal di ungil, kmal soak, kmal uaisei.
180.346ungilv.s.good; nice; satisfactory; advantageous.ungil a meringelechad, ungil el ues; beruadel a ungil omerellel; klebokel; diak le mekngit; ungial. (located); exist; be alive.ngar a outeliil; chad a ngar; ngar er ngii a klengar er ngii; charm a ngar.
200.335renguln.poss.3shis/her/its heart; spirit; feeling; soul; seat of emotions.rengul a reng er ngii.
210.319bedengeln.poss.3sbody; corpse; skin; color; type; kind; appearance; physique.bedengel a chesbereberel, mamed a mellemau a bedengel. bedengel a chelechedal, ungil okerulel el ngalek a ungil a bedengel.; village; place; territory; property; land; ace (in cards).beluu a olsechall er a delengchokl; rechad a uchul me ng beluu a beluu. A beluu aike el chutem el ngar er ngii a delengchokl er a rechad er ngii. Me ng ngar er ngii a chades me a blai me a bai me a diangel er ngii.
230.293kmov.t.says; is like; is therefore.kmo a dmung; ke kmo ngerang? ke kmo kede mong? kmo a omko; kilo, kmo ke mlo er a skuul e ke merekong; kilo ke mlong.
240.291mleiv.pastcame; arrived.mlei a mla mei me ngar tiang; skoki a mlei er a tutau.
250.285tekoin.word; speech; language; action; deed; matter; custom; advice (given verbally); issue; case; event.tekoi a cheldecheduch; tekoi el lolekoi a rechad; omelekoi, tekingel. a charm er daob me a ralm el kall; temekai me a meas a ngikel.
270.252akpro.I/me (nonemphatic).ak a ngak. ak melekoi. ak mong. ak mei. ak mekerang?
280.237seipro.that object far from speaker and far from listener.sei a melutk er a cheroid er a mengedecheduch; ngar sei; diak el tiang; sei er a mong a skuul.
290.226sebecheln.poss.3shis/her/its ability; capability; fitness; permission; he/she/it can/is able/may.
300.222bliln.poss.3shouse; household; family; members of family; enclosure; container.blil a blai el ngii a oublai er ngii. a rokui el dongang; ongraol me a odoim me a kliou; kukau, ngikel, tuu a kall, kelel.
320.207bongv.hypotheticalgo (in a direction not towards either the speaker or listener).
330.202komod.kind of; like.
340.197soaln.poss.3shis/her/its liking; desire; he/she likes/wants; it seems/appears; feel (as if).soal a sau er ngii; soal el chad, soal el beluu; soal a ues.
350.19aikangpro.these objects/animals near speaker and near listener.
360.188betokv.s.many; numerous; plenty; abundant.betok a obdois; betekngang, betok a kall, diak le kesai, iltekngel a kall.
370.185melekoiv.t.speak; talk.melekoi a mengedecheduch; dmu a tekoi el meldung.; household; family; members of family; enclosure; container.blai a teleketek e cheldool le kiei er ngii a rechad; blai a osechelel a delengchokl.
390.178Belaun.Palau.Belau a Beluu er a Belau
400.175medaln.poss.3seye; face; point; edge; front; area or space (directly) in front of; entrance; point of access; aperture; title given to messengers.medal a mad er ngii.
410.175meiv.i.come; arrive.mei a okedongel a chad; mei er tiei, mei me kulekoi, ka mei.
420.166tepro.they/them (nonemphatic).te a tir, te ngar ker? te mor ker? te ngerang? (nonempatic, singular).
440.16mloaux.past.became; got.mlo a melekoi er a taem el tekoi a dilubech; mlo kot er a rurt; mlo smecher; mlo er a omerael.; cash.udoud a klalo el usbechall er a klaiuechar; udoud a omechar a kar; udoud er a Belau; bekerrekerongel a merau; udoud a kedmekill el omech a bkaischemrungel; ududel
460.158ngalekn.child; baby; anyone younger than speaker; sweetheart; fiance(e); pinkie; small finger.ngalek a ngelekel a sechal er a delengchokl; ulechell a ngalek er a delengchokl el ngii a ulechell er ngii; mla mo chuodel e ng di ngalek er isei el delengchokl; ngar ngii a ngelsonges er a klisichel el ng ngalek. ngalek a kekerei el chad; ngelekel a demal, ngalektang, ngalekukeruu; ngalek er a skuul.
470.148meraelv.t.go; walk; travel (particular distance); leave; (water) flow/move (in pipe); (blood) flow out.merael a omekebakes, omakes; merael el mong; omerolel.
480.147klouv.s.big; large; great; old.klou a diak le kekerei; babii a klou er a katuu.
490.143daobn.sea; ocean; salt water.daob a ralm er a chei; beluu er a Belau a iliuekl er a daob, debel.
500.142kerrekarn.tree; wood; log; board.kerrekar a meklou el dellomel, iedel a kerrekar; ukall me a dort a kerrekar, kerrekerul. A rebebil a ousbech a kerrekar. Te uluusbech el melalem aike el mo meklou el kerrekar el ua ukall me a lechub e ng miich me a lechub e ngii di el kerrekar el dechor er a oliochel er a chutem el omii er a chetemel a ta me a ta er a rechad.
510.136chimaln.poss.3shand; arm; front paws (of animal); help; assistance; manual labor; person sent to help. (emphatic, singular).kau a chad el mongedecheduch er ngii; kau ke techang? kau me ngak me ngii.
530.135rubakn.elder; old man; chief; foreign man; boyfriend; husband.rubak a chuodel el sechal; telechull a kebekuul a rubak; ngeasek e telechull a dui a rubak.; commandment; advice; rule; instruction.llach a kelulau; llach a tekoi el kldung el mengedmokl a blai me a beluu; llach a rruul el ultutelir a rechad, rechad a kirir el orrenges a llach; llechul a bekall me a omerael er a rael.
550.132omesv.t.see; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.omes a ues, mes, mesang, omes a klekool, meiko a diak el omes, osengel.
560.125meruulv.t.make; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).meruul a mengedmokl; rullii a odoim; remuul a ungil el urreor; rellel.
570.125ngerangpro.what; which; what kind of; anything (but or except).ngerang a ker; ngera ke melekoi? tia ng ngerang? ngera soam?; job; task.urreor a ngar ngii a klalo el ruoll; urreor el meruul er a rael; urreor a olel a udoud; meses er a urreor a ungil besul; urrereel.
590.12mlain.canoe; car; automobile; transportation.mlai a olidiuul er a beluu me a daob; mlai a oltak a rechad me a uleklool.
600.119e ng dimod.but.
610.117ngakpro.I/me (emphatic).ngak a melutk er a mengedecheduch; ngak a chad er a Belau; ngak a sechelimiu.
620.117lechubconj.or.lechub a melekoi er a mengodech me a mlengodech; renguk ke mla mo ourreor e a lechub e ke mechiuaiu; ke mo ourreor a lechub e ng diak?
630.117telkibv.s.a little; a bit; part of piece of.telkib a diak le klou; kekerei; telkib el kall.
640.117ralmn.fresh water; level (carpenter's tool); easy or simple matter.ralm a ilumel; ralmchull, ralm er a omoachel; lmel a ngeliokl.
650.116klalon.thing; product; something; anything.klalo a rokui el usbechall, bail a klalo, tet a klalo, chutem, mesei, blai aklalo; ouklalo.
660.116ngkangpro.this animal/person near speaker and near listener.; earth; dirt; soil; mud.chutem a beluulechad. A chutem er a Belau a ua tiakid a rolel, ng ngar er ngii a rois, ked, chereomel, ngeaol, omeklochel, dechel, omrekongel, mesei, lius, beluu me a beluu.
680.111omdasuv.t.think about; take into consideration; believe/think (that); wonder (if).omdasu a melebedebek; melatk, omdasu e meruul, mdesuii, udesuel a mo er a chei.
690.109chelseln.poss.3sinside; within.chelsel a diak el ikr; chelsel a rengul, chelsel a blai.
700.108charmn.animal.charm a babii, katuu, bilis me a malk; cheremel.
710.107lochamod.perhaps; maybe.locha a oumededenger; ng locha mo er a skuul er a Oreor; diak el sal medengei.
720.106mekngitv.s.bad; evil; sinful; disadvantageous; (words, etc.) harsh.mekngit a diak el ungil; omelamech a mekngit e le ngmuchel a secher. beginning to arrive; is just arriving.mochang a omerolel el mong; locha mochang.
740.105silsn.sun; day.sils a merreder er a llomes, mla ngmasech a sils; ngeltel a sils a milkelkang; meringel a sils.
750.103didumod.(people) doing (something) together.didu a dirrek; melekoi a betok; rebetok, kau me tir a didu el mei; kau me ngii a didu el merael; kau me ngii me tir a didu el mong.; a ko er a; ua medal a demal; chad er a Belau e ua bedengel a chad er a ngebard.; hold; take.obang a beldoel er ngii; oba oles.
780.098kotmod.most; do first; do before or ahead of (someone else).
790.098medengeiv.s.t.know (person or thing); understand; memorize.medengei a ngar er ngii a klaodengei er ngii; medengelii a tekoi.
800.095klekedalln.organ or part of body; equipment; parts; attachment (to machine, etc.); tools; materials; ingredients; rigging (of boat).klekedall a klalo el usebechall; klekedall er a blai a kerrekar me a smengt me a deel me a beached; klekedellel.
810.094rokuipro.all of them.rokui a rebek el chad; rokui el ngalek; ngerachel el rokui a skulir.
820.094dimlakv.s.pastwere not; did not exist; was/were non-existent.dimlak a di mla diak, dimlak le medung er a cheldecheduch, dimlak rengesii, dimlak lemei.
830.09ngereln.poss.3smouth; voice; sound; bill (of bird); beak.ngerel a ngor er ngii.
840.089mongv.i.go (in a direction not towards either the speaker or listener).mong a merael mo cheroid; skuul a ngar a mong.
850.087babiin.pig.babii a charm er a beluu el mekekerei er a kerebou e ng ungil el odoim.
860.087aikeipro.those objects/animals far from speaker and far from listener.; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).rullii a meruul er ngii.
880.085dirrekv.s.also; too; do .. Also; is still the same; remains the same/unchanged.dirrek a di osisiu; tilecha a ungil me sei me ng dirrek el ungil; ua ingii.
890.085melaiv.t.bring; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.melai a ngmai; nguu; ngeiul.
900.083kukmod.instead; by contrast; in addition; then; next; in turn; just.kuk a omech a tekoi; ng kuk ker? ng kuk ngera soam? ng kuk ngii!; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.nguu a melai er ngii; ngiul.
920.082meringelv.s.hard; difficult; painful; sore; (liquor; etc.) potent; peppery; expensive; (matter) serious/grave.meringel a ringel; meringel a bedengel; chuarm a rengul; meringel el urreor.
930.082tirpro.they/them (emphatic).tir a melekoi er a rebetok el chad; kau me ngak me tir a mong.
940.08liusn.coconut tree.lius meklou el kerrekar el ourodech; lius a kall e ilumel a rdechel. A lius a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng ta er a kmal el klou a belkul el dellomel; ng sebechel el kall a redechel e dirrek el ilumel. A chelechedal me a llel a dirrek el sebechel el klalo.
950.075raeln.road; path; way; canal; means; solution; way out (of); way to someone's heart; connection (between families, etc.).rael a ulekrael el usbechall er a omerael; ledes a rael el mo er a blai; rolel a mlai; ngar ngii a ungil rolel a omengedecheduch, rolel a tekoi.
960.075ochiln.poss.3sfoot; leg; back paws (of animal).ochil a ouach er ngii; ochil a buik.
970.074kern.question.ker a ousibai; ousbech er a chad el diak el uldoud a ouker er ngii; ouker er a rechad a di ousbech er tir e diak el ungil el omekang er tir.
980.074kerpro.where; which.ker a oker; omding er a belsechel a omerael; oker er a ngakl, techa ng klem? keril a tekoi.
990.073lmuutv.i.return; come back; do again.lmuut a mo e mei; chuieuii a babier e lmuut el menguiu er ngii.
1000.073babn.area/space above; top; surface.bab a bebul, melidiul, a sils a ngar bab. skoki a merael er a bab.; just now; today; these days.
1020.071bain.village meeting house; guest house; community house.bai a ongdboll; tbiil a llach er ngii; bai er a klobak; a bai a ongdboll er a beluu, orekuul, blil a kldibel, bailbeluu; bai er a remeau; oremuul, bai er a rengeasek, merael a kakerous el omeruul er a chelsel a ngellakel me a sius, me a klautok me a ngloik er a chesel.
1030.071baimod.comparatively; by comparison, instead; rather. Also used in conditional sentences to contrast two events.bai a omuchel a bebil er a omengedecheduch, bai ungil me ko mlei; bai ba morael, bai molekoi e kuleki kung; bai de kasmesumech er tiang e bo de kebii.
1040.07babiern.paper; letter; book.a babier a klalo llechukl e chieuall; luchesii a babier; ng menguiu er a babier.
1050.07uchuln.poss.3sbase (of tree); cause; reason; basis.uchul a uchelel; uchul a kerrekar omuchel a klakoad; uchul a eanged, uchul a lius, uchul a secher a terrekakl.
1060.068bebiln.a little; a few; some; other.bebil a sesei; bebil er a kall, bebil er a udoud.
1070.068eoun.area/space below.eou a diak el bab, eungel a blai a chemrungel, eoulbeluu a diak le kedidai, eungel a lius a mechuu.; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.mesang a omes; ues er a mad; ka mesang; kemesang ng diak?
1090.068rengn.heart; spirit; feeling; soul; seat of emotions; will; desire; decision.reng a tebechelel a chad; reng a omesiur er a chad; rengul, rengelngalek.
1100.066lakmod.if one doesn't; (if) there weren't; don't.lak a diak, a lak kau e a kmekerang; lak beskak a udoud e ng diak kurael.
1110.066bdeluln.poss.3shead; leader.bdelul a bedul er ngii; bdelul a chad bdelul a beluu, bdelul a cheldebechel; bdelulachang.
1120.066ngelekeln.poss.3shis/her its child or baby; relatively small size or quantity of.ngelekel a ngalek er ngii el ilteet.
1130.066dumod.together; all together; at the same time.
1140.065smecherv.s.sick; ill; dead (euphemistic).smecher a ngar ngii a rakd; smecher er a tereter; secherel.
1150.063madv.i.die; (electricity, etc.) go out; go numb.mad a mo diak a telil; kodall, medei, mla mad, diak el outeliil, kodellel. a olsechall er a omesuub; blil a osisechakl, skuul a omekrael a rechad el mo meduch el di tir.
1170.061bilasn.boat.bilas a mlai er a daob el oumesil, bilsengel.
1180.06kidpro.we/us (emphatic, includes listener).kid a rechad el uldak er a melekoi, kid el rokui, kid kede mekerang?
1190.06secheliln.poss.3sfriend; companion; boyfriend; girlfriend; lover; term of address from a woman to a group of people.sechelil a sechelei er ngii.
1200.059chimongnum.1 [one] (animal; nonliving thing).chimong a tang a (1); chimo el bad; chimo el kluk, udoud a di chimong.
1210.059ousbechv.i.need; use.ousbech a ngar ngii a ultutelel er ngii; ngar ngii a belkul er ngii, ousbech a udoud, usbechel.
1220.058buikn.boy; any male younger than another male.buik a ngalek el sechal, bikel.
1230.058beduln.poss.3sdirection; area/space facing onto; upstream. half (of split coconut; betel nut; etc.); one of a pair (e.g. one leg; one eye; etc.); neighboring house; adjoining building; next door to; across the street from any area adjacent to.bitang a tedobech er a cherrungel; bita el lius, bita el uach, bita el buuch. by way of; walk or go through; pass or go by; with; according to.okiu a merael; ng okiu rael; ng okiu a telechetech.
1260.057delaln.poss.3smother (used as term of address).delal a chedil er ngii; dil el oungalek er ngii a delal.
1270.056kelulaun.confidential/important (community) matter; whisper.kelulau a llach, Olbiil Er a Kelulau a melib a kelulul a beluu.
1280.056mesisiichv.s.strong; healthy.mesisiich a diak a rekdel; meduch a rengul; chad er a klekool a mesisiich; a bedengel; klisichel. a mla mekang; klang me ng diak, kolii a odoim, kelel.; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).remuul a meruul; mla remuul a kall, rullii, siungii a kall; rellel.; large; great; old (required with plural subject).meklou a betok el klou; meklou el ngikel, meklou el blai, mekllungel; orekerekoang. a omengur; kolii a kliou; kmang.
1330.054mekudemv.s.close together (in space or time); (face) small or narrow; (something) happen repeatedly or frequently.mekudem a kaiuekeed; diak lechacheroid; mekudem a ocheraol, kludem, kudemii, kdemel.
1340.054ngkleln.poss.3sname.ngklel a ngakl er ngii.
1350.053mesangv.t.cut diagonally; hold (neck) at angle.mesang a duobech el selang, delebes el kedorem; smang a bambuu el sers; sengal a bambuu.
1360.053kereeln.line (usually for fishing); cord.kereel a klekedall er a omenged el dolab el mengereel a ngikel.; reside; stay; remain; exist; sit; sit on.kiei a kiung; dengchokl; diak lorael, kiei er a Belau.
1380.053kidmod.contentless word used for emphasis.; clean.beches a kmal ungil, klikiid; bleches, beches el uldasu, beches el blai. bechesul
1400.052tuobedv.i.come/go out of; emerge; go out fishing.tuobed a mo er a ikrel; merael el mo cheroid; tebedel.
1410.052charn.price; cost; amount of money for purchase.char a udoud el omechar, cheral a blai, melai a char.
1430.051merangv.s.true; real; actual; legitimate; authentic.merang a klemerang; diak le blulak; kedung a melekoi a merang.
1440.051bailn.article of clothing; clothes; wrapping material.bail a mamed me a klalo el omail, bilel a klalo, bilel a billum, ekebil a oubail.
1450.051okerv.t.ask; inquire.oker a ker; omding, ng tela rekim? ng techang ngklem? ke mo er ker?
1460.051madn.eye; face; point; edge; front; area or space (directly) in front of; entrance; point of access; aperture; title given to messengers.mad a klekedellel a chad el omes; olab a ues; klidm, chelsul a mad, bsechel a mad, medal.
1470.05techangpro.who; whom.techang a ker er a diak lodengelii; ngilecha ng techang? techang a ngklel?
1480.05dellomeln.r.s.plant (already growing).dellomel a delalem; mla medalem, chetemek a dellomel a lius er ngii. A rebebil er a rechad a ousbech el melalem a tuu me a lechub a meduu me a lechub a lius el oliochel er a chutem.
1490.049badesn.things (carefully arranged or organized).bades a beldukl, blechobech, mades a tekoi, medesii a ngloik, bedesel.
1500.049klebesein.night; tonight.klebesei a ngeltel a sils el mo lmuut er a ngesechel a sils, milkolk. (out from).suebek a sebekreng; suebek a rengul; ng bekikl, ng medakd.
1520.049dirkn.mirror.; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.ngmai a melai; mla ngmai a babier; nguu a udoud, ngeiul.; tell. In some constructions, the initial d sound may be dropped.
1550.048eoltn.wind; breeze; air; storm; typhoon.eolt a cheluut; ngebard a eolt, eolt er a ongos, meses a eolt, ses el eolt; eltel.
1560.048taemn.time; occasion.
1570.047kekereiv.s.redup.small; young; (eyes) slit; (so) crowded (as to appear smaller).kekerei a diak leklou; Bung a kekerei er a Chesuch.
1580.047klisicheln.poss.3sstrength; power; authority.klisichel a klisiich er ngii.; hold; take.olab a ngar er ngii; merau a olab a udoud; obang.
1600.046cheldecheduchn.r.s.conversation; speech; meeting; story; folktale; conference about one month after death of spouse to settle estate.cheldecheduch a tekoi el medung, mengedecheduch el mesaod a chutem; omengedecheduch, chedechedechal
1610.046ngodechv.s.different; strange.ngodech a diak el osisiu; lius a ngodech er a buuch; mla mo ngodech rengul; ngodechii, ngmodech a llach; ngedechang, ngedechel
1620.046demaln.poss.3sfather (used as term of address).demal a chedam er ngii el ngalek; kldemaol; demal a sechelik.
1630.046bekmod.each; every.bek a rokui; bek el chad, bek el klalo, bek el bedengel.; male; jack (in cards).sechal a chad me a charem; buik a sechal, chedam a sechal, rubak a sechal, sechelengel.
1650.044builn.moon; month.buil a klou el chaibibeob el btuch el kmard a le klebesei er a eanged; tab el buil, orakiruu, oidudur.
1660.043uchein.area/space (generally) in front/ahead of; before; previous to; ahead of (in time).uchei a medal; ngar er a medal a omerael; ngar uchei er a rurt.
1670.043uriuln.area or space (generally) in back of or behind; after; later; following.
1680.043meduchv.s.t.know how (to); be skilled at; (wood, metal, etc.) strong or durable; half-ripe (i.e. ready to pick); (pregnant woman) at full-term.meduch a medengei; sebechel el meruul; meduch er a ngloik, duch er a urreor; dechal er a omenged; meduch a dioll el betok a bilel el kmeed el mechell. about; discuss; tell (story); orate; preach.mengedecheduch a melekoi; ouchais, chudecheduch a melung el tekoi, chudechedechar; chedechedechal.
1700.043rakn.year; age; a long while ago (Each Palauan year contains 6 months and corresponds to a period of continuing easterly or westerly winds).rak a uldekial a 12 el buil; ngar er ngii a 360 el klebesei er a chelsel a ta el rak; kot el rak el ngalek a ta rekil.
1710.043rengedeln.poss.3sanything used to tie long objects together; group; union; hamlet belonging to a particular municipality; reign; authority.rengedel a renged er ngii.
1720.043badn.stone; rock; coral; crossbeams supporting floor or house.bad a medecherecher el klalo, risois, baderitech, badelchei, mlus, basech, badumoachel. A rebebil er a rechad uluusbech a bad. Aika el bad a meklou el ngai el mo locha er a ulebengelel a ta me a ta er a rechad el oliochel.
1730.043tekingeln.poss.3sword; speech; language; action; deed; matter; custom; advice (given verbally); issue; case; event.tekingel a tekoi el ngii a outekoi; tekingel a merreder.
1740.042lsekummod.if [with neutral implications].lsekum a oumededenger; locha,lsekum e ng mo chull e ng diak bo er a mesei.
1750.042osiikv.t.look for, seek.osiik a merrau; siekii a mlo dibus el buik, osiik a udoud, smiik a kall; skel a dibus.
1760.042roleln.poss.3sroad; path; way; canal; means; solution; way out (of); way to someone's heart; connection (between families, etc.).rolel a rael er ngii.
1770.042beotv.s.easy; simple; cheap; (matter) small, trivial or not worth to worry about.beot a diak le meringel me a ka le mesisiich, beot el urreor, beot el chad.
1780.041delongeleln.poss.3srelationship (between people); area or space between.delongelel a deleongel er ngii.
1790.041kmeedv.s.near; close; approaching; basic.kmeed a diak el cheroid; blik a kmeed er a skuul; kedel.
1800.041mengaiv.erg.get brought/taken; lose baby; have miscarriage.mengai a nguu; nglai; ngmai a kles; kles a mla mengai el mo er a bai. where plans or decisions are made.olbiil a olsechall er a omelib el tekoi me a llach; Olbiil er a Kelulau; tibir, tuib, tbil a kelulau.
1820.04bechiln.poss.3sspouse; husband or wife.bechil a chad el le kaubuch, buch, ombil, kldemel.
1830.04keleln.poss.3sfood.kelel a kall el ngii a oukall; kelel el iedel.
1840.04diln.woman/female (esp. when referring to social roles).dil a chad el redil; aki teim el ochad e di ta er kemam a dil.
1850.04kukaun.taro (tuber).kukau a techel a dait; kukungel.
1860.04blechoelv.r.s.connected with a joint; always; do habitually; invariably do.blechoel a blech; mla obech, di ngar er ngii er a bek el taem; mechir, mech, blechelel.
1870.04diosn.God.Dios a Chelid; omebelel a rokui.
1880.04buln.regulation; restriction.bul a omul el belkul a omekeroul a kerruul er a beluu, omul a buuch; bul er a uel, blul er a temekai me lomechell el mo betok.
1890.039kamod.nor; not even.ka a diak; kau a chetim el mong el ka mei; ngii a ka loker me a ka longer.
1900.039cheroidv.s.far; distant; deaf.cheroid a diak le keed; skuul a cheroid er a blik, cherridel.; young; (eyes) slit; (so) crowded.mekekerei a kekeriei; bilas a mekekerei er a diall; diak le meklou.
1920.039bebuln.poss.3sarea/space above; top; surface.bebul a ngar er a bab er ngii, bebul a tebel.
1930.038dechorv.i.stand, standing; (flag) raised or flying.dechor a ngar ngii a ochil; tebel a dechor, ngalek a decherong, blai a dechor
1940.038malkn.chicken.malk a ta er a meklou el suebek el charm; malkeblai, malkureong.
1950.036orrengesv.t.hear; listen to; obey.orrenges a remenges; orrenges e dirrek el meruul.
1960.036mechiuaiuv.i.sleep; lie down to rest.ngalek a mechiuaiu, mechiuiuang, cheliuel
1970.036mesein.taro patch.mesei a meselech; blil a dellomel el dait; kukau a ngeuul er a mesei. A mesei aike el chutem el blechoel el klou el ralm er ngii me ng medemedemk e dellomel a dait er ngii.
1980.035mechasn.old woman; titled woman; foreign woman; male's father's sisters; girlfriend; wife.mechas a chuodel dil, mechesei, mechesil a beluu.
1990.035ulaoln.floor; friendly relationship between two families or clans.ulaol a klekedellel a blai el dengchekill; dengchokl er a ulaol; ulolel a blik a bambuu.
2000.035kamod.contentless word proceeding polite imperatives.ka a kau; Bung ka mei, ka morael, ka bo ruchei.
2010.035belkuln.poss.3smeaning.belkul a ultutelel; skuul a klou a belkul, omesuub a ngar ngii a belkul.
2020.035kedepro.we/us (nonemphatic, includes listener).kede a kid; kede merolung, kede mekerang?, kede omengur kung.
2030.035ongerv.t.answer (question, person). (oneself) down; do (something) calmly in a relaxed manner.mekekokil a diak lorreched; diak loumesisiich; mekekokil el merael.
2050.034melemolemv.t.lay down (long object) lengthwise; complete (work, schooling, etc); accomplish; follow (path, stream, etc); continue; be too lenient with (usually, children).melemolem a diak el ullebongel; lomelemii a skulel, lomolem a cheldecheduch, omekekedelad; lemelemel.
2060.034rediln.woman; women; queen (in cards).redil a chad el diak el sechal; redil er a Belau a meduch el mengitakl e meloik
2070.034omeraeln.travelling; trip; journey; process; group of travellers; parade; procession.omerael a merael; omerael el mo er a buil, omerollel el mo er a Merikel.
2080.034teblongnum.2 [two] (animal; nonliving thing).teblong a ochur ; bduu a teblong. mengur a teblong; teblong el blai.
2090.033dengchoklv.i.sit down.dengchokl a kiei er a ulaol me a kingall, ulat er a ulaol a dengchokl, dengcheklel
2100.033oreorn.the city of Koror; the most populated state in Palau, on its own island south of Babeldaob and connected to it by a bridge; the state in which Ibedul is chief.Oreor a belual a Klibedul; beluu er a Oreor.
2110.033re-affixused to indicate a plurality of a melekoi el kirir a rebetok; rechad, rebuik, rekebil, rebeluu a kldibel.
2120.033erungnum.2 [two] (unit of time); a few (esp. when referring to small catch of fish).erung a ochur (2), eru el eru el bail babier, eru el kebui, eru el ngikel.
2130.033mesaodv.t.separate; explain; solve.mesaod a imakl el mo kakerous; bebil er sei me a bebil er tiang, sodel.
2140.033chedaln.poss.3shis or her person or relative.chedal a kmeed er ngii el chad, kauchad, Calista a chedal a Toni.
2150.033tuun.banana.tuu a kmod; dellomel el kall a rdechel.
2160.032oachn.foot; leg; back paws (of animal).
2170.032buuchn.betel nut.buuch a dellomel el chemachel a rdechel.
2180.032chimn.hand; arm; front paws (of animal); help; assistance; manual labor; person sent to help.chim a klekedellel a chad el uldeod er a cheiechad, chim a orreked a klalo; chimal.
2190.032klengarn.existence; life.klengar a ngar; ngar er ngii a telil; outeliil a chad; klengar a okedeldaol, kemanget a klengar er ngii.
2200.032uldesueln.poss.3sthought; idea.uldesuel a uldasu er ngii el chad; mdesuii, omdasu.
2210.032kungmod.about to.kung a tekoi el oumesingd el merekui a omengedecheduch; mechikung, becherei kung, dorael kung, de kasmesumech kung.
2220.032chein.ocean; sea; place for fishing.chei a klou el daob; cheleched, chei a belual a rokui el cheled. Chelecha kede kuk mo er a chei. Me a chei a ngar er ngii a kebokeb, keburs, taoch, demetaoch, lalou, uet, lemau, kereker, chis dailechei, melekesokl, ngeraol, oreall, chiloil, chelemoll, me a daimechesengel.
2230.032debarn.grey duck; any type of duck.debar a charm el ko er a malk e ng di klou.
2240.032karn.medicine; palliative; antidote.kar a klalo el omekungil a secher; omkar a rakd, kerul a tereter, mkar a tellemal, ukerul.
2250.032melemaltv.s.straight; exact; honest; just; fair.melemalt a diak le chebirukel; kesemeltakl; llemeltel a rengul a beruadel, tometii; tuamet; temetel. fire; labor pains.ngau a mekeald el diich; ngau er a ngeliokl; chelum el ngau, ngeuil a olbidel.
2270.032karn.state of being awake.kar a mekar er a cheliuaiu, kar a diak le mechiuaiu; kar er ngak a uchul a bingsbedul, kerengel.
2280.032merechedv.s.early; fast.mereched a diak le meoud; mekekeam, meklekilt, orechedii a blai; oreched a urreor, rechedel.
2290.031cheledn.r.s.any product of the sea (or, sometimes, pigeons) caught but not yet cooked; shell.cheled a rokui el mengai er a daob el ua ngikel, kim, ngimes, bukitang me a kuk bebil.
2300.03chetiln.poss.3shis/her disliking; he/she dislikes; he/she doesn't want/like.chetil a diak el soal; chetil el ngar er a skuul, chetikol.
2310.03diokangn.tapioca; tapioca plant; cassava; manioc.diokang a dellomel er a sers el ongraol. A diokang a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el dellomel; ng kall a techel.
2320.03ngmasechv.t.climb (tree, etc.); get onto (vehicle).ngmasech a mo er a bab; mla ngmasech a sils; ngmasech er a lius; ngesechel. not; does not exist; non-existent.di keang a mla er ngii e mla mo diak, udoud a di keang.
2340.03merekv.t.end; finish.merek a rrekui; merekong; ng mla mo merek a urreor; rekil a urreor.
2350.03amtn.government; administration.
2360.03odoimn.non-starchy food (e.g., meat, fish, sometimes papaya, coconut, eggs) eaten to complement ongraol (=starchy food). [The possessed forms are sometimes avoided in polite conversation since they can also be used as swear words.].odoim a ngikel; tech, cheled; odimel a kles, odimir.
2370.029ngar er ngiiexpr.there is.
2380.029uchetemeln.poss.3sfoundation (of house; etc.); main floor beam along sides of bai or house; basis (of living).uchetemel a uchutem er ngii; uchetemel a blai; uchetemel a llach.
2390.029duin.title (for village chief or family head).dui a kebekuul; meluchel a dui, lbedul a dial a merreder er a Bitalianged, Reklai a kuk dial a oba Bitalianged. Deruchall.; farm; fence.sers a ngeaol; blil a dellomel; sers er a diokang; sersel.
2410.029dirkakmod.not yet; not ever; never (dirk diak). a oldars er ngii; omsang.
2430.028iungsn.island.iungs a kekerei el beluu el daob a iliuekl er ngii; Belau a iungs; ingsel.
2440.028kengein.permission; agreement; acceptance.
2450.028omuchelv.t.start; begin; cause; form; establish.omuchel a oltaut; muchel a urreor, mechelii a uldikel; omuchel a klakoad, uchelel.
2460.028techeln.poss.3smeat; flesh; muscles; genitals (esp. female); core; essence; root or tuber (of starchy food). about to go.mochung a kmeed el mong; ke mochung? ak mochung.
2480.027osisiuv.s.redup.equal the height of; become as tall as; compare to; pretend as if.osisiu a kaisisiu; osisiu el klalo, osisiu el tekoi a meldung er a O.E.K; dimlak el kakerous el tekoi.
2490.027chulln.rain; rainy season.chull a ralm el ngar er a eanged e ruebet; chellel.
2500.027lleln.poss.3sleaf.llel a llel a kerrekar; lius a ngar er ngii a llel; llel a babier, llel a tuu.
2510.027obengkeln.poss.3scompanion. [although a noun, typically translated to English as 'with']obengkel a dmak; te dmak el kiei; obengkel a delal me a demal el kiei.; someone's characteristic way of fishing.omenged a ngar er a chei; omenged el omuked, omub, omelebed. pot.olekang a klekedall el meliokl e melengoes a kall; olekolel.
2540.027blav.s.hypotheticalwas/were (located); existed.
2550.027chelidn.god; deity; spirit; sacred object (about which some prohibition is made); center.chelid a bladek, betok el kakerous, ochao a chelid er a Ngchesar, Ngirabeliliou a chelid er a Beliliou, oumesingd el beluu a di ngar er ngii a chedul.
2560.027eungeln.poss.3sarea/space below.eungel a eou er ngii; eungel a kingall; eungel a blai a chemrungel. a kerrekar el kall a rdechel.
2580.027kakerousv.recip.different from each other in quality, color, appearance etc.; separate from each other.kakerous a kakengodech.
2590.027ochurn.mathematics; number; amount; (action of) counting off.ochur a olecholt a ildois, eim el sils, $10.00 a ochur; ocherengel.
2600.026urereln.poss.3swork; job; task.
2610.026ouchaisv.t.inform; announce/report/tell (news about something).ouchais a melekoi a chais, ouchais er a desiu er a Kobe, chisel. (into particular position); take (to particular place).loiang a melechar ngii; loiang a ududel, ak mla loiang.
2630.026uldasuv.r.s.thought about; taken into consideration.uldasu a omdasu, omelebedebek; urrereel a rael a ngar a uldasu; udesuel a beches el skuul.
2640.026klengoesv.r.s.(odoim or rice) cooked/boiled in water.klengoes a ulekmark el odoim; mla mesengoes a klengoes, smongoes, melengoes, sengosel.
2650.026ududeln.poss.3smoney; cash.ududel a udoud el ngii a oudoud.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).olecholt a oleisech; diak lomart; ochotii, ocholt a klemerang; ochotel.
2670.026bubuun.spider.bubuu a ta er a bedengel a charm; mengidab.
2680.026daitn.taro plant.dait a dellomel el ongraol a techel; kukau a techel a dait, ditel. A dait a dellomel; ng di ua a bisech e ng di telkib el mekekerei Ng kall a techel me a chelebedel me a llel.
2690.026ilumeln.a.s.drink; beverage.ilumel a ralm me a mengur me a ngii di le ngera el dolim; melim a kar, ngilmii a mengur. many; how much; to what degree?telang a keril a ildois; tela rekim? tela ududem? mla mo telang?
2710.025bambuun.bamboo.bambuu a chesel; bambuu er a ked, cheselked, bambungel. A bambuu a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng diak el meklou a rechelel. A bambuu a sebechel el mo ulaol me a lechub e ng reakl me a lak e ng brer. Ng kall aike e dirk mekekerei el desebel.
2720.025mechutv.s.old; worn out; decayed; spoiled; stagnant; (skin) broken out or having allergic reaction or irritated (with rash).mechut a chut; diak lebeches. mechut el mlai, chetul, chut.
2730.025tutaun.morning; this morning.tutau a ngesechel a sils el mo sueleb; ungil tutau; tutungang.
2740.025meluchesv.t.write; draw.meluches a luchesii; lmuches a babier; lechesel.
2750.025tirkangpro.these people near speaker and near listener.tirkang a kirir a rechad el kmeed er ngii el melekoi; tirka te rua techang?
2760.024dev.imp.3piLet's (do something)!.de a uldekial a mengedecheduch me a rurrenges, de bong, de kong, de rurt.
2770.024mengedmoklv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.
2780.024ueln.turtle.uel a ta er a bedengel a charm er a daob; a chelibel uel a mo toluk. A uel a charm er a daob; ng mo meklou. Ng ngar er ngii a chimal me a ochil. Ng dirrek el ngar er ngii a ukebel el bereked a chelibel er ngii. A uel a kall. Ng dirrek el klalo a chelibel Kede ousbech el mo toluk. a ta er a bedengel a eua a ochil el charm e ng kekerei er a babii e ng klou er a katuu.; weather.eanged a melidiul; mellaongel; bab; engedel.
2810.024olesn.knife.oles a klekedall el melebes; melobech, meluk, meles, olesengel er a ngikel.
2820.024omeruuln.behavior; way of doing things; act; action.omeruul a meruul, omerellel, klemerang a mocholt er a omeruul, rullii a blai, remuul a kall, rellel.; sight; view.ues a odingel; kedung e kerekikl a meses el omes a rechad; ues el kemeldiil a kall el mo omes er a remengeung.
2840.024aliiinterj.Hey!; Look Out!; Hello.alii a sus; alii, kom ua ngerang?; alii, ngar er ngii a rechad?
2850.024buain.public; community.buai a beluu; rebeluu, chad er a beluu el rokui a buai. Cheldellir a re bek el chad era beluu.
2860.024liluutv.i.pastreturn; come back; do again.
2870.024llechukln.letter (of alphabet); handwriting; picture; photo; image.llechukl a ikakid a e i o u, llechuk el ochur 1 2 3 4 5. llechukl a lluches; mla meluches, llach a llechukl er a babier, luchesii, lmuches, lechesel.; (fish) move/swim.remurt a kolekel; kaikerurt; rengalek a remurt er a rael; kaiderurt; rurt.
2890.024ruamod.those people like/with (someone else).
2900.024sukaln.sugar.sukal a merekos; sukelengel. fishing spear.biskang a klekedall er a omenged, usbechall er a burech, oba biskang el omurech a ngikel; biskelengel.
2920.024chesimern.door; cage; enclosure.chesimer a melenget; tengetengel a tuangel, chosmerii, chosimer a blai, chesmerel. se
2950.024chiseln.poss.3sescape; flight.
2970.023nglaiv.r.s.brought; taken; received; obtained.nglai a mla mengai; nglai a chutem; mla nguu; ngmai; ngeul.
2980.023chertn.boat.chert a bekerurt el mlai er a daob.
2990.023besebesn.bark of tree used for tying; rope; cord.besebes a semosem, ochull, cheremall me a bekobek a besebes, mesebesii, mesebes, merenged a klalo, besebesel.
3000.023biblian.Bible.biblia a chedaol el lechukl; tekingel a Chelid.
3010.023merechorechv.t.steal (including wife; girlfriend; etc.); rob; capture; kidnap.merechorech a melai a diak le kloleklel el diak el olturk; rucherii a bail, ruchorech a udoud; recherechel.
3020.023mesesv.s.strong; industrious; diligent; active.meses a bekurreor; diak a ulengellel er a urreor; sesengel er a omenged; diak le mesaik.
3030.023tebeln.table.tebel a klekedall el kedoel a klalo er ngii; tebelel.
3040.023cheldechedechaln.poss.3sconversation; speech; meeting; story; folktale; conference about one month after death of spouse to settle estate.cheldechedechal a cheldecheduch er a mlad el chad.
3050.023soisebv.i.enter (often with difficulty).soiseb a tmuu; mo er a chelsel; soiseb er a blai; skuul a soiseb er a klukuk; sisebel a skuul; smecher a mla soiseb, kmal meringel; smecher a bdelul a mla soiseb; di mengebelung kung.
3060.023temeln.poss.3stime; occasion.temel a taem er ngii; belsechel a riid.
3070.023merredern.leader; ruler; chief; person in charge.merreder a kebekuul; oungerachel; menguteling a beluu; oba klemat er a urreor; bdelul a cheldebechel a merreder. what?mekerang a ker; oker, Calista ng mekerang? kau ke mekerang?
3090.022chedengn.shark.chedeng a ta er a bedengel a ngikel; metal el chedeng, metmut el chedeng.
3110.022klebokelv.s.pretty; beautiful; handsome.
3120.022omengurv.i.dine; have a meal.omengur a mengang, blengur er a tutau, blengrul.
3130.022ringeln.pain; suffering; high cost; spiciness; strength (of wind); turbulence or roughness (of ocean).ringel a meringel; oberaod el tekoi; ringel er a urreor; ringelel a uldasu.
3140.022salmod.very; often.
3150.022sechern.sickness; illness; disease.secher a rakd; rekdel; klou a secher er a beluu; tereter a secher.
3160.022sengkion.election; vote.
3170.022ngorn.mouth; voice; sound; bill (of bird); beak.ngor a klekedall er a chad me a charm el mengang e melim; ngor a melekoi.
3180.022teleteleln.poss.3smanner; style; form; method; approach (to something); action; behavior; event; appearance; circumstances; situation.teletelel a teletael er ngii.
3190.021idungeln.firewood.idungel a merat el kerrekar el omekard a ngau, idengelel a ngeliokl.
3200.021klechadn.human life; way of life.klechad a cherrengelel a chad; klengar; ungil klechad a mlukeroul er a chelleoch.
3210.021usbechallv.a.s. having a purpose; is to be used.usbechall a ngar ngii a belkul; ngar ngii a ultutelel; kall a usbechall er a blengur; oles a usbechall er a omelebes; oluches a usbechall er a omeluches, usbechel.
3220.021baun.smell; odor; scent.bau a bul a ngii di le ngerang; ungil el bau me a mekngit el bau; bediu a bau, bechochod a bau.
3230.021a lekoconj.intended to; apparently.
3240.021budeln.poss.3sskin (of person, fruit, etc.); hide; rind; bark; shell.
3250.021dmeuv.s.happy; glad; joyful; appreciative.dmeu a rengrir; ungil a tengrir; deurreng, mad er a deurreng, deuil a reng.
3260.021mesaulv.s.tired; weary.mesaul a mechitechut; olengoech a bedengel, mesaul a rengul; saul, sulel; mesaul a mereng a saul; ke kmal mesulang, ng mesaul er ngak; sulel.
3270.021oreomeln.forest; woods.oreomel a chereomel; chutem elmeklou a kerrekar er ngii; diak a delengchokl er a oreomel; meklou a oreomel er a Babeldaob.
3280.02metikv.i.find.metik a seliik; mla smiik; mla siekii; mla metik a ririid el kiis.
3290.02ngikeipro.that animal/person far from speaker and far from listener.ngikei a melekoi er a cheroid er a mengedecheduch me a orrenges; ngikei a Bung; ngikei a Endo.
3300.02besbasn.trash; rubbish; litter; debris.besbas a diak a ultutelel klalo el chiitel besbesil a omengaus, omekesbas.
3310.02dertangn.once in a while.dertang a dersechimong; ta me a tang, ouderta er tir el mo er a skuul.
3320.02mengiilv.t.wait for; expect.mengiil a olsingch; choielii; chemiil; chielel.
3330.02mengurn.coconut at middle stage (between Ngebekebokel and Odimalmekebud) when juice is best for drinking and meat is soft enough to be easily removed with finger.mengur a rdechel a lius el ilumel.
3340.02mengurv.s.(fruit) not yet ripe; (pregnant womand) not yet at full-term.mengur a diak le meduch; mengul el tuu, bobai; mengur a dioll; dirkak le kirel el mechell; kesai a bilel.
3360.02ildiseln.poss.3samount, quantity or number (especially, large).ildisel a ildois er ngii el udoud, beltok er ngii el belduchel.
3370.02klokn.clock.klok a klalo el olecholt a taem.
3380.02mamedn.cloth.mamed a klalo el mo bail; usbechall er a bebil er a klalo, memedel.
3390.02mechedv.s.shallow; (tide) low.meched a diak el dolech; chedil a chei, meched el mesei.
3400.02melasemv.t.try (out); practice; check; challenge; imitate. .melasem a mesuub; suub, esemii a kladikm el meloik; esemel.
3410.02muiv.s.full; complete; (person) filled with (sorrow, etc.); (person) having had enough of.mui a ulekeek; baket a mui er a ralm; tet a mui er a chemachel; iul a tet.
3420.02rdecheln.fruit; seed pod.rdechel a rodech er ngii el iedel.
3430.02bungn.flower.bung a bngal a kerrekar, dellomel; a chelilai a bung.
3440.02mekemadn.war.mekemad a klakoad er a delongelel a beluu me a beluu. (car); drive (canoe) with raised sails; (shark, etc.) swim near surface of water with fin showing.omekall a orrael er a mlai; mekellii a a mlai er a ked, mekall a ert, bekellel a rrat. up (on telephone); call out for; call by name.omekedong a oleker; mekedong a sius; mekedongii a sechelil, okedongel.
3470.02tirkeipro.those people far from speaker and far from listener.tirkei a tekoi el mo er a rechad el cheroid el ngii el melekoi e dirrek el cheroid er a orrenges; tirkei te mo er ker?
3480.02oltiraklv.t.follow (person, idea; advice; etc.); pursue; obey; listen to; acquiesce; go along with; catch up with; inherit title, etc. through (mother's side, etc.).oltirakl a oltoir, okiuriul, otireklii a omerael, otirakl a telbiil, otireklel.
3490.02ultuilv.r.s.laid down; lying down; dependent on.ultuil a mla motuiil; otilii a bdelul er a tebel e olengull; ulsirs; otilel.
3500.019dartnum.100 [one hundred] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing). Large quantity.dart a ochur 100; dart el chad, dart el babii.; chair; appointed position.kingall a klekedall el denchekill; dengchokl er a kingall, kingellel.
3520.019klukukn.tomorrow; the next or following day.klukuk a sils el uriul er a chelechang; klukuk a Sebadong.
3530.019mechesangv.s.busy; occupied.mechesang diak lemededaes; ngar er ngii a loruul; chelsang.
3540.019merurv.s.t.ashamed of; shy; bashful or timid about; afraid of.merur a ngar er ngii a leb er a bedengel; merur el mengedecheduch er a seked merur el meloik, rur, rrengel.
3550.019oltobedv.t.take out.oltobed a otobed, ngmai er a chelsel el locha er a ikr, otebedii a chad e delengchokl, otebedel.
3560.019rokirpro.all of it.rokir a merekui er ngii; churrengelii; beluu el rokir a mong.
3570.019kebuin.betel pepper; pepper leaf (used with betel nut).kebui a ta er a bedengel a besebes el dellomel e chemachel, kebiul.
3580.019kerrekeriiln.a.s.redup.trial; judgement.kerrekeriil a biich er a klemerang, oukerrekeriil el omiich a tekoi, kerilel.
3590.019kesibv.s.sweaty; perspiring.kesib a mengeald a bedengel e olechars a klsbengel; kesbongel.
3600.019mechitechutv.s.weak; aged; frail; defeated.mechitechut a diak lemesisiich, mechas a mechitechut, chelitechut, chelitechetul.
3610.019skokin.airplane.skoki a suebek el diall.
3620.019bduun.ball; boil; abscess.bduu a rakd; oburek e ngar er ngii a lalech er ngii; bdungel a ochil. bduu a klekedall er a klekool; ngalek a oba bduu el omduu, bdungel
3630.019blengurn.meal, or feast often associated with a cultural ceremony.blengur a belsoil, blengrul a tutau me a sueleb a blengur. conditions; way of life; settlement; residence.delengchokl a blai; teletael er a rechad el kiei, delengchokl er a chelechang a bai meringel er a irechar.
3650.019telemallv.r.s.broken; out of order; (relationship) strained.telemall a telerruud; mla metemall; tomall a klalo; melemall, temellel.
3660.018brakn.giant yellow swamp taro.brak a dellomel el kall el meklou er a dait, brekengel. A brak a dellomel; ng di ua a teletelel a bisech ng di kuk meklou. Ng kall.
3670.018dialln.ship.diall a meklou el mlai er a daob el oltak a rechad me a uleklool; diall er a mekemad, diall er a usaso, dillel.
3680.018duubechv.i.(plant) grow; start; originate; happen.duubech a beches el mo er ngii; dellomel a mla duubech.
3690.018ngaisn.egg; testicles.ngais a uchelel a klengar; ngisel a malk a mo malk; ngisel a uel a omeu el uel.
3700.018sibn.sheep. collected for a new widow.diall a udoud el dillel a mad el redil el mesobil; melecha a diall, rukdemaol a mesuk a diall. Udoud e mo otobedall a le medei a mechas el diak el bechiil.
3720.018akipro.we/us (nonemphatic, excludes listener).aki a kemam, ngak el uldimukl er a rubengkek, aki mlei ngak me a delak me a demak, aki merolung.
3730.018kboubn.wall.kboub a kbokb; sersel a rrengodel el meliuekl, kibekbii, kiboub, kboub er a blai, kbekbel.
3740.018klekedelleln.poss.3sorgan or part of body; equipment; parts; attachment (to machine, etc.); tools; materials; ingredients; rigging (of boat).klekedellel a klekedall er ngii.
3750.018klungioleln.poss.3sbenefit; goodness; beauty; quality.klungiolel a klungiaol er ngii; ungil el kirel. (nonemphatic, plural).
3770.018melechangv.t.put (into particular position); take (to particular place).melechang a lochang; ngmai el mechei; loiang, lechengel.
3780.018olsechalln.the proper place for something; place for keeping valuables (e.g. strong box, cabinet, tabernacle, etc).olsechall a olsechelel; Olbiil er a Kelulau a olsechall er a tbil a llach; a skuul a olsechall er a omesuub.
3790.018teruichnum.10 [ten] (unit of time; human).teruich a ochur (10), teruich el buil; teruich el klebesei, teruich el ekebil.
3800.018belatongn.plate; dish; bowl.belatong a blil a kall; belatingel
3810.018medechelv.s.(thing) left aside or behind; remaining; left over; in storage.medechel a mechei; diak el nglai; kingall a nglai e a tebel a medechel.
3820.018osengeln.poss.3svision; sight; view.osengel a ues er ngii; omes.
3830.017ngeasekv.s.young (usually referring to person); teen-aged.ngeasek a kekerei; merengur el dellomel; ngeasek el chad a mesisiich e mellomes; ngeasek el babii ungil el kall.
3840.017belualn.poss.3scountry; village; place; territory; property; land; ace (in cards).
3850.017chelecholn.beach; sand.chelechol a chetemel a kederang el becheleleu.
3860.017deeln.nail; spike; any kind of steel or iron.deel a klekedall er a omeleel;deel a meleel; orreked e oldak a kerrekar, delel. together.dmak a uldak; te uldak er a chimo el blai, te dmak el kiei; te dmak el skuul, chachelechel, kaukledem.
3880.017eimnum.5 [five] (unit of time).
3890.017klesv.r.s.(coconut or taro) grated or scraped.kles a mla mekes; lius a kles; menges, kosir, kmes a lius, kesil.
3900.017llechuln.poss.3sshadow; reflection.
3910.017merikeln.America.Merikel a beluu el America; mesuub a tekoi er a Merikel.
3920.017mliln.poss.3scanoe; car; automobile; transportation.mlil a mlai er ngii el chad. a olechotel a kliangel me a deurreng; meloik, diak el ua ngloik er a bai; nglikel.
3940.017omekoadv.t.kill; extinguish; put out.omekoad a ngmai klengar; okngemed a telil a chad, mekoad a reng, mekodir a babii; okodil.
3950.017deeln.state of overflowing or being too much (used only in certain fixed expressions).; world; generation; era; period of time.
3970.017besuln.poss.3ssituation; circumstances; position; affairs.besul a urrebetellel; ta besul el omeruul, ungil besul a omerael, techerelbesud er a ralm.
3980.017bkuln.poss.3sits corner; angle; joint; node.bkul a ongemulel a chim me a uach; bkul a uach, bkul a chim, bkul a beluu.
3990.017boesn.gun; blowgun.boes a klekedall el omoes,mosii a ngikel, moes a belochel, bosel.
4000.017mellomesv.s.light; smart; intelligent.mellomes a cheos; diak le klebesei; llomes, llemesel a olbidel.
4010.017ngiseln.poss.3segg; testicles.ngisel a ngais er ngii.
4020.017ulkeln.poss.3sback (of body).ulkel a ulk er ngii; kulukel a ulkel.; learn; imitate; copy.mesuub a melasem el mo meduch; suebii a chelitakl; suub a tekoi er a belual, subel.; fool around; relax; celebrate.milil a diak el ourreor; merau a merael el milil a beluu; rebuik a milil er a tebetab.; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.
4060.017tkuln.poss.3sedge.tkul a ulebongel; tkul a daob; tkul a rael; tkul a mekesokes.
4070.016berasn.rice.rrodel beras a kall el ongraol. a ongasireng el tekoi; merael el tekoi, "chad a milengchii a bilis" a chais; chisel a desiu, chisel mekomad.
4090.016dibusv.s.absent; away from home; missing; lacking.dibus a diak le ngar tiang; mla merael; rureulngau; dibus er tiei, dibusei.
4100.016kimn.type of large clam; female a ta er a bedengel a cheled, ng ko er a teletelel a kikoi e ng di kuk klou.
4110.016melebesv.t.cut or saw (log); cut (cloth, wire, string, etc,); snip (vine, etc.).melebes a dobesii; meluk; dortii a ungil el deleongel, duebes a besebes, debesel.
4120.016mengiltv.t.put oil on; grease; anoint.mengilt a locha chilt er a bedengel; chiltii a medal er a becheleleu; chemilt a bedengel er a cheluch; chiltel.
4130.016rruulv.r.s.made; done; prepared; (person) born to or made for; (person) trained or conditioned (to do something); (person) born to or made for; (person) trained or conditioned (to do something).
4140.016terungnum.two (of animal objects).terung a ochur (2) el mo er a rechad; teru el buik; ekebil a terung; teru el mechas; teru el chad.
4150.016meradelv.t.send or see (person) off; return; send back; bring (bride) to prospective husband's family.
4160.016metikv.erg.strike with the fist; box with.metik a telik; mla tikir a medal; melik er ngii el chesimer.
4170.016beabn.rodent; rat; mouse.beab a ta er a bedengel a melekesako el charm; omuchel a rakd e dirrek el menga dellomel.
4180.016bobain.papaya tree (including fruit).bobai a chebingel, ta er a bedengel a dellomel el kall a rdechel, bobongel.
4190.016chiuln.poss.3shair.chiul a chui er ngii el dil; kerisebsub a chiul. (person or thing); understand; memorize.medengelii a medengei; medengelii a telemall; melechesuar.
4210.016melimv.t.drink.melim a omerkakl a ralm; soak el melim a mengur; ngilmii, nguim a rrom.
4220.016meliueklv.t.go around; circle/revolve around; surround.meliuekl a ieuekl; iueklii; meliud; iliuekl er a rechad; iueklel. meliuekl a meliud; iueklii a kurangd, ieuekl, merael, remurt el mengaibibeob; iueklel. to be bought.ocheraol a kirel el mochar; omechar a kall; skuul a ocheraol; ralm a ocheraol; mecherar, mechar, ocheral.
4240.016tedobechv.s.half-filled; crazy; irrational.tedobech a bita er a cherrungel; tedobech el bobai; tedebechel a ngikel; kekebelung el chad a tedobech.
4250.016cheluchn.coconut oil; fuel (e.g. gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.); grease (from meat being cooked).cheluch a laok, cheluchul a lius, kerisil, mangtekang er a babii.; be aware of; feel (oneself) (becoming...); notice (something); realize; perceive.melechesuar a omelechesiu er ngii; ngar ngii er a bedengel; melchesuar a ringel er a ulul. (just) finishing; at last; finally.
4280.016chochoiinterj.yes.chochoi a kengei, chochoi ng ungil besul, choi ng uaisei.
4290.016dekooln.a.s.cigarrette; tobacco.dekool a ta er a bedengel a dellomel el chemachel. A dekool a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo klou. Ng di kmeed el mo ua a meklungel a diokang a lsekum ng kmal el mo meklou. Ng diak el kall. Ng di sebechir a remelamech a buuch el ousbech el mengeech.
4300.016delulv.r.s.broiled; roasted; sunburned.delul a mla medul er a ngau.
4310.016kesain.insufficient quantity.kesai a sesei; mekesai; diak le betok, kesai el udoud.
4320.016ruebetv.i.fall (from).ruebet a ngar er a bab e mei metilech er a eou; ruebet er a kerrekar.
4330.016medakdv.s.t.fear; be afraid of.medakd a dakd; diak le bekeu, medakd a milkolk; deleb, dekdel.
4340.015kerekiklv.s.careful; conscientious; cautious; responsible for.kerekikl a bekelatk; bekengerachel, mengedmokl a tekoi; kedung a kerekikl a rechad. a kekerei el ngalek; dirke mlechell el ngalek; tolchingel.
4360.015didn.bridge; ladder.did a omech a rael er a bita me a bitang; didil a omoachel.
4370.015mekealdv.s. warm; hot.mekeald a kleald; diak le mekelekolt; mekeald el ralm; smecher a mekeald; ngar er ngii a kleldelel.
4380.015ollumeln.covered pitcher or small well for holding drinking water.ollumel a blil a ilumel; omoachel el ilumel a lmel; olmelel, olmelek.
4390.015ekebiln.girl.ekebil a kekerei el dil.
4400.015himbiokain.fair, exhibition (celebration with displays and games, a fair). (emphatic, plural).kemiu a melekoi er a rurrenges; kemiu el rokui ng somiu a skuul?
4420.015kesusn.night; last night.kesus a klebesei er a uchei er chelechang me a chelechang el klebesei.
4430.015klisiichn.strength; power; authority.klisiich a mesisiich; ulsemuul, meses, meduch, rengeasek a olab a klisiich.
4440.015metengelv.i.descend; come/climb down; land.metengel a mei er eou; metengel er a mlai; oldengelengel er a ked; metengel er a lius; tengelel.
4450.015olengitv.t.beg (for); ask (for); appeal to.olengit a melai el diak a cheral; ongit a udoud, kall; ongtir; "metara".
4460.015orrekedv.caus.hold (oneself) onto; take hold of; attach (oneself) to; grasp; ask or convince (someone) to stay; keep; catch; arrest.orreked a olab, beldoel er a chimal, orreked a chetemel a okdemelel mekreos, orekedii, orkedel.
4470.015uasechn.aged juice or gravy (from food). Other fluids. Broth.uasech a osechel a kall; uasech er a ngikel, osechel a odoim, osechel a klengoes el babii; urrekerk el uasech. or mosquito net.
4490.015chelellaklv.r.s.quieted; pacified; held or made steady; (person) quiet or unassuming.chelellakl a kellechakl; diak el odikel, diak a uldikel er a beluu; chelellakl a belual el budech.
4500.015chemangn.large sea or mangrove crab; Samoan crab.chemang a meklou el charm el odoim el ua teletelel a rekung.
4510.015chuodelv.s.(person; village; house) old.chuodel a kmal klou, betok el rak, chuodel el beluu, chuodel el chad.
4520.015kemangetv.s.tall; long (in time or dimension).kemanget a kekemanget; diak le kekedeb; kemangel.
4530.015mengelebedv.t.hit; strike; bat.mengelebed a cholebed; oldechelakl; cholebedii a chetelaol, chelebedel.; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.mes a omes; ng mla mes a betok el beluu; ues er a beluu, osengel a smecher.
4550.015ourengv.i.wish/hope for; have hopes about.oureng a ngar ngii a urrengulel; melebedebek, oureng er a soal, urrenguul.
4560.015suchn.type of pandanus; leaf of pandanus.such a ta er a bedengel a ongor; llel a ongor a usbechall er a omengaus. a chad el omes e omkar a secher.
4580.015usbecheln.poss.3shis/her/its use, purpose, or function (of something).usbechel a usbechall er ngii; belkul, ultutelel, bail er a kelekolt a diak a usbechel er a Belau.
4590.014bngeln.poss.3shis/her/its trap (usually for fish).
4600.014berekedv.s.leaning/touching against; sticking/stuck to; have an intimate relationship with; be close to.bereked a omereked a eru el mo dmak, babier a bereked er a kboub, ngalek a bereked er a delal. merekedii, mereked, berekedel.
4610.014btiln.poss.3sgenitals; anus; vagina; bottom (surface).btil a but er ngii; uriul, btil a lius, btil a chad. a chesols; kelloi, rebetii, derebechesiil, choiteklii, choitakl, mengitakl, chiteklel.
4630.014debn.sugar cane.deb a merekos el dellomel el tuobed a sukal er ngii, debengel.
4640.014kemriln.poss.3stail.kemril a kemur er ngii; kemril a bilis "beluu er a Ngetbong a kemril a rrull".
4650.014klobakn.council of chiefs (usually containing 10 members).klobak a cheldellir a rubak; cheldellel a omerreder; klobak a kldibel el melib a kelulau.
4660.014kodalln.death.kodall a mo diak a klengar er ngii; mo diak a telil; mad, kodellel.
4670.014kongeiv.t.permit; allow; agree or consent to; admit (that one did something wrong); accept; go along with or obey (someone's words, command, etc.).kongei a nglai a kengei; mla kongei.
4680.014mesekedv.s.crowded; well-attended; filled; (clothing) too tight to put on.meseked a kosekodel; diak le medidai; sokedii a skuul, smeked a blai, sekedel.; assist.olengengeseu a ongeseu; ourreor el obengkel; ngoseuir; ngoseu a urreor; msa ngeso.
4700.014ngeliokln.r.s.(ongraol) being cooked.ngeliokl a kall el mla mengiokl; mengiong; marek el ongraol; ngiokl a kukau; ngiiklel.
4710.014meremangv.i.come; arrive.meremang a merael mei; ngar er a omerolel el mei; dumiang er a dmuil.
4720.014bliongelv.r.s.divided; distributed; separated; separate.bliongel a blii; mla obii, bliongel er a kall, blingelel a udoud, rusel, bingel. a mekemanget el busech el di ngar er a bedul, kerisebsub el chui.
4740.014mesiln.machine; motor; engine.mesil a klalo el merasm a mamed; klekedall el usbechall er a meruul el klalo; mesil er a dengki; mesil el mesib; meselengel.
4750.014omerelleln.poss.3sbehavior; way of doing things; act; action.omerellel a omeruul er ngii el chad.
4760.014ongraoln.starch; starchy food. [The possessed forms are sometimes avoided in polite conversation since they can also be used as swear words.].ongraol a renguul el kall; diokang me a brak, ongraol, ongulel.
4770.014rakdn.sickness; disease.rakd a secher, kemkom a kdekudel el rakd; ourakd er a ngul, rekdel.
4780.014ikreln.poss.3sarea/space outside.ikrel a iikr er ngii el blai.
4790.014kedn.field; open; grassy (unforested) area.ked a chutem el diak a kerrekar er ngii, kedengel. A ked a dirrek e mekididai e ng di diak a meklou el kerrekar er ngii. Ng di chudel me a chitouch me a mekekerei el kerrekar a ngar er ngii. Se er a irechar e ng dimlak a omeluk el chutem me ng dimlak a omelalem el smengt. A chad a sebechel el ouchutem el mo tmurk er a ked, e se el ked a mocha oliochel er ngii me a ta er a chad.
4800.014klemerangn.truth.klemerang a mera el tekoi; diak le blulak, kirel el medung a klemerang.
4810.014kngtiln.poss.3ssin; evil; bad result.kngtil a mekngit er ngii; chisingel a di mes a kngtil a tekoi, e mereched el mes a kngtil a chad.; look closely at; look at (oneself, in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior).menguiu a omes; melelem; chemuiu a mederir; chuieuii a babier; chiuel.
4830.014meoudv.s.late.meoud a eoud; diak le mereched; eudel a omerael; meudang.
4840.014omoacheln.river; stream.omoachel a diosech; diong, omoachel er a Ngerdorech; omochelel.
4850.014smauv.s.comfortable with; used/accustomed to.smau a uleksau; smau er ngii; mla mo blekerdelel; smau el meruul er ngii; soal el kiei e le ng smau er a beluu.
4860.014telechulln.r.s.basket/bundle (of goods); goods exchanged as favor or obligation.
4870.014ulekoadv.r.s.killed.ulekoad a uleldechelakl; okoad.
4880.014mekiisv.erg.dig; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).lok er a chesimer a mla mekiis er a kiis.; assist.ngosuir a olengeseu er ngii; msa ngeso.
4900.013ileaklv.r.s.separated; separate; set apart; removed; disassociated; special.ileakl a mla meakl; diak luldak; meleakl, ileakl a beches er a mechut, ileklel.
4910.013kesengiln.poss.3sat most; at least; a small quantity of something; a large quantity of something (said sarcastically or in astonishment).kesengil a klsai er ngii; kot er eou el ildois; ng soak a udoud el kesengil e ng $1,000.00.
4920.013kldibelv.r.s.(persons) called together or assembled (typically for the purpose of a meeting or sermon).kldibel a klideb; cheldull; chelludel.
4930.013milkolkv.s.dark; stupid.milkolk a sirukel; diak le mellomes; klebesei a milkolk; ilkelkel. out.otebedii a oltobed er ngii.
4950.013rasechn.blood.rasech a bekerekard el lmel a bdengel a outeliil; osechel a klengar; rasech a usbechall er a klengar; merserasech; rsechel. to be thought about or taken into consideration.udesuall a kirel el mudasu; mesiik a rolel el mo ungil; mdesuii a smecher; mdasu, smecher a udesuall a ukeruul er ngii.
4970.013betikv.erg.find.betik a ngar er a omeltkel; beltik el reng, betik er a rengul
4980.013chetemeln.poss.3sland; earth; dirt; soil; mud.chetemel a chutem el kloklel ingii.
4990.013dingaln.poss.3sear.dingal a ding er ngii el chad.
5000.013edeinum.3 [three] (unit of time).edei a ochur (3), edei el klebesei, edei el rak, edei el buil.
5010.013kemampro.we/us (emphatic, excludes listener).kemam a chad el melekoi me a rubengkel, kemam el rokui a mong.
5020.013klungeln.poss.3ssize; thickness.
5030.013metemallv.erg.break; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.metemall a metemellang; tomellii a telbiil a diak el lemelemii, tomall a mlai; temellel.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).ochotii a olecholt er ngii.
5050.013teliln.poss.3sbreath.telil a eolt el tmuu e tuobed el okil a isngel me a ngerel a chad me a charm; ngar el chad a outeliil; ulekoad a diak a telil.
5060.013chetemeln.poss.3ssmear; act of smearing.chetemel a omengetoem er ngii, mengetoem er a medal er a chas.
5070.013bechachauv.s.redup.empty.bechachau a diak a ngera er a chelsel, bechachau el ollumel, bechachau el chidib, bechachongel
5080.013berrotelv.t.hide.berrotel a mla obart; mla mertii a udoud, bertel.
5090.013mekebudn.herring.mekebud a mekekerei el ngikel (herring); ungil el uaol er a omengereel.
5100.013mengausv.t.sprinkle lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).mengaus a locha chaus er a chemachel; chousii a chemelel.
5110.013oldingelv.t.visit.oldingel a mo duum; omes a rechad, odngelii, odingel a secher; odngelel.
5120.013oldiuv.t.shout out; yell to.
5130.013deleln.poss.3sabdomen; womb; stomach.delel a diil er ngii; medud a delel el chad.; tell. In some constructions, the initial d sound may be dropped.dmung a melekoi, "a le mei a Siang e ke dmung er ngii me ng choielak".
5150.012irrain.village in south-east Babeldaob; most southern state in Babeldaob, south of Ngchesar; hamlet in that village; the state in which Ngiraked is chief.Irrai a Blias; beluu er a Babeldaob. Desbedall.
5170.012kebliiln.clan.kebliil a cheldellel a betok el telungalek el kauchad, kebliil er a Uudes, kleblil. A kebliil a klauchad el oltirakl er a rasech me a leua isei e a rengelekir a ruchad me a rudam me a renglekir a rengelekir tirkaikid a uldimukl er a keblii.
A ngklel a kebliil a bo dosiik er ngii e ng oltirakl er a ngklel a uchelel a omesolel a blai. Tia se er a kmal irechar e a rechad er a Belau a milrael a beluu. A lsekum a ongalek a kiliei er ta er a beluu e melkl el mo er a ta er a beluu el kuk mo melibech er a beches el delengecheklir e se el chutem el bo el kiei er ngii a
5180.012kedungv.s.well behaved; virtuous; law-abiding.kedung a kldung; diak el dengerenger; kedung e beruadel el omudech; ungil a blekerdelel el chad; kedung a mengedmokl a tekoi er a buai me a blai. a omduu, omtar, rurt, omilil, klaiberebart a klekool, omeloik, outumetum, ouiakiu a klekool.
5200.012llomesn.daylight; brightness; intelligence.llomes a didiich el omekllomes; llemesel a sils me a buil.
5210.012luutv.i.return.luut a mong e lmuut el mei. made mangrove channel.taoch a rolel a mlai, brer, mlai a merael er a taoch; tochel. A taoch a oumesingd el uriur er a omoachel me ng ko er a omoachel el merael er a chelsel a keburs. E ng di meklou e dmolech me ng sebechel a bilas me a mlai el merael er ngii. Me aika el taoch a mo er a beluu el ngar er ngii a delengchokl er ngii me a kuk bebil a di mo er a klechutem el mla er ngii a delengchokl er ngii er a irechar.
5230.012ucheleln.poss.3sbeginning; start; origin; ancestors.uchelel a uchul er ngii; ulemechell; uchelel a rael, uchelel a urreor.
5240.012chiuln.poisonous centipede.chiul a kekerei el charm el meringel a bengchel; betok a ochil.
5250.012chiuln.kind of grass which produces stickers.chiul a emull er a mekesokes.
5260.012earsn.sail; type of giant taro.ears a klalo el omuked a eolt e orrurt a bekall er a daob, ears a rruul er a mamed me a cheleuikl el such; resel a bos.
5270.012sikangn.hour.sikang a olkael er a taem; eru el sikang; ngar ngii a lluich me a eua el sikang er a ta el sils.
5280.012tilechangpro.that object far from speaker and near listener.tilechang a melekoi er a cheroid er ngii el mengedecheduch e kmeed er a orrenges; beskak tilicha el babier; tilecha el blai.
5290.012adanginterj.Please; won't you?; it's true (isn't it?).adang a oterkeklel a kengei me a tekoi. adang ua isei? adang mekerang?
5300.012chelebuuln.poverty; misery; pitifulness.chelebuul a kerrior el duubech; metacherebesul, betok a ngesonges er ngii; chelebulel.
5310.012chemachelv.a.s.(betel nut) is to be chewed; (tobacco) is to be smoked.chemachel a redil el ourrot er a blil el motobed er a ocheraolbai me a klomengelungel, oungerachel a udoud me a rokui el tekoi. a ta er a bedengel a charm el ua bilis e ng di kekerei.
5330.012kerreelv.r.s.rolled; (fish) caught with line.kerreel a suld el mla mekereel; kerrelel.
5340.012lmangelv.i.cry; (cat; dog) whine; howl.lmangel a langel, mekngit a rengul a lmangel, longelang, longelii, lengelel a ngalek.
5350.012medirtv.s.dry.medirt a medidirt; diak el dekimes.
5360.012mekesokesv.erg.catch (fish) with (long) net; lurk around environs of house; block (e.g., road, entrance, etc.); surround.mekesokes a kosokes; ngmai a betok el ngikel er kesokes; kosekesii, kesekesel.
5370.012meketeketv.erg.get delayed; spend a protracted period of time.meketeket a klteket; mla memong; tekoi er a meketeketang, klteketel. a meruul er a ngloik; oukarkimenai; oumatmatong; nglikel.
5390.012mesaikv.s.lazy.mesaik a kesibor; diak le meses el ourreor a mesaik; mesaik a diak a sersel me ng songerenger.
5400.012ongelngeleln.poss.3sshoulder; pole for shoulder carrying.ongelngelel a ongelungel er ngii.
5410.012tetn.bag for holding betel nut; handbag; small woven basket.tet a blil a klalo; tet er a chemachel, udoud, outet, til.
5420.012chemacheln.titled persons in a village (usually, ten in number).
5430.012becheleleuv.s.redup.white.becheleleu a chelleleu, becheleleu el mamed.
5440.012bleketaklv.r.s.(made) clear/obvious; explained; clarified; visible; distinct; clearly audible.bleketakl a ungil el ulecholt; meketeklii, meketakl, bleketakl a tekoi, beketeklel.
5450.012miichn.tropical almond (tree; nut or meat inside nut).miich a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel; michel. A miich a dellomel; ng kmal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng kmeed el ua a keam. A redechel a mekekerei el di ua a meklungel a redechel a titimel. Kede ometech e melai a techel le ng kall.
5460.012rodechn.fruit; seed pod.
5470.012telbiiln.r.s.oath; promise; plan; decision.telib a rruul; mla metib; llach a telib er a Olbiil Er a Kelulau; tibir a omenged, tuib a urreor, melib, tbil a urrereel a ungil el buai.
5480.012tuangeln.entrance; door.tuangel a siseball er a blai; tungelel.; filter; get at the truth of (some matter).miich a omiich; imakl a ungil er a mekngit; kerrekeriil a miich a klemerang; miich a cheluch; bichel.
5500.012ngeiulv.t.bring; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.
5510.012mekesokesn.environs of house; yard.mekesokes a mekesong; chutem el meliuekl er a blai; mekesekesel.
5520.011telemelleln.poss.3scrime; destructive deed; violation (of custom, etc.); responsibility or fault for something broken, etc.telemellel a ngii a tilemall.
5530.011obereodv.s.heavy; (matter) difficult/hard to deal with.obereod a oberaod.
5540.011ulebongeln.forever; end; completion.
5550.011kldmoklv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.kldmokl a mla mekedmokl; rruul el kmal ungil; kudmeklii a ngalek, kudmokl a kall, remuul.
5560.011marekv.s.ripe; ready to eat; cooked; be in a half standing position (with legs bent) when dancing.marek a ngeliokl; diak lechemadech; marek el kukau, marek el bobai, tuu; rekel.
5570.011mouesv.t.see; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.moues a ules; mes; mesang, smecher a mla moues er a toktang, osengel; moues a ules; ius a mla moues er a taoch; miles er a medal; milsang.
5580.011bekiklv.s.worried; insecure.bekikl a suebek a rengul; sebekreng, bekikl er a smecher.
5590.011belsecheln.poss.3s(the) time (for an event; when something happens).belsechel a temel; belsechel a ocheraol, belsechel a riid, belsechel a blengur.
5600.011belseln.poss.3spunishment; fine; fee.
5610.011bokson.elephant grass (used as animal feed).bokso a ta er a bedengel a chudel el kelel a kerbou.
5620.011cheldukln.r.s.jetty; stone wall; mound or platform of stones on which bai is built.cheldukl a chelades er a bad; a odesongel a cheldukl; rael a cheldukl; mla mechades.
5630.011chelebachebn.rock island; promontory.chelebacheb a mekekerei el iungs; Ngerechong me a Ngemelis a chelebacheb, chelebechebel.
5640.011etiunum.9 [nine] (unit of time).etiu a ochur (9), etiu el buil, etiu el klebesei, mla mo etiu el rak el kuurreor.
5650.011kemeldiiln.funeral.kemeldiil a oba ulekoad el chad el mo lmuut er a omelakl.
5660.011klechedaoln.invited guest; group of travellers; tour group.klechedaol a beluu me a rechedal el mokedong; mekemedaol, Beliliou a mle klechedolel a Ngeraard.
5670.011mededaesv.s. (person, room, etc.) unoccupied; idle; available.mededaes a diak lemechesang; dedaes, deledesel.
5680.011melemiaklv.t.climb on.melemiakl a ngmasech; ngomiakl a buuch; ngimiklii a lius, ngimeklel.
5690.011ngerechelongn.village in north Babeldaob; the Northern most state on Babeldaob; the state in which Uong er Etei is chief.Ngerechelong a beluu er a diluches er a Babeldaob; oubeluu er a keiukl me a desbedall; Mengellakl a ordemelel.
5700.011omaisv.t.blunt (knife).
5710.011omartv.t.hide.omart a ocheuekl; remuul el mo diak le moues, mertii, mart a kelel, bertel.
5720.011rebekmod.each or every (referring to human beings only).rebek a melekoi er a toklechad; rebek el chad, rebek el ngalek, rebeluu, rebebil. crab.rekung a charm el mekekerei er a chemang; kakum. A rekung a charm; a ta er a ngklel a rekung a kakum. Ng mekekerei el ua a meklungel a kesako. Ng eaiuong a kekemengel e eruong a techetechel. Ng sebechel el kie er a beluu e ng di ng omechell er a daob. Ng kall.
5740.011remeiv.i.go or come home.remei a lmuut el mo er a blil; remei er a blirir.
5750.011songerengerv.s.hungry.songerenger a bechachau a delebekul; soal el omengur; diak el medinges; sengerengerel. (for); ask (for); appeal to.ulengit a mla mongit; mla ongtir a udoud; ongit a kall, ongtil.
5770.011ultuteleln.importance; significance; function; meaning; purpose; reason; value.ultutelel a usbechall er ngii; ngar ngii a belkul, usbechel; skuul ngar er ngii a ultutelel.?
5780.011omaisv.t.wander; walk around; go back and forth; travel frequently.omais a blechoel el merael; meses el omais a obliil, bais, bisel.
5790.011blauangn.bread.blauang a kall el lruul er a merikengko
5800.011chadon.roof.chado a chedouel a blai, chodeuii a bai, chemado a blai.
5810.011chebirukelv.s.crooked; bent; (limbs) deformed.chebirukel a diak le melemalt, mengebirukel, chebirukel el rael; choibirekelii, chebirkelel.
5820.011demuln.dolphin; porpoise.demul a ta er a bedengel a ngikel.
5830.011imiitv.i.miss; fail to hit; pass by or over; go from one state to another.imiit a iit, diak el taut; imiit er a delenguchel, ometech e imiit, omurech e imiit, ietel, iit er ngii.
5840.011kedebv.s.short (esp. compared with someon/something else).kedeb a kekedeb; diak le kekemanget, diak le metongakl; kedeb el oluches.
5850.011mengodechv.erg.change; make (something) different.
5860.011merrobv.t.turn (person) face down; turn (object) top down; stop; halt; adjourn (meeting); cancel.merrob a omechebecheb; merrob a belatong; torob a olekng; terbengel. merrob a omosech; merrob a ngeul a uel el telkib; torebengii a urreor; torob a bekall er a daob; terbengel.
5870.011mesumechv.t.spread out (blanket; clothing; etc.); send (message); massage (body); set/readjust (bones); restore.mesumech a suumech a meringel, sumechii a chelam el chim; smechel a ringel.
5880.011metiturv.s.t.not know how to; be incapable of; cannot (do something).metitur a diak le meduch; metitur el meloik; telitur er a urreor; metitur er a odekial a reng; telitur.
5890.011telaelnum.1000 [one thousand] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).telael a ochur 1,000; ta el telael el chad.
5900.011tmuuv.i.enter.tmuu a soiseb; tmuu er a blai; otungii er a chelsel; otuu, otungel.
5910.011ulterekoklv.r.s.entrusted to someone; given for safekeeping; (specific time) set; sincere, real; genuine; really; surely; for sure; definitely.ulterekokl a mla moterekokl; ultebechel el kmal ngii; mloterekokl el mengkar a chutem; oterekeklii a omerolel, oterekokl a okelel a babii er ngii; ulterekeklel.
5920.011omesodeln.poss.3sexplanation.omesodel a omesaod er ngii, mesaod er a urreor; omesodel a mlil a klechedaol.
5930.011ngerecheleln.poss.3sduty; responsibility.ngerechelel a ngerachel er ngii; oungerachel; ngalek a ngerechelel a chedam me a chedil.
5940.011barn.blanket; a klekedall er a cheliuaiu, blangket; balbelau a bar, berul.
5950.011chebechiiln.marriage.chebechiil a sechal me a dil el dmak, talechad, teru el kaubuch.
5960.011chebuulv.s.poor; pitiful; miserable; of low family; unfortunate; pitiable.chebuul a olengesonges a lousbech; kesai a kelel me a ududel, diak a ngera er ngii; chelebulel, diak a mekerreuir.
5970.011dolechn.depth; tide.dolech a delechel a ralm me a daob, klou a dolech; keriik, dmolech a chei, delechel.
5980.011ekiln.thick braided rope.ekil a klou el blubeu el besebes; ekil a ouak, okul a mlai me a bilas, eklil.
5990.011emulln.weeds.emull a chudel, mekesokes a di emull er rokir, emellel.
6000.011melatkv.t.remember; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for.melatk a omdasu; lotkii, lmatk, ngar er a skoki e melatk er a Belau, ltkel.
6010.011melechetv.t.tie; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy.melechet a lochetii; sourii, mla lmechet a sualo; lechetel.
6020.011oldakv.caus.put or add together; unify; join; include.oldak a odak; mo dmak, odekiar; oldak a reng, odekial.
6030.011ouedikelv.i.move around; make someone active; overstimulate; make someone run around in a rush.ouedikel a diak le chelellakl, ouedikel a ourreor el kirel a blil; ouedikel el soal ungil el delengchokl.
6040.011rromn.alcoholic drink.rrom a ta er a bedengel a ilumel el mengetelaol; rrom a omolim e ng chotelolau; ongetelaol el ilumel.
6050.011sekedn.crowd.seked a meseked; diak le medidai; seked er a beluu er a Oreor, sokedii, smeked a chutem, sekedel.
6060.011semeriarv.s.anxious to see or do (something); interested in (something); excited about (something).semeriar a sisiangel a rengul; kmal sokol; semeriar el meloik; semeriar er a klechedaol.
6070.01bileln.poss.3sarticle of clothing; clothes; wrapping material.bilel a bail el ngii a ouklalo er ngii.
6080.01born.ball (in baseball).bor a bduu el imiit er a kerbai.
6090.01obesv.t.forget.obes a bles; diak el latk; ak mla obes er a tik, bes, besbes.
6100.01chelechadn.association; political party.
6110.01ilaotn.coconut syrup (made by boiling chemadech = coconut sap); nectar; any sweet liquid.ilaot a chemadech er a lius el mesengoes el mo smiich; ilotel a lius, ilaot a merkos.
6120.01kebesengein.evening; this evening.kebesengei a mocha klebesei; milkelkang.
6130.01kebursn.mangrove swamp.keburs a okebong; oreomel er a delongelel a chutem me a daob. A keburs se el ngar er ngii a kebokeb me a demetaoch me a taoch me a lalou e ngelengelotel a dorael er ngii e ngar er ngii a bek el bedengel a kerrekar e diak el sebechel el dubech er aike el diak a daob er ngii.
6140.01kederangn.beach.kederang a tkul a daob er a chelechol; rriil, chelechol.
6150.01kelebusn.jail, prison.kelebus a olsechall er a obals er a telmellel; kelebsengel.
6160.01merousv.t.divide up; distribute.merous a omii; rousii a babii; remous a beras, rusel a kall.
6170.01meteetv.s.of high family; rich/wealth (i.e.; having a large amount of Palauan money); possessing a lot of (money, food, etc.); abundant in (resources); (family, etc.) characteristically wealthy in; well-to-do; affluent.meteet a ngar bab e kebkall; ldid me a Udes a meteet el blai; meteet a lemedai me ngii a di meteet, iltetel.
6180.01ngesongesv.s.insufficient; not enough.ngesonges a olengesonges; kesai, ududek a ngesonges er kemam me a siotai me a ocheraol; diak lungil besul; ngelsengesel.
6190.01ngukedn.fine; reward; prize.nguked a omeksaul el lolai a mo kot me a rullii a ungil; ngkedel.
6200.01omechellv.t.give birth to; assist (woman) in delivery.omechell a cheroll, mechell el betok a rengelekel, mechellii a tolechoi, cherellel.
6210.01osecheln.poss.3saged juice or gravy (from food). Other fluids. Broth.osechel a uasech er ngii.
6220.01oumesingdpro.mostly.oumesingd a smingd; betok er ngii; oumesingd el ududel a nguemed er a rrom.
6230.01serseln.poss.3sgarden; farm; fence.
6240.01ululn.poss.3schest (of human being).ulul a klekedall er a chad; ulul a bebul a diil e eou er a cheiukl to be shot with a slingshot.belochel a kirel el obalech; belechall, melechii, omalech, malech, belechel.
6260.01chetengaklv.s.praiseworthy; showing honor (towards).chetengakl a ungil el kirel a chad; odanges; chotengii, "ulekoad er a chetengakl"; chemat er ngii, chetengel.
6280.01medemedemekv.s.soft; tender; gentle; quiet.medemedemek a delemedemek diak elmedecherecher, demok a medemedemek; delemedemekel.
6290.01meduun.breadfruit.meduu a kerrekar el kall a rdechel.
6300.01mekreosv.s.hoarded; precious; dear; valuable.mekreos a mengreos; olekemekem; diak el mimokl el merous; kiresii a chutem; kireos a kall, keresel. a olechotel a chad me a klalo me a beluu; Oreor a ngakl, Dilbung a ngakl, kerrekar a ngakl; ngklel. or add together; unify; join; include.odak a oldak; mo dmak, odekiar; odak a 2 er a 3 el mo 5, odekial.
6330.01omtokv.caus.oppose; go against; talk back at; balk at; swim against (current); go against or buck (wind); hit against (sharp object projecting from ground).omtok a ultok; diak le kengei; mtok a llach, utekengel a llach a mengebuul er a beluu, mtekengii a ringeldaob.
6340.01oruikln.basket (typically woven with care).oruikl a sualo; chelaus el dui.
6350.01teletaeln.manner; style; form; method; approach (to something); action; behavior; event; appearance; circumstances; situation.teletael a blekeradel; ulekdubs el omeruul; teletael er a delengchokl a mla mengodech, teletelel.
6360.01mekelekoltv.s.cold, cool.mekelekolt a kelekolt; diak le mekeald; kolekeltii a blai, kolekolt a kall, mengelekolt, kelkeltel.
6370.01rekdel a buldexpr.infection, or other sickness or irregularity, of the skin.
6380.01bulisn.police; policeman.bulis a chad el oltaut a llach e mengkar er a buai.
6390.01chelechedaln.poss.3strunk (of tree; plant; etc.); torso; basic part or principle of.chelechedal a chelechad er ngii.
6400.01cheraln.poss.3sprice; cost; amount of money for purchase.cheral a char er ngii, cheral a mlai.
6410.01melobechv.t.chop down (tree); cut (hand, finger, etc.); walk straight through or across; take shortcut through or across.melobech a dobechii; dobesii; duobech, melobech a ngikel, kerrekar; debechel.
6420.01ngebardn.west; west wind; (non-indigenous) pineapple.ngebard a meklou el beluu el diak el iungs; chad er a ngebard; klalo er a ngebard.
6430.01ngerirv.s.(eyes) looking sideways.ngerir a olengerir; ngerir a osengel.
6440.01oluchesn.pencil; pen.oluches a klekedall el meluches, olechesel.
6450.01omeroleln.poss.3stravelling; trip; journey; process; group of travellers; parade; procession.omerolel a omerael er ngii; merael.
6460.01ongosn.east; east wind.ongos a ta er a euang el uchul a eolt; desbedall a ongos er a Babeldaob.
6470.01rekdeln.sickness; disease.rekdel a secherel; meringel el rakd.; listen to; obey.remenges a orrenges; oderengesel a tekoi; remenges a derremkel a mlai; remenges e mo medengei.
6490.01sechereln.poss.3ssickness; illness; disease.
6510.01tabesulv.s.consistent; fitting same pattern.tabesul a osisiu; tabesul a blingelel a udoud, tabesul el omeruul; sngoselild.
6520.01uldimuklv.s.including (someone; something).uldimukl a uldekdak; delengchokl er a Belau a uldimukl a rechad er a kmal betok el beluu.
6530.01chedilinterj.Uh-Oh! (exclamation uttered when accident occurs). Alas!.chedil a okedongel a ngalek el mo er a delal, chedil a kubengkem.
6540.01chediln.poss.3slow tide.
6550.01omecharv.caus.fill (container) with liquid.omechar a locha er a chelsel; smuk a ralm; mechar a ollumel er a ralm, ocherul a olmelel.
6560.009olsisechaklv.t.teach (particular subject) to; teach/instruct (person) in; set example for; train (animal).olsisechakl a olecholt; osisechakl, mengedereder; osisecheklii a ngalek; osisecheklel.
6570.009ouakn.anchor chain or rope; anything used for fastening; handle; pull or guide string for kite.
6580.009dulangv.inch.begin to say.dulang a mla dmung; melekoi; ngera el tekoi a diak ke dulang e!!
6590.009ochedaln.poss.3sopposite sex sibling.ochedal a ochad er ngii. ochedecheraol ochedecheraol a okedecheraol; kirel el mo dechor; skuul a ochedecheraol.; any storage place for money; safe; strongbox.bangk a omsangel er a udoud.
6610.009omeuv.t.break or crack; hatch.omeu a omuu, mengii a ngais, meu a belatong, omeu a lius, bengel.
6620.009babeldaobn.Largest island of Palau; literally; upper sea.Babeldaob a ochallechutem er a Belau. Melekeok a beluu er a Babeldaob.
6630.009bechiilv.s.married.bechiil a ngar ngii a bechil.
6640.009belsiichn.poi; pounded taro.belsiich a rrusech el ongraol; belsiich el kukau, belsiich el diokang, belsichel.
6650.009beruadelv.s.positive, happy, optimistic (person).beruadel a chad el kladikm el chad e diak le ues a kngtil a tekoi, melemalt a rengul, uldeu a rengul me ng di oldanges e meruul a ungil
6660.009bubn.trap (usually for fish).bub a klekedall er a omenged; omub a ngikel, chemang; bub a mengesimer a ngikel me a chemang, omub, bngel,.
6670.009chesemeln.poss.3sfacial hair; beard; moustache.
6680.009delebesv.r.s.cut; snipped.delebes a mla medebes; teluk; delebokl, teluk a ochil, dobesii, duebes, debesel.
6690.009delengchekleln.poss.3sliving conditions; way of life; settlement; residence.
6700.009diollv.s.pregnant.dioll a ngar er ngii a ngalek er a delel; kldiull, bechik a dioll.
6710.009kereboun.cow; carabao; water-buffalo; beef; corned beef.kerbou a meklou el charm er a beluu el meklou er a babii, kmal ungil el odoim a techel. A kerebou a charm; ng kloa a ochil e kemanget a kemril. Ng mo meklou el charm el kuk meklou er a babii. Ng kall.
6720.009klakoadn.fight; brawl; battle.klakoad a klaodechelakl; di du el okoad; ruchemoll a kakoad, oldechelakl; klakodil.
6730.009klealdn.heat.kleald a mla mekeald; ralm a kleald, klengoes a kleald, kmeldii, koeald, kmeald, diak le mekelekolt; keldel.
6740.009mekekadv.s.redup.itchy; promiscuous; horny.
6750.009meluchelv.t.carry on the head; fold (hands) on the head; hit against; bump head against; push against and knock down; reach; hold (title); exchange favors; carry out an obligation (especially, to give food or services to one's relatives); be responsible for.meluchel a telechull; klalo a kldoel er a bdelul; tmuchel a kall, tuchelii, techelel.
6760.009melukv.t.cut according to a definite measurement; cut with quick chopping motion; cut off; amputate; measure.meluk a tukur; tmuk a bambuu; meluk a ngikel; tkul a bambuu.
6770.009ngchesarn.village in east Babeldaob; hamlet in Ngchesar, south of Melekeok, north of Airai; the state in which Ngirakebou is chief.Ngchesar a chimo er a beluu er a Babeldaob el beluu er a Desbedall; Oldiais.
6780.009ngern.answer (to question).nger a onger er a ker; oingera a klileakl er a Belau? nger a kmo, ng kot el kebesengil a Ongeteruich el buil.
6790.009oltautv.t.aim (spear; gun; etc.) at; enforce (law); light (fire); start (particular job); hook (one vehicle to another; etc.); stick to/stay with apply (skill); put (skill) to use; support.oltaut a omuchel; otutii a urreor; otaut a ngau, otutel.
6800.009ongedeinum.3 [third] (ordinal).ongedei a ochur , Ongedei el urreor, Ongedei el buil, ongedei el skuul.
6810.009rurtn.running; race.rurt a remurt; diak lorael, kolekel; klaidesachel er a rurt, rurtii, rretel.
6820.009sauln.tiredness; trouble; thanks; gratitude.saul a mesaul; mesengird er a urreor; olengoech a bedengel; mesaul a rengul, mesaul a bedengel; mad er a saul; saul a ungil el omeruul; mesaul, mesulang; omereng el saul, sulel.
6830.009seseiv.s.a few; a little; some; not enough.sesei a diak le betok; di kesai; sesei el udoud; sesei el kall. a blil a oteruul.
6850.009toacheln.area of deep water; passage.toachel a dmolech el chei el oumellemau; Toachelmid.
6860.009bangkv.s.(tire) flat/punctured.bangk a mo diak a eolt er ngii; ochil a mlai a mla bangk.
6870.009engelaklv.t.pass by/over/through.engelakl a merael el imiu; diak el be ltab, mla engelakl er a skuul; diak el tuchakl.
6880.009ongerungnum.2 [second] (ordinal).ongerung a ochur (2), Ongeru el buil, Ongeru el urreor, ongeru el ngalek.
6890.009bekerurtv.s.good in running; fast; prone to going around looking for girls.bekerurt a mereched e mesisiich el remurt; rurt, rretel, rurtii.
6900.009blekerdeleln.poss.3smanner; condition; character; personality; behavior; experience; method; style.
6910.009chemoltv.s.well-known; known for something.chemolt a diak le berrotel; kebekuul er a Belau a chemolt.
6920.009dicheln.poss.3sray (of light).dichel a diich er ngii; dichel a sils.
6930.009dubn.bomb; dynamite; tree in Legume family whose leaves and roots are used as poison to catch fish; vine in Legume family (whose roots are used as poison to catch fish).dub a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el omekodall, dub a ngar ngii a rrsachel me a techetachel.
6940.009kadekmeln.poss.3sright hand/arm; right side.kadekmel a kadikm er ngii; morael er a kadekmel a rael; klisichel a chim a kadikm.
6950.009kmesv.s.(clothes, etc.) tight; (rope, etc.) taut; (relationship) close.kmes a diak el mimokl; diak le medidai; kmes a bilel, okes, kmes el oeacher; kesengel.
6960.009lluichnum.20 [twenty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).lluich a ochur (20), lluich el klebesei, lluich el ngalek.
6970.009melengetv.t.offer or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle.melenget a ngmai a soal el msa chedul; tonget a udoud el mo er a chelid; tengetengel; melenget a chosmerii; tongetengii; tonget a rael, telenget, tengetengel.
6980.009melutkv.t.point at; pick (fruit, etc.) with pole; appoint; assign; allocate (land, goods, etc.).melutk a oba chimal bedul a chad, klalo; tutkii a demal, tetkel
6990.009mengiisv.t.dig; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).mengiis a kiesii; kmiis a chutem el oba osib; kliis, kisel a chutem; mengiis a melai a chesimer el oba kiis; kiesii, kmiis; kisel a chesimer. (i.e.; having large financial resources).merau a betok a ududel. a blil a urreor.
7020.009olengullv.i.take things easy; do things leisurely; rest; relax.olengull a torebengii a urreor; ongellii, ongull a bedengel; ulengellel er a skuul.
7030.009omurechv.t.spear; pierce.omurech a oba biskang, mrechii a ngikel; mengaidechedang el omurech; murech a ngikel. out.otobed a oltobed; otobedii a ngelekel er a skuul, otobed a udoud, otebedel.
7050.009racheln.branch; bough; branch of government.rachel a oltekau a llel a kerrekar; rechelel a titimel; rechel a uldeod er a chelechedal a kerrekar.
7060.009sei kidexpr.there it is; that thing over there. (particular distance) [typically playful jumping such as children jumping around for fun].suchesokl a melechesokl; merdekekl.
7080.009uaoln.bait.uaol a klalo me a kall el olechau e olengibes; uaol a omaol a ngikel; urreor a uaol er a udoud; olel. or scrape (usually, coconut, sometimes, taro).kmes a menges, kmes a lius, kesil a ius. kmes a menges; meruul a kelel a klechedaol; kosir a kelel a cheldebechellek.
7100.009melebedebekv.t.think or remember about; ponder; expect; have or keep in mind.melebedebek a melatk; omdasu; dobedebekii; dobedebek a mla omilil er tir, debedebekel.
7110.009orrechedv.caus.hurry or rush (someone).orreched a diak lokokil; mereched el merael; diak le meoud; orreched er a dolech, orechedii el mong, orchedel.
7120.009chematv.t.praise; admire.chemat a oldanges; melekoi a klungiolel a chad; chemat a tekoi.
7130.009deleongeln.relationship (between people).deleongel a deleuill; Belau me a Merikel a kmal moiuai a deleongel er tir; ungil el deleongel er a klausechelei.
7140.009dengerengerv.s.bad; evil; naughty;mischievous.dengerenger a delengerenger; oleiit a llach; meruul a mekngit; dengerngerel a beluu.
7150.009klaidesacheln.race; competition.klaidesachel a kaidesachel; kaiuechit er a mo ruchei, klaidesachel er a chert; klaiudiais er a chert; klaidesachel a di du el olengeriakl. Klekakemeai ma lechub e ng klaiuerebet. (someone) in the face; slap (face).mar a omar; mengelebed; mengesuar, mar a mederir, merengii, berengel.
7170.009measn.rabbit fish.meas a ta er a bedengel a ngikel; "usangi".
7180.009mekedmoklv.erg.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.
7190.009olbideln.lantern; any source of light in house (including electricity).olbidel a klekedall el omekard; omekllomes; olbdelel.
7200.009oldubechv.caus.push (in any direction).oldubech a odbechii; odubech el mo er uchei; oldubech er a mlai, odbechel.
7210.009omechv.t.connect; wait for (especially to ask a favor); splice; provide (oneself, others) with adequate supply, shelter, etc. emergency or other contingency; tide over.omech a odak erung el mo tang, omech a mamed, udoud a mech ocheraol, did a omech a beluu.
7220.009omudechv.t.bind (coconut fronds) into sheaves; pacify (relationship between people; villages; etc.).omudech a meruul a budech, oldak a rengrir a rechad; dachelbai el merreder a omudech a deleongel, mdechii a beluu, bdechel. omudech a oldak; odak a betok el dui e mudech el mo ta el bludech; omudech a dui; bdechel.
7230.009ongasirengv.s.surprising; astonishing.ongasireng a mengasireng; omal a reng, ongasireng a omerael er a buil.
7240.009orrebetv.t.drop; let (something) fall; drop/remove (person; name) from list.orrebet a orebet; omidokl er eou; orrebet a lius, orebetel.
7250.009remiidv.i.get lost; wander off; leave; go astray.remiid a mla mo dibus; riiedang, merael mo cheroid, mla remiid a udoud, oridii, oriid, rureulngau. open (dam; earth; etc.); open passageway/drain in; gather (large taro) (by breaking earth around base); hit or strike against.subechii a mesubech er ngii; nguu er a chutem; subechii a brak; subechii a rolel a ralm.
7270.009ultutaklv.r.s.told on; accused.ultutakl a mla motutakl; merechorech a ultutakl; ulecholt a recherechel er a bulis; ultuteklel a ngar a omiochel.
7280.009subechiiv.i.touch or hit (against).subechii a tmurk er ngii; mngii er ngii, bduu a mla subechii er a bdelul. a bengungau; bekerkard el mamed.
7300.008omeldecheln.poss.3schange; make (something) different.
7310.008chuseln.poss.3slime for betel nut.chusel a chaus er ngii.
7320.008euangnum.4 [four] (unit of time).
7330.008merritelv.t.hunt; investigate; check out carefully; appraise; evaluate; monitor; find out.
7340.008bekordv.s.about; approximately.bekord a locha; bekord el eim el klok e ak merael, bekord el teai el chad a mei.
7350.008berredeln.poss.3sdegree of heaviness.
7360.008chedaolv.s.holy; sacred; (woman's private parts) not to be touched.chedaol a meang; chengal a beluu; chedaol el ralm, blil a chelid a chedaol, chedolel. a ilkolk; ko er a bedengel a chas, chedelekelek a diak le bechachas. away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).chemoit a mengoit, mides, mla chemoit a kall er a daob, choitii a besbas, chitel.
7390.008cherrengeleln.poss.3swholeness; totality.cherrengelel a cherrungel; uldekial, tela cherrengelel a udoud?
7410.008derengeln.poss.3sremainder; leftover food (on someone's plate); change (from purchase).derengel a der er ngii el blengur; derengel a udoud; oumeder.
7420.008deurrengn.happiness; joy; bliss.deurreng a ungil e bloket el reng; klou a deurreng er a omelilt er a skuul; deuil a reng; mad er a deurreng.
7430.008eliin.yesterday.elii a sils el uchei er a chelechang, ak mle er a elii.
7440.008euidnum.7 [seven] (unit of time).euid a ochur (7), euid el rak, euid el sils a ta el sandei, euid el bail.
7450.008ildoisn.amount, quantity or number (especially, large).ildois a ildisel; ulecherngelel; cherrengelel, beltok er a udoud.
7460.008llemolemv.r.s.(long object) laid down lengthwise; (work, schooling, etc.) completed; accomplished; (path, stream, etc.) followed; parallel.llemolem a telamet; mla melemolem; lemelemel, lilemelemii a skuul a mlo er a ullebongel; llemolem a skulel, bambuu a llemolem er a rael.; long.mekemanget a mekekemanget.
7480.008melamechv.t.chew (betel nut); smoke (tobacco).melamech a meringet a buuch; meloko a dekool, mengemechii, omngamech, omelemechel.
7490.008meluisv.t.remove (usually, something dirty) with foot, stick, etc.; extract (meat of trochus or shellfish); remove (sliver, thorn, etc.) from body.meluis a duiseii; oba oliuis, dmuis a techel a semum; otobed; diesel.
7500.008meratv.s.(tree) dry or withered.merat a rat; diak le chemadech; merat el kerrekar; rtul.
7510.008meringetv.t.chew (food); crush (rock, sugar cane, etc.).meringet a klekedall el meringet; ringetii; reminget a kall; uingel a meringet; chesubech a diak loringet.
7520.008mesubedv.t.tell; announce to; inform.mesubed a ouchais; subedii er a secher; subedeterir er a kodall; sbedel.
7530.008ngeracheln.duty; responsibility.ngerachel a tekoi el kirel el meruul; chedam me a chedil a oungerachel er a rengelekir; ngerechelel a ngalek a orrenges er a chedam me a chedil.
7540.008ngkedeln.poss.3sfine; reward; prize.ngkedel a nguked er ngii; ngkedel er a klaidesachel.; run after; love; join; get or invite oneself into (group, etc.).oltoir a ultoir, otoir, sau, beltik el reng, oltoir er ngii, ultirel.; squeeze.omet a omeseos, metir a chimal, met a tul a kerebou.; sue; ascend.
7580.008ongitn.act of asking for something.
7590.008oungerachelv.i.perform one's duty.oungerachel a meluchel a ngerachel; oba dereder, techa oungerachel er a ngalek? ngerechelel.
7600.008oungeroelv.t.scold; reprimand.oungeroel a mengokl; choklii a chad, mechesang er a ngerroel, sekengeroel, ngerrelel. (game, etc.); play around with (person); make fun of; make joke of.ousekool a rechad er a klekool, ousekool el ouiakiu, outenis; oubasket me a outumetum.
7620.008remongaffixused to indicate a plurality of people.
7630.008rsecheln.poss.3sblood.rsechel a rasech er ngii.
7640.008skeln.poss.3ssearch (for something lost).skel a siik er ngii; skel a ulebechakl, skel a ririid el udoud. out (blanket; clothing; etc.); send (message); massage (body); set/readjust (bones); restore.suumech a mesumech; suumech a uldechuul er a bedengel; smechel.
7660.008teleuv.r.s.widened; opened wide; (legs) spread; unfinished.teleu a blok; teleu a chesimer; tmengii a ngerel, diak el blutek; tengel.
7670.008tia it is; this thing here.
7680.008tilobedv.pastcome/go out of; emerge; go out fishing.
7690.008ultebechelv.r.s.held steady; controlled; confirmed; moored; (person) certain or sure to; (person) serious or responsible.ultebechel a mla mutebechel; ulterekokl; diak el beot el mesim; mtebechelii a taem, mtebechel a tekoi, utebechelel.
7700.008chuseln.poss.3smeal/food (esp. ongraol=starchy food).chusel a chuus er ngii, kelel. chusel a omengaus er ngii, chusel a oruikl.
7710.008klukv.r.s.pinched.kluk a mla mekuk; menguk a bedengel, kukur a otengel; mla kmuk a chimal.
7720.008meluisn.broadbill swordfish.meluis a ta er a bedengel a ngikel.
7730.008meratv.t.hurt someone's feelings. (Followed by a noun form of the word reng).
7740.008bangderangn.flag; banner.bangderang olangch er a beluu, me a cheldebechel; Belau a oubangderang. a derromel; diak le ketom, kedorem el kamang, kedorem el oles a ungil el melebes.
7760.008mechereiv.t.leave around; leave alone; let.mecherei a diak lolai er ngii; kmedii; mecherei a ngelekel e merael.
7770.008merolangv.inch.go; walk; travel (particular distance); leave; (water) flow/move (in pipe); (blood) flow out.merolang a tobeda el merael; skoki a merolang.
7780.008techelleln.poss.3sopening; space; room; opportunity; clearing in forest.techellel a techall er ngii. (person) face down; turn (object) top down; stop; halt; adjourn (meeting); cancel.torebengii a omosech er ngii; merrob er ngii; rullii el mo diak; terebengel. debt; punished.blals a ngar ngii a belsel; blals er a bangk.
7810.008bochangv.i.go (in a direction not towards either the speaker or listener).
7820.008cheliuaiun.sleep; (action of) sleeping.cheliuaiu a mechiuaiu; bad, klebesei a chosul a cheliuaiu, imiit a medal, cheliuel.
7830.008cherrungelv.s.whole; complete; entire.cherrungel a chelerrungel, mui; diak el tedobech, diak el ngesonges, temek a cherrungel el eai el sikang.
7840.008dengarechv.s.lying face up; placed right side up.dengarech a chemau bab; diak el chebecheb, olekang a dengarech.
7850.008dmolechv.s.deep.dmolech a dolech, diak le meched; dmolech a chei, klou a dolech. or saw (log); cut (cloth, wire, string, etc,); snip (vine, etc.).dobesii a melebes er ngii; tukur, toktang a mla dobesii a ochil a smecher.
7870.008duumv.i.appear; show up; rise to surface.duum a mle dibus e mei; sils a mla duum, demiel.
7880.008kebekuulv.recip.redup.respect; honor.kebekuul a omerreder; klebkall el chad a ulebang er a cherool; ilteet, Gibbons a telechull er a kebekuul el lbedul. Ileakl el derechuall el mo er a ikei el obekul a euang el saus er a chelsel a klobak.
7890.008kedidaiv.s.high; ample; plentiful; in large supply.kedidai a ngar er a bab; kedidai el rois, kldidai, kedidiul a ked, kedidai a rengul.
7900.008kelekoltn.coldness.kelekolt a mekelekolt; kerrasem; diak lemekeald; kelekeltel.
7910.008klauchadn.blood relationship.klauchad a kauchad; ulak er a rasech; Calista a chedal a Toni, ulak el klauchad; klauchad er tir.
7920.008klolekleln.redup.poss.3smostly synonymous with kloklel except might signify that the object contains value especially of a sentimental nature.
7930.008kobn.cup; glass; any drinking container; Panax tree. a mengang er ngii; mla kolii a kall el rokir.
7950.008medeelv.s.overflowing; too big or too much.medeel a suibes; kall a medeel er a rechad; uldirkork a ildisel a kall.
7960.008medingesv.s.full (with food); satisfied; possessing plenty of.medinges a dinges; diak el sengerenger; uleka el medinges; dngesel.
7970.008melikv.t.strike with the fist; box with.melik a oimetemet a chimal e merusech; tikir a kboub; tmik a mlai, tkil.
7980.008meliudv.t.cut (fruit; log; board; pandanus leaf; etc.) lengthwise/down the middle.meliud a mengaibibeob; meliuekl, remurt el iuedii a kurangd, imiud a such, iuedel. meliud a melobech el llemolem, tiuedii a bobai, tmiud a sangdiang; tmiud a idungel; tudel.
7990.008mengikaiv.t.swim (particular distance or course).mengikai a olab a chimal me a ochil el meius er a daob; koikiur a cheroid, kikiul a toachel.
8000.008mengitaklv.t.sing; (insect) buzz.mengitakl a chad el mengoit er a chiklel; choiteklii, choitakl a chesols, chiteklel a derebechesiil.
8010.008merekosv.s.sweet; sweet food.merekos a ngar er ngii rekos er ngii; sukal a merkos; rekesengel.
8020.008meterobv.erg.fall face down (when walking, etc); get cancelled or postponed.meterob a obosech; mo diak; meterob a omerael e le eolt a meses; torebengii a urreor e mo er a kemeldiil; terbengel. meterob a mo chebecheb; chemau eou; mo terrob; torbengii a chad; terbengel.
8030.008metongaklv.s.tall; high.metongakl a kekemangel; diak le kedeb; metongakl el chad; telongklel.
8040.008oiusn.instr.oar; paddle; food stirrer.oius a klekedall el meius; besos, oius er a kall; oisal.
8050.008ongoleln.poss.3slarge platter (orig. wooden) used for odoim.ongolel a ongall er ngii,
8060.008suelebn.noon; this noon/afternoon; noon meal.sueleb a 12 el klok; a metuda klebesei; sueleb a blengur er a sueleb.
8070.008telemtemuln.poss.3staste; flavor.telemtemul a telemtam er ngii; ungil a telemtemul a kall. (object; usually large) to keep it in a certain position; prop up (sleeping person) with pillows; put or set down.
8090.008melikv.t.line bottom of (pot) with leaves so that contents will not stick during cooking; line bottom of (basket) with leaves, paper, etc. so that contents will not get dirty or fall through openings.melik a loia a dik; dikir a olekang; dmik a ollumel; dkil, dkel.
8100.008tobedv.i.hypotheticalcome/go out of; emerge; go out fishing.
8120.008bev.imp.come; a ta er a telengtengil a tekoi el mengai er a tekoi el mei; be bong, be metengel.
8130.008beachedn.tin; tin roofing; tin can.beached a ta er a bedengel a deel el sebechel mo chado er a blai, blil a kall me a ilumel, bechedel.
8140.008bekalln.sail; canoe which is sailing; (action of) driving or sailing.bekall a omekall a mlai, bekall er a daob, beluu, bekellel.
8150.008budechn.action of binding coconut fronts into sheaves; peace; harmony.budech a chelellakl el diak a uldikel, budech a beluu, diak a mekemad, bdechel
8160.008chedecholln.woven mat.chedecholl a chelaus el such el usbechall er a cheliuaiu.
8170.008chemiisv.i.escape; flee; run away.chemiis a chiis; remurt el mo cheroid, chemiis er a bulis.
8180.008cheremrumn.type of sea cucumber; trepang.cheremrum a cheled el mekekerei er a bakelungal.
8190.008chudeln.grass.chudel a emull; emellel a rael.
8200.008dachelbaiv.s.skillful (in doing things with the hands); clever; dextrous.dachelbai a meduch a uldasu me a urreor; sebechel el choituuk a meringel, dachelbil er a omengedecheduch.
8210.008irecharn.earlier times (at least ten years ago).irechar a mla memong; ngar a mong el taem, rechuodel, tekoi er a irechar.
8220.008isngeln.poss.3snose; curved board at entrance of bai laid on top of kuoku or chututem.isngel a iis er ngii, chad er a Merikel a teterbius a isngel.
8230.008katsuon.bonito (fresh or dried); skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis).katsuo a tekuu.
8240.008kelululn.poss.3sconfidential/important (community) matter; whisper.kelulul a kelulau er ngii el beluu; llechul, klobak a melib a kelulul a beluu.
8250.008kiaffixsecond person plural exclusive a kemam; ki merolung, ki meremang
8260.008kingelleln.poss.3sseat; chair; appointed position.kingellel a kingall er ngii.
8270.008llemelteln.poss.3sjustice; right (to do something).llemeltel a llemalt er ngii; ungil el omerreder a msa llemeltel a ta me a tang.
8280.008melecholbv.t.bathe; wash; baptize; get rid of evil spirits by ritual washing.melecholb a melechong; tochelbii a ngalek, tocholb, techelbel.
8290.008meselv.s.out of breath; panting; gasping.mesel a diak le beot el outeliil; smecher el ngul a mesel; kedeb a telil; sel.
8300.008murn.feast; banquet; ceremony; celebration.mur a klou el blengur; deurreng, merengel a chebechiil, mur era klobak. Ngklel a klou el blengur ma ungil klebesei.; make (something) different.ngodechii a melodech er ngii; mo ngodech el diak le uaingii.
8320.008recheleln.poss.3sbranch; bough; branch of government.rechelel a rachel er ngii el kerrekar.
8330.008rrauv.i.confuse; puzzle.rrau a mechedeng a rengul; rrau a rengul a diak ludesuii a ngerang.
8340.008rreteln.poss.3shis/her/its running speed.rretel a klisichel a rurt er ngii; medakd a rretel a mlai.
8350.008sandein.week; Sunday.
8360.008siabaln.Japan.Siabal a beluu er a Asia.
8370.008sualon.basket (typically woven hastily for temporary use).sualo a oruikl; cheluikl el dui el blil a kall me a klalo.
8390.008chikleln.poss.3s(singing) voice.
8400.008kmardv.s.lighted; kindled; on fire.kmard a mekerkard; ultaut el ngau a kmard, ngar er ngii a ngau, kerdel a ngau. or crack; hatch.mengii a omeu er ngii; bengel a lius. before cooking; pre-cook; parboil; clean (food - especially, clams) by rinsing in hot water before actual cooking.mur a omur; melengoes el diak bo le lmarek, mur a kim, breel.; munch; bite.kmard a mengard; mengiok, klechosech, mla kmard a kall; beab a mla kmard a kall; kordii, kerdel a bobai.
8440.008omekangv.t.feed; make (someone) eat.omekang a mesterir a kall; medinges a omeka a rechad, omeka a ketat, okelel.
8450.008beriusn.current (in ocean; river; etc.).berius a mesisiich el omerolel a ralm me a daob, metengel a berius, omtok er a berius, berusel.
8460.008brern.raft (usually made of bamboo).
8470.008butiliangn.bottle; glass.butiliang a blil a ralm, sos, cheluch, butilengel.
8480.008cheldingeln.finger; appendage (of hand, foot, etc.).cheldingel a cheldngelel a chim me a ouach; cheldingel a eim er a bitang; cheldngelel a tuu.
8490.008chelmolln.reef (general area).chelmoll a chei; omedeklel a daob. A chelmoll a ikrel a oreall el omodees a daob er ngii.
8500.008chelsul a medaln.poss.3spupil of eye.
8510.008cherolln.birth; birthday.cheroll a omechell; mechell, mechellii a ngalek, cherellel.
8520.008dekimesv.s.wet.dekimes a diak lemedirt; ngar er ngii a ralm er ngii, delekimes, ulaol a dekimes; dekmesel.
8530.008delobechv.r.s.(tree) chopped down; (hand; finger; etc.) cut.
8540.008diiln.abdomen; womb; stomach.diil a delach, delel a chad, ngalek a ngar er a chelsel a diil. a mekekerei el charm el meklou er a rekas; iaes a sebechel muchel a secher; eselel.
8560.008kateruln.left hand/arm; left side.
8570.008kodelleln.poss.3sdeath.kodellel a kodall er ngii; mad.
8580.008kutelingn.bow of boat; either end of canoe.kuteling a uchei, bedul, kuteling er a mlai me a bilas; kutelngal.
8590.008medecherecherv.s.hard; tough; firm; (body) tense; (blood) clotted; committing adultery.medecherecher a delecherecher; diak el medemedemek, brak a medecherecher el kall, delecherecherel.
8600.008meiusv.t.row; paddle; stir.meius a oba oius er ngii; isar a ilumel; meius a mlai; imus, isal a mlai.
8610.008melemallv.t.break; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.melemall a tomall; merruud; toruud; a dengerenger a melemall er a rechad me a klalo; tomellii, tomall, temellel.; green; black and blue; bruised.mellemau a bedengel a toachel; a blai a melelemau, oumellemau.
8630.008melubetv.t.take off (clothes; watch; ring; etc.); remove; pull out; free; unravel (string); show (person) to be innocent; free (person) of blame/accusation; absolve (oneself) of sin.melubet a ngubetii; chad er a llach a melubet er a ultelechakl; nguubet, ngbetel.
8640.008mengursv.t.pull; tow; drag.mengurs a kursii; oltamet; kmurs a kerrekar; otamet.
8650.008mesuldv.t.erase; remove (name) from list; dry (someone; oneself) off (with towel; etc.); wipe off (mouth; nose; private parts; etc.).mesuld a ngmai el mo diak; suldii er a rengul; smuld a llechukl, seldel a llechukl.
8660.008mlechelln.r.s.woman who has just given birth. (in any form except labor).ngeso a ngelseu; olengeseu; ngeso el kall me a udoud.
8680.008oingerangpro.when.oingerang a oker a taem, sils, buil, rak, ocheraol ng oingerang? ko mei er a oingerang? something down (with hand, body etc.); pin onto.olsarech a osarech el olab a chim; oserechii a smecher; osarech a bedengel, oserechel.
8700.008oltakv.t.pick up (person); carry something aboard; jump into (net etc.).oltak a olengasech; locha er a bab, otekir a chad, otak a beras, otekil.
8710.008omelekoin.act.(way of) speaking; accent; dialect; utterance; what is expressed by (someone's) action of speaking.omelekoi a teletelel a cheldecheduch; ungil el omelekoi a mak a ungil el klauchad me a klausechelei.
8720.008omtecheiv.i.change; replace; substitute; return (favor); succeed (someone); take (someone's) place.omtechei a kaitutechei; msa babier e nguu a oluches, nguu a klok e msa kebkab; omtechei a saul, techil. (oneself) onto; take hold of; attach (oneself) to; grasp; ask or convince (someone) to stay; keep; catch; arrest.orekedii a orreked er ngii.
8740.008tieipro.this object near speaker and far from listener.tiei a olsechall er a melekoi; mei er tiei, tiei a blik, ak ngar er tiei?
8750.008tiln.poss.3sbag for holding betel nut; handbag; small woven basket.
8760.008tmautv.i.(spear, gun etc.) get aimed at and hit target; (fire) get lighted; (job) get started; (vehicle etc.) get hooked; (fishing line, anchor etc.) get stuck; (shouting) arise; get seduced into adultery.tmaut a taut; telburech e tmaut; tutel er a burech; subechii er ngii.
8770.008uldakv.r.s.added together; unified; joined.uldak a diak le kakerous; udoud a dmak; uldak er a chimo el chidib, odak, odekial. wound.
8790.008kmongv.i.used to introduce various expressions of imprecise knowledge in which an event is generally known to have occurred but some specifics are unknown.; extinguish; put out.mekodir a omekoad er ngii.; extinguish; put out.
8820.007beroeln.large one-pronged fish spear.beroel a meklou el biskang; omeroel a meklou el ngikel.
8830.007cheldullv.r.s.collected; assembled.cheldull a chelludel; uldak el rokui; mla mechudel; mengudel, chedelel.
8840.007chemadechn.coconut sap.chemadech a osechel a bngal a lius el direkak le mesengoes el mo ilaot.
8850.007chiulln.pillow.chiull a klekedall er a cheliuaiu, chiellel a ngalek, ouchiull. out; risk; dare; taste; check flavor of.
8870.007delibukv.r.s.tied into knot.delibuk a mla medibuk; omech a eru el klalo; melibuk a odak a erung e doibuk el mo tang el blech, delibkolel.
8880.007deruchalln.step/ascent/large stone or log at entrance of bai; position; status; intonation; accent.
8890.007keriln.poss.3squestion.keril a ker er ngii; oker er a belsechel a omerael.
8900.007kilieiv.t.pastlive; reside; stay; remain; exist; sit; sit on.
8910.007klengitn.sin; evil; bad result.klengit a mekngit el omeruul; kngtil a tekoi; temellel a llach.
8920.007melabekv.t.patch (clothes, roof, etc.); pay (fine).melabek a locha tabek er a selodel el bail; melinget a chemars el chado; tobekii, tuabek, tebekel.
8930.007meldungn.words or topics already discussed.meldung a tekoi el mla chedcheduch; dilung, dmung, ak di melekoi a meldung.
8940.007melekeokn.village in East Babeldaob, north of Ngchesar, south of Ngiual, east of Ngeremlengui; the village in which Reklai is chief.Melekeok a Ngetelngal; beluu er a desbedall.
8950.007mengetaklv.t.troll for (fish); hold or lead (someone) by the hand; carry (something) in the hand at one's side; lead (animal, etc.); tow (boat, etc.); persuade; convince; string (person) along (without paying debt, etc.); attract; lure.mengetakl a ngar a chei el ousbech a chetakl; chotakl a ngikel; cheteklel. mengetakl a olab er a chimal; choteklii a til; cheteklel.
8960.007mesabv.t.(animal) move in on / snap at / peck at (food; prey); swallow up; harvest.mesab a klebungel; sobngii; suab a kelel; bedaoch a mesab a ngikel, sebngel a ngikel. getting tired.mesulang a mla mo mesaul el ourreor mla tmurk a rengul; sulel er a omelaml.
8980.007mudechn.vomit.mudech a omudech; otobed a kllel a merecherached a rengul; mdechel.
8990.007ngcheangeln.Kayangel Island (north of Babeldaob); village name; the state in which Rdechor is chief.Ngcheangel a chimo er a iungs er a Belau el ngar er a diluches; Ngedebuul. (in any direction).odubech a oldubech, Olbiil er a Kelulau a mla odubech a uldesuel a buai; odbechii, odbechel.
9010.007okuln.poss.3sanchor chain or rope; anything used for fastening; handle; pull or guide string for kite.okul a ouak er ngii; okul a bilis.
9020.007olengasechv.t.raise; sue; ascend.olengasech a ngmai el mo er a bab; ongesechii; olengasech er a ked; ongesechel.
9030.007oltametv.t.pull at (rope, hand etc.); draw tight or taut.oltamet a mengurs; otemetii a chimal; otamet a cheul, otemetel.
9040.007omdaiv.caus.pull in (rope, anchor line, fishing line, etc.).omdai a mengurs; mdeir a ouak, mdai a chetakl, udeil.
9050.007omekdakdv.caus.frighten; scare; threaten.omekdakd a rulleterir el mo medakd deleb a omekdakd; mekdekdii a ngalek, ukdekdel.
9060.007otengeln.poss.3scheek.otengel a otangel er ngii, meklou a otengel el tolechoi. to be made/done/prepared/repaired.ruoll a kedmekill; kirel el meruul; kles a ruoll, rullii, remuul.
9080.007sengerengern.hunger; starvation.
9090.007terrobv.s.bowed down; prostrate; stopped; postponed.terrob a chemau eou; terrob el ourreor; chebecheb, terebengel.
9100.007tolukn.Palauan money in form of plate or tray of turtle shell.toluk a cheluib er a uel el belatong.
9110.007ungeleln.poss.3stooth.ungelel a uingel er ngii.
9130.007mesulangexpr.thank you.mesulang a mereng a saul; ke kmal mesaul, ke mesulang. (coconut fronds) into sheaves; pacify (relationship between people; villages; etc.).mudech a omudech; remuul a ungil deleongel er a rechad; mudech a beluu; bdechel a beluu.
9150.007odubechn.instr.current (in ocean); pressure; (political, etc.) support.odubech a oldubech, Olbiil er a Kelulau a mla odubech a uldesuel a buai; odbechii, odbechel.
9160.007olain.magic.olai a klekedall el melemall, omekoad; temall; tebal; olsecher, oleiul; ouelai. down (from above).
9180.007bediuv.s.putrid; foul-smelling.bediu a mekngit el bau; beraom, bediu el beab; bediong, bediul.
9190.007bibrurekv.s.yellow; yellow-orange.bibrurek a mellil, merir el llel a riamel a bibrurek.
9200.007bukn.plate; bowl.buk a meklou el blil a kall el delasech el kerrekar, bkul. Blil a kall el delsachel el kerrekar.
9210.007chedamn.father (used as term of address).chedam a sechal el oungalek; chedam a okedongel a ngalek el mo er demal.
9220.007chelaisv.r.s.(leaves) plucked or stripped off plant.chelais a nglai; mla mechais; choisii, mengais a kebui, chemais a kebui, chisel a kebui. breeze; (action of) slapping.cheluut a eolt, cholutii, melai a cheluut; choluut a blai, chelutel.
9240.007chiueseln.poss.3sbone (of human being or animal).chiuesel a chiuis er ngii; chiuesel a ulkel a chad. away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).choitii a mengoit er ngii.
9260.007delebn.r.s.ghost; spirit; soul.deleb a delebengel a mla mad el chad, a le mad a chad e a deleb a tuobed er a bedengel el mo cheroid.
9270.007dialn.poss.3stitle (for village chief or family head).dial a dui el ngii a oudui er ngii, ng kirel el tuchelii a dial.
9280.007elolemnum.6 [six] (unit of time).elolem a ochur (6), elolem el sils, elolem el buil, elolem el rak.
9290.007imisv.s.excessive; too much; extreme; extremely.imis a uliis, medeel er a usbechall; uldirekork, mla imis a kall, isong, imis el mui.
9300.007klseln.poss.3ssun; day.klsel a sils er ngii; belsechel, temel, Sangdei a klsel a Rubak.
9310.007kudmekliiv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.kudmeklii a mengedmokl er ngii e ngalek.
9320.007kudmoklv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.kudmokl a mengedmokl; meruul, kudmokl a kelir a rengalek; kedmeklel a kall.
9330.007lildn.thin bamboo (used for spear handle).lild a uai a bambuu e ng di mekekerei el usbechall el ordemelel a biskang. A lild a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el dellomel; ng di mechetngaid e mekemangel. Ng kmeed el ua a teletelel a bambuu e ng di ng melebleb. Ng oumesingd el dullokl a ldechor el diak el melemalt. Ng diak el kall. Ng di sebeched el ousbech el ordemelel a biskang.
9340.007llemaltn.justice; right (to do something).llemalt a melemalt; diak le chebirukel; llemalt el omeruul er a buai a omudech er a beluu; llemeltel
9350.007mechellv.i.have a baby; be born.mechell a mechellii a ngalek; cheroll, mle dioll e mla mechell; omechell, cherellel.
9360.007melisiichv.t.strengthen; pull (oneself) together; be strong, resolved or patient.melisiich a smisiich; remuul el mo mesisiich; mengedecheduch el smisichii a reng; sisichii; sisichel. over, guard .mengkar a kokerngii; kokar a blil a kelebus; omtebechel; omes me lak le metemall; kekerengel.
9380.007mengullv.t.respect; honor.mengull a oldanges; melengmes, orrenges, kmull a llach, kullii a chelid; mengull a ilteet me a omerreder.
9390.007merumesv.t.poke at; test (food).merumes a suumes; oba sumes el merumes a ngeliokl; merumes a kukau, remesel a kukau.
9400.007mesaurv.t.tie together; tie into a bunch.mesaur a chosengur a chad el orrenges; becheldechedechaol a mesaur a rechad; ak melsaur er a cheldecheduch. mesaur a melechet; sourii a cheluomel, smaur a billum, surel.
9410.007meterekaklv.s.careless; reckless.meterekakl a diak longedmokl; torekakl a udoud; torekeklii a bedengel, terrekeklel.; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove. off (clothes; watch; ring; etc.); remove; pull out; free; unravel (string); show (person) to be innocent; free (person) of blame/accusation; absolve (oneself) of sin.ngubetii a melubet er ngii; msa ngubet.
9440.007obokv.erg.get opened/spread apart; (flower) open/bloom.obok a blok; teleu; mekengii a chesimer; mok a medal, bekengel a chesimer; blkais.
9450.007ocherechurv.t.redup.laugh at.ocherechur a doreuakl; ocherechur er a sechelil; cheril.
9460.007okedeinum.30 [thirty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).okedei a ochur (30), edei el teruich; okedei a rechad, okedei el kles.
9470.007omedv.t.catch; grab; pick up; borrow (money).omed a meleng; omed a udoud, bedeel a udoud er a bangk.
9480.007ometechv.t.throw; (sun) throw rays (into or onto); pitch (in baseball); hurl object at; crack or pound (nut of tropical almond or shellfish); save (money or supplies) for an emergency or contingency.ometech a metech, metechii a blai; uetech el bad, dengerenger a ometech a blai, mengaikedabel a blai el olab a bad; otechel; ometech a omech; a udoud el kldmokl el omech a bkaischemrungel el secher me a bebil er a usbechall a udoud er ngii el tekoi.
9490.007omkarv.caus.give medicine to; salt (raw); fish (for preservation).omkar a locha kar; mkerur, toktang a omkar er a cheltechat, mkar a secher; ukerul.a kltkat. (eyes; mouth; book; door; etc.); spread (legs; etc.) apart.omok a omkais; mok a babier, mekengii a medal, omok er a ngerel el melekoi; bekengel a ngor.
9510.007omtabv.t.fix upon (moon; stars; etc.) to find one's way; find (landmark); focus on/understand implications of (words; behavior; etc.); take (words, etc.) seriously; commit to memory; recognize as.omtab a mes e mo medengei; remenges e ngmai; mtab a tekoi, mtebengii a rael, utebengel.
9520.007ongdibeln.meeting place.ongdibel a kldibel; ongdibel a mo er a bai. to be sold or given away; for sale.
9540.007selokeln.a.s.laundry.selokel a idokel; kirel mesilek; bail a selokel; silekii, smilek a ulech.
9550.007smiichv.s.enthusiastic; motivated to do things in the extreme; dark in color; (food) well cooked/well done; (nut; screw) tight.smiich a uleis; smiich el chedlekelek; smiich el bekerkard; imis el mellemau.
9560.007charn.seaweed.char a emull er a kereker, dellomel er a kereker.
9570.007merumesv.t.stick; prick.
9580.007ukeruuln.a.s.(medical) treatment.ukeruul a kirel el mukar; omkar; osbitar a blil a ukeruul el omkar a secher; toktang a omkar a secher.
9590.007billumn.wrapped and grated tapioca (or taro).billum a klsous el diokang el blail e ngeliokl; el ongraol.; military star (on hat or clothing).btuch a klalo el kmard er a eanged a le klebesei, btuch er a ongos.
9610.007chemarsn.leak (in something like a boat or a bucket).chemars a ngar er ngii a metetoech me a lechub e ngelling, bilas a chemars, blai a chemars, chemersel.
9620.007chetelaolv.s.drunk; dizzy.chetelaol a mengetelaol; ko er a mengeterbis a bdelul; smecher a chetelaol, chetelolel a rrom.
9630.007dechiln.poss.3sexcrement; residue; secretion.
9640.007dengkin.electricity.dengki a electricity .
9650.007lusechn.luck.lusech a melusech; klengeltengat, beluu er a Belau a melusech el meakl.
9660.007melchesechv.t.stuff (mouth, stomach) with food; stuff (inside of turkey, etc.) with stuffing; stuff (pillow, etc.); stuff (clothing, etc.) into box, etc.; cock or set (gun); pump air into airgun; (fish) nibble at (fishing line, etc.).melchesech a mesuk; sochesechii a ngerel er a kall, sochesech a chiull; sechesechel.
9670.007baketn.bucket; pail.baket a blil a ralm, melekau a ralm; baketengel.
9680.007belilioun.Peleliu island; the state in which Obak el delolk is chief.Beliliou a chimo er a beluu er a Belau el ngar er a Eou el daob; Odesangel. to be hidden.berotel a kirel el obart, omart, diak el tekiungel, kngtil a chad a berotel, mertii, bertel.
9700.007bsecheln.poss.3shis/her/its body hair, feathers, fur.
9710.007chebechebv.s.lying face down; placed upside down; bent over.chebecheb a terrob; diak el dengarech, chemau eou, mechebechebii, mechebecheb, ochebechebel; society; association.cheldebechel a cheldellir a rechad el oba ta el uldasu, Ngarametal a cheldebechel er a Oreor. (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant).dongchii a melangch er ngii; dongchii e mo medengelii; ke dongchii ng diak? dongchii a melangch er ngii el delemellel el kebui. dongchii a melangch er ngii el kirel ngii, delengchelel.
9740.007kelemod.don't ... (because); I wonder if; maybe.kele a tekoi el kirel a omengelechel; alii ng diak; kele bochu mongesuch; kele morutech er tilecha el kall.; tow; drag.kursii a mengurs er ngii; otemetii, kursii a telemall el mlai.
9760.007meaiuv.s.flat and smooth.meaiu a diak le bechebuchel; ulaol a meaiu e mengeldoech, meaiu a medal el ekebil. or get said.
9780.007mekullv.s.forbidden; taboo; off limits.mekull a diak el subed; diak el ruoll; usbechel a boes a mekull; mariuana a mekull; mekllel.
9790.007melidiuln.poss.3slocation high up in sky.melidiul a mellaongel; skoki a suebek er a melidiul.
9800.007mesengakedv.s.(person) thin/slimmed down.mesengaked a klengaked; diak le kedelebuu; klengkedel, selengaked.
9810.007otecheln.poss.3sany object to be thrown; missile; act of throwing, ray (of light); act of pounding.otechel a otoech er ngii, otechii, oltoech.
9820.007sarn.salt.sar a mecherocher el meruul a telemtam; omsar a kall; mserengii a klengoes. Redil el kiei el meliuekl ra beldokel el kot el kmeed ra bedengel a medei.
9830.007tellemalln.r.s.crime; destructive deed; violation (of custom, etc.); responsibility or fault for something broken, etc.tellemall a mla mo mekngit; mla metemall; tomellii a tekoi, tomall a klalo; temellel.; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.tomall a melemall; toruud, mla tomellii a blai; tomall a udoud er a beluu; temellel.
9850.007ulekummod.if (only).
9860.007chetuln.poss.3sold or worn out or decayed condition (of something).chetul a chut er ngii, mechut el klalo; chetul a blai.
9870.007mengeldoechv.i.shine; glow; sparkle.mengeldoech a ngar ngii a cheldechel; kolt a mengeldoech; cheldoech.
9880.007outekangelv.t.argue with; argue down; endure or put up with pain; perservere; exert oneself; persist in (undesirable activity); take the trouble to do something; make special effort to do something.outekangel a olseked er a rengul; outekangel el ourreor e ngar a skuul, telekengelel. a ngar er a bab; melidiul, eabed a melenget a diich, merael el eabed, ulat el eabed, ebedel.
9900.007ngoaoln.deep blue area of the ocean outside of the reef; the part of the ocean that meets the horizon.ngoaol a ikrel a chelmoll; tekuu a ngikel er a ngoaol, oungeuaol.
9920.006beldoelv.t.catch; grab; pick up; borrow (money).
9930.006bingeln.poss.3shis/her/its action of dividing/distributing.
9940.006blsoiln.supper; dinner; meal at evening.
9960.006chabn.ashes; fireplace; hearth.chab a mo er ngii a le medul a idungel, chebul a idungel.
9970.006chasn.soot; ink; lead of pencil.chas a chesengel a oluches, chas er a desachel el llecheklel a blai; kitalong.
9980.006chemauv.t.face towards; face or confront (problem, difficulty, etc.).chemau a medal a bedul ngii, skuul a chemau a rael.
9990.006cherecharn.particles/residue suspended in water.cherechar a cherrecheruul el ralm, chorecherur, ngar ngii a cherechar er a daob, chercherul, mengerechar.
10000.006chesmereln.poss.3sdoor; cage; enclosure.chesmerel a chesimer er ngii. (long object) in two; fracture.chomur a mengam er ngii; meritech.
10020.006debeln.poss.3ssea; ocean; salt water.
10030.006dechedechn.frog; toad; marine toad or Palau frog.dechedech a charem el meridechedech a ralm me a dechel.
10040.006dechudechn.dirt; mud; patching material; filling (for cavity).dechudech a chutem el ilus er a ralm, delechudech er a chutem, dechedechel a ulaol; dechudech a delechudech, klalo el melinget a chemars.
10050.006dingn.ear.ding a klekedellel a chad; ding a orrenges; dingal.
10060.006doraelv.imp.3pilet's go.
10070.006klausechelein.friendship.klausechelei a kausechelei; kltalrreng er a rdiak le kauchad, sechelil, sechelirir, sechelei.
10080.006klokleln.poss.3sthing; product; something; anything.kloklel a klalo er ngii.
10090.006klungiaoln.benefit; goodness; beauty; quality.klungiaol a lusech; melusech; ungil el tekoi el duubech a klungiaol, klungiolel.
10100.006ou-affixused to signify owning, possessing, or using something.
10110.006mekerasemv.s.(person) cold or chilly; embarrassed or ashamed (esp., because of someone else's behavior, etc.).mekerasem a ilalidel; diak lekesib; mekerasem er a kelekolt, kersemel.
10120.006melkesokln.small, shallow spot found within deep water area inside reef.melkesokl a meched el urrebet er a toachel.
10130.006melengv.t.borrow; rent; hire.meleng a omed; longir; lmeng a udoud, meleng er a oles, lengil a udoud.
10140.006melengoesv.t.cook/boil (odoim or rice) in water.melengoes a meliokl; omodes, smongosii a beras, smongoes a odoim; songosel.
10150.006mengasv.t.blacken with soot or ink.mengas a chosengii; chemas a mederir el mo bechachas; chesil.
10160.006mengedv.t.put or place down; lay (hands) over or on someone.menged a kmedii; loia er a bebul; menged a belatong er a tebel; kedil a belatong.
10170.006mengederederv.t.head; rule; govern.mengedereder a merreder; olsisechakl; choderderii a blai; odereder a beluu, omekrael, chederderel.
10180.006mengesangv.t.make busy; occupy; disturb; bother.mengesang a ongesang; mengikikd; diak a belkul el chad a mengesang.
10190.006mengesuchv.t.make or sew (wreath; lei; etc.); string/thread (fish; beads; shells; etc.); wander from house to house (gossiping; etc.).
10200.006mengiokv.t.gnaw at.mengiok a mengard; ta er a bedengel a omelechosech el kall; beab a mengiok a chemutii, kikii a diokang, kiikiel.
10210.006mengisbv.t.scoop or spoon out.mengisb a melai el oba oliich me a ongisb; chesbel. (cloth or thatching).merasm a rosmii; ruasm; oba rasm el meruul a bail; merasm a bail; resmel.
10230.006meteuv.s.wide; broad (describing multiple objects).meteu a klou a delongelel; klou a chelsel; meteu a meteteu; meteu el rael, tengel.
10240.006motobedv.erg.take out.motobed a ultobed; mo cheroid; otebedii er a cheldebechel; otobed a kall, otebedel.
10250.006ngain.splinter/sliver (which enters skin).ngai a ngeal; diak le kirel e ngar ngii; ngai er a ochil el tungd.
10260.006okainum.80 [eighty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).okai a ochur (80), okai el chad a klechedaol.
10270.006okoadv.t.fight (someone); pick fight with.okoad a oldechelakl; odecheleklii; odechelakl, odecheleklel.; summon.oleker a omekedong; okerir; oleker er ngii.
10290.006olkaeln.any object for measuring; boundary (between land, villages, etc.).olkael a oliochel, olkael er a Ngchesar me a lrrai a Skesaur.
10300.006oltekauv.t.hold in lap; hold/keep family together; (foundation; etc.) support (house).oltekau a dengchokl; mechiuaiu er a ochil; otekur a ngalek, otekau a delengchokl, otekul.
10310.006olturekv.t.ask or get permission; argue (someone) down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); put things together.olturek a oturek a mlai er a cheldukl; oterekii a ert er a Charekemais; oterekel.
10320.006omechurv.t.count; include.omechur a omasech; osiik er a ildois, mechur a udoud, mecherengar, ocherengel a udoud.
10330.006omekerreuv.t.take care of/protect (person or animal); obey.omekerreu a kerekikl; ulekerreuil el mengedmokl a rechad; mekerreu a chutem, mekerreuir a delal, omecheliu er a ngii di le mechitechut e dmeu a rengul, ulekerreu.
10340.006omelimn.act.(action of) drinking (door, cabinet, book, etc.); lift open (cover); lift up (clothing, etc.) .omkais a omok; ngmai a dangeb, mkisii a chesimer, mkais aklengoes, bkisel.
10360.006omtarv.i.swing.omtar a dengchokl er a btar e omtar el mo e mei; rengalek a omtar; bterul.
10370.006omukedv.t.catch (fish) by casting net; (antenna, etc.) receive (broadcast, etc.).omuked a omdechem; melai el ousbech a uked, muked a ngikel, omuked a rekas, mkedii a ngalek, ukedel.
10380.006oriikn.broom.oriik a klekedall el meriik, skobang a oriik, riekii, remiik, orikel. a olsechall er a ukeruul, blil a ukeruul; omkar a secher.
10400.006otebedeln.poss.3saction of exiting; graduation (from school); dismissal (from club etc.); giving or issuing (of order etc.).otebedel a otobed er ngii; oltobed.
10410.006otilechn.axe.otilech a klekedall el omachel; melebes, otilech a meluk a idungel.
10420.006otuteln.poss.3schisel; cock's spur.otutel a otuut er ngii.
10430.006roisn.mountain.rois a metongakl e kedidai el chutem me a risois; Roisersuul. A rois aike el mekididai el chereomel el oumesingd el di bad.
10440.006rrulln.rayfish.rrull a ta er a bedengel a charm er a chei; ng ko er a ouklemedaol e ng di kekerei. for, seek.smiik a osiik; osiik a rolel el mo ungil; siekii; smiik a udoud.
10460.006sobn.soap.sob a klalo el usbechall er a omelechong me a omesilek.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).ulecholt a mla mocholt; chemolt; ules el diak le berrotel; duch er ngii er a urreor a ulecholt.
10490.006cherecharn.the future.cherechar a ngar medad el taem, cherechar a diak a ullebengelel; chelecha el mo cherechar.
10500.006dechudechv.s. dirty; muddy.
10510.006melemedv.t.catch a large amount of (fish).melemed a ngomedii a ngikel; ngmai a betok; ngemedel.
10520.006mengasv.t.let (pot) get burned/discolored.mengas a durur; chosir a ngeliokl, chemas a kall er a ringelngau; chesil.
10530.006mengasv.erg.reduce in number; subtract; remove/extract (something) from.
10540.006mengederederv.t.explain (esp., in detail or step by step); direct; lead; guide; give instructions or directions to; interpret (e.g., dream).
10550.006otuteln.poss.3saiming (of spear, etc.); enforcement (of law); lighting (of fire); starting (of job); hooking.otutel a otaut er ngii, oltaut a llach, otutel a llach a ngerchelel a buai.
10560.006bengeln.poss.3ssomething covering the top of something else such as the calyx of a betelnut.bengel a klalo el omeng er a ta er a klalo; melenget, bengel a bekai, bengel a buuch.
10570.006blechobechv.r.s.put into straight line or row.blechobech a mla obechobech beldukl, mechebechii, mechobech, blechebechel a klobak.
10590.006cheleuidv.r.s.confused; mistaken; erred.cheleuid a diak le ngii a merang; ngodech el diak lemera el rolel, mecheuid er a belsechel a skuul, cheludul.
10600.006dekedekeln.poss.3shead covering; veil; board used to protect or hold down or cover thatching at bottom of nglikliabed.
10610.006deuiln.happiness; joy.deuil a deurreng; klou a deuil a rengrir a retilobed er a skuul.
10620.006duchn.ability; skill.duch a meduch; dachelbai, chedechuul, duch er a omenged, ngar ngii a duch er ngii er a urreor; ngar ngii a dechal er a omerreder, meduch el merreder.
10630.006eainum.8 [eight] (unit of time).eai a ochur (8), eai el buil, eai el klebesei. dirty) make (clothes, body, etc.) dirty.idokel a ngar ngii a idek, idokel el a bail; diak el selilek, diak le klikiid.
10650.006ilkolkn.darkness; stupidity.ilkolk a milkolk; keremerem, diak el mellomes.
10660.006kakoadv.recip.fight with each other.kakoad a didu el okoad; kaodechelakl, oldechelakl, rengalek a kakoad, klakoad, klakodil.
10670.006kamangn.sickle.kamang a klekedall er a omelaml; olaml, kamelengel.
10680.006kdekudelv.s.dangerous; frightening; awe-inspiring.kdekudel a kengaol; omengechel a kdekudel; mekomad a kdekudel.
10690.006kebesengiln.poss.3sevening; this evening.kebesengil a sils er a buil; kot el kebesengil a ongeuid el buil.
10700.006kekuln.poss.3s(finger, toe) nail.kekul a kuk er ngii, a kekul a ekebil a bekerekard.
10710.006kellechaklv.s.(village, wind) calm.kellechakl a kmal chelellakl; diak a mengitektik, diak a mengerodech; metuda klebesei me a beluu a kehechakl
10720.006kibetieklv.i.get startled, scared or surprised.kibetiekl a mengereuau er a dimlak lodengelii; kmurs a bedengel, olekibetiekl, kibeteklel.
10730.006kikiongelv.s.dirty; filthy.kikiongel a mekngit; oltaksecher, mengelengalek, ongebitel a kikiongel, mekngit a bul.
10740.006klebiklv.t.hang with rope, etc.; commit suicide by hanging; defeat (someone) by getting special hand in hanahuda (card game).klebikl a klabs.
10750.006kudn.louse.kud a mekekerei el charm el kiei a bedul, kdaol a betok a kdul. a omechar; mecherar a blai, mechar a mlai, msa udoud e nguu a klalo, ocheral.
10770.006melechesoklv.i.jump; leap.
10780.006meledaesv.t.clear out (yard, etc.); clear off (floor, etc.); explain; clarify.meledaes a rullii el mo diak el chelimkeluk; dmedesii a rael; dmedaes; meledaes er a cheldecheduch; dedesel.
10790.006meleketekv.t.construct; build; assemble; put together; edify; pile up, accumulate, increase.meleketek a mengisois el mo er a bab; toketekii a blai, toketek a kall; teketekel.
10800.006meliikv.t.remove (excrement) with showel.meliik a ngiekii; ngmiik a dach; ngikel a dach.
10810.006mengedechuulv.t.find/devise way to do (something); arrange; fix; save (sick person, person in distress); help; rescue.mengedechuul a chodechulii; smiik a rolel, osiik a iellel; chodechuul a udoud el ngmai; chedechulel.
10820.006mengisoisv.t.pile (things) up one on top of the other; repeat (something) for confirmation.mengisois a meleketek; choisois a babier el mo er a bab; choisisii a blil; chelisois, chisisel.
10830.006merortv.t.scrape (taro, etc.) with horizontal movement of hand; cut through (cord, etc.); break off (relationship); divorce.merort a mengort; kortii, kmort a kukau, dortii; dertel a kukau; merort a dobesii; duebes; mesaod; merort er a chebechiil; dmort a besebes, dertel a chebechiil. open (something such as a crab shell); postpone; contradict; oppose.mesechii a merrob er ngii; melemall er a telbiil.
10850.006mesiouv.t.serve (person); dress (oneself) up.mesiou a ourreor el kirel; mesiungel a buai, mesiou a meses el ourreor; mesiou a mengedmokl.
10860.006mesodelv.t.tear (cloth, paper, etc.); dismember (slaughtered animal).mesodel a met; kesib a rengul a mesodel a bilel; sodelii; smodel a bail, sedelel.
10870.006mesukv.t.put (something) into; pack; stuff (food; etc.) into mouth; etc.
10880.006mesulaulv.s.sleepy; drowsy.mesulaul a mesululang; soal el imiit a medal; olengellokl.
10890.006moraelv.imp.go; walk; travel (particular distance); leave; (water) flow/move (in pipe); (blood) flow out.
10900.006ochabn.mound in which a crab might live.
10910.006oderucheln.a.s.errand; message.oderuchel a olab a tekoi me a klalo el mo e mei; oderechelel.
10920.006okesiuln.poss.3ssomething to be copied/imitated; example.okesiul a okesiu er ngii.
10930.006oldangesv.t.praise; honor.oldanges a chemat; odengesii, odanges a tekoi; oldanges a rechad; odengesel.
10940.006olengcheleln.instr.poss.3ssign; distinguishing mark; signal; indication; anything functioning to give directions (e.g., lighthouse); marker.olengchelel a olangch er ngii; olechotel.
10950.006olsisebv.t.put/push/force into; put (thread) into needle.olsiseb a osiseb; otuu, smuk, osiseb a udoud; osisebii; osisebel.
10960.006omakv.t.anchor, tie up; make (relationship between people) closer, (plant) send out (roots) into soil.omak a loia okul; orebetii a ouak, mekur a bilis; omak a ert.
10970.006omechaklv.i.float; drift.
10980.006omekllomesv.t.cast light on; brighten; enlighten.omekllomes a mengiil er a llomes; olbidel a mekllomes a blai, mo mellomes; ukllemesel. omekllomes a mekllomes; mesaod el meledaes a tekoi, mekllemesii, omekllomes a reng, olsisechakl.
10990.006orribechv.t.take or snatch (before someone else has a chance).orribech a oribech; orrirech, orribech a chutem, orbechii a dui; orbechel a blil a kebliil.
11000.006osebekeln.poss.3swing (of bird, plane).osebekel a osebek er ngii.
11010.006oumerangv.i.believe; trust.oumerang a ngar er ngii a klaumerang er ngii, oumerang er a chelid.
11020.006outeliilv.i.breathe.outeliil a ngar ngii a telil, ngar el chad a outeliil; ulekoad a diak el outeliil; telil.
11030.006ramekn.compost.ramek a llel a kerrekar el mo er a chutem el olengird a dellomel; remekel.
11040.006rseln.poss.3send.rsel a ullebongel er ngii; rsel a bambuu; rsel a dui.
11050.006siukangn.custom; (bad) habit; idiosyncrasy.siukang a ulekdubs el omeruul; teletael er a delengchokl; smau er ngii el tekoi; uleksau el omeruul; dimlak el siukang a meloik a le kemeldiil.; explain; solve.smodii a mesaod er ngii; smodii a uchul a omerolel; omeketakl er ngii.
11070.006temekain.grouper.temekai a ta er a bedengel a ngikel.
11080.006ullebengeleln.poss.3sforever; end; completion.ullebengelel a ullebongel er ngii; orekiolel; ullebengelel a skulel e ng me remei. or slice (odoim, non-starchy food, sea cucumber, etc.) vertically (all the way through).
11100.006idokeln.dirtiness; filthiness. (container) with liquid.mechar a omekeek; mesuk, mechar ollumel er a ralm, mecherur a butiliang, ocherul. or name (a group of related persons or things); mention (someone's name); move in zigzag fashion (when sailing canoe against wind); tack; (chickens) move/jockey into position for fighting.mesechii a omasech er ngii; ngar a belsachel el mong; besechel.
11130.006nguemedv.i.finish; die out; run out; get used up; get depleted.nguemed a mo diak; mla nguemed a remechuodel el chad.
11140.006odikeln.activity; excitement; clamor; riot.odikel a ouedikel; sureor; oueses; odikel el ngalek; mesisiich a bedengel; uldkelel.
11150.006subedv.s.allowed; permitted.
11160.006besecheln.poss.3sflint for starting fire; fuse; white film over eye; cataract; the hardened meat of an overgrown betelnut; direction in which canoe is sailed against the wind (requiring zigzag movement of canoe); tack.besechel a seuis er ngii el dub.
11170.006blekeradeln.manner; condition; character; personality; behavior; experience; method; style.blekeradel a teletael; omeruul, blekeradel er a beluu.; spread apart.blok a mla obok; blkais, chesimer a teleu, blok a medal, mok, bekengel.
11190.006blutekn.canoe race.blutek a omlutek; klaidesachel er a bekall er a daob, keblutek a mlai.
11200.006dachn.excrement; residue; secretion.dach a kall el mo er a chelsel a diil e me tuobed; mekngit el diak bo elrasech me ng mechoit; mechert, dechil.
11210.006dimesn.south; south wind; southern part of Kayangel.dimes a ta er a eua el uchul a eolt; lrrai a dimes er a Ngchesar.
11220.006disechn.coconut milk.disech a osechel a kles el lius; chuit, disech a usbechall er a omenguit, desechel.
11230.006dubechn.coconut sprouting on ground.dubech a metau er a lius el dubechang, dbechel a lius.
11240.006kedelebuuv.s.fat.kedelebuu a meklou a bedengel; diak lemesengaked.; amaze; impress; cause admiration.mal a omal; mengas a reng, duch er ngii er a urreor a mal a rengmam, melengii, belengel a rengul.; not enough; few (when describing multiple objects, people, etc.).mekesai a kesai; sesei el kall, sesemuk el chemachel; mekesai el udoud.
11270.006melibv.t.plan or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).melib a tibir, tuib, meruul; Olbiil er a Kelulau a melib a llach, tbil a llach.
11280.006mengoitv.t.throw away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).mengoit a chemoit; ongkangk, diak lolai; chemoit a tekoi, choitii a skuul; chemoit a besbas; chitel.
11290.006merutechv.t.touch; try out.merutech a mo bereked a chimal; rutechii, toktang a merutech a bedengel a smecher; rtechel.
11300.006mesiikv.erg.look for, seek.
11310.006mimoklv.s.(knot; etc.) loosened; (person) free/unrestricted; (matter) simple.mimokl a diak le mekreos; ilmokl er a kall a blekerurau; mimokl a delibuk el diak le kes.
11320.006mluutv.imp.(you) go again.
11330.006mngaiv.imp.Go get some (things). up (sand, earth, leaves, etc.).muut a omuut; mengedidai; mla muut a besbas er a mekesokes; bekai a mla mutii a lukel; butel a besbas.
11350.006ngimesn.type of trepang; (edible) intestine of trepang.ngimes a delechil a blaol el kall; olengimes, ongmesii a blaol el nguu a ngimes.; make (something) different.ngmodech a melodech; omekbeches, te mla ngmodech a teletelel a ocheraol.
11370.006obultv.erg.turn over or inside out; turn (oneself) around; translate; interprete.obult a ulechero; blult; meltii; mult a ngikel; mechero; beltel a ngikel.
11380.006oiueleln.poss.3sthe action of moving or transporting something from one place to another.oiuelel a oiuul er ngii; oleuul; ngodechii a olsechelel.
11390.006oldechelaklv.t.fight (someone); pick at wound (in some part of body).oldechelakl a odechelakl; okoad; mengelebed; omekringel a rechad; odecheleklel.
11400.006olterauv.t.sell; sell (oneself) as prostitute; give away; betray.olterau a omsaso; oterau a ngikel, oterul a mariuana a melechet a chimal; oterau a diokang.
11410.006omdidmv.t.spy on; watch for carefully.omdidm a berrotel e omes; melangch, mdedmii a merechorech, mdidm a berotel el klalo; udedmel.
11420.006omritelv.t.shake (something); shake; shiver; totter; lose one's balance.omritel a ouderiu; melmesim a bedengel; diak le chelellakl; omritel er a kerrasem, bertelel a dadk.
11430.006omrotechv.i.clap (hands); slap (face; body; mosquito; etc.).omrotech a okesebakl a chimal; omrotech er a deurreng, oldanges; mrotech a chimal, domrotech! bertechii! bertechel
11440.006ongtiln.poss.3sact of asking for something.ongtil a ongit er ngii, "metara"; olengit.
11450.006ordomeln.handle; principal village in district.ordomel a beluu el merreder a rengedel; Oreor a ordomel er a Ngerekldeu. (not for cooking).seseb a klou el ngau; ngau el melul; klou el ngau el meleseb, sosebii a blai, sueseb a ked, sesebel.
11470.006techalln.opening; space; room; opportunity; clearing in forest.techall a kedeorech; ungil el belsechel; ungil el temel; techall er a omeruul el ocheraol; techellel el dmu a soal; ungil el techall er a mo er a skuul.
11480.006teloiv.r.s.included in; among.teloi a uldimukl; obengterir, oltoi er ngii er a seked; otongii er a omerael; otongel.
11490.006terrekaklv.r.s.abused; not taken care of; carelessness.terrekakl a diak el ulekedmokl; terrekakl el ngalek a diak le cheleoch; meterekakl er ngii; terrekeklel.
11500.006titimeln.a dessert made with tapioca prepared in round balls with sugar.
11510.006tmoechv.i.emerge or come out from (forest, field, etc.).tmoech a ngmoech er a bitang; tmoech er a metetoech; techel. er a rebai.; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.tomellii a melemall er ngii; temellel. (person) face down; turn (object) top down; stop; halt; adjourn (meeting); cancel.torob a omosech; merrob, torbengii er a mo er a skuul; torob a mlai; terebengel.
11540.006tuln.poss.3sbreast; baby bottle; bosom.tul a tut er ngii el ngalek; tmut.
11550.006uetechn.any object to be thrown; missile; act of throwing.uetech a klekedall el ometech; uetech el bad, uetech a diak el kirel el mo er a blai, otechel.
11560.006blutekv.r.s.shut; closed.blutek a mla obutek; ulsiu, mutek, mtekii, blutek a medal, btekel.
11570.006omailv.t.clothe (person); wrap (present, package, etc.).omail a mail; locha bilel, mail a uldurokl, milii a ngalek, bilel.
11580.006olterekoklv.t.entrust (something e.g.; house; message) to someone; give for safekeeping; set (specific time); prove something or someone to be false.olterekokl a msa ngerachel, klisiich, oterekokl a chutem, oterekeklii a blai, oterekeklel; olterekokl a oterekii er a blulekngel, mekerrengii, subedii el kmo kau a bulak me ng mo nglengael. becoming good; improving.ungiang a mla mo ungil besul; cheldecheduch a ungiang.
11600.005bedikln.any trap used to catch animals on land; snare.bedikl a klekedall el omedikl, bedikl er a malk, bedikl er a beab.
11610.005belducheln.payment at OCHERAOL.belduchel a udoud el bekatel er a ocheraol, $100.00 a beldechelel.
11630.005bleobn.r.s.something that has been formed; shaped; created.bleob a mla obeob; bleob el blauang, meob, bebeel a blauang.; job; customary task; errand; cultural obligation; cultural custom.chelsang a urreor; mechesang; omengereker, kemeldiil, ocheraol, cheldecheduch.
11650.005chemeiv.i.evacuate the bowels; defecate.chemei a tuobed a dechil; tuong, chemert, chortii, ngalek a chemei. hook.chirocher a techerakl; melecherakl a ngikel; chelirocher el ngar er a medal a kereel me a chetakl.
11670.005chuobv.s.(rocks, etc.) exposed about surface of water.chuob a ulechob; ngar er a bebul a daob; diak el urresors, uldum.
11680.005debsochelv.s.unfriendly; nasty; embarrassed (after being rebuked); cold; aloof.debsochel a isingel; olbechall, mekngit a ngerel, mekngit er a rechad, mekngit el meloik; diak el beruadel, diak le kladikm.
11690.005delecheln.poss.3sdepth; tide.
11700.005delesv.r.s.cut; sliced; slit (open).deles a mla medes; mekekerei el delobech, dosengii, dmes a ngikel, s. meles, desengel.
11710.005delluchelv.s.(bowl; etc.) deep/hollowed out.delluchel a dmolech; diak le meched, kliokl a delluchel, dellechelel.
11720.005deruchelleln.poss.3sstep/ascent/large stone or log at entrance of bai; position; status; intonation; accent.deruchellel a deruchall er ngii.
11730.005dilubechv.i.past(plant) grow; start; originate; happen.
11740.005dkoisv.s.slanted; (seated) at an angle.dkois a diak lemelemalt; omitech, melkois, olekang a dkois. (taro, etc.) with horizontal movement of hand; cut through (cord, etc.); break off (relationship); divorce.dortii a merort er ngii; dobesii, mla dortii a deleongel, dertel. for sleeping; bed.dusall a blil a durs; olsechall er a cheliuaiu, smecher a ngar a dusall a klekool el mengelebed a bduu, ouiakiu.
11780.005iliueklv.r.s.surrounded by; encircled by.iliuekl a ilbolb; mla iueklii; meliuekl er ngii, rengeasek a mla remurt el iueklii a oililaol el rokir; iliuekl a kldibel, remechas a iliuekl er a beldokel el "ngarasar"
11790.005keain.thick betel nut fiber used for wrapping food, making rain hat, etc..keai a mengchongch, mengchengchel a buuch. (with hands, machine, etc.); start or lead off (chant).kiderii a mengider er ngii; nguu el mo er a bab; kiderel. trust.klaumerang a di du el oumerang; kaongesenges; kauteliakl; ngar er ngii a klaumerang er a delongelir.
11820.005klechelidn.religion.klechelid a tekoi er a chelid; meang, klemeang.
11830.005lengeleln.poss.3scrying; noise of crying.lengelel a langel er ngii el ngalek.
11840.005mechoitv.erg.throw away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).mechoit a cheloit; choitii; mesaod; mo cheroid; chemoit, chitel.
11850.005melakv.t.pull down foreskin of (penis).melak a melang; teketak; meleketak.
11860.005melasechv.t.chop/whittle/carve (log for canoe); build (house); (cat) claw at.melasech a melobech; dosechii a mlai, dmasech a dilukai, desechel.
11870.005melechongv.t.bathe.melechong a melecholb.
11880.005melekedekv.t.cover (with cloth, leaves, paper, etc.).melekedek a locha dekedekel; dokedekii a tebel, dokedek a kall.
11890.005melekimesv.t.make or get (someone, something) wet.melekimes a meruul el mo dekimes; dikmesii, dikimes a bail, dekmesel.
11900.005meliliutv.s.thin and flat; slender.meliliut a diak lokrokr; meliliut el mamed a sebechel moues el tmoech er a bitang; llilitel.
11910.005melingetv.t.stop up; plug; cork; seal off; block (intentionally).melinget a loia, locha a tinget; tingetii, tminget a chemars; tngetel.
11920.005melitechv.t.wedge; put wedge under (something) to open it or make it move.melitech a oba a cheldngelel a chimal el mengibs; merutech er a telkib; kekerei, itechii, melitech er a urrekerek el uasech.
11930.005mengamv.t.break (long object) in two; fracture.mengam a chomur; chuam a kerrekar; chomur el mo erung; chemul a bambuu.
11940.005mengereomelv.t.keep; preserve; conserve; economize on.mengereomel a diak el meterekakl; koremelii; koreomel a udoud; meduch el mengedmokl; keremelel
11950.005mengerodechv.t.(people) make noise; complain about; talk too much about.mengerodech a klou a ngerel; chordechii a beluu; chorodech a chutem; cherdechel a dui.
11960.005mesarechv.t.step on; tour/visit (place).mesarech a merael el omes; sorechii a skuul; smarech a betok el beluu; serechel a beluu.
11970.005mesauchv.t.break off (branch of tree, etc.) at base or node; break (someone's limb) at joint; open (someone's mouth) wide by force; carry (child) with (child's) legs straddling one's side; handle (child) roughly; spread (legs, etc.) apart.mesauch a ngmai el choroid; souchii a buuch; smauch a diak el buchel; suchel.
11980.005mesebekv.t.kick (with forward movement of leg); press against firmly with feet.mesebek a melolk; sobekii a bduu; suebek a tebel; uach a diak le kirel mesebek a klalo; sebekel a bduu.
11990.005mesmechoklv.t.put (things) in order; correct (person) for mistaken statement; put (someone; oneself) in correct position (in dancing; sports; etc. or when sitting among elders); improve; instruct or direct (person) about right way of doing something.mesmechokl a remuul el mo er a urrebetellel; sumecheklii a omekedecheraol; sumechokl a tekoi, smecheklel.
12000.005metomv.t.lose; miss; fail to catch (fish, etc.); drop accidentally.metom a telom; tomir, tuom el diak a lengai; diak a cheldil; temeel.; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself). upon (moon; stars; etc.) to find one's way; find (landmark); focus on/understand implications of (words; behavior; etc.); take (words, etc.) seriously; commit to memory; recognize as.mtab a omtab; mtebengii, mtab e nguelem e mo medengei; lotkii; utebengel.; replace; substitute; return (favor); succeed (someone); take (someone's) place.mtechir a omtechei er ngii, techil.
12050.005ngeaurn.Angaur Island; the state in which Ucherbelau is chief.Ngeaur a chimo er a iungs er a Belau el ngar er a dimes; Eouldaob; Edeaur.
12060.005ngmeltv.i.(sun; moon) set; sink (in soft ground).ngmelt a mo er eou; mo soiseb er a chelsel a chutem; sils a mla ngmelt, ngmelt a ochil er a mesei, ngmelt er a ilachetomel, ngeltel.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).ocholt a olecholt; oliisech; ochotii a berrotel; ochotel. (in any direction).odbechii a oldubech er ngii; odbechel.
12090.005oideln.poss.3saction of translating or transferring.oidel a oiuid er ngii; oleuid.
12100.005olangchn.instr.sign; distinguishing mark; signal; indication; anything functioning to give directions (e.g., lighthouse); marker.olangch a olecholt; omeketakl; olengchelel a eolt; ouelangch.
12110.005oldulebv.t.dip into water.olduleb a oduleb; olderemerem, odelebii, olduleb er a daob me a ralm, odelebel.
12120.005oldurechv.caus.tell, ask or encourage someone to do something; send someone with a message or on an errand; order; request.oldurech a odurech; dmu er a chad el mo meruul er a tekoi; oderechii el meliokl, oderechel.
12130.005olechauv.caus.attract (person's, someone's glance or attention); call out to.olechau a omekedong el melau el oba chimal; ocheuir, ochau a ues; ocheuil.
12140.005olechoteln.poss.3sexample; precedent.olechotel a ocholt er ngii; olecholt.
12150.005olengengv.t.stare at.olengeng a omes; ngellomel; mesaik a olengeng e diak loruul; ongengii; ongeng.
12160.005olsecheleln.the proper place for something; place for keeping valuables (e.g. strong box, cabinet, tabernacle, etc).olsechelel a olsechall er ngii.
12170.005olseseiv.caus.move (something) a little bit/ways; (persons) move a little bit/ways.olsesei a telkib el mei, mong; osesei a babier el mong; smesei, osesengii a tebel el mei.
12180.005omadesv.t.arrange; line up; display.omades a omechobech, mades a blai, omades er a rengalek; bedesel a terekill el kall.
12190.005omecheliuv.t.look after (person) (to make sure he is behaving well).omecheliu a mengedmokl, omekerreu, sensei a omecheliu a omesubir a rengalek.
12200.005omeklatkv.caus.remind (someone) to do something.omeklatk a meklatk; mekltkii er a urreor, omeklatk er ngii er a klumech.
12210.005omekringelv.caus.make suffer; hurt; make difficult.omekringel a mekringel; remuul el mo meringel; mekrengelii a llechul a boes, ukrengelel.
12220.005omerekv.t.spread (blanket, clothes, news, etc.); stretch out (arms, legs); propogate (religion, belief, etc.); cast or toss (e.g. fishnet); flatten and spread out (e.g. earth).omerek a merek, merekii a bail, merek a babier, berekel.
12230.005omeroberv.t.snatch; grab; seize; capture (land).omerober a merober; melai el oba blekeu, chelbirukel; merberii a dui, bereberel a chutem.
12240.005omesiurv.t.steer (canoe, car, etc.); advise; lead towards (good way of life, etc.); influence (e.g. politically).omesiur a omesiul.
12250.005omesuubn.act.(action of) learning; studying
12260.005omirv.t.swing (arm) with circular motion (as when turning skip-rope); twirl (rope, etc.) and throw.omir a mir; omir er a bir, omir er a til el bechachau; brengel.
12270.005omosechv.t.break open (something such as a crab shell); postpone; contradict; oppose.omosech a omekesangch; omok a rekung; mosech a chemang.
12280.005omtebechelv.t.hold steady; hold in position; control (something; someone; oneself); confirm; moor (boat); watch over (child, etc.); act as guardian for; fix; standardize.
12290.005ongingiln.poss.3sperson or thing which follows; the next one.ongingil a okiullel; ongeuang a ongingil a ongedei; ongerung a ongingil a kot.
12300.005orrurtv.caus.make (someone) run; keep (someone) busy going from place to place.orrurt a orurt; remuul el mo ungil el remurt; dachelbai a ungil el orrurt a urreor; orretel.
12310.005osibn.any instrument for breaking the ground (e.g., plow, pickaxe, pitchfork, etc.).osib a klekedall er a omesib; osib er a sers.
12320.005osisebeln.poss.3saction of entering; going into.osisebel a osiseb er ngii; olsiseb. (drawer; suitcase; etc.); sew seam in (clothes); feed (fire); incite (people) to fight.osiu a odak, kodall a osiu a medal a klauchad, ulechoid a osiu a klakoad. (something e.g.; house; message) to someone; give for safekeeping; set (specific time); prove something or someone to be false.oterekeklii a olterekokl er ngii. (someone) enter; put into.otuu a olsiseb; oltuu, aki mla otuu a kles er a bai; otungel.
12360.005oubailv.t.wear clothing.oubail a bleiull, blail.
12370.005oumekngitv.i.bad; evil; sinful; disadvantageous; (words, etc.) harsh.oumekngit a kesib a rengul; omid, lmangel, meruul a diak el ungil.
12380.005rebain.backyard; area or space in back (of a building).rebai a diak le medal; diak le ngelong er a blai; rebai er a blai.
12390.005rekeln.poss.3srustling sound (of leaves, footsteps, etc.); sound of moving water.rekel a merereek; rerekel a beab.; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).
12410.005risoisn.redup.large flat rock; rocky ledge or outcropping.risois a meklou el cherrungel el bad.
12420.005seselkv.s.bored; impatient.seselk a checherd; seselk a rengul; smecher a checherd a rengul er a cherrodech; seselkel.
12450.005tautn.aim; action of shooting at target; adulterer.taut a tmaut; taut er a burech er a ngikel; beketaut, tutel.
12460.005techedeln.poss.3sthorn or pricker (of plant).techedel a toched er ngii el biskang.
12470.005techerakln.hook for picking up fish, turtle etc.; place for hanging.techerakl a klekedall el melecherakl; techereklel a bail.
12480.005telungalekn.extended family.telungalek a delengchokl. A chelsel a telungalek a ngar er ngii a chedam, chedil, rengelekir me a rengelekir a rengelekir. A telungalek a ua loldak a eru el ongalek. Aika el ongalek a kakerous. A merreder er a telungalek a chedam me a chedil. Tirke el ngelekir a rengelekir el redil a kuk ngar er ngii a demerir el merreder er tir. Ngika el demerir a di merreder a delengchokl me a chelebechielir me a kerrekerngir el udoud me aike el rokui el dubech el kirel tirka el nglekel. A kmal klou a klisichel er a omerreder a ngike el chedil er se el kot el onglaek.
12490.005tengetengeln.poss.3soffering (including money given in church); sacrifice; tax or due money; barrier; dam; anything used to block access.tengetengel a tenget er ngii; melenget.
12500.005tiei it is (near me but far from you). (something crooked); stretch (body); stand up straight.tometii a melamet er ngii; temetel.; dismantle; break up; scatter; spread.toreklii a merrakl er ngii; tereklel. (something crooked); stretch (body); stand up straight.tuamet a melamet; omeklemalt; ekebil a mla tuamet a chiul; tometii a rengul; temetel a reng.
12540.005udeln.poss.3sglue; resin; fuel for lamp.udel a uuid er ngii; udel a meduu; udel a babier.
12550.005uloleln.poss.3sfloor; friendly relationship between two families or clans.ulolel a ulaol er ngii.
12560.005ulsirsv.r.s.(money) pawned or pledged; leaned against.ulsirs a mla mosirs; mla osisii, osirs a chutem; chetemek a ulsirs er a bank; ulsisel.
12570.005bengtn.purple colored sweet potato.bengt a bedengel burek; ko er a bedengel a bsechel a biib.
12580.005bngeln.bngel a ngerel a dub me a boes.
12590.005chelechedv.s.ambidextrous.cheleched a chad el osisiu a klisichel a katrul me a kadekmel a chimal.
12600.005chelechedn.redup.area of shallow water (usually exposed at low tide and good for fishing).cheleched a chei, daob, kereker.
12610.005chelechedv.r.s.husked.cheleched a chelechidel; lius el mla mecheched; chechedel.
12620.005melangchv.t.set (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant).melangch a melecha chutem er a uchul a dellomel; dongchii a kebui, dmangch a sebulias; dengchel.
12630.005melasechv.t.spread widely apart.melasech a menglou; kilungii; sosechii a bail; smasech a oeacher; mesasech, sesechel. (object which is stuck) by inserting lever and prying; throw or trip (someone) by putting lever (e.g. stick, leg) between his or her legs; twist (arm, finger, etc.); be in early stage of pregnancy; bear grudge against someone.mengemekl a chelemimiil; chomeklii a rengul e diak lomengur; chomekl, chemeklel. at.moes a omoes; mla moes a betok el belochel; mosii a olik; bosel. a large amount of (fish).ngomedii a melemed er ngii el ngikel; betok a cheldil.
12670.005omasechv.t.count or name (a group of related persons or things); mention (someone's name); move in zigzag fashion (when sailing canoe against wind); tack; (chickens) move/jockey into position for fighting.omasech a omechur; melekoi a ildisel, masech a sulel, mesechii a ta el sils, besechel; omasech a diak le melemalt; meliud el mo e mei; mlai a omasech er a ikrel.
12680.005omuitv.t.boil (starchy food) several times to make soft.omuit a meliokl el mo meketeket; melecha betok el ralm; uluit el brak.
12690.005osiuv.s.blocked or clogged.
12700.005rekeln.poss.3sripe stage (of fruit when fruit is suitable to eat); cooked stage (of food).rekel a mark; rekel a tuu; mark el bobai; merekang.
12710.005telengetv.r.s.made sacrifice to; hindered; obstructed.telenget a chelsimer; mla metenget; tongetengii a rael; tonget a metetoech; melenget, tengetengel.
12720.005tengetengeln.poss.3sbarrier; anything used to block or hinder.
12730.005bechereiv.t.leave around; leave alone; let.
12740.005bechochodv.s.fragrant; aromatic.bechochod a ungil el bau; ungil a bul; chochod, bechochod el bung.
12750.005belngeln.poss.3scenter or middle (esp., of hull of canoe); large central section of taro patch; aisle (of church, etc.).
12770.005blingeleln.poss.3sshare; portion; chapter of book (usually Bible).blingelel a rruklel, bliongel el kirel.
12780.005bluuv.r.s.(round object) broken, smashed or shuttered; (bomb) exploded; blistered.
12790.005boseln.poss.3sgun; blowgun.
12810.005chelebedn.hitting object; whip, club, bat.chelebed a klalo el usbechall er a omengelebed, cholebedii a chetelaol, cholebed, chelebedel.
12820.005cheleochv.s.favored; spoiled.cheleoch a iliuekl er a ultoir me a beltik el reng. (something) to a distance; move (oneself) away from.choroid a mengeroid. (esp. woman) with gifts; bribe; induce; pity.chubur a mengebechub; mekngit a rengul er ngii.
12850.005chukleln.a.s.poss.3sweaving work.
12860.005decheleln.poss.3sland prepared for taro.
12870.005diluchesn.north; north wind.diluches a ta er a eua el uchul a eolt; Ngcheangel a diluches er a Belau
12880.005diongn.bathing spot (e.g.; spring; well; outside shower).diong a diosech; omoachel, olechelubel, rengalek a mengedub er a diong. down (tree); cut (hand, finger, etc.); walk straight through or across; take shortcut through or across.dobechii a melobech er ngii; mla dobechii a kerrekar, debechel. or saw (log); cut (cloth, wire, string, etc,); snip (vine, etc.).duebes a melebes; meluk, te mla duebes a seng er a dengki er a blik, debesel.
12910.005kauchadv.recip.related (to each other).kauchad a klauchad, Calista me a Toni me a Tino a kauchad; chad er a chimo el blai, chimo el kebliil.
12920.005kesemdeln.poss.3sgill.kesemdel a kesamd er ngii; kesemdel a ngikel.
12930.005kladikmv.r.s.right-handed; graceful (esp., in dance).kladikm a meduch e klebokel; ungil el meloik e oungelakel, kladikm er a tekoi me a cheldecheduch.
12940.005kldeinum.3 [three] (animal; nonliving thing).kldei a ochur el edei ; kldei el blai; kldei el lius; kldei el malk. .
12950.005klengeltengatn.good fortune.klengeltengat a ngeltengat; lusech, melusech; klungiaol, klengeltengat me a Belau a mlo ileakl el beluu.
12960.005klioun.sweet food or dessert (usually, prepared especially for guests); one's favorite child (usually, youngest).kliou a olengel; kliou a umesingd el merekos el kall; delul; seboseb me a tuu a kliou. or place down; lay (hands) over or on someone.kmedii a menged er ngii; nguu el loia er a bebul.
12980.005lecheteln.poss.3sbandage; something tied around.; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy.lochetii a melechet er ngii.; make (someone) eat.mekelii a omekang er ngii; msa kelel.
13010.005melametv.t.straighten (something crooked); stretch (body); stand up straight.melamet a tometii; meruul el mo melemalt e ungil; tuamet, beruadel a dachelbai el melamet a omengebirukel, temetel.
13020.005melatechv.t.clean; scrub; wash (thoroughly).melatech a meruul el mo beches, ngotechii a ulaol, mellib; ngmatech a mlai, ngetechel.
13030.005melibukv.t.tie (cord, string, hair, etc.) into knot.melibuk a odak a klalo e doibuk el mo tang; doibkur; mesaur; doibuk a chiul; dibkul.
13040.005melmesumechv.t.say goodbye or farewell to; give (wife) payment at time of divorce; refuse (person) gracefully).melmesumech a merort er a chebechiil; olmesumech; sumesmechii e le merekong; olmesmechel a udoud; melmesumech a sumesmechii; sumesumech a klechedaol; merael; ak merolung; kiei; mechikung.
13050.005melunglv.t.smell; kiss (with nose).melungl a turengur; tmungl a ungil el bau tenglel.
13060.005mengaetv.t.wind (rope; wire; fishing line; etc.); cuddle (baby) when sleeping; (hen) sit on/hatch (eggs).mengaet a chemetii; chemaet a kerreel; chelaet; meliud er ngii; chetel.
13070.005mengebechubv.i.cry mildly with humming sound (esp. when feeling sadness or pity).mengebechub a mekngit a rengul; lmangel el mengebechub.
13080.005mengellaklv.t.quiet; pacify; hold or make (something) steady; (bird) glide quietly in sky.mengellakl a chollakl; ungil kelulau a cholleklii a beluu; meruul er ngii el mo chelellakl; chelleklel a beluu.
13090.005mengetiitv.t.pick out (seeds; fishbones; etc.); pick at (scab; etc.); badger (person) to get information; seek truth from; seek out (truth).mengetiit a omiich; meleakl; kitiit a klemerang; kitiit a chiuesel a meradel; kititel.
13100.005mengiderv.t.lift (with hands, machine, etc.); start or lead off (chant).mengider a omuchel; kmider a urreor; kiderii a chelitakl; kderel.
13110.005mengituukv.i.move while asleep; maneuver (around) in order to reach.
13120.005mengolv.t.carry on the shoulder; carry away; pick up; steal.mengol a chemol; olab er a ongolngelel; mengol a kerrekar; chelngel.
13130.005meramesv.s.far apart (in space or time).merames a diak le mekudem; chacheroid; remesel a dellomel el dait.
13140.005merangdn.coral.merangd a ta er a bedengel a bad er a chei.
13160.005merekuiv.t.finish (completely; entirely); consume; accomplish.merekui a mochu merek; merekui er a urrereel a blai; kmedu el mo merek.
13170.005merersv.t.fence in; pen up; enclose.merers a melenget a sers; sorsii a blil; smers a rael; sersel a babii.
13180.005merotv.t.pound; smash or crush something against solid surface; pound out (spearhead).merot a remot; martiliong a merot rotengii a deel; rtengel a deel. a omart er ngii; bertel.
13200.005merusechv.t.pound (food; betel nut; medicine); pound/punch at (someone).merusech a remusech a belsiich el oba chai; rusechii a chemelel; merusech e meleot; rsechel a chemachel.
13210.005metetoechn.redup.opening of hole, pit, etc.metetoech a belsibs el tmoech er a bitang; otechii; otoech a medal er a metetoech.
13220.005mkeliiv.t.cut down; push (person) down.mkelii a omukel er ngii; ukelel.
13230.005mondain.problem; difficulty; dispute.
13240.005msallinterj.Stop!; Wait!.msall e kdu a cheldechedechak, mhall el telkib, mongiil el telkib.
13250.005ngasechn.rising; ceremony for mother and new-born child (usually; the first child).ngasech a deurreng er a kot el cheroll er a bechiil el dil; olengasech er a mlechell; ongesechel
13260.005ngatbangn.village in West Babeldaob south of Ngeremlengui, north of Aimeliik, and to the west of Ngchesar; village in which Rebelkuul is chief.Ngatbang a beluu er a keiukl er a Babeldaob.
13270.005ngesacheln.upward slope; ascent.ngesachel a diak le melemalt; kongesachel, ngesachel a rael; ngar eou el mo er a bab; ngesechelel.
13280.005ngesecheln.poss.3srising; ceremony for mother and new-born child (usually; the first child).ngesechel a ngasech er ngii; ngmasech, ngesechel a sils, ngesechel a uel er a chelechol.
13290.005ngmangedv.i.slip or slide down (and fall); get seduced or titillated by; become infatuated with.ngmanged a olenganged; oldengelengel; mlai a mla ngmanged er a ngesachel el mei er eou.
13300.005nguibesv.i.have desires for; lust after.nguibes a ngibes; sorir a klekool; semeriar a ngkloik; rengeasek a nguibes er a ungil el meloik.
13310.005obriidv.erg.get scattered; fall out; overflow; (unkempt hair) fly around.obriid a berriid; diak el cheldull; mridii, mriid, mla obriid a delengchokl, bridel. near; move (onself) close to.okedii a olekeed er ngii; nguu el mo kmeed.
13330.005okedongeln.poss.3scall; message; request to come.okedongel a okedong er ngii el bdelul a beluu.
13340.005olechoidv.t.mess up; put into disarray; meddle in; gossip about.olechoid a ochoid; olechetekl; chelimeluk; ochidii; ochoid a tekoi, ochidel a klalo.
13350.005olekeungeln.bullhorn.olekeungel a klekedall el menglou a ngor; mengedecheduch er a olekeungel.
13360.005oltitechv.caus.push or wedge oneself in between.oltitech a melitech, soiseb er a meseked, otitech el osiik er a techall, otitechii a kingall, otitechel.
13370.005omelatkn.act.action of remembering.omelatk a melatk, beltikerreng, lotkii a delal, demal, lmatk a ungil el deleongel, ltkel.
13380.005omengeleln.poss.3saction of eating.
13390.005omeseosv.t.squeeze; press; choke (neck).omeseos a omet; meseos a lius, mesesii a chiklel a malk.
13410.005omulakv.t.(tell) lie to.omulak a outingaol; melekoi a klsuul; mulekngii a beluu, blulekngel, bulekngel.
13420.005omultv.t.turn over or inside out; turn (oneself) around; translate; interprete.omult a mult a chebecheb a mo dengarech; mult a chutem, meltii a smecher, beltel a reng.
13430.005ongeimnum.5 [fifth] (ordinal).ongeim a ochur (5), Ongeim el buil, ongeim el ngalek, ongeim er a rak.
13440.005orraelv.caus.lead (animal etc.); drive (boat, car etc.); start (engine).orrael a orael; ochotii a rael; bulis a orrael a mlai er a metang a rael.
13450.005oungelakelv.t.joke or jest with; kid.oungelakel a melekoi a ngellakel; beruadel a oungelakel e sumechokl a chetituokel; ngellekelel
13460.005ruuln.type of fishnet made of palm leaves.ruul a klekedall er a omengesokes; merart a ruul el llel a lius.
13470.005semkeln.poss.3sdead roots and outer skin on plants such as taro that must be scraped off before consuming.
13490.005siseballn.main entrance.siseball a rael mo soiseb; siseball er a beluu; tuangel a siseball er a blai; sisebellel.; explain; solve.smaod a mesaod; omeketakl; mengedereder, smaod a urreor; sodel
13510.005suldn.coconut fiber used for cord (orig. used for wiping).suld a mengai er a ulengchidel er a lius; sudel.
13520.005suleln.poss.3stiredness; trouble; thanks; gratitude.sulel a saul er ngii; mesulang el kired; sulel a saul er ngii er a urreor.
13530.005techn.meat; flesh; muscles; genitals (esp. female); core; essence; root or tuber (of starchy food).tech a chelsel a chad, charm; techel a babii, techel a malk, techel a ngikel.
13540.005tedeinum.3 [three] (human).tedei a ochur (3) el mo er a rechad, tedei el ekebil; tedei el rubak, tedei el buik.
13550.005tmurkv.t.(boat) hit into/against; get argued down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); lose argument; run into obstacle and fail to move further; do as much as possible but still fail.tmurk a mo subechii er ngii; mlai a mla tmurk er a cheldukl; ert a tureka er a beluu. or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle. according to a definite measurement; cut with quick chopping motion; cut off; amputate; measure.tukur a meluk er ngii; melebes.
13580.005tutn.breast; baby bottle; bosom.tut a klekedellel a chelechad; tut a kelir a retolechoi; otutur a ngalek; tul.
13590.005uidnum.7 [seven] (counting).uid a ochur el (7), oim; malong, uid.
13600.005uldechuulv.r.s.burdened with heavy work; strained; (appetite, sleep, etc.) spoiled.uldechuul a telemall a bedengel; uldechuul er a klakoad, mlotilech a uldechuul, oberaod el urreor a mla mdechur; uchul a secherel a uldechuul er a klakoad.
13610.005ulleln.poss.3sback; area or space (directly) in back of.ullel a uriul er ngii; ng techa ngar ullel a Calista? or middle (esp., of hull of canoe); large central section of taro patch; aisle (of church, etc.).bluu a blngel, bluu er a mlai, bluu er a brer, bluu er a mesei.
13630.005dechaln.poss.3sstate of ripeness or maturity (of a fruit).
13640.005decheleln.poss.3saddition; extension; something added to something else to increase the total amount, quantity, etc.dechelel a mo obengkel a ngar, ngii, omdois, meruul el mo betok; a ika dechelel a ongraol.
13650.005melochedv.t.break (string, cord, wire, etc.) by pulling.meloched a medebes; dobesii, lochedii a kereel; lmoched a uak, lloched, lechedel.
13660.005melochedn.stroke (cerebrovascular accident (CVA); cerebrovascular insult (CVI); brain attack).meloched a obitelek; ta er a a rakd, secher. with wide mesh for trapping turtles.
13680.005omoketv.t.unwrap; unravel; unwind; comb out/undo (hair) with hands; break (hold); lift (magic spell); (chicken, etc.) fall back or hesitate when fighting; pay dues, money at ocheraol, etc.omoket a oltobed; moket a udoud, meketii a uldurokl, beketel.
13690.005suchesn.stomach cramps.suches a secher el mui a eolt er a bedengel; suches a kekengel; sechesel a kak.
13700.005tongetn.poisonous tree in mango family.tonget a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el ongut; mechut er a tonget.
13710.005bekeuv.s.brave; courageous.bekeu a diak le medakd, blekengel, bekeu el chad.
13720.005beruln.poss.3sblanket; bedding.
13730.005btarn.swing.btar a chekil me a lechub e ng besebes el klabs e a rengalek a dengchokl er ngii e omtar; bterengel.
13750.005chebodeln.poss.3sside (of house, etc.).chebodel a chebaod er ngii el ked.
13760.005cheldelleln.poss.3sgathering; assembly.cheldellel a cheldull er ngii; cheldellel a klobak, cheldellel a udoud a $5,000.
13770.005cheldiln.poss.3sany product of the sea (or, sometimes, pigeons) caught but not yet cooked; shell.cheldil a cheled er ngii el sechal.
13780.005chelsimerv.r.s.closed; confined; locked in (e.g., as punishment).chelsimer a telengetongel, diak le belkais, diak le nglai a chesmerel; blutek, mla mechesimer; chosmerii er a kelebus, chesmerel.
13790.005cherrodechn.r.s.noise (usually from people); complaint; clamor.cherrodech a nglemuu; mengerodech, ultok, cherdechel a chutem, klou a cherrodech er a usbechel a mekngit el kar. (usually sung by old men).chesols a cheldecheduch el delecherul a chelitakl; choselsii, chosols, mengesols, cheselsel.
13810.005chetakln.trolling line.
13820.005delbardv.r.s.laid crosswise; perpendicular; (speech, behavior) inappropriate.delbard a diak el llemolem; ka el melemalt, tochedesuch, tbard, kerrekar a delbard er a rael, diberdel.
13830.005denguan.telephone.dengua a telephone .
13840.005chidibn.wallet; pouch for keeping pepper leaf.chidib a blil a udoud; chidbengel a mui er a udoud; olbedabel er a udoud.
13850.005ilteetn.riches; power; majesty.ilteet a meteet, mesiich, ngar bab el blai; ngalekilteet a ngaleksiich.
13860.005kekedebv.s.redup.short.kekedeb a kedeb.
13870.005kileedv.s.pastalmost; nearly (past tense).kileed a mle kmeed; a kileed el ruebet, kedel.
13880.005klemengeteln.poss.3shis/her/its height or length.klemengetel a klemanget er ngii.
13890.005lalechn.pus.lalech a osechel a burek me a kltkat; ngar ngii a lalech er a chimak el oburek; ochil el bduu a omeklalech, llechel a ouach el bduu.
13900.005lemlakmod.if one hadn't; if there hadn't been.lemlak a okmo ng dimlak; lemlak kau e ak riros.; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for.lotkii a melatk er ngii; kulebes er ngii e kuk lotkii.
13920.005meangv.s.miraculous; marvellous; awesome; unexpected.meang a chedaol; melekingel a chelid; meteet a meang, meang el chais.
13930.005mechamv.erg.break (long object) in two; fracture.mecham a chelam; chomur a rachel, chuam a bambuu, mengam, chemul.; begin; cause; form; establish.mechelii a omuchel er ngii; chetelaol a mla mechelii a klakoad, uchelel.
13950.005mechubsv.s.healed.mechubs a mla mo diak el kltkat, chubs be cut (unintentionally) short.medebes a metuk; delebes a llel a tuu, dobesii, duebes, mla medebes a kereel, debesel.; grab; pick up; borrow (money).medir a omed er ngii, mla medir a bduu, bedil.
13980.005mekarv.s.awake.mekar a diak el uleiit a medal; diak el mechiuaiu; okerengii, okar a medal, olekar er tir, okerengel.
13990.005melaiuv.t.rub; massage; smooth over; pet; stroke.melaiu a oba chim el melam; toiuii; merutech, tmaiu, melaiu er a soal el ngelekel, tiuel.
14000.005meliltv.t.choose; elect.melilt a melililt; osiik a soal.
14010.005melubv.t.bomb; bombard; dynamite; poison (with drugs, etc.).melub a ousbech a dub el omekoad a rechad, ngikel; dub a mekoad a merangd me a bad; dbal a ngikel.
14020.005mengealdv.t.warm or heat up.mengeald a meruul el mo mekeald a ralm; mengeald a rengul a kesib; keldel.
14030.005mengebelungv.i.act foolishly or crazily.mengebelung a kebelung; mengesengsang; meruul a klebelung.
14040.005mengedubv.i.swim; play in water.mengedub milil er a daob, mengikai, melechelbakl, rengalek a mengedub.
14050.005mengeduibv.t.carve; whittle; seduce by flattery.mengeduib a kekerei el omelasech; omekord, chodibii; choduib a toluk; chedibel.
14060.005mengesengsangv.t.redup.bother; do something nonsensical; talk nonsense; be in the way.mengesengsang a diak el ultebechel; mengedecheduch el mengesengsang; chelsengsang; melebeseaol.
14070.005mengubetv.erg.take off (clothes; watch; ring; etc.); remove; pull out; free; unravel (string); show (person) to be innocent; free (person) of blame/accusation; absolve (oneself) of sin.
14080.005meriikv.t.sweep; look around for (someone).meriik a mengiut; remiik a besbas el oba oriik; remiik a mekesokes. (clothes etc.) into bundle; pull vigorously; grab; (child) defecate into diaper.mesngii a omus er ngii; omail er ngii er a mamed; besngel a kall.
14100.005ngeltengatv.s.fortunate; blessed; rewarded; successful.ngeltengat a klengeltengat; melusech, olab a klungiaol a ngeltengat, ngeltengeteel. off (clothes; watch; ring; etc.); remove; pull out; free; unravel (string); show (person) to be innocent; free (person) of blame/accusation; absolve (oneself) of sin.nguubet a melubet; ngubetii er a rengul a meltemall; ngbetel.
14120.005olechubelv.caus.spill; pour out; pour (drink) into (glass, etc.).olechubel a oleitel; mengubel; ochubel a ilumel, ochebelii, ochebelel.
14130.005olekeedv.caus.bring near; move (onself) close to.
14140.005omekeekv.t.fill up (container) with; charge battery.omekeek a remuul el mo mui, mekeek a ollumel, mekekii a chidib, kob; okekel.
14150.005omeketaklv.t.make (things) clear/obvious; explain; clarify; make (oneself) visible/prominent; remove obstacle to (vision).omeketakl a olecholt el mo bleketakl, meketakl a cheldecheduch, meketeklii a soal, beketeklel a tekoi.
14160.005omidv.t.twist (hair, cord etc.); twist (fingers) in hair; manipulate (person); wheedle things out of (person); bother oneself about something.omid a mid, choiseksid, omid a chimal er a chiul, blid.
14170.005omoesv.t.shoot at.omoes a oba boes el mengetkat; mosii a babii, moes a belochel; bosel a malk.
14180.005osebekn.wing (of bird, plane).osebek a olsebek, merreder a mla osebek a skoki, osebekii, osebekel. something down (with hand, body etc.); pin onto.oserechii a olsarech er ngii.
14200.005osisechakln.act.teaching; instruction; training; way of teaching; doctrine.
14210.005oterekeln.poss.3sthe action of asking for permission; the action of arguing someone down or proving someone or something to be false.oterekel a oturek er ngii; melai er a kengei; oterekel a oturek er ngii; olturek a blulekngel.
14220.005oturekv.t.ask or get permission; argue (someone) down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); put things together.oturek a olturek, nguu a kengei, oterekii; oturek a olterekokl, olturek, ak mla oturek a blulekngel, oterekel; oturek a oldak; oturek a idungel.
14230.005ouklalov.i.own things; take things easy.
14240.005semumn.trochus.semum a ekoek; ta er a bedengel a cheled; semungel.
14250.005smecheln.poss.3sspreading out (of blanket, clothing, etc.); sending (of message); massaging (of body); restoration (of something to original state); returning (of someone to original home, etc.).smechel a luut er ngii; omesumech er ngii; smechel a ngalek er a milechellii; lmuut el mo ua ingii er a kot; sumechii, suumech. out (blanket; clothing; etc.); send (message); massage (body); set/readjust (bones); restore.sumechii a mesumech er ngii; ngoderii a lleng el klalo.
14270.005tebedeln.poss.3sbeginning; outbreak; exit; passageway by which something exits.tebedel a tobed er ngii; mo tuobed, tebedel a omechell.
14280.005temelleln.poss.3sblack magic (cast onto any person or thing); damage; destruction.temellel a temall el ngii a tilemellii.
14290.005teretern.cold (sickness).tereter a secher; rakd el bekoiueuul.
14300.005uingeln.tooth.uingel a klekedellel a ngor el meringet; ungelel.
14310.005ulakv.r.s.anchored.ulak a urrebet a okul; diak lorael; bilas a ulak me ng diak lobechakl; llechotel; okul.
14320.005uldikeln.r.s.trouble in household or community; restlessness; social disorder or disruption.
14330.005ultelechaklv.r.s.accused; suspected.ultelechakl a mla ngmai mekngit el diak le bleketakl; mla motelechakl er a rechorech; ultelechakl a mekngit; ultelecheklel.; cookhouse.uum a blil a blengur, blil a omeliokl me a omeruul el kall; uum a ileakl er a blai, umengel.
14350.005kerdeln.poss.3sflame.kerdel a kmard er ngii, kerdel a ngau
14360.005mechubsv.erg.steal ongraol from garden, etc.mechubs a mla merechorech; chuubs a kukau, chubsii a sers, chebsel.
14370.005medidaiv.erg.go with or accompany (someone) in vehicle; take a ride with; braid (hair, string, etc.).
14380.005melubv.t.spit on.melub a mengoit a tbal; diak a melub er a tuangel, tubar, tuub a dellomel.; make a bid.
14400.005oterekiiv.t.ask or get permission; argue (someone) down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); put things together.oterekii a olturek a blulekngel; oterekeklii; oterekii a olturek er ngii; nguu a kengei.
14410.005semumv.s. having deformed fingers or toes.
14420.005uldikelv.r.s.made to move/shake; (person) made active.uldikel a ouedikel; mengidebtib; mengitengtik; uldikel er a rengalek cholechotel a bedengir el mesisiich
14430.005rekilv.t.end; finish.
14440.005mechirv.t.connect; wait for (especially to ask a favor); splice; provide (oneself, others) with adequate supply, shelter, etc. emergency or other contingency; tide over.
14450.005oltutaklv.t.tell on; accuse.oltutakl a olecholt, olengasech a kngtil, telemellel a chad, otuteklii, otutakl, otuteklel er a kort.
14460.005teliangn.other end (of house; village; etc.); location on the other side or over there.teliang a tedobech er ngii; cheldeng a telia er a blai, teliang el mekesokes; telia el beluu.
14470.004bakesn.step (in walking).bakes a blekeklel a uach; omakes, omekebakes, mekesii a ochil; bekesel.
14480.004bdecheln.vomit.bdechel a mudech er ngii, smecher a omudech, mdechel.
14490.004bedecheln.poss.3scurved configuration/shape of boat.
14500.004bldekleln.poss.3sarrangement; table of contents; order; sequence.bldeklel a blechebechel, bldukl; bldeklel a klobak.
14510.004beldokelv.r.s.bring/send mat (or similar object) to house of deceased.beldokel a bladek er a bar; mla obail; ulekoad a blail er a bedekel. Bedengel a medei el chad el mla obadek.
14520.004belteln.poss.3shis/her/its action of turning over.beltel a mla obult, meltii, beltel a reng.
14540.004beraomv.s. (fish) slightly spoiled.beraom a mla mo mekngit a bul; bediu, beremel a ngikel. snake.bersoech a mekemangel el charm el ko er a kesebekuu e ng di ngar er a beluu. A bersoech a charm; ng diak a ochil me a chimal. Ng dirrek el diak a bsechel. Ng di ua a teletelel a nguis el chetngaid e kekemanget. Ng diak el kall.
14560.004bideln.poss.3smistake, error. also, chant which mentions people traveling to many places.
14570.004butn.genitals; anus; vagina; bottom (surface).but a eoulbeluu er a chad me a uriul, idekel a but, uchauch a btil a chad, btil a omerael, btil a lius. about; discuss; tell (story); orate; preach.
14590.004chatn.smoke; a chetul a ngau, mengchat a seseb.
14600.004chebuln.poss.3sashes; fireplace; hearth.chebul a chab er ngii el idungel.
14610.004chedesaochn.coconut frond just before beginning to turn brown; (white-capped) waves; old pepper leaves (used for chewing with betel nut).chedesaoch a ouiuul el daob; meklou el daob; daob a ouchedesaoch.
14620.004cheledaolv.r.s.blessed; sanctified.cheledaol a chedaol; meang, mla mechedaol; cheledolel.
14630.004cheleedv.r.s.sewn, stitched or fixed temporarily; pushed.cheleed a mla mecheed; chemedii a mlai, chemeed a bail, mengeed, chedel a mechut el bail.
14650.004chelsengsangv.r.s.redup.busy in bothering people; bothersome; nonsensical; trivial.chelsengsang a diak lultebechel; diak lodengei a mera el tekoi mengesengsang;
14660.004chemeleln.poss.3singredients for betel nut chewing (i.e. betel nut, pepper leaf, lime, etc.).
14670.004cherachesn.falling or outgoing tide; misfortune; scarcity. .cheraches a omerolel el mo meched a chei; merael el mo mekesai, cheraches er a udoud, cherchesel.
14680.004chesbochebn.board (for building); prickly pear cactus (used as medicine for burns).chesbocheb a llecholech el meliliut el kerrekar, chesbechebel.
14690.004chetngaidv.s.(person, long object) thin/slender; skinny.chetngaid a chetekl; diak le mekoar; chetngidel; mekekerei a bedengel. oil on; grease; anoint.chiltii a mengilt er ngii er a chilt.
14710.004chisngeklv.i.turn head to look.chisngekl a mesim a chiklel el bedul a bitang; chisngekl el mo e mei; mengesngekl. (object which is stuck) by inserting lever and prying; throw or trip (someone) by putting lever (e.g. stick, leg) between his or her legs; twist (arm, finger, etc.); be in early stage of pregnancy; bear grudge against someone.mengemekl a chelemimiil; chomeklii a rengul e diak lomengur; chomekl, chemeklel. lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).chousii a mengaus er ngii; chemachel.
14740.004debulln.grave; cemetery plot.debull a chutem le delakl a chad er ngii, debull a ngar er a odesongel, debellel.
14750.004delikikn.r.s.left-over food (on the table prepared but not eaten).delikik a betok el kall el diak le mekang, kall el medechel el di mo kelel a babii a delikik el kall; melikik a kall; dellikikengel.
14760.004derteln.poss.3sits dryness; its degree of dryness (i.e. how dry is something).
14770.004desecheln.poss.3sPalauan money paid to carpenter for building house. (object; usually large) to keep it in a certain position; prop up (sleeping person) with pillows; put or set down.dikir a melik er ngii; kmedii, dikir a til, dmik a kall, delik, omechei; dkil
14790.004dilocheln.very deep area of the ocean (inside the reef in a channel).
14800.004dingesn.state of being full.dinges a medinges; diak el sengerenger, betok a kall; dinges a uchul a ungil el klechad, dngesel. (coconut tree) or wound with sharp instrument.dmauch a melauch, dmauch a delouechel er a chelechedal a lius; dmauch a betok el keam; douchii a miich; duchel. or remember about; ponder; expect; have or keep in mind.dobedebek a mla lmatk; ak mla dobedebek a meldu el tekoi; dobedebekii, debedebekel.; hide (something) under; suffer death of spouse.doklii a melakl er ngii; sukur er a kliokl el chutem; deklel.; crease; bend; make (string) double or triple strength before tying.dour a meleu er ngii, mla dour a chimal.; tell. In some constructions, the initial d sound may be dropped.dulii a melekoi er ngii; mla dulii a tekoi.
14860.004elteln.poss.3swind; breeze; air; storm; typhoon.eltel a eolt er ngii el beluu.
14870.004ingukln.stones on which cooking pot is placed; fire hearth; fire pit.ingukl a kldei el bad el delalem er a chutem, ongedelel a olekang er a omeliokl.
14880.004kaiun.pole (such as that to which a knife is attached at the top and used to harvest betelnut, pepper leaf, etc.).kaiu a ongaiu; klekedall el doba el mengaiu; kaiu el bambuu a kiuel a buuch.
14890.004keedn.nearness; proximitykeed a kmeed; be msesei el mei kmeed, okedii, okeed; diak le cheroid, kedel, olekeed er ngii.
14900.004kelatkv.recip.remember/think about each other.kelatk a didu el melatk; kadebedebek; rekaiuetoir a di du el kelatk; lotkii, lmatk a cheldechedechal, ltkel.
14910.004kereleln.poss.3sline (usually for fishing); cord.kerelel a kereel el ngii a ouklalo er ngii.
14920.004ketiterachelv.i.slip; slide.ketiterachel a meaiu e ngebudel; rael a ketiterachel.
14930.004klabn.harvested tubar of taro or tapioca.klab a ta er a ngklel a kukau.
14940.004kldaitn.small piece of Palauan money (made of same material as bachel).kldait a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau.
14950.004klemangetn.height; length.klemanget a klemengetel; klemangel.
14960.004klemngeln.poss.3sfinger; claw.klemngel a kokom er ngii, klemngel a chemang; kokemngel a rekung.
14970.004klikiidv.r.s.absolved or purified of; emptied.klikiid a beches; mekikiid, diak el chelsechusem er a mekngit el omeruul; deledaes, klikiid er a ultelechakl, kikidii, kmikiid, kikidel. about to get near or close.kmedung a kmedang.; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).kmiis a mengiis; kmiis a chutem el oba osib; kmiis a chesimer el oba a kiis.
15000.004kosekodelv.s.(room; etc.) too small/confined; (time) too short; (high tide) of short duration.kosekodel a meseked; betok a rengalek me a delemerab er a skuul a kosekedelang.
15010.004kuollv.t.respect; honor.kuoll a kirel a omengull; kullii a Chelid, kmull a uldesuel a chad, kmull a ilteet; omerreder a kuoll.
15020.004llechotelv.t.tie; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy.llechotel a llechet.
15030.004llemeseln.poss.3sdaylight; brightness; intelligence.llemesel a llomes er ngii; llemesel a reng, llemesel a sils; buil a omekllomes.; draw.lmuches a meluches; lmuches a ngakl el rokui, lechesel. down (long object) lengthwise; complete (work, schooling, etc); accomplish; follow (path, stream, etc); continue; be too lenient with (usually, children).lomolem a melemolem; ngalek a mla lomolem a soal, lemelemel.; draw.luchesii a meluches er ngii.
15070.004mdecheln.poss.3svomit.mdechel a mudech er ngii; a smecher a mudech a kllel.
15080.004mechelaodv.s.content; happily occupied.mechelaod a semeriar; merireueru er ngii; chellaod, mechechelaod er a klechedaol.
15090.004mechelebedv.erg.hit; strike; bat. down (in fighting, etc.); let (something) drop; drop (oneself) to floor, etc.medecheklii a omedechakl er ngii. fish in water; (ocean) agitated with whitecaps; cut (tongue) when eating pineapple, sugar cane, etc.medesii a omodes; omeldakl er a malk.
15120.004mekebekabesv.s.redup.hanging down; dangling.mekebekabes a ulekabes; kuabes, marek el tuu a mekebekabes er a sers. up (container) with; charge battery.mekeek a omekeek; remuul el mo mui, mekeek a ollumel er a ralm, mekeek a chidib er a udoud; mekekii a olekang okekel a chidib.
15140.004melachelv.t.lie in wait for; wait for in ambush; set (trap).melachel a dochelii; dmachel, melachel a bedikl er a malk; melachel a bub er a ngikel; dechelel.
15150.004melaklv.t.bury; hide (something) under; suffer death of spouse.melakl a loia er a chelsel a chutem; doklii a ulekoad, dmakl a besbas, deklel.
15160.004melauchv.t.cut (coconut tree) or wound with sharp instrument.melauch a meliud; melobech; melauch a keam; douchii; dmauch; duchel.
15170.004meleaklv.t.separate or differentiate (something) from; set apart; put aside; remove; disassociate (oneself) from.meleakl a imakl; eklii; diak luldak; mo kakerous; meleakl a kukau er a brak; eklel. with a slingshot; catch (fish) with a spear gun; snap string of kitalong against piece of lumber for purpose of marking line.melechii a omalech er ngii; mla melechii a kemedukl, belechel.
15190.004melekesakov.t.crawl or creep on or over (floor, particular distance, etc.).melekesako a merael a chimal me a ochil; sokesekeuii a blai, sokesako, sekesekeuel.
15200.004meleliueklv.i.redup.keep turning around/revolving.
15210.004melengeln.poss.3sany section of road; tree; etc. between beginning and end; top and bottom; etc.melengel a lengel; ngii di le ker er a rael.
15220.004melibechv.t.invent; introduce; start (something new, independent life, etc.); compose (song, etc.); make up or fabricate (story, etc.); chip off part of blade of (tool).melibech a meruul a beches; dibechii, duibech a chelitakl, di ngii el meruul; delbechelel.
15230.004melibekv.t.kick away; kick (ball); sweep away (with hand); push away (with hand or foot); fend off.melibek a dibekii; dibekii a bduu; duibek.
15240.004melikesv.t.pole (raft, canoe, etc.); (leader) speak (words of song which others will sing in response).melikes oba dekel el orrurt er a mlai; sikesii, smikes a brer.
15250.004meliualechv.t.throw stick at.meliualech a olengill el oba tiualech; tiuelechii a meradel, toiualech a iedel, tiuelechel.
15260.004meluichv.t.shine or reflect light on; illuminate; go night fishing with torch or lamp.meluich a melituich. (fine).meluked a msa ngkedel a kot.
15280.004melulv.t.broil; roast; get (oneself) sunburned; bake (bread, etc.).melul a omekmarek er a bas; durur a ngikel; dmul a chemang, delul.
15290.004me e mongexpr.pass by; go on; "(in a direction) towards me and then keep going (past me)."
15300.004mengatv.t.smoke (fish; etc.); dry (wrapped tapioca); give (someone) steam bath (so as to regain strength; esp. after childbirth); smoke out (mosquitoes; etc.).mengat a chemat a ngikel; otur a omechell; chetul.
15310.004mengebirukelv.t.make crooked.mengebirukel a meruul a chebirukel; diak le melemalt; choibirukel a tekoi, chobirkelii, chebirkelel a tekoi.
15320.004mengebladv.t.deceive; cheat; use (something) deceptively; bluff.mengeblad a outingaol e melai a soal; chobeldir a sensei; choblad a udoud; chebeldil. (person; food; engine; etc.); slap (part of head or face).mengeluut a melai a ungil el eolt; cheluut a mei mengeluut; ongeluatel; chelutel.
15340.004mengereelv.t.catch (fish) with a line (but not troll); make cord out of; (sl.) look for girls.mengereel a ngar a chei el ousbech a kereel; korelii a klou el ngikel; koreel a temekai; kerelel.
15350.004mengerekerv.t.earn or seek money; make a living; seek or gather medicinal plants for religious ceremony.mengereker a omsaso; oureor el osiik a udoud; korekerengii, koreker a udoud; kerekerengel.
15360.004mengesbadv.t.slap (face).mengesbad a omar; mengelebed, mengedelekelek; osbedengii a medal; osbad a mederir; chesbedengel.
15370.004mengesebv.i.bring food to ngasech ceremony.mengeseb a olab a kall el mo er a omesurech; chelsobel, chelsebelel.
15380.004mengibv.t.pick/pluck (fruit); extract (tooth); wean (baby); sway (hips) when dancing; ignore; avoid eye contact.mengib a chibngii; nguu er a chelechedal; ngmai; chuib a bobai; chebngel
15390.004mengiutv.t.cut (weeds, grass); clean up (garden, village, road, etc.); clean up around outside of (house).mengiut a melaml e meriik; kiuetii a blil, kmiut a rael; kutel a beluu.
15400.004mengubv.t.solicit (esp. woman) with gifts; bribe; induce; pity.mengub a msa a klalo a redil el omsau er a rengul; chubur a klok, chuub a udoud; chebul.; shape; create; spank.meob a omeob; mebii a blauang; bebeel a blauang a meob el mo er se el soal.
15420.004merdekeklv.i.jump; leap.
15430.004merderdv.t.step on; peddle (bicycle); step on gas peddle of (car).merderd a mesarech; roderdii; roderd a bad; merderd er a osebokel; rderdel.
15440.004meririauv.t.shake.meririau a orekedii e ouedikel er ngii el mo e mei; ririur a kerrekar; ririul.
15450.004mesimv.t.shake.mesim a olsesei el choroid er a olsechelel; simengii a kingall el mong; suim a tebel, mesim a klalo e meledaes er a ulaol; smengel a tebel.
15460.004mesuchv.t.jerk; pull strongly at.mesuch a smuch; meterekakl el omelai; mesngii; suchar a ngalek.
15470.004meteraklv.erg.destroy; dismantle; break up; scatter; spread.meterakl a obriid; terrakl, toreklii a delengchokl; tereklel a delengchokl. birth to; assist (woman) in delivery. on and crush (grass; vines; etc.); fall on top of; push (person, thing) forcibly into; (waves) break (at reef, etc.).moch a omoch; ngalek a mla mechengii a sualo; omoch a chudel; olsarech.
15500.004ousubesv.t.forgive; overlook.ousubes a melasem el obes, mo diak el kesib a rengul; ak mla ousubes er a kngtil.; spread; sow (seed); dismantle; disrupt; break or split up; take apart; cause (members of family) to separate.mriid a omriid; torakl, bridel.; paste.mudii a omuid er ngii; loia uid; omereked, muid a babier, udel a babier.; pierce.murech a omurech; mla murech a ngikel; mrechii a rrull; brechel.
15540.004ngelteln.poss.3ssetting (of sun; moon); sinking (of feet into soft ground; etc.).ngeltel a ngelt er ngii; ngmelt, ngeltel a sils me ng milkelkang.
15550.004ngemokelv.s.desirous of food which others are eating; greedy for food.ngemokel a nglemokel; ungil a omengelel; soal a kall; nglemekelel.
15560.004ngibesn.drooling; saliva.ngibes a sibes el tuobed er a ngor; mecherechars a ngbesel.; elect.ngiltii a melilt er ngii.
15580.004ngiualn.village in east Babeldaob, north of Melekeok, south of Ngaraard. The state in which Chong-Ruios is chief.Ngiual a beluu er a desbedall er a Babeldaob; Kiuluul.
15590.004nglengaelv.s.(person) half-way finished something and unable to know how to finish it; at a loss for words; confused; disconcerted; abashed; speechless.nglengael a dingesedeel; diak lodengei el kmo ng mekerang; chad a nglengael er a blulekngel; dikea lodengelii a rsel; nglengelang.
15600.004nguln.asthma.ngul a secher, rakd el mesel; kesengliil, mla ngmasech a nglil a ngul.
15610.004oboketv.erg.get unwrapped; unravelled; undone.oboket a bloket; blekatel, meketii a kall, moket a uldurokl, beketel a kall; mla oboket a beldechelel.
15620.004ochadun.instr.instrument to cut with; scissors; tongs.ochadu a klekedall el melebes; usbechall el omechadu; ochadu er a mamed; mecheduii, mechadu, ocheduel
15630.004ocherengeln.poss.3smathematics; number; amount; (action of) counting off.ocherengel a ochur er ngii; ildisel.
15640.004odbecheln.poss.3scurrent (in ocean); pressure; (political, etc.) support.odbechel a odubech er ngii; oldubech.
15650.004odimeln.poss.3snon-starchy food (e.g., meat, fish, sometimes papaya, coconut, eggs) eaten to complement ongraol (=starchy food). [The possessed forms are sometimes avoided in polite conversation since they can also be used as swear words.].odimel a odoim er ngii.
15660.004okerdeln.poss.3sthe action of dropping something off.okerdel a okerd er ngii; olekerd a rechad me a telechull.
15670.004okorv.t.ignore or disregard (person, matter); take alternative course of action; do something in response to (something else); (ignore present state of affairs) do (something else) instead; go ahead and do anyway or in spite of (orders, requests, etc. to the contrary).okor a mengedidai er a rengul; chetil el orrenges; okor e diak bo kuruul; okor e merael; okerekor e melamech e diak kunger. away; drive away (by one's actions or behavior); make (someone) flee.olechiis a orriik; ochiis; bekeu el bilis a ochiis a malk; ochisii, ochisel.
15690.004olekeangelv.caus.cause something to roll or slide downwards.olekeangel a okeangel; orrurt, odubech, midokl, okengelii; okeangel el mong; melad er a chad; okengelel.
15700.004olekesv.caus.tighten; make (relationship) closer.olekes a okes; remuul el mo kmes diak le mimokl; okesengii; okes a lechetel.
15710.004olengesongesv.caus.make insufficient; deplete.olengesonges a ngesonges; kall a kesai e a rechad a betok; ngesengesel.
15720.004olengibesv.t.tempt; tease; seduce.olengibes a ongibes; remuul el mo sorir; nguibes er a ekebil; ungil kall a olengibes; ongbesii.
15730.004olengillv.caus.knock down or off (with stone etc.).olengill a orrebet; meliualech; ongill a iedel, ongellii a meradel, ongellel.
15740.004oliichn.spoon.oliich a klekedall el mengisb; meliich, oliich er a lius; olichel er a kall.
15750.004ollomeln.tap root (of plant); rhizome; heart (of matter).ollomel a klou el uchul a risel a kerrekar; ollomel er a lius a dellemakl er a chutem; ollemelel.
15760.004olsecherv.caus.make (someone) sick (by performing magic; etc.); nauseate; pretend (oneself) to be sick.olsecher a uchul a secher; mekngit el omengang a omekeroul a secher; mekngit el cheliuaiu a olsecher.
15770.004olsengeln.poss.3sknife.olsengel a oles er ngii.
15780.004omadelv.t.extract; pull or pluck out.omadel a nguu er a ollomel; madel a diokang, medelii a dait, bedelel a diokang.
15790.004omalechv.t.hit with a slingshot; catch (fish) with a spear gun; snap string of kitalong against piece of lumber for purpose of marking line.omalech a malech a ngikel; melechii a charem el oba balech; belechel.
15800.004omangchv.t.bite.omangch a bangch, mengchii, bilis a mla mangch a malk, mengchii a ngalek, bengchel.
15810.004omaochv.i.(water; blood) flow.omaoch a omebaoch; merael a bochel, ralm a omaoch el metengel.
15820.004omdechemv.t.catch; capture.omdechem a otoir el oreked; mdechem, mdechemii a merchorech el diall, udechemel.
15830.004omekakov.t.tease; provoke; antagonize.omekako a rullii a chad el ngmasech rengul; soal a ulekako; mekekoii a ngalek, omekako er a sechelil, ulekekeuel.
15840.004omekioudv.caus.make late; delay.omekioud remuul el mo meoud, mekioud a kles, mekueudii a omerael.
15850.004omekngiisv.caus.dry (clothes, etc.) in the sun; expose (head, etc.) to sun.omekngiis a mekngiis; omekdirt er a sils, omngiis, mngiis a bilel, ukngisel.
15860.004omengausn.act.sprinkle lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).
15870.004omerekedv.t.paste or glue (something) onto; lean (oneself) against; hang (laundry).omereked a mereked; merekedii a babier era kboub, berkedel.
15880.004omesaodn.act.explanation.omesaod a omengedereder, olecholt, mesaod a biblia, osodel.
15890.004omiisv.t.turn (page).omiis a omkais, olechob, misii a babier, miis a berrotel; olecholt.
15900.004omitechv.t.make (boat, etc.) lean to size; capsize; lay (oneself) on side.omitech a diak le melemalt; mitech a mlai; mtechii a ert; omitech a lorael; kedeb a bita el ochil.
15910.004omkoklv.t.rise early in the morning (in order to carry out particular activity).omkokl a ulkokl; mekiis er a mouais, mekiis er a milkokl, omkokl el mo er a bor, mkeklii a urreor.
15920.004omngarv.t.collect (firewood).omngar a melai a idungel, mngar a tebechel, mngerur a bkau, bngerul a tebechel.
15930.004omorv.t.lay or put (hands, chest) on or against something.omor a loia chimal er ngii; mor a chimal er a bdelul; bereel a chim er a bedul. omor a merael a delel, ulul; diak el ochil; ngalek a omor er a ulul er a ulaol, bereel a ulul.
15940.004omsangeln.basket (or similar container) used by women to store personal effects.omsangel a blil a udoud; blil a mekreos el klalo, omsengelel a buai
15950.004omsasov.t.obtain through barter/trade.omsaso a mengereker; ourreor el kirel, msaso a udoud, msesouii a chutem, usesoel.
15960.004omsibsv.i.bore hole in; drill; pierce (ear).omsibs a rullii a blsibs; remuul el mo metetoech, msebsii a kboub, msibs a kerrekar, bsebsel.; titillate; cause someone to become infatuated; lower by sliding.ongengedii a olenganged er ngii; rullii el mo soal; ngmanged, ungil el dil a mla ongengedii a sechelik, ongengedel; ongengedii a olenganget el mei er eou, ongengedii er a buuch, ngmanged, ngengedel.
15980.004ongeuidnum.7 [seventh] (ordinal).ongeuid a ochur (7), ongeuid el sils, ongeuid er a rak; ongeuid el skuul.
15990.004orakiruun.full moon.orakiruu a kllou el buil; delechel a orakiruu; kot el mellomes el buil.
16000.004ordemeleln.poss.3shandle; principal village in district.ordemelel a ordomel er ngii.
16010.004osisechekleln.poss.3steaching; instruction; training; way of teaching; doctrine.osisecheklel a osisechakl er ngii.; sell (oneself) as prostitute; give away; betray.oterur a olterau er ngii.
16030.004ouketuiv.i.hate; dislike.ouketui a chetil, kltui, ouketui er a bechil, ouketui er a delal. the parents of; act like a child.oungalek a ngar er ngii a ngelekel.
16050.004reborebv.i.sit (on floor) like a man (i.e. with both knees up, or with one knee up and other on the floor); squat; (birds) sit or perch.reboreb a ulekdereboreb a ochil; delengcheklel a sechal; dereberebel.
16060.004reksin.history; the study of history. or bind (long objects) together; join; make (relationship) closer.rongedii a merenged, melechet.
16080.004rratn.bicycle.rrat a eru a ochil el mlai er a beluu.
16090.004rrekuiv.r.s.finished (completely).rrekui a mla merekui; blai a rrekui a urrerel; mla mo merek; rekil.
16100.004rurn.shame; timidity.rur a merur; rrengel er a recherechel; seked; titmekl.
16110.004sechelein.friend; companion; boyfriend; girlfriend; lover; term of address from a woman to a group of people.sechelei a soal a klausechelei; secheleingalek; sechelei a okedong er a klausechelei, e sechelei, sechelil.
16120.004sechesecheln.poss.3sstuffing; anything used to stuff another object such as stuffing inside a pillow.sechesechel a omelechesech er ngii; melechesech a boes, melechosech a kall.
16130.004selakdv.t.make (raft); tie side by side; crowd out (as in weeds crowding out other plants); change (subject of conversation).selakd a mla mesakd; brer a selakd sokdii; smakd.
16140.004sengsongdn.redup.fallen twig or branch.sengsongd a mekekerei el el rechelel a kerrekar; sengsengdel.; pull (oneself) together; be strong, resolved or patient.smisiich a melisiich er tir; rulleterir el mo mesisiich. (something) into; pack; stuff (food; etc.) into mouth; etc.smuk a mesuk; locha er a chelsel; mla smuk a kall er a belatong, sukur, skul.; remove (name) from list; dry (someone; oneself) off (with towel; etc.); wipe off (mouth; nose; private parts; etc.).smuld a mesuld; melemed, smuld a medal; suldii, seldel.
16180.004sokoln.poss.3sa recently developed liking or desire. [although a noun, this is typically translated to English as something like, "now likes" or "has started to like"]sokol a mla mo soal; nganged er ngii; smau; semeremeriang, smongang. on; tour/visit (place).sorechii a mesarech er ngii; sorecheklii; serechel.; spray; throw water on (from container); water (plants).subsii a melubs er ngii er a ralm; sebsel er a ralm.; learn; imitate; copy.suub a mesuub; nguelem, ngalek a ungil el suub a tekoi a luleka el medinges; suebel a tekoi.
16220.004tebecheleln.poss.3smangrove tree (Rhizophora mucronata Lam.); mooring pole; leader or guide (of group); guardian.
16230.004tebelikv.s.wild (person, animal).tebelik a odikel; tebelik el chad; diak le kedung; tebelik el charem.
16240.004tekuun.yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares).tekuu a ta er a bedengel a ngikel; tekuu a bonito.
16250.004tengdeln.poss.3sfishbone.tengdel a tungd er ngii el ngikel.
16260.004terekleln.a.s.something to be divided (esp. food).tereklel a blingelel el kall; terukel.
16270.004teriobsn.foam (of sea); soap suds; bubbles; beer (slang).teriobs a iobs er a sob me a daob; outeriobs; teribsel. or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).tibir a melib er ngii; rullii el mo ta uldasu; tbil. according to a definite measurement; cut with quick chopping motion; cut off; amputate; measure.tmuk a meluk; tmuk a klemanget; tukur a teu; osiik er a teu me a klemangel; tkul. up; support; prevent from falling; push away.tukeklii a melkakl er ngii; tkeklel.
16310.004uchauchn.crotch.uchauch a mesekmel a uchul a ouach; uchuchel; delul a uchul a ouach.
16320.004ulaochn.prophecy; sign; omen.ulaoch a melekoi a ngar er a medad el tekoi; chad el omlaoch a kmo, "a merserasech el kodall a mo er ngii", mlochii, mlaoch, ulochel.
16330.004uldekialn.poss.3stotal; sum.uldekial a cherrengelel; uldekial a udoud er a ocheraol a $40,000.00.
16340.004uldirekorekv.r.s.overdone.uldirekorek a diak a delebedebelel; kmal betok, medeel a kall; kesai a rechad e a kall uldirekorek; uldirekorek a kall e kesai a belduchel; odirkerekel a kall.
16350.004ulekerreuiln.poss.3stake care of/protect (person or animal); obey.ulekerreuil a ulekerreu er ngii; omekerreu a rechad; kerekikl a tekoi; melatk a rechad.
16360.004ulekraelv.r.s.guided; advised; led.ulekrael a mla mukrael; ngar er ngii a rolel; mlai a ulekrael el mo tuobed.
16370.004uloechv.s.(person) in a hurry to go somewhere.
16380.004ulsemuulv.s.(person) skillful at many things; (person) humble.ulsemuul a mesisiich e meduch a rokui; dachelbai a tekoi me a omeruul; oumesingd el rengeasek er a Belau a ulsemuul.
16390.004urrebetellelv.i.fall (from).urrebetellel a kirel el mo er ngii; meduch er a urreor a ngar a urrebetellel; tengeng a mengkekereaule ng diak mo urrebetellel.
16400.004utekengeln.poss.3sprojecting object; booby trap; opposition; objection.utekengel a utok er ngii; omtok.
16410.004basechn.flint for starting fire; fuse; white film over eye; cataract; the hardened meat of an overgrown betelnut; direction in which canoe is sailed against the wind (requiring zigzag movement of canoe); tack. to be bitten.
16430.004brekeln.poss.3sdye; coloring; Arnotto dye plant.
16440.004chebuln.poss.3sgift (esp., to woman, in hope of romantic relationship; bribe; inducement).chebul a chub er ngii el udoud; mengub a klalo er a soal.
16450.004derteln.poss.3sscrapings (e.g. from taro, etc.).
16460.004mechadv.s.deaf.mechad a mekngit el orrenges; diak lorrenges; mechad a dingal, mechedengel, mechedengoel. up until morning; (almost) exclusively followed by 'a llomes.'.medesii a dengchokl el mo tutau; te di mle mekar er a sar el medesii a llomes.; line up; display.
16490.004melengelv.t.halt or stop from the side; head off; attack; surround; ensnare; trap (oneself); get oneself into trouble or hot water.melengel a merrob; torob; dengerenger a melengel a mlai e melai a udoud.
16500.004melilechv.t.throw (person) down (in wrestling, etc.); smash open (young coconut); hit (head) against; (bird) drop (itself) to surface of water.
16510.004mengesebv.t.cut (taro tubers); break (someone's) heart.mengeseb a melebes; meleakl a kukau er a dait; chosebii; chueseb a dait, chesebel. in (fishnet).
16530.004ngmateln.a.s.water to be bailed out.ngmatel a daob el ngar a chelsel a mlai, bilas; ngmetelel.
16540.004ollomeln.planting season; best time for planting (plants, vegetables, etc.).ollomel a ungil el belsechel a omelalem; ollomel er a chemutii, ollomel er a kiuri.
16550.004omdidv.caus.make a bridge over (river, channel in mangrove swamp, etc.); remember the past (make a connection between something happening now and something that happened before).omdid a meruul a did; melecha did er a omoachel, mdidar, udidal. (oneself).
16570.004terecheln.poss.3sdeep and infected wound.terechel a kltkat; telemall el mla me chemolt a techel; telabd er a chimal a terechel. wound or prick with spine.tochebii a melacheb er ngii; ngikel a mla tochebii a ochik; techebel.
16590.004ultabv.r.s.placed on raised surface; hindered or delayed temporarily; seated (in doorway) with legs dangling outside; sitting down for a short time.ultab a mla motab; diak el lerrekui; otebengii; dirkak lebo el merek; otab, otebengel a cheldecheduch; ultab a diak le meketeket el dengchokl; ak di ultab er a tuangel; otebengii e olengull, otab a klebngel; otebengel.
16600.004beltik el; affection.
16610.004berdeln.poss.3slip.berdel a berd er ngii el kim, berdel a ngor, berdel a otkang. of heaviness.berraod a kllungel a berredel a klalo.
16630.004berriidv.r.s.scattered; spread; sown; dismantled.berriid a diak le chelludel; mriid, rechad a berrid.
16640.004berteln.poss.3sthe action of hiding.bertel a omart a buuch.
16650.004bledv.r.s.(ball; etc.) caught; grabbed; (money) borrowed.bled a mla obed; medir a bduu, bedeel
16660.004bluksv.r.s.(spearhead) pounded and flattened; (lips = ngor) pursed.bluks a mla obuks; bluks a ngerel, chelisngull, meksii, beksel a ngerel.
16670.004bucheln.poss.3sbetel nut.buchel a buuch er ngii el chad.
16680.004chelamv.r.s.broken in two.chelam a chelemuul; mla mecham; chomur, chuam a rachel, mengam, ochil a chelam, chemul a uach.
16690.004cheliin.yesterday.chelii a sils er uchei er a chelechang.
16700.004cheliseksikdv.t.tangle up (string, line, etc.); get someone involved or mixed up in; complicate or confuse (matters).cheliseksikd a chelikikd, diak le mededaes. (rope; wire; fishing line; etc.); cuddle (baby) when sleeping; (hen) sit on/hatch (eggs).chemetii a mengaet er ngii.
16720.004chemochemn.urine.chemochem a ralm el diak a usbechel er a chad me ng tuobed; chemechemel.
16730.004cheriutn.grass skirt.cheriut a baildil el ngar a uudes el me er eou, oucheriut, cheritel.
16740.004chesiln.poss.3sburning or discoloration of pot (after water has boiled out).chesil a chelas er ngii; chosir, chemas, chesil a beras. (something) to a distance; move (oneself) away from.choridii a mengeroid er ngii. (fruit); extract (tooth); wean (baby); sway (hips) when dancing; ignore; avoid eye contact.chuib a mengib a rodech; chuib a oleiit; olechib a medal.
16770.004churn.laughter; laughing.chur a dereuakl, ocherechur, rekebil a metemella er a chur.
16780.004dekdeln.fear; awe.
16790.004delemeln.poss.3s(action of) planting.delemel a beches el meldalem; dalem el lius el ungil bekerredechel.
16800.004deleuilln.relationship between people or groups of people.deleuill a deleongel; delongelel a chad me a chad, deleuill er a Merikel me a Belau a free association.
16810.004dengebeln.poss.3slid; cover.dengebel a dangeb er ngii; omelangeb er ngii el olekang.
16820.004didicheln.poss.3sray (of light); act of insulting.didichel a omelidiich er ngii, diak longull a llach me ng mla medidiich er a uchul a delengchokl.
16830.004dimeln.poss.3sspray; splashing.dimel a diim er ngii el klengoes; osechel. (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant).dmangch a melangch; mla dmangch a rokui el chaibebelau, dongchii a chad, dengchel; dmangch a kebui; locha chutem er a uchul a dellomel. up at.dmanges a melanges; omes er bab, mla dmanges a buuch, dongesii a kebui, dengesel.
16860.004duobv.i.fall through or into (hole); be late; miss.duob a diak le bechir a taem; ruebet er a delluchel, duob er a skoki.
16870.004eanginterj.expression of surprise.eang a ochotii a rrau el reng; eang ng mera el tekoi? eang tia ng ker?
16880.004imeleln.poss.3sdrink; beverage.imelel a ilumel el ngii a ouilumel, imelel el mengur.
16890.004imuulv.i.cross over (to other side).imuul a ngar a bitang el mo er a bitang; mo imuul er a omoachel el okiu a did.
16900.004kabelmentn.government. each other.kaingeseu a didu el olengeseu, ngosuir a ousbech a ngeso; ngoseu a chelsang, rebeluu a kaingeseu.
16920.004kambalangn.bell.kambalang a ongesmoll el kirel a orenges; osmii a kambalang. to each other or converse about something.katekoi a didu el melekoi; kachedecheduch, ngera te katekoi?
16940.004katurn.left hand/arm; left side.katur a klitechetul; diak le klisichel; kirel a chad el okiu a katur er a rael.
16950.004keamn.Polynesian/Tahitian chestnut; nut of keam.keam a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. A keam a dellomel; ng kmal el mo meklou el kerrekar. A redechel a mechaibibeob e ko er a debretech. Kede meliokl a redechel e ng kall. Ng dirrek el sebechel el klalo a chelechedal.
16970.004keruln.poss.3smedicine; palliative; antidote.kerul a kar er ngii el secher.
16980.004kldachelbain.skill; dexterity.kldachelbai a cheldechuul; meduch a urreor me a tekoi; dachelbai er a cheldecheduch; kldachelbil.
16990.004kleainum.8 [eight] (animal; nonliving thing).kleai a eai el ochur (8), kleai el malk, kleai el blai; kleai el babii.
17000.004klebelungn.nonsense; foolishness; ignorance.klebelung a kebelung, teliturmgelsonges er a uldasu; diak el meduch.
17010.004kleuidnum.7 [seven] (animal; nonliving thing).kleuid a ochur el euid (7), kleuid el babii, kleuid el chemang, kleuid el beluu.
17020.004klumechv.r.s.(blanket; etc.) spread out; (body) massaged; restored; message sent.klumech a mesumech a tekoi el mo er a cheroid; a ika klmechel el eko er kau. a ilumel. silent.lmuk a luk; mtekii a ngerel; diak lolekoi. (into particular position); take (to particular place).lochang a melechang; lochang, omechei, mesuk a udoud er a olsechelel. a omart; mertii a babier, mart a udoud, bertel.
17070.004masesn.matches.mases a seuis; klekedall el omekard a ngau, masesengel. around; leave alone; let.mechei a omechei; diak lolai, mla mechei a kall e merael, mecherei. a omechar er ngii; ocheral.
17100.004mechuuv.s.shady.mechuu a chuu; diak a dichel a sils er ngii, eungel a kerrekar a mechuu, chungel.
17110.004medulv.erg.broil; roast; get (oneself) sunburned; bake (bread, etc.).medul a delul; dmul a ngikel; delul er a ngau, delul a chimal er a mekeald. (fire, lamp, cigarette, etc.); turn on.mekard a omekard; mekard a olbidel; mekerdii a ngau, okerdel. up (container) with; charge battery.mekekii a omekeek er ngii; locha el mo mui. (eyes; mouth; book; door; etc.); spread (legs; etc.) apart.mekengii a omkais; omok er ngii; mekengii a babier, bekengel a babier,
17150.004mekerekerv.s.(fish, meat, vegetables, leaves) fresh; (person) robust; lively; in good health or condition.mekereker a beches; mekereker el ngikel, mekereker el kebui; mekereker el kall; mekereker a mesisiich a bedengel; meses er a urreor, usbechall er a buai; diak le mesaik el chad. (things) clear/obvious; explain; clarify; make (oneself) visible/prominent; remove obstacle to (vision).meketeklii a omeketakl er ngii; meketakl; dmedesii.
17170.004melamlv.t.cut (grass, garden, yard, etc.).
17180.004melauv.t.heat or cook (food) lightly; heat to make it bendable; rub or massage; beckon to (person, animal).melau a tour; meruul el mo medemedemek er a ngau, mekeald; tmau a baklungal; teul; melau a omekodong el oba chimal, olechau er ngii el oba chimal.
17190.004melechesebv.t.scoop or ladle out (and keep for further use).melecheseb a socheseb; mengisb, melecheseb a uasech, ralm; sochesebii. melecheseb a mengisb; melai a ralm el oba ongisb; sochesebii; socheseb; sechesebel.
17200.004melidiichv.t.shine brightly on or into; glare into; light up; insult (visitor or person of lower clan); offensive insulting using mother's side references.melidiich a didiich er a sils; ngar er ngii a dichel, dmiich, didichel.
17210.004melimetv.t.bail; bail out and discard; scoop dirt out of.melimet a mengoit a ralm, daob; ngimetii, nguimet a mlai me a chert; ngmetel.
17220.004melokov.t.blow out (candle, etc.); blow up (balloon); blow on or at; smoke or puff (cigarette).meloko a oltobed a telil; dokouii a dekool, dekeuel.
17230.004melolkv.t.kick (with downward movement of leg); stomp.melolk a oba ochil el mesebek; dolkii, dmolk a tebel, delkel.
17240.004meluluuchv.t.pray to; plead to; implore; apologize to.meluluuch a olengit; ngunguchii me lebechei a belsel me a ududel; ngunguchel.
17250.004melusechv.s.always lucky.melusech a metik a klungiaol; klengaltengat; lusech, lsechel. a omangch er ngii; katuu a mla mengchii a beab; mangch, bengchel or stitch patch onto; fix temporarily or sloppily; push (person) against (wall, etc.).mengeed a meruul mechut el klalo; chemedii a blai, chemeed a bail; chedel.
17280.004mengemullv.t.have sexual relations with.mengemull a ousau; sechal me a dil a chachemull.
17290.004mengesv.t.grate or scrape (usually, coconut, sometimes, taro).menges a kosir; kmes a lius el oba onges; kesil. menges a meruul a kelel a klechedaol; kosir, kmes a kles.
17300.004mengimdv.t.cut/trim (someone's) hair; trim (shrubs; trees; betel nuts; etc.); cut (string; wire; etc.).mengimd a kimdii; kuimd a cheiul el mo mekedeb; kemdel.
17310.004mengosmv.t.tap or rap on; hit (head); ring (bell).mengosm a chosmii a beached; chuosm a kambalang el mo er ngii a ngerel; chesmel.
17320.004mengudelv.t.collect; put together; assemble; save (money).mengudel a oldak; oldekdak; chemudel a udoud; chudelii a beluu e mengedecheduch; chedelel.
17330.004meradv.t.pick (flowers, medicinal plants, young leaves at tip of vine); pick or gather sticks, vines, etc. (for fishtrap); pick small taro leaves for demok.merad a melai; mengais; rodir a kebui, remad a bung, merad a kar; rdil a kar.
17340.004merechv.t.move (oneself) (to get comfortable; etc.); ready (oneself) to go; set (things) in order.merech a osiik a rolel el mo ungil; meruul besul; rochur a delengcheklel; remech a udoud; rechul a delengchokl.
17350.004merengedv.t.tie or bind (long objects) together; join; make (relationship) closer.merenged a oldak e melechet; mesaur, rongedii a chebechiil; remenged a biskang; renged a klausechelei.
17360.004mesebechaklv.t.defend; be on side of (person); help (person in danger).mesebechakl a olseobel; sobecheklii a chad; sobechakl, olengeseu er a rosngang; osebecheklel.
17370.004metibv.erg.plan or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).; distribute; separate (people) from each other; part (hair); direct (matter such as to credit to blame) at proper person; open (hands) palm up (as gesture to show that one is out of something, etc.). (knife).misii a omais; merael er ngii el beluu; bisel er a chelechol.
17400.004mocharv.erg.get bought or bribed.mochar a ulechar; mecherar, mechar, blik a mla mochar er a ocheraol; ocheral.; unravel; unwind; comb out/undo (hair) with hands; break (hold); lift (magic spell); (chicken, etc.) fall back or hesitate when fighting; pay dues, money at ocheraol, etc.moket a omoket; oltobed; meketii a udoud; moket a beldechelel, beketel.
17420.004moktekn.purpose; function; intention; goal. at.mosii a omoes er ngii; moes a bilis.; pierce.mrechii a omurech er ngii; brechel. (clothes etc.) into bundle; pull vigorously; grab; (child) defecate into diaper.mus a omus; mla mus a such, mla ngmai; mesngii, usngel a such. (mouth, eyes, fist, etc.); close (bag, basket, legs, etc.).mutek a omutek; mo diak le blok; mutek a medal, mtekii a ngerel.
17470.004ngellakeln.joke.ngellakel a oltobedchur el tekoi; betechel a reng; uchul a dereuakl; oungelakel, ngellekelel.
17480.004ngeremlenguin.village in W. Babeldaob; north of Ngatbang, south of Ngardmau, west of Melekeok; village in which Ngirturong is chief.Ngeremlengui a beluu er a kiukl er a Babeldaob; Imeungs. (in form of labor).ngeseu a ngeso; olengeseu; ngoseuir; ngoseu; msa ngeso. or see (person) off; return; send back; bring (bride) to prospective husband's family.ngoderii a merader er ngii; sumesmechii.
17510.004obeuv.erg.break or crack; hatch.obeu a mecherad; mengii, meu, mla obeu a butiliang; bengel
17520.004obodechv.s.curved; (person) having back curved towards rear.obodech a blodech; siesorech el dil; obodech el mlai.
17530.004odangesn.praise; honor.odanges a chetengakl, chemat; melekoi a klungiolel; odengesii; oldanges, odengesel. a oldingel er ngii; omes er ngii.
17550.004oeangn.cluster of coconuts.oeang a betok el cheldull; oeang er a lius, telueang; ta el sikd. a large amount of (fish); consume; deplete; use up.okngemed a olekngemed; remuul el mo diak; diall er a ngodech el beluu a mla okngemed a ngkelel Belau; okngemedel.
17570.004olengangedv.caus.seduce; titillate; cause someone to become infatuated; lower by sliding.olenganged a ongengedii; rullii el mo soal ngii; ongengedel; olenganged a ngar er a bab el me er a eou; ongengedii; onganged, ongengedel.
17580.004olengesengesv.t.obey or consent (to order etc.) (especially out of politeness).olengesenges a blak a rengul el orrenges e mtab; remenges e meruul; ungil el buai a olengesenges a llach; ngosenges; ongesengesel a llach.
17590.004oltuuv.t.make (someone) enter; put into.oltuu a olsiseb, otungii, otuu a kall, otungel a klalo er a bai.
17600.004omdorv.t.shade (someone, oneself) from sun; shelter (someone, oneself) from rain.omdor a ngar er a omderungel; diak longebou, mderengii a diak a blil, uderengel.
17610.004omekbechesv.t.renovate; repair; make new.omekbeches a remuul a mechut elmo beches; ngmodech, mekbechesur, mekbeches a skuul, mo beches, ukbechesul.
17620.004omekdirtv.caus.dry out (clothes; hair; etc.).omekdirt a mekdirt, mekditii; remuul el mo medirt, ukdertel.
17630.004omekdubechv.caus.make (plant) grow; cultivate (plant); establish/start (business; etc.); invent.omekdubech a remuul el duubech; mekdubech a diokang; mekeroul a dait, mekdubech a delengchokl, mekdebechii a ngalek, okedbechel.
17640.004omekordv.t.complete final stage of; perfect; improve or change appearance of; make nice; decorate; embellish; change (one's) behavior or attitude.omekord a mekord e remuul el klebokel e ungil, blekord a cheldechedechal, omekord er a dilukai.; advise; lead.omekrael a orrael; olecholt er a rael; mekrael a bilas, mekrolii a mengebelung, ukrolel a uau.
17660.004omelekingeln.poss.3s(way of) speaking; accent; dialect; utterance; what is expressed by (someone's) action of speaking.omelekingel a ngerel; omelekoi er ngii, ungil a delecherul a ngerel.
17670.004omiiv.t.divide; distribute; separate (people) from each other; part (hair); direct (matter such as to credit to blame) at proper person; open (hands) palm up (as gesture to show that one is out of something, etc.).omii a merous, meleukes, mii a ngerachel, omii a kall, bingel.
17680.004omotechv.t.(er a rengul): please; make content; satisfy; appease.omotech a melamet; oldeu, motech a rengrir a rebuik; beruadel a omotech a reng, mtechii a rengul a demal. for discarding trash.ongebitel a blil a besbas; cheitel a besbas er ngii; diak el ongebitel a rechad. at.ongengii a olengeng; omes er ngii.; let (something) fall; drop/remove (person; name) from list.orebetii a orrebet er ngii.
17720.004orrimelv.t.urge; force.orrimel a orimel; mesisiich el oldubech; orrimel er a ngelekel el mo er a skuul, oremelii; ormelel. at (rope, hand etc.); draw tight or taut.
17740.004outingaolv.i.(tell) lie to.outingaol a omulak, chetik el orrenges a telingaol, telingolel.; look around for (someone).remiik a meriik; remiik a besbas.; stab; inject; inoculate.remus a merus el oba orus; remus a betok el ngikel, rusur, rsul.; try out.rutechii a merutech er ngii.
17780.004sekdeln.string/cord/wire used for making raft.sekdel a sakd er ngii, sekdel a brer.
17790.004sodeln.poss.3sexplanation; discussion; solution.sodel a omesaod er ngii; sodel a ocheraol; diak kudenge a sodel.; remove (name) from list; dry (someone; oneself) off (with towel; etc.); wipe off (mouth; nose; private parts; etc.).suldii a ngomedii; mesuld er ngii.
17810.004telkeleln.poss.3smeasurement; length.telkelel a telkael er ngii.
17820.004tungdn.fishbone.tungd a mekedorem el melungd; tengdel a ngikel.
17830.004ulduroklv.r.s.send (things or persons).uldurokl a klalo el mla er a chad el mo er a ta er a chad; oldurokl a udoud, odureklii a babier, uldureklel.
17840.004ultomv.r.s.poked or stuck out.ultom a mla motom; otemii a medal; ochotii a medal er a seked; otom a mederir, otemengel.
17850.004chuibv.i.(period of time) pass by.
17860.004churn.subsidiary rib of coconut frond (with leaves attached.chur a churul a dui, temikel.
17870.004kerteln.poss.3saction of scraping something.kertel a omengort er ngii; kortii a rael; merael a kertel a rael. (person); wrap (present, package, etc.).milii a omail er ngii; loia bilel.
17890.004omeldaklv.t.throw something so that it splatters.omeldakl a meldakl; omeldakl a chutem er a blai; ometech.
17900.004techebeln.poss.3sspine (of fish). or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle.tongetengii a melenget er ngii.
17920.004ulecheln.r.s.poss.3sheart; core.ulechel a klekedall el omak er ngii; ulechel a kim; ulechel a oruer.
17930.004bacheln.collarbone; Palauan money in form of curved prisms.bachel a meklou el udoud er a Belau.
17940.004bedkeln.poss.3s(surgical) operation.
17950.004bekelleln.poss.3ssail; canoe which is sailing; (action of) driving or sailing.bekellel a teletelel bekall; omekall, bekellel a ngikel,bekellel a mlai.
17960.004belsibsn.hole.belsibs a mla obsibs; ngar ngii a metetoech er ngii, misebsii a kerrekar, msibs, bsebsel.
17970.004berebereln.poss.3snarrow part of limb.bereberel a berober er ngii el chim me a bereberel a uach.
17980.004bosn.(motorless) boat.bos a mlai er a daob, besengel.
17990.004burechn.(action of) spearing.burech a omurech, mrechii a ngikel el oba biskang, brechel.
18000.004busn.marriage payment given by husband's family.Ta ra okul a chebechiil el udoud; bus a udoud el rengedel a chebechiil el lomoket a sechal el mo er a blil a redil, bsengel.
18010.004chacheroidv.recip.far from each other.chacheroid a kakengesakl; di du el cheroid, choridii, choroid, cherroid, cherridel.
18020.004chelausv.r.s.sprinkled with lime; woven.chelaus a mla mechaus; chemelel a chelaus, mengaus, chusel a chemachel; chousii a oruikl, chemaus a tet, chusel.
18030.004chelleochv.r.s.take good or special care of; favor or spoil (usually, child).
18040.004cheloitv.r.s.thrown away; abandoned; discarded; (money) spent unnecessarily.cheloit a blides; mla mechoit; choitii a mechut el mlai, chemoit a besbas. between ground and floor of bai or house.chemrungel a delongelel a ulaol me a chutem, eungel a blai.
18060.004chemutiin.sweet potato.chemutii a ta er a bedengel a dellomel el kall a techel.
18070.004chiltn.oil; ointment; grease; chrism.chilt a ngii di le ngerang el usbechall er a omengilt, reng a chilt, cheluch a chilt, mengilt a reng.
18080.004dakdn.fear; awe.dakd a diak leblekeu; medakd, chad a uleboes me ng diak leua dakd er a beluu, dekdel.
18090.004delasechn.tabbooed food; food forbidden to particular clan or to particular person (when sick).delasech a kall el ukiil; omekiai; diak le kall; diak le rtuchel, ochaeo a delasech, delsechel. of fish; herd; group (of people).delebechel a cheldellel a betok, delebechel el ngikel; delebechel el ngalek a merael el meruu a besbas, delebechel el mekebud, delebechel el bilis.
18110.004desbedalln.east coast of Babeldaob. Includes the villages of Kayangel, Ngerchelong, Ngaraard, Ngiwal, Melekeok, Ngchesar.Desbedall a ongos er a Babeldaob; Melekeok me a Ngchesar a beluu er a Desbedall.
18120.004eoulbeluun.lower half of the body; private parts; section of a village at a lower elevation than the rest.eoulbeluu a tedobech er a chad; uuk me a uchauch me a but a eoulbeluu; eoulbeluu a beluu; delengchokl el ngar eou el chutem; eoulbeluu a diak el ordomel er a beluu, osebek a eoulbeluu.
18130.004iisn.nose; curved board at entrance of bai laid on top of kuoku or chututem.iis a klekedellel a klidm, urrereel a iis a melungl a bau, ungil a isngel a tmungl a bau.
18140.004ikakidexpressionhere they (things) are.
18150.004imiuv.t.pass by or in front of.imiu a engelakl e diak be ltab, eolt a mla imiu er a Belau, iul a eolt er a Beluad.
18160.004kebekaklv.s.light in weight; (matter) simple or easy to deal with.kebekakl a kekebekakl; diak lobereod, mesengaked el ngalek a kebekakl.
18170.004kengaoln.danger; dangerous situation.kengaol a kdekudel; omengechel, blil a chedeng a kengaol.
18180.004keriikn.rising/incoming tide; abundance; good fortune.keriik a merael a dolech el mo klou; ulturek dolech; omkeriik e omekall kung.
18190.004kerrasemn.cold; chills; coldness (person).kerrasem a kelekolt; mekerasem, ng mekelekolt me ng klou a kerrasem; diak le kesib; kersemel.
18200.004kiseln.poss.3skey (for opening locks).kisel a kiis er ngii el blai.
18210.004klautokn.oppose; go against; talk back at; balk at; swim against (current); go against or buck (wind); hit against (sharp object projecting from ground).klautok a diak le kaiuerenges; di du el omtok; klaiueong; mtekengii, mtok a tekoi, utekengel a urreor.
18220.004klemedengein.knowledge (from study; etc.).klemedengei a klaodengei; ngar ngii a klemedengei er kau er a omerael? (oneself) down; do (something) calmly in a relaxed manner.kokil a mekekokil; diak el orreched; kokil el merael.
18240.004kurangdn.playground.kurangd a blil a klekool; oililaol.
18250.004langeln.crying; noise of crying.langel a lmangel; langel er a ringel; lmangel er a kodall; longelii a ulekoad; lengelel.
18260.004laokn.fat (of human, animal, or fish); fatty food (esp., animal fat).laok a cheluch, melaok a babii laok er a babii a oumangtekang, lekel a bdelul a mesekuuk.; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for.lmatk a dobedebek; lotkang; diak lobes, ak mla lmatk a klumech, lotkii, ltkel. down (long object) lengthwise; complete (work, schooling, etc); accomplish; follow (path, stream, etc); continue; be too lenient with (usually, children).lomelemii a melemolem er ngii; lomelemii a omerolel.
18290.004mecherocherv.s.salty; salty food.mecherocher a cherrocher; telemtemul a daob me a sar; cherrecherel.
18300.004mechuliiv.t.tie into a bundle; embrace.mechulii a omechull er ngii; mengisemesem.
18310.004mekemimv.s.sour; acidic; spoiled (from having turned sour).mekemim a telemtam; telemtemul a ongerekur.
18320.004melaokv.s.greasy; fatty.melaok a klou a laok er ngii; cheluch; mangtekang; melaok el kall a olsecher, lekel.
18330.004melekosekv.t.cut/slice (odoim = non-starchy food) vertically (partially or all the way through); cut (leaves; paper; finger; etc.); castrate (pig); flatter.melekosek a melekodek; meluk; melebes,
18340.004melemosemv.t.tie shut to keep contents in; confine.melemosem a mesaur; somesemii; somosem a kall; semsemel.
18350.004melesv.t.cut or slice (fish, meat); slit (open); eat (fish) raw.meles a melekosek; meles a ngikel, baklild a meles a buld; dosengii, dmes, desengel.
18360.004melioklv.t.cook or boil (ongraol) in water.meliokl a melengoes a ongraol; ngiiklii; ngiokl a brak; ngiklel.
18370.004melngotv.t.(person) get, obtain or seek (food); (animal) forage for (food).melngot a osiik a ongraol; melngot er a mesei, stoang; tungetngii a kukau, tungot a beras, tngetngel.
18380.004melodechv.t.change; make (something) different.melodech a ngodechii; ngmodech a llach; mekbeches; omeldechel a rael, ngedechel. over or inside out; turn (oneself) around; translate; interprete.meltii a omult er ngii; omechero er ngii; meltii a ngikel; mult, beltel.
18400.004mengeroidv.t.remove (something) to a distance; move (oneself) away from.mengeroid a rullii el mo cheroid; choridii a blil omelim er a skuul; cheridel.
18410.004mengiudv.t.twist; wring (clothes).mengiud a mengiuetokl; chemiud a selokel; chiuedii a chimal, chiuedel.
18420.004menglouv.t.enlarge; amplify; make louder; increase in size.menglou a rullii el kuk mo klou; kilungii a ngerel; kilou a beltik el reng; menglou a omeruul e mengkekerei a omelekoi.
18430.004merisov.t.wash or rinse off (hands, feet, vegetables, etc.); wash off (floor).meriso a melatech; risouii a ochil er a ralm; remiso a chimal; melebal; rsoel.
18440.004merolungv.pred.go; walk; travel (particular distance); leave; (water) flow/move (in pipe); (blood) flow out.merolung a kmedu el merael; skoki a tobedung, ng merolung.
18450.004meroremv.t.sharpen.merorem a meruul el mo mekedorem; doremii a oles, duorem, merorem a kamang; deremel. (person); cool down (food; etc.) by fanning.meruoru a msa eolt; meruoru el oba oruoru; riueruii a blai; riuruel.
18470.004merusv.t.pierce; stab; inject; inoculate.merus a remus el oba kedorm; remus a ngikel el oba biskang, oba orus er a mud el merus; remus a mud; rsul a ngikel.
18480.004mesalov.t.grab at (soft substance - food, earth, etc.) and squeeze or knead; put fingers in (mouth); prepare (taro patch) for planting (by softening dirt).mesalo a solouii a bluu; smalo a ulecharo; mechas a smalo er a mesei, seleuel.
18490.004mesibv.t.break (ground); plow (land); dig (ditch, toilet, etc.).mesib a sibur a chutem el oba osib; mengiis er a chutem; suib a cheleliuis; sbul a sers.; (sun) throw rays (into or onto); pitch (in baseball); hurl object at; crack or pound (nut of tropical almond or shellfish); save (money or supplies) for an emergency or contingency.metech a ometech el olab a uetech; metech a miich, metech a blai el olab a bad; metechii, otechel; metech a ometech; omech a bechoel; kudmokl a udoud el ometech a secher.; (sun) throw rays (into or onto); pitch (in baseball); hurl object at; crack or pound (nut of tropical almond or shellfish); save (money or supplies) for an emergency or contingency.metechii a ometech er ngii; otechel a blai.
18520.004mlongv.pastwent.mlong a mla mong; mlo er a skuul.
18530.004motechaklv.i.drift or float towards.motechakl a ultechakl; ulebechakl el chad a mle motechakl er a Belau. (feathers, hair, etc.); blink (eye).msechii a omusech er ngii; msechii a medal er ngak me ak merael.; go against; talk back at; balk at; swim against (current); go against or buck (wind); hit against (sharp object projecting from ground).mtekengii a omtok er ngii; diak le kengei; mtekengii a oterul a mekngit el kar; mtok, utekengel. (feathers, hair, etc.); blink (eye).musech a omusech; melai, msechii a mesei; musech a dait, bsechel a dait.
18570.004ngobeetv.i.submerge into water; (wick of lamp) burn away; (lamp) go down; (neck, eye, cheek, etc.) get pulled or drawn in.ngobeet a mo er a eou; olengebeet ngobeet er a daob; ruabs, tuchelbakl, ngobeet a ngerel er a sbekekl; message; request to come.okedong a oleker; omekedong, okedongel a merreder a mlei.
18590.004okeimnum.50 [fifty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).okeim a ochur (50), eim el teruich; okeim el blai, okeim el ngalek.
18600.004oldarsv.t.lift up; stretch/extend (arms or legs).oldars a odars; oba el mo er a bab; odersii a chimal; olengeseu; odersel.
18610.004oleiitv.caus.deflect; miss (something) turn away; relieve (someone of burden) or load; disobey; contradict; disregard; let go of; break or disobey (law); pay for.oleiit a oietii; oiit a telechellel; melai er a telechull er a bdelul a chad; oleiit er ngii; oiit a telechull.
18620.004olekebaiv.t.prevent (person) from doing something; restrain; hold back.olekebai a okebai; merrob; merrob er a ngelekel mo diak lolim e longerodech er a beluu; olekebai er a omengeech el dekool; okebil.
18630.004olikn.fruit bat.olik a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. Ng suebek er a klebesei, ng ungil el odoim. A olik a charm; ng suebek el charm; ng di ua a teletelel a chesisualik e ng di meklou. Ng mechedelekelek a bedengel. Ng kall.
18640.004olsekedv.caus.push (something) into; push/crowd against; crowd out; fill up completely; (male) seeking money from (sister).olseked a omekseked; ildisel a mechesang oseked a ungil el techall er a mo er a skuul; osekedii a mo er a skuul, osekedel.
18650.004olsingchv.t.wait for (someone) (on the chance he may come); hope to see; wait for (something good to happen); look forward to something.olsingch a mengiil; olsingch er a klechedaol.
18660.004omechobechv.t.put (persons, things) into straight line or row; organize or arrange in proper order or sequence.omechobech a omades.
18670.004omekardv.t.light (fire, lamp, cigarette, etc.); turn on.omekard a loia llomes; mekerdii a uid; mekard a ngau, okerdel.
18680.004omeklemaltv.caus.make straight; make (child; etc.) walk straight; make (something) stand upright; make (boat; etc.) go straight; lead (someone) to good deeds.omeklemalt a melamet; meruul el diak el chebirukel; meklemalt a ungamk, tometii a omerolel, tuamet a omerellel, temetel.
18690.004omengulln.respect; the act of being respectful.omengull a mengull; melengmes, kullii a Chelid; mengull a rechad, kmull a llach.
18700.004omngamkv.t.look at to straighten; set right or straight.omngamk a locha ungamk; mngemkii a rael, mngamk, locha ungemkel a omekedecheraol; omngamk a omes; diak lourreor e dengchokl el omngamk er a ruurreor; ungemkel.
18710.004omodesv.t.boil fish in water; (ocean) agitated with whitecaps; cut (tongue) when eating pineapple, sugar cane, etc.omodes a omeldakl, modes a ngikel, medesii a malk; beches el klengoes; bedesel a ngikel; omodes a rullii el mo kltkat e meringel; ongor a modes a ngor obodes a meringel daob.
18720.004omsauv.t.bend (standing object - e.g. tree) down.omsau a kmurs el okeed; msau a reng, mseur a rachel, useul a rengul a soal.
18730.004omusv.t.tie (clothes etc.) into bundle; pull vigorously; grab; (child) defecate into diaper.omus a mengurs; omerober, omus a chutem, mesngii a ngalek er a delal, mus a udoud; besngel a chutem. omus a smuk, mesngii a kall er a mamed; mus a lius er a techiir, besngel.
18740.004ongorn.pandanus; pineapple.ongor a such e a bo le klou e ng mo ongor.; sell (oneself) as prostitute; give away; betray.oterau a olterau, mla oterur a mlai, oterau a kall, ilumel, oterul. (someone) enter; put into.otungii a oltuu er ngii.
18770.004rechuodeln.very ancient times.
18780.004rekasn.mosquito.rekas a llkolk; mekerei el charm el omangch.
18790.004riidn.departure; action of getting lost.riid a remiid; mo dibus; belsechel a riid.
18800.004ringeleln.pain; suffering; high cost; spiciness; strength (of wind); turbulence or roughness (of ocean).ringelel a ringel er ngii; meringel.; listen to; obey.rongesii a orrenges er ngii.
18820.004rrengeln.poss.3sshame; timidity.
18830.004se er aexpr.conj. when (in the past).
18840.004seraubn.screw.seraub a klekedall el orreked e omtebechel, seraub er a mesil, serubel; oldak e olekes; seraub a olsikm.
18850.004smakdv.t.make (raft); tie side by side; crowd out (as in weeds crowding out other plants); change (subject of conversation).smakd a mesakd; smakd a bambuu el brer; oldak el oba sakd el cheleatel.
18860.004subn.soup.sub a basbasang; medemedemek el kall.; announce to; inform.subedii a mesubed er ngii; ouchais.
18880.004taorerv.i.faint; (person) collapse.
18890.004tbiln.poss.3splan or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).tbil a omelib er ngii; melib a llach; tbil a llach.
18900.004techiln.poss.3saction of changing or replacing; replacement; substitute.techil a techei er ngii; omtechei, klou el chutem a mle techil a chimo el olekang.
18910.004telukv.r.s.cut; measured.teluk a delobech; mla metuk; medebes; tukur a kerrekar; tmuk a ngikel; tkul. on the head; fold (hands) on the head; hit against; bump head against; push against and knock down; reach; hold (title); exchange favors; carry out an obligation (especially, to give food or services to one's relatives); be responsible for. at; pick (fruit, etc.) with pole; appoint; assign; allocate (land, goods, etc.).tutkii a melutk er ngii.
18940.004ulengulln.break period from work; time for resting; holiday.ulengull a ongull a urreor; meterob; taem el diak a urreor a ulengull; ulengellel a amt.
18950.004ultiln.poss.3simprint; track.ultil a llechul; urrolel; betok a ultil a ouach er a chelechol.
18960.004ultokv.r.s.sticking out; projecting; opposed; gone against.ultok a mla mutok; diak loltirakl; mtekengii a llach; diak lekengei; chetil; ultok a omuchel a mekngit, mtok a telbiil; utekengel.
18970.004urrekerekv.r.s.(juice, gravy) reboiled and thickened.urrekerek a mla morekerek; mla mo medirt; urrekerek el uasech, merkerekii a miich, orekerekel.
18980.004usason.bartered goods.usaso a kerreker; omengereker; ourreor el osiik a udoud; omsaso er a ikrel a Belau; msaso a udoud, usesoel.
18990.004usekereln.poss.3sloincloth.usekerel a usaker er ngii el rubak.
19000.004chiteln.coconut milk (usually added to other things when cooking).
19010.004delasechv.r.s.carved; built.delasech a mla medasech; blai a delsachel, melasech, dosechii, dmasech, desechel.
19020.004delebecheln.poss.3sinjury from a cut; stripe; channel to the ocean.delebechel a delobech er ngii; delobech el tebedellel a ralm el mo er a daob, delebechel er a Mechorei. (taro, etc.) with horizontal movement of hand; cut through (cord, etc.); break off (relationship); divorce.dmort a merort, mo kesaod, te mla dmort a ungil el chebechiil; dmort a merort; mla dmort a kebui. dertel a kebiuk; dmort a merort; melai a semkel.
19040.004idekeln.buttocks; bottom; butt.idekel a but er a uriul, meklou a idekel a btil. up onto.mdechii a omudech er ngii; a smecher a mudech a kllel; mdechel.
19060.004oburekv.s.swollen.oburek a burek; ochil a oburek el ngar er ngii a lalech; brekel a ouach.
19070.004kldoelv.t.put or place down; lay (hands) over or on someone.kldoel a kled; medechel, delik, ollumel a kldoel er a tebel, kmedii, kedel.
19080.004omkomod.if [with hopeful implications]; if only (. . . then something good will happen).omko a kilong; omko ke mlei e kede merrael el mo er a ngebard; omko ke mellemolem e ke mla rokir a skuul.
19090.003baochn.water/run-off flowing in a ditch.baoch a klou el ralm el merael, tobeda imui, mla tuobed a baoch, bochel a omoachel, omaoch, omebaoch.
19100.003bechesechusemv.s.dirty or smeared (with food).bechesechusem a berremit a bedengel; chelsechusem bechesechusem a chimal er a kall, chesechesemel.
19110.003beketautv.s.good at shooting.beketaut a meduch er a burech; taut, omurech a ngikel e tmaut, tutel.
19120.003bekseln.poss.3sbox (made of any material).
19130.003belecheln.poss.3sslingshot; any material (e.g.; rubber band) used as slingshot; arrow; action of shooting with slingshot.
19140.003belengeln.poss.3shis/her astonishment; amazement.belengel a rengul, obal a reng, chasireng.
19150.003belsachelv.t.count or name (a group of related persons or things); mention (someone's name); move in zigzag fashion (when sailing canoe against wind); tack; (chickens) move/jockey into position for fighting.belsachel a blasech; ngar er a basech; ulsiseb er a ochur; belsachel er a mo er a skuul.
19160.003belsiochelv.t.adorn (oneself, something); pretty (oneself) up; decorate; beautify.belsiochel a ngar ngii a besichel, besiich el meolt me a bung.
19170.003beralmv.s.watery; flat tasting (e.g., not sweet or salty enough); (color) light.beralm a diak le mecherocher, diak le merekos, berelmel.
19180.003berobern.narrow part of limb.berober a bereberel a chim me a oach ; ongemuul el mei er a cheldingel.
19190.003berrokelv.r.s.spread; stretched out; propagated.berrokel a mla oberk; mla mesumech; berrokel a ungil el chisel, merekii, merek, berekel.
19200.003besn.forgetfulness.bes a obes; bles, besbes, bes er a tekoi, diak el latk a tekoi.
19210.003besiurn.steering wheel; tiller.
19220.003beskakv.imp.give (it) to me.
19230.003bladesv.r.s.arranged; lined up; displayed.
19240.003blaoln.whitish-colored trepang (larger than ngimes).blaol a ta er a bedengel a cheled el ngimes a delechil.
19250.003bliiv.r.s.divided; distributed; separated from each other; (hair) parted.
19260.003blkaisv.r.s.opened; lifted open/up.blkais a mla obkais; blok, blkais a chesimer, mkisii, mkais, bkisel.
19270.003blodesv.r.s.(fish) boiled in water; (tongue) cut from eating pineapple, sugar cane, etc.blodes a beldakl; medesii, modes, omeldakl, omodes, bedesel; blodes a terechel er a ngor; kltkat, blodes a ngerel er a ongor, bedesel.
19280.003blosechv.r.s.broken open; postponed; contradicted; opposed; strange; unusual.blosech a mla meterob, omosech, mesechii a urreor, mosech, besechel a urreor.
19290.003bukln.hill; mound of earth.bukl a kedidai el chutem e ng di kedeb er a rois.
19300.003busechn.feathers; fur; body hair.busech a mekedeb el chui er a buld, bsechel a mad, bsebsuchel.
19310.003chachisoisv.t.pile (things) up one on top of the other; repeat (something) for confirmation.chachisois a kaiuetak; mengisois; choisois a babier, choisisii a blil, chisisel, kaiuetilech.
19320.003chaibebelaun.riddle.chaibebelau a tekoi el melekoi er a ta e berrotel el dengechel a belkul; mengaibebelau, blelau el tekoi.
19330.003cheballv.s.gray-haired; white-haired.
19340.003chebingelv.a.s.(fruit) is to be picked or plucked.chebingel a kirel el mechib; chibngii,chuib, meradel a chebingel, chebngel.
19350.003chedeln.poss.3scord or thread for patching.chedel a cheed er ngii, mengeed a klauchad.
19360.003chedibeln.poss.3scarving.chedibel a omengeduib er ngii, mengeduib.
19370.003cheduln.poss.3sgod; deity; spirit; sacred object (about which some prohibition is made); center; religion; belief.chedul a chelid er ngii, Dios a Chedul a beluulechad.
19380.003cheldeln.poss.3sfart.cheldel a chold er a chad, chemold.
19390.003cheleateln.r.s.wire.cheleatel a kerreel el deel.
19400.003cheleoklv.r.s.having something stuck in throat; (machine) broken.cheleokl a mla mecheokl; merekeklii a tungd, ngar er ngii a tungd er a omerkolel; cheleokl a telemall el mesil; bilas a cheleokl.
19410.003cheleuiklv.t.sprinkle lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).cheleuikl a chelaus el tet; chelaus el chemachel, mla mechaus, chousii, chemaus, mengaus.
19420.003chelibelv.t.strip off outer surface of; whittle (wood).chelibel a kirel el mechalb, cholbii, chualb, mengalb a keai, chelbel a mengchongch.
19430.003cheliltv.r.s.oiled; greased; anointed; cared for.chelilt a mla mechilt; chelilt er a cheluch; chiltii, chemilt, ngalek a chelilt er a kar.
19440.003chelimelukv.s.confused; disorderly; chaotic.chelimeluk a diak le kldmokl; choimelkur a rael; di berriid a besbas e katotaod a klalo; mengimeluk, chimelkul.
19450.003chelisngullv.r.s.(face) frowning; vexed; offended.
19460.003chelmengeln.poss.3scompanion; escort; care-giver; someone soothing or comforting someone else.chelmengel a chad el mengelim er ngii, chelmengel er a chelebuul.
19470.003cheltelaolv.r.s.made drunk.cheltelaol a chetelaol, ulekoad er a rrom, cheltiruir er a chemachel.
19480.003cheluibn.(section of) turtle shell.cheluib a ukaeb, ukebel a uel.
19490.003chemechemeln.poss.3surine. or stitch patch onto; fix temporarily or sloppily; push (person) against (wall, etc.).chemeed a mengeed, chemedii a bilel, chemeed a mechut el mlai. oil on; grease; anoint.chemilt a mengilt; chiltii, chemilt a chimal er a sob.
19520.003chemisv.s.(container) empty; (well) dry.chemis a mla mo diak; bechachau, olekang a chemis, diak a odoim, chemis el chutem a medidirt.; look closely at; look at (oneself, in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior).chemuiu a menguiu, omes, chuieuii a babier, chemuiu a mechesang.
19540.003cherrecharv.r.s.(liquid, etc.) stirred up or agitated.cherrechar a mla mecherechar; churecherur, chorechar a ralm, diak el mechellings; cherecherul.
19550.003cheselseln.poss.3ssong/chant (usually sung by old men).
19560.003chetebteln.poss.3speak; summit; top.chetebtel a kot er bab; cheseos, chetetudil a kerekar. to be sprinkled with lime; is to be woven.cheuikl a kirel el mechaus; chousii, mengaus a sualo, chusel a tet. (fruit); extract (tooth); wean (baby); sway (hips) when dancing; ignore; avoid eye contact.chibngii a mengib er ngii.
19590.003chiliisv.i.pastescape; flee; run away.
19600.003chiuosechn.tears (from eyes).chiuosech a ralm el me tuobed er a mad; lmangel a tuobed a chiuosech er a medal, chiusechel a mad for; expect.choielii a mengiil er ngii; olsingch. (immediately or without delay).choklii a mengokl er ngii, oungeroel. (object which is stuck) by inserting lever and prying; throw or trip (someone) by putting lever (e.g. stick, leg) between his or her legs; twist (arm, finger, etc.); be in early stage of pregnancy; bear grudge against someone.chomekl a mengemekl; olsongeb.
19640.003chusuchv.t.make or sew (wreath; lei; etc.); string/thread (fish; beads; shells; etc.); wander from house to house (gossiping; etc.).chusuch a mengesuch, chusuch a ngikel, chusuch a blai.
19650.003dauchn.step; cut part; stage (in life).dauch a blechobech, beldukl; deludauch, Ibedul a ngar er a kot el dauch, Ngiraikelau a ongeru el dauch
19660.003debedebeln.poss.3sweighing; the action of weighing.debedebel a omelebodeb er ngii, melebodeb, debedebel a babii.
19670.003debusechn.conch shell; sound of conch shell; horn; siren.debusech a cheled el kall a techel; e a ulekngellel a usbechall er a omelebusech.
19680.003dechedecheln.poss.3sdirt; mud; patching material; filling (for cavity).
19690.003dekeln.pole for boat, canoe, raft, etc.; spare motor (for boat).dekel a bambuu el usbechall er a omelikes; melikes el oba dekel, dekelel.
19700.003delbaetn.r.s.payment of food or money in exchange for not working (in community project, etc.).delbaet a kall me a ilumel me a bebil, el motobed el mo er a urreor el beluu el delbetelel a dibus er a urreor.
19710.003delekleln.r.s.poss.3scriticism of or about (someone); gossip about (someone).deleklel a deleakl er ngii; chisel a kngtil; melaes, klou a deleklel er a rsechelil. a chalb; chelbelel a blai, betok a delemerab er a blai.
19730.003deliobechn.ravine; valley.deliobech a eobech; dellas, delongelel a kedidai me kedidai el chutem.
19740.003delkeln.poss.3saction of kicking with a downward motion or stomping; a downward moving kick or stomp.
19750.003delodauv.s.obedient; humble; respectful.delodau a chelellakl; kedung e medemedemek; ultebechel a rengul, ulterekokl, delodau a cheldechedechal.
19760.003delsongeln.r.s.sliced raw fish; sashimi.delsongel a chemadech el ngikel el deles; chemadech el odoim.
19770.003deraun.(small) hand net (for fishing).derau a klekedall er a omenged; omerrau, uked el ngar a chim e merrau a ngikel; melechiir a ngikel.
19780.003desachelv.a.s.chop/whittle/carve (log for canoe); build (house); (cat) claw at.desachel a kirel el medasech; chad er a desachel a meruul a blai, melasech a blai, desechel.
19790.003desiln.poss.3s(close) friend; sibling. [closer relationship than SECHELIL]desil a odam; odos er ngii; Kebesei a desil a Dilbung.
19800.003diangeln.boathouse; canoe shed.diangel a blil a mlai; kloi a mlai me a brer er ngii.
19810.003didiln.poss.3sbridge; ladder.didil a did er ngii el omoachel.
19820.003dikn.any support place beneath an object, usually large, to keep in a certain position; prop; wedge; place where something should be set.dik a dkil; klalo el melik, chiull a dik el melik er a smecher, dkel; dik a ongedoel er a klalo, dikir a olekang er a dik. or dunk (person, thing) into water.dilechii a melilech er ngii; loia er a ralm me a daob; delechel.
19840.003dilengchoklv.pastsit down.
19850.003diun.shout; yell.diu a klou el ngor; oldiu, ngar er ngii a klou el diu, diul.
19860.003diuln.poss.3scoconut frond; bunch of coconut fronds tied together as symbol of power.
19870.003dkeln.poss.3sany support place beneath an object, usually large, to keep in a certain position; prop; wedge; place where something should be set.dkel a dik er ngii; dkel a smecher a chiull; titechel, kongel.; hide (something) under; suffer death of spouse.dmakl a melakl; locha er a chelsel a chutem; dmakl a besbas, doklii, deklel. ill of; criticize.dmesii a melaes er ngii, melekoi a chetirir er ngii; ker di dmesii e ngoseuir le ng chebuul; mesaod er a sikel, melbedebes er ngii.
19900.003dmuiln.area where yard ends and bush begins.dmuil a medal a blai; beruadel a nguu a chad er a dmuil; dmilel. or remember about; ponder; expect; have or keep in mind.dobedebekii a melebedebek er ngii, lotkii. (exactly or approximately); apportion; limit (e.g., one's eating).dobedebii a melebodeb er ngii, mla dobedebii a babii. or raise amount of (esp., when previous amount insufficient).dochel a mdois; locha dechelel; remuul el mo betok, mla dochel a udoud. in wait for; wait for in ambush; set (trap).dochelii a melachel er ngii; dochelii a bub er a chemang. (with cloth, leaves, paper, etc.).dokedek a duangeb er a dekedek; melekedek; rengalek a dokedek a mederir e remurt; mart a mad. or slice (fish, meat); slit (open); eat (fish) raw.dosengii a meles; melekosek er ngii, mla dosengii a ngikel.; sprinkle; splash.duiim a meliim, ak mla duiim a dellomel er a ralm; olab a ralm el melekimes.
19980.003dungn.large taro.dung a dellomel el okereull, dung a ungil el dait me ng kedmekill. a merorem; remuul el mo mekedorem, duorem a oles, me a kamang, deremel.
20000.003haiinterj.ho-hum (exclamation of boredom or annoyance).hai a ochotii a checherd el reng; hai ng seselk a renguk! hai tia el omeleot! hai ng kuk ngerang!
20020.003ietangv.s.inch.finishing; passing by or over.
20030.003iluodelv.s.(people) sitting, standing or arranged in a circle; (stone platform) built circular.iluodel a iliud.
20040.003isingeln.poss.3sfrown; grimace; glare; scowl; mean look.isingel a debsochel; olebechall; diak el ungil el melekoi er a rechad, oudebsochel er a ngalek.
20050.003chitaborin.story board.
20060.003iusn.crocodile.ius a charm el kiei a daob me a omoachel; bekeu el charm.
20070.003kadikmn.right hand/arm; right side.kadikm a klisichel a chim, mengladikm, kadekmel.
20080.003kaiuediuv.recip.shout together.kaiuediu a didu el oldiu; mengerodech, rechad a kaiuediu er a deureng. married (to each other).kaubuch a teru el dmak el chebechiil, bechil, buch, obekel.
20100.003kaudn.dam; end of menstruation.kaud a klalo el melenget; kaud er a ralm; mengaud a ngikel, kudel a bong.
20110.003kedeln.poss.3shis/her/its nearness; proximity.kedel keed er ngii, kmeed, kedel a daob er a beluu.
20120.003kekengeln.poss.3srib.kekengel a kak er ngii, meringel a kekengel; kekengel a babii a kelem.
20130.003kekesusn.redup.early evening.kekesus a olecholt er a taem; belsechel a belsoil a kekesus, klsus, di kekesus e ke mechiuaiu!
20140.003kelebsengeln.poss.3sjail, prison.kelebsengel a kelebus er ngii el chad; meringel a belsel.
20150.003keremeremn.period when moon is waning.keremerem a lochedbuil; kmal milkolk; sechalsirukel, diak a buil; mengiremerem, diak a olbidel.
20160.003keruulv.t.make; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).keruul a didu el meruul; karuruul.
20170.003kesengeln.poss.3stightness.kesengel a kes er ngii; kmes, ulekerreuil, kesengel a chebechiil, kesengel a klauchad a beltik el reng. with rapid slap of hand; slap with back of hand; kick (with backward or lateral movement of leg); (fish, turtle, etc.) flail; (rooster) flap wings (before crowing).kidbengii a mekerellii; mengedib er ngii; melibek; dibekii, mla kidbengii a bduu.
20190.003kikoin.sea clam.kikoi a cheled, ng kekerei er a kim e ng ko er a teletelel a ngduul.
20200.003kilomod.almost; nearly; what if?kilo a omko; a kmo, kilo ke mlo er a skuul e ke mla mo merek, kilo ke kongei.; hold on to selfishly; not give up.kireos a mengreos; orreked, kiresii, mla kireos a chetemel a demak, kerresel a chutem.
20220.003kldungn.good/moral behavior.kldung a kedung; ungil a omerrellel; bekongesenges a llach; mengull a tekoi.
20230.003kleimnum.5 [five] (animal; nonliving thing).kleim a ochur el eim (5); kleim el lius, kleim el bduu, kleim el blai.
20240.003klekarv.r.s.watched over; guarded; watchful (of one's behavior).klekar a mengkar; bulis a klekar er a kelebus; omes e omtebechel er ngii; kokerengii, kokar, kekerengel.
20250.003klengeasekn.youth.klengeasek a ngeasek; klengalek; klengeasek er a chad a okedeldaol. at.klidmechur a mad el chur; ocherechur; beruadel a di blechoel el klidmechur. Klidmechur a mad el chur; ocherchur, beruadel a belchoel el klidmechur. area of kitchen.klitut a blil a omeruul el kall me a omeliokl; klaitut.
20280.003klsaun.sexual intercourse.klsau a klaiuetoir; kausau, cheliuaiu er a delongelel a sechal me a dil; songel, mengemull, ousau.
20290.003klubv.r.s.(coconuts) paired or coupled.klub a klbael; mla mekub, mengub a lius, teblo el kakub, remeloik a klbael; kuub a lius. getting near or close.kmedang a mla mo kmeed; di kea le cheroid. with rope, etc.; commit suicide by hanging; defeat (someone) by getting special hand in hanahuda (card game).kobsii a mengabs er ngii. over, guard .kokerengii a mengkar er ngii; kokerengii a ngalek; bilis a sebechel el kokerengii a blai; kekerengel.
20330.003komin.trash, garbage. (powerfully); rake (ground).kortellii a mengesemramr er ngii; mengertall er ngii; katuu a mla kortellii a ngalek. (fish) with (long) net; lurk around environs of house; block (e.g., road, entrance, etc.); surround.kosokes a mengesokes; kosekesii, mla kosokes a betok el ngikel, ngikel el kesokes.
20360.003kurusiiv.s.painful. Used frequently in song lyrics.
20370.003llechekleln.poss.3sletter (of alphabet); handwriting; picture; photo; image.llecheklel a ngii a liluches; melluches.
20380.003llengv.r.s.borrowed.lleng a bled; beldoel; mla meleng; ududel a lleng, longir, lmeng, lengil a udoud.; rent; hire.lmeng a meleng; omed, mla lmeng a udoud er a bank, lengil. (string, cord, wire, etc.) by pulling.lochedii a meloched er ngii. melebes.
20410.003ltkeln.memory; reminiscence; recollection; rememberance.ltkel a omelatk er ngii; melatk.
20420.003maeln.mile; measure of distance. with a slingshot; catch (fish) with a spear gun; snap string of kitalong against piece of lumber for purpose of marking line.malech a omalech el olab a balech; melechii; malech a belochel, ngikel, belechel. on; watch for carefully.mdedmii a omdidm er ngii; berrotel mesang, mdidm a berotel, udedmel.
20450.003mderengiiv.t.shade (someone, oneself) from sun; shelter (someone, oneself) from rain.mderengii a omdor er ngii er a chull me a sils, uderengel; diak lebo ldekimes. on; watch for carefully.mdidm a berrotel e omes; mdedmii, udedmel.
20470.003medalemv.erg.plant; stay/spin in a fixed spot.medalem a delalem; dellomel, dolemii, dualem a dait, mla medalem, melalem, delemel.; pull or pluck out.medelii a omadel er ngii; nguu er a ollomel; bedelel a dait.
20490.003medidiichv.erg.(eyes) affected by glare or squinting. (sea) with pole (to scare fish); knock down (fruit) with long pole.medochii a omedaoch er ngii; omdabt er a iedel; bedochel
20510.003medudesv.s.having blister (from burn; etc.).medudes a rekdel a buld el ngar ngii a ralm er ngii me ng medudes
20520.003meiusechv.s.(sea, weather) calm; (village, house, etc.) tranquil or peaceful.meiusech a kellechakl; diak a ringel daob; diak a eolt; chelellakl, meiusech a beluu, isechel a daob.
20530.003mekeriorv.s.unfortunate; unlucky; ill-fated.mekerior a duubech a chelebuul; kerrior me a did a mlecham.; unravel; unwind; comb out/undo (hair) with hands; break (hold); lift (magic spell); (chicken, etc.) fall back or hesitate when fighting; pay dues, money at ocheraol, etc.meketii a omoket er ngii; meketii a udoud, kodekedii a delibuk; beketel a kall.
20550.003mekiderv.erg.get lifted.mekider a klider; kiderii, kmider el mo er a bab; tebel a mla mekider, kderel.
20560.003mekikngitv.s.redup.rather bad.mekikngit a telkib el mekngit; urreor a telkib el telemall; mekikngit a rengul; soal el lmangel back (debt) to; return (favor - help, food, etc.).mekmad a locha umad er a blai.
20580.003melamv.t.smooth or stroke with hand; roll (clothing) off.melam a mesumech; omet, melaiu a bedengel a chad, ngomir a chiklel, nguam, ngemil. melam a medal a mesulaul; mla er a sar el mo tutau me ng melam a medal.
20590.003melamkv.t.shave; scrape; remove bristles.melamk a tomkii; melai a busech; melamk a chesemel, tuamk a engedel a medal, temkel.
20600.003melatv.t.tear (cloth; paper; etc.); shred.melat a mesodel; totengii a biiel, tmat a babier, tetengel.
20610.003melbotbv.t.divide or split (long object) into small pieces, strips.melbotb a meliud a mekemanget; tibotb a oluus, tibetbii olukl, tibetbel.
20620.003melebedv.t.lasso; ensnare; catch (fish) with iebed.melebed a ebedii; iuebed a charm ousbech a iebed; ebedel a malk. rope; cord; tape; etc. around.melebelii a omelebel er ngii. around between (villages, countries, etc.).meleboteb a merael el mesarech a betok el beluu; tebetebel.
20650.003melechelbaklv.t.dive into.melechelbakl a tuchelbakl; mo riou er a ralm, daob; tuchelbeklii; techelbeklel.
20660.003melechudechv.t.soil; put dirt on; patch holes in; fill (teeth).melechudech a rulli el mo dechudech; duchedechii a ulaol, bail; dechedechel; melechudech a melinget a chemars; duchedechii; dechedechel.
20670.003meleelv.t.nail.meleel a dmelii; ometuut a deel; dmeel, oba martiliong el meleel a deel, delel.
20680.003melekauv.t.guard; protect; support; catch/hold (water; etc.) as protective measure.melekau a meliko; oltekau; mesisiich a melekau a delengchokl, tokau, tekul a tolechoi.
20690.003melenguulv.t.ridicule; not take seriously; scoff at (usually, inwardly).melenguul a di omulak el chemat er a chad, oltuub; dongulii, donguul, dengulel.
20700.003melicheklv.t.insert something into narrow or tight space; punch (person).melichekl a ticheklii; olsiseb; toichekl a oles, melichekl a osengdir; ticheklel.
20710.003melidaiv.t.go with or accompany (someone) in vehicle; take a ride with; braid (hair, string, etc.).melidai a meruul a delidai; doidai a chiul, doidiur a besebes, didiul.
20720.003meliichv.t.remove meat from coconut (with knife); make copra.meliich a eklii a tech er a ulekngall; liechii a lius, lmiich a mengur; liechel
20730.003melikedv.t.make (fishnet); move around in cramped quarters.meliked a meleboteb; orrurt a urreor el chad er a usaso.
20740.003melikov.t.hold in (open) palm of hand.meliko a obang; olab er a chim; tikeuii a ngalek; tmiko a bilel, tkeuel a ngalek.
20750.003meliusv.t.swear at; revile; speak obscenely to; friendly teasing using father's side references.melius a melekoi a tekoi er a oreomel, sius; siuesii; smius; siuesel.
20760.003melkaklv.t.prop up; support; prevent from falling; push away.melkakl a melisakl; locha, loia a tkakl; tukeklii a bai, tukakl a blai; tkeklel.
20770.003melngosv.t.mince or cut (vegetables, tapioca, tobacco, etc.) with slow downward motion.melngos a melebes; melides el mo mekekerei; sungos a sebulias, sungesngii a malk, sengesengel.
20780.003melsbaiv.t.spit out (vigorously); spit at; (water, fish, etc.) splash.melsbai a mesisiich el melub e le ng kesib a rengul; meluchelchelid a dusbir a ulaol; dusbai a kboub.
20790.003melungdv.t.prick; pierce or poke (with pointed instrument).melungd a tungdii; rumesii; oba rasm el merumes; tmungd, ng tungdii a ochil el lalech, tengdel.
20800.003mengablv.t.carry under the arm.mengabl a oblii a ngelekel; oba klalo er a eungel a chebesal; chuabl a ditel, chelabl; cheblel. a life of poverty; live austere life.mengebuul a chobulii a chad; rullii el mo chebuul; nguu a bechil a chad a mengebuul er ngii.
20820.003mengedidaiv.t.make higher; pile up.mengedidai a koididiur; koididai el mo er a bab; mengedidai er ngii; soal el ngar bab.
20830.003mengelimv.t.accompany (especially, at night); escort; converse or pass time with; entertain; keep (someone) company; stay with; comfort; provide support (to someone sick, scared, anxious, etc.).mengelim a cholmengii; obengkel el menglou er a rengul; cholim a chelebuul; mengelim er a medakd; chelmengel.
20840.003mengelmolmv.t.tickle (lightly).
20850.003mengelulauv.t.whisper to.mengelulau a kllulau; kekerei el melekoi; kolulur a sechelil; kolulau a berrotel; kelulul a tekoi.
20860.003mengemv.t.pry up; lift with lever.mengem a oba ongem el mengider; mengem er a uchul a lius, ollomel er a lius a chelem.
20870.003mengertallv.t.scratch (powerfully); rake (ground).mengertall a mengesamd el olab a kekul; mengertall er a mekesokes el oba a ongertall; kortellii a mekesong, kortall a mad; kertellel.
20880.003mengeseklv.t.cook with spices; burn (pan) while cooking.mengesekl a melul a kall er a bebul a beached; chosekl a diokang, choseklii a ngikel; cheseklel (people doing community work) by providing food or labor.mengesiau a locha chesiau; ngeso; mengesiau er a Ngaramecherocher; chesiul.
20900.003mengesoimv.t.turn; wind; screw.mengesoim a chosimii; chosoim a seraub; chosimii a baeb; chesimel.
20910.003mengesuarv.t.slap (face); slap (someone) in the face.mengesuar a mengesbad; mengeleed, mengesuar a medal.
20920.003mengesuseuv.t.try to persuade or encourage; tempt (someone) into coming alone; lure (with bait, etc.); convince (someone) (into doing something); bribe.mengesuseu a mengeluch; osiik a rolel e nguu; kosuseur el merael.
20930.003mengidobelv.t.hang onto (someone, something) with hands; moving by hanging on with one hand at a time like from branch to branch.mengidobel a chelidobel; orreked; choidebelii er a demal; mengidobeler a kerrekar.
20940.003mengiuchv.t.drill; bore hole in; stick finger into (food, nose, etc.).mengiuch a oltuu er a ngera er a isngel; omsibs er a kerrekar; chuichiar a dingal; chuiuch a medal a ngikel; chichial a ding.
20950.003mengiuetoklv.t.wring (clothes); twist (arm).mengiuetokl a mengiud a selokel; oiuetokl a chimal, oiueteklii, iiueteklel.
20960.003mengliklv.t.tickle (esp., armpits or sides) (enough to make someone laugh).menglikl a mengelmolm; rullii el mo mekelmolm; kileklii a chebesal; kilikl; kileklel.
20970.003mengortv.t.scrape (road, etc.).mengort a merort; dmort; melai a samk; kortii, kmort a kukau; kertel.
20980.003mengreosv.t.hoard; hold on to selfishly; not give up.mengreos a mekreos; orreked; kireos a chutem; diak lorous; kiresii a udoud; keresel a chutem.
20990.003menguldv.t.pinch with fingernails.menguld a kuldii; kmuld a bedengel el olab a kekul; keldel a ngalek.
21000.003mengunguuchv.erg.pray to; plead to; implore; apologize to.mengunguuch a nglunguuch; mla ngunguchii; ungia rengul e le ng mla mengunguuch; ngunguchel.; grab; seize; capture (land).mereberii a omerober er ngii; mela el oba blekeu; bereberel a chutem.
21020.003merecherachedv.s.redup.(a rengul) - nauseous.merecherached a rengul; soal el omudech; recherechedel a rengul. or glue (something) onto; lean (oneself) against; hang (laundry).merekedii a omereked er ngii er a kboub.
21040.003mereuv.t.measure by using arm length.mereu a meluk e olab a chimal el mereu; ta el omereu a ta el rreongel; mereu er a blai.
21050.003merodelv.t.adopt (child); remove or lift (pot) from fire.merodel a ngodechii a olsechall; remodel a klengoes, rodelii a olekang; rdelel.
21060.003merrengeln.poss.3syounger sister of female.merrengel a kekerei el odos er ngii.
21070.003mertechiiv.i.clap (hands); slap (face; body; mosquito; etc.).
21080.003mesamv.t.begin to thrust at someone but then stop (arm, spear, etc.) halfway (in order to deceive); gesture threateningly with (hand); try; test; challenge.mesam a suam a chimal el leko ng mengelebed; omekdakd; somur a ngerel; semul a chim; mesam a melasem er a chellungel me a telechull, suam a sualo el omes a berraod; somur a telechull; semul. (basket) closed by pulling string through open edges; tie up (billum = wrapped tapioca); tie (box) all over.
21100.003mesedemv.t.propose (activity).mesedem a olengit; mengesuseu a reng; suedem a cherrakl, suedem a omenged; sodemii a soal el dil; sedemel a soal.
21110.003mesilekv.t.wash (clothes; hair; rice; etc.).mesilek a smilek a klalo; melai a idekel a bail, omekbeches; silekii a bilek; selekel.
21120.003mesngereklv.erg.get postposed; fall through.mesngerekl a mle kirel e dikeang; mla mesngerekl a omerael; singereklii a klechedaol; singerekl a kles. getting sleepy.mesululang a mocha mesulaul.; squeeze.
21150.003meuchelv.erg.start; begin; cause; form; establish.meuchel a uluchel; mechelii a urreor; mla meuchel a urrereel a rael; uchelel. (e.g.; fish net); throw underhand (as in softball); throw out(side).midokl a ometech; omidokl, mideklii a bduu, midokl a besbas; bideklel. (sugar cane).mitii a omuit er ngii; dobesii a deb. medicine to; salt (raw); fish (for preservation).mkar a omkar a omekungil; toktang a mkar a secher; mkar a ngikel er a sar; ukerul a ngikel.
21190.003modikv.erg.banish (from village); send away (from one's household).modik a motobed; odikii; uldik er a delengcheklel; mla modik er a beluu; odkikel. (long object) over considerable distance.moech a omoech; mechii a biskang; moech a uloech el mo cheroid. (eyes; mouth; book; door; etc.); spread (legs; etc.) apart.mok a omok; mkais; smecher a mla mok a medal el mesisichang; mekengii a ngerel; bekengel a medal. up (on telephone); call out for; call by name.mokedong a ulekedong; mekedongii a sechelil; oleker; omekedong er a Rengebard; okedongel.
21230.003mokeekv.erg.fill up (container) with; charge battery.mokeek a ulekeek; omekeek; mo mui; mekekii a ollumel; klou el blai a diak le mokeek; okekel.
21240.003moluutv.erg.make (person) return; send or give back; refund (money).moluut a ulluut; lmuut el mei; olutii er a klekool; moluut er a skuul e le ng di kea lsebechel; oltel.
21250.003morekedv.erg.hold (oneself) onto; take hold of; attach (oneself) to; grasp; ask or convince (someone) to stay; keep; catch; arrest.moreked a urreked; ulsarech, orekedii; mla moreked a merechorech; uldechem er a bulis; orkedel.
21260.003morengesv.erg.hear; listen to; obey.morenges a urrenges; mla rongesii, mla morenges a ungil el chais; orengesel.
21270.003ng mo er ngiiexpr.there will be. open (something such as a crab shell); postpone; contradict; oppose.mosech a omosech; merrob; mesechii a omerael; torbengii a urreor; besechel a urreor.; color.mrekii a omurek er ngii; mrekii a cheriut er a bekerekard el burek. (hands); slap (face; body; mosquito; etc.).mrotech a omrotech; brotech; mertechii a sechelil; mrotech a chimal, bertechel.
21310.003mseurv.t.bend (standing object - e.g. tree) down.mseur a omsau er ngii; nguu el okedii. steady; hold in position; control (something; someone; oneself); confirm; moor (boat); watch over (child, etc.); act as guardian for; fix; standardize.mtebechelii a omtebechel er ngii; kudmeklii.; import; request (food; etc.) from.musii a omuus er ngii; musii a blil; uesel a kall.
21340.003ngaraardn.village in north-east Babeldaob, south of Ngarchelong, north of Ngiual; the village in which Madrengebuked is chief.Ngaraard a Kerradel; beluu er a Babeldaob el oubeluu er a keiukl me a desbedall.
21350.003ngasn.type of pine tree; ironwood.ngas a ta er a bedengel a kerekar.
21360.003ngedecheln.poss.3schange; difference; the way in which something is different after it has been changed.ngedechel a omelodech er ngii; mo diak el osisiu; ngedechel a llach.
21370.003ngemedeln.poss.3sabundance; large amount. [may be a contronym because the other forms of the word mean to exhaust a supply of something.]ngemedel a ngemed er ngii el ngikel; betok a cheldil. a melim er ngii.
21390.003nglatechv.r.s.clean; scrub; wash (thoroughly).nglatech a ngeltachel; mla mengatech el mo beches.
21400.003nglubetv.r.s.(clothes etc.) taken off; pulled out; freed; absolved.nglubet a ngelbatel; mla mengubet; ultelechakl a nglubet er a rechorech. or see (person) off; return; send back; bring (bride) to prospective husband's family.ngmader a merader; mesumech, mla ngmader a lleng el olekang, ngoderii, ngederel.; scrub; wash (thoroughly).ngmatech a melatech; ngmatech a belatong. (clothes); plane (wood); rub surface of (face, skin, etc.); scrape (papaya).nguabek a melabek; nguabek a bail me a kerrekar.
21440.003nguchesn.dew.nguches a dersesei el ralm el ngar a chudel me a llel a kerrekar a ltutau.
21450.003obailv.erg.clothe (person); wrap (present, package, etc.).obail a biull; ngalek a kirel el obail; loia bilel; milii.
21460.003obechaklv.erg.go adrift.obechakl a mengai er a dolech me a berius, me a eolt; mlai a mla obechakl.
21470.003obkobkv.erg.peel (banana, etc.); peel off (bark, skin after sunburn, etc.).obkobk a mengai a budel; mkebkii a diokang; mkobk a tuu, bkebkel a tuu.
21480.003oderechiiv.caus.tell, ask or encourage someone to do something; send someone with a message or on an errand; order; request.oderchii a oldurech er ngii. up; stretch/extend (arms or legs).odersii a oldars er ngii el mo er a bab.
21500.003odingeln.visit; food brought when visiting; Stations of the Cross.
21510.003odosn.sisters.odos a rudos; tokldil el kauchad; ngalektang el redil; te odos el kldibel. (things or persons).odureklii a oldurokl er ngii; msa chad me ng nguu el mong. (something written); translate; transfer (food, etc.) from one container to another; change (one's) clothes.oidii a oleuid er ngii; mtechir a bilel for recreation; playground; place for lovers to meet.oililaol a blil a omilil, oililaol el buil.
21550.003okeleln.poss.3shis/her/its feeding.okelel a okang er ngi; mekelii. (fingers); clap (hands); pop (chewing gum, etc.); make clucking sound with (mouth).okesebakl a olekesebakl; kosebakl a ngerel; okesebakl a chimal; okesebeklii, okesebeklel.
21570.003oketamod.each one (individually).
21580.003okiuellelv.i.walk right in back of (someone).okiuellel merael er a ullel, uriul; okiuriul. to be killed.okodall a kirel el mokoad; mad; babii a okodall; ngmai a telil; mekodir, mekoad, okodil.
21600.003okolemnum.60 [sixty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).okolem a ochur (60), elolem el teruich; okolem el blai, okolem el lius.
21610.003oldalechv.i.(something like a faucet) leak or drip.oldalech a olechars; olengimech; oldalech a ralm.
21620.003oldobv.t.drop (something) through hole/opening; make (person) late; delay.oldob a odob; orrebet, odob er a metetoech, odebengii, orbetii; odebengel
21630.003oleachedv.t.rush (against time, tide, deadline, etc.).oleached a orreched; oeached el melekoi, oleached er a dolech, oechedii, oechedel. or advance past; come out in front of; come in first over (competitor).olechit a ochit; mengaidesachel; mla ochetir a ngar uchei klaidesachel; ochetil.
21650.003olengakdv.t.carry or transport (by many trips, typically more than three).olengakd a olengemai; betok el lorael el melai; ongakd a kerrekar, ongkdii a kall; ongkdel.
21660.003olengeasekv.t.control/reduce/limit (particular action or behavior); slow down/limit (conversation).olengeasek a mesebech; meruul el mo kosai; ongeasek a omelekoi, ongesekii a chitel udoud, ongesekel. Chodereder a urebetellel a belkul a klalou ma tekoi.
21670.003olengrulln.resting place.olengrull a olsechall er a ulengull; olengrull er a remerael.
21680.003oleongv.t.jump or vault over; fly over.oleong a melechesokl el oleiu; ert a oleong a chedesaoch, ngmasech e mo imuul; oeong a daob; oengur a sers.
21690.003olsengerengerv.caus.let (someone) go hungry (esp., because there is little food); subject (oneself) to fasting.olsengerenger a kekerei el ongid a rengul er a sengerenger.
21700.003olsiuv.t.close (drawer; suitcase; etc.); sew seam in (clothes); feed (fire); incite (people) to fight.olsiu a remuul el mo ta medal; osiu a chesimer; osiu a mad; osiul.; rescue; take care of.olsobel a osobelii me lak lemad; metemall; osobel, osebelel.
21720.003oltitengangedv.i.slip or slide down.oltitenganged a olenganged, oltorech er a ngesachel el mo er eou; titengengedel.
21730.003oltourv.t.carry (person, thing etc.) on the back; hold (arms) behind the back.oltour a otour; loia er a ulk, oturii a ngalek, oturel.
21740.003omachediilv.i.have diarrhea.omachediil a smecher er a blachediil
21750.003omecheochv.t.ask for (things) persistently.omecheoch a mesisiich el olengit; mecheoch a udoud er a demal, mechechii a klok, ochechel a chutem
21760.003omedechaklv.t.throw down (in fighting, etc.); let (something) drop; drop (oneself) to floor, etc.omedechakl a omitelek, mitekelengii, medecheklii a sechelil, medechakl, bedecheklel.
21770.003omekerallv.t.raise or outstretch (arms, claws) rapidly (in defensive gesture); ward or fend off (person) by gesture of arms.omekerall a mengedib; kibetiekl e mengedib; mkerellii a chimal, mekerall a babier; bekerellel.
21780.003omekeroulv.t.raise (child; animal); raise/cultivate (plant).
21790.003omelakln.time of burial.omelakl a belsechel a omelakl, omelakl er a ulekoad, doklii; deklel.
21800.003omelebelv.t.wind rope; cord; tape; etc. around.omelebel a mesaur; melechet el meleliuekl, omelebel a ngikel, melebel a billum, melebelii a chebis, belebelel.
21810.003omeleklv.t.repeat; revive; bring up (matter; etc.).omelekl a omilt a osisiu el tekoi, meleklii a cheldechedechal, blelekl, melekoi a mla medung a omelekl.
21820.003omeliltn.act.choosing; school graduation.omelilt a melilt; omelilt er a skuul, ngiltii a kot e omechobech el mei. about; discuss; tell (story); orate; preach.
21840.003omerrousv.t.dream about.omerrous a berrusel; merrusii a mla mad el demal; merrous a meklou el blai.
21850.003omidesv.t.throw hard; push away (hand); cut/knock off (end; top). Throw with a back-handed motion.omides a mides, chemoit, uldechem a di mides a chimal a bulis, mdesii a chimal a bulis e outoketok; bdesel a chimal a bulis
21860.003omiroiv.t.wave goodbye to.omiroi a melmesumech, rengalek omiroi a chimorir er a bilas.
21870.003omralmv.caus.rinse (clothes).omralm a locha ralm er ngii, mralm a klengoes, omralm a selokel; urelmel.
21880.003omtochedv.caus.make barbs of (spearhead); jerk or pull at.omtoched a melecha toched; mtoched a biskang, mtechedii a onges er a lius, utechedel a onges.
21890.003omulkv.s.(surface) uneven/raised or curved in places.omulk a diak le melemalt; omulk . el uulk, omulk a ulkel, kulkelel.
21900.003omuusv.t.order; import; request (food; etc.) from.omuus a olengit, melekoi me ng meruul; uus er a kall; omuus a kles, musii a blai, uesel a bail.
21910.003omuutv.t.pile/heap up (sand, earth, leaves, etc.).omuut a mengudel el mo kedidai; muut a chutem; mutii a chelechol, butel a besbas. flute; whistle to (person) (to get attention); use (fingers) to whistle.ongaok a olengaok; chelechad er a chelitakl a mla ongaok a ngokir, ongokel.
21930.003ongelolemnum.6 [sixth] (ordinal).ongelolem a ochur (6), Ongelolem el buil, ongelolem er a rak.
21940.003ongemn.instrument for prying; lever.ongem a klekedall el ngoseuir a chad el mengem a oberaod; ongem er a klou el kerrekar.
21950.003ongengedeln.poss.3sthe action or method of seduction or titillation.ongengedel a nganged er ngii; ngmanged.
21970.003ongirtv.t.blow nose into or onto.ongirt a oltobed a ngertel. or exchange (food) ceremonially; mess up (things); put (things) in wrong place.ongoid a ngmodech a rolel; ochechoid; mla ongoid a chutem er a telungalek, ongidel. (for); ask (for); appeal to.ongtir a olengit er ngii; diak lomechar; ongil a tuu. (oneself).ongull a olengull; mo cheroid er a urreor, telkib el ongull a bedengir, ongellii a bdelul; ongellel. (animal etc.); drive (boat, car etc.); start (engine).orael a orrael; mengedereder; orrurt, olecholt, bulis a orael a mlai, orolii, orolel.
22020.003orikeln.poss.3sbroom.orikel a oriik er ngii.
22030.003orrakln.mast.orrakl a mast orreklel a diall. (something) fly.osebekii a olsebek er ngii.
22050.003osekedeln.poss.3sits degree of crowdedness (i.e. how crowded something is).osekedel a oseked er ngii, olseked. or pledge (money); sacrifice (one's life); lean against; lean something against.osirs a olsirs; oltuil, osirs a biskang er a kerrekar, osisii er a kingall, osisel e olengull. up (person); carry something aboard; jump into (net etc.).otak a oltak; kmider el lochang; otekir a ngalek er a mlai, otak a telechull er a skoki; otekil a klalo.
22080.003otebv.t.(dog) bark at; (person) speak harshly to.oteb a teb, ngerel, diul a bilis, bilis a oteb a rechad, tebul a bilis. in lap; hold/keep family together; (foundation; etc.) support (house).otekur a oltekau er ngii.
22100.003otemeteln.poss.3sthe action of pulling something tight.otemetel a otamet er ngii, oltamet. down (from above).otengelii a oltengel er ngii. out; stick out (legs); project.otom a ocholt, oltom, rechad a kirir el otom a mederir er a urreolbeluu.
22130.003otubeln.poss.3sthe action of insulting, mocking, or slandering; the insult, the mocking, or the slander itself.otubel a otuub er ngii, oltuub.; nurse; give milk to (from baby-bottle).otutur a oltut er ngii.
22150.003oudelasechv.t.treat (particular food, etc.) as tabooed item.oudelasech a ngar ngii a delsechel; delasech, oudelasech a babii.; someone's characteristic way of fishing.ouemenged a ourreor el ngar a chei el melemed er a ngikel.
22170.003ourodechv.i.bear fruit.ourodech a ngar er ngii a rdechel, iedel a ourodech.
22180.003raodn.aerial root of tebechel, mangrove tree.raod a risel a tebechel er a keburs.
22190.003recherecheln.poss.3sstealing; theft; robbery; selfishness.recherechel a rechorech er ngii el chad; merechorech.
22200.003rikln.bold/violent behavior.rikl a merikl; bekeu el chad, diak a besebes er a medal; merechereched; mekekeam. (food); crush (rock, sugar cane, etc.).ringetii a meringet er ngii.; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something). at or test out (with foot, stick, pole, etc.).robekii a merebek er ngii; robekii a ochab el oba biskang. (flowers, medicinal plants, young leaves at tip of vine); pick or gather sticks, vines, etc. (for fishtrap); pick small taro leaves for demok.rodir a merad er ngii; rodir; mengais, remad a kar.; smash or crush something against solid surface; pound out (spearhead).rotengii a merot er ngii.; gather.rouar a meruu er ngii; rouar a lius.
22270.003rubakldiln.female counterpart to each male title-holder in a clan.rubakldil a ongingil a dui el loluchel er ngii a rubak er a blai me a kebliil.
22280.003ruseln.poss.3saction of distributing.rusel a omerous er ngii; rusel a kall.
22290.003sebechekleln.poss.3sthe action of helping someone in danger, the action of rescuing someone.sebecheklel a omesebechakl er ngii; mesebechakl.
22300.003sebngeln.poss.3sthe action of snapping or pecking or biting (at food).sebngel a omesab er ngii; mesab
22310.003sechesechn.gecko.sechesech a mekekerei el charm el ko er a melatemudes.
22320.003seliikv.r.s.(object or person) looked for or searched for or having been sought after.seliik a mla mesiik; mla metik, rrechorech el udoud a seliik; smiik; skel.
22330.003selumechv.r.s.(blanket, etc.) spread out; (message) sent; (body) massaged; restored.selumech a mla mesumech; ulul el seluched a selumech; sumechii; suumech a bedengel, smechel; selumech a mla mesumech; omerk er a ulaol; chedecholl a selumech, sumechii, suumech; selumech a ulluut; mla mengader; olutii a rrechorech el bail; sumechii a berrober el mesei; suumech a chetemel a telungalek.
22340.003sesmecherv.s.redup.rather sick; pregnant (euphemistic).sesmecher a diak le mesisiich a bedengel; sesmecher el ngalek; telkib el smecher.
22350.003siichn.success; favorable circumstances.siich a mesiich; ungil besul; siich er a ilteet, merau a mesiich; ngaleksiich. to be looked or sought for.siokel a kirel el mesiik; osiik er a mo menguteling er a buai; siekii; skel
22370.003sisebelleln.poss.3smain entrance.sisebellel a siseball er ngii.
22380.003siungelv.t.serve (person); dress (oneself) up.siungel a siungall.
22390.003siusn.swear word; obscenity. For father's side relatives.sius a tekoi el diak el kirel el medung er a seked; mekngit el omeruul a melius; meleboes; omekesiu er a delal; susel.
22400.003skuleln.poss.3sschool.skulel a skuul el le tilobed er ngii; ngar ngii a skulel er a llach, omsangel. at (soft substance - food, earth, etc.) and squeeze or knead; put fingers in (mouth); prepare (taro patch) for planting (by softening dirt).smalo a mesalo; smalo er a mesei; soleuii. on; tour/visit (place).smarech a mesarech; mais a beluu, misii a beluu, serechel.
22430.003smeseiv.i.move a little bit in a particular direction.smesei a olsesei; telkib el ngodechii a olsechall; smesei el mong.; break (chain, cord, etc.).smongd a mesongd; smongd a chiul; songdii, sengdel a chui; smongd a lmoched; dobedebes, kelebus a mla smongd a bombatel e chemiis; sengdel a lechet. to be separated or explained.soadel a kirel el mesaod; kirel el obeketakl; soadel a chutem el kmo ng mor; meldung el tekoi a soadel
22460.003sokdiiv.t.make (raft); tie side by side; crowd out (as in weeds crowding out other plants); change (subject of conversation).sokdii a mesakd er ngii el brer. (odoim = non-starchy food) vertically (partially or all the way through); cut (leaves; paper; finger; etc.); castrate (pig); flatter.sokesekii a melekosek, melobech er ngii el oba oles. to thrust at someone but then stop (arm, spear, etc.) halfway (in order to deceive); gesture threateningly with (hand); try; test; challenge.somur a omekiam; mesam a chimal; somur a chimal er a ngalek ousekool el omekdakd. off (branch of tree, etc.) at base or node; break (someone's limb) at joint; open (someone's mouth) wide by force; carry (child) with (child's) legs straddling one's side; handle (child) roughly; spread (legs, etc.) apart.souchii a mesauch er ngii el buuch. together; tie into a bunch.sourii a mesaur er ngii; melechet.
22510.003subelengeln.poss.3strousers; pants.; pull strongly at.suchar a mesuch er ngii el tet; mesngii; suchar a til e nguu el chemiis; smuch; sechal a tet. on (clothes); adjust/equalize (amount); check whether food is properly cooked.suebech a mesebech; diak luldirekorek; oterkokl a ildisel; mo kesai; suebech a omelekoi e ng seselk a renguk, sobechii; sebechel a bleketekoi. a mesim; osesei el mong; suim el okeed; suim a rachel, suim a reng, otuchakl a uldasu; smengel a uldasu. (something) into; pack; stuff (food; etc.) into mouth; etc.sukur a mesuk er ngii. (things) in order; correct (person) for mistaken statement; put (someone; oneself) in correct position (in dancing; sports; etc. or when sitting among elders); improve; instruct or direct (person) about right way of doing something.sumechokl a mesmechokl; locha er a urrebetellel; sumechokl a klalo er a blai.
22570.003sureln.poss.3sanything used to tie things together/into a bunch.surel a saur er ngii; lechetel; surel a billum; belebelel.; spray; throw water on (from container); water (plants).suubs a melubs; melekimes; suubs a dellomel.
22590.003tachernum.10 [ten] (animal; nonliving thing).tacher a ochur el teruich (10); ocherngel a chaibibeob el klalo; tacher el lius; tacher el meradel; tacher el blai.
22600.003taodn.three-pronged fish spear; fork.taod a klekedall el melaod; betok a medal; taod el biskang; tmodii a kall, tmaod a mekebud, todel.
22610.003teainum.8 [eight] (human).teai a ochur (8); teai el rubak, teai el buik; teai el mechas.
22620.003tebekeln.poss.3spatch; payment (of fine).tebekel a tabek er ngii.
22630.003tebtibn.small piece of something; small pieces (of bread, food etc.) pulled apart with fingers.tebtib a tbetbil a mlo medechel el cherrecherad; tebtib er a kerrekar; tbetbil a brak.
22640.003tebulln.swelling; earth mound.tebull a kedidai; omulk; tebull a ngerel; bluks, tebull el otangel.
22650.003techelbeln.poss.3sritual for discouraging evil spirits (often involving use of water for purification).techelbel a omelcholb er ngii; diak lengai a techelbel a mekngit a bul.
22660.003teimnum.5 [five] (human).teim a ochur (5); teim el tolochoi; teim el buik, teim el ekebil, teim el mechas.
22670.003teketekeln.poss.3sthe action of constructing; building; assembling; putting together; edifying; piling up, accumulating, increasing.teketekel a omeleketek er ngii, meleketek. generation.telecheroll a generation ; ngeltengat a rechedal tia el telecheroll el Merikel a mlo oba Belau me ng mleakl.
22690.003telemtamv.r.s.chewed.telemtam a mla metemtam; tomtemur a odoim; tomtam a kelel; melemtam, temtemul a kall.
22700.003telibv.r.s.planned; arranged; decided on; determined.telbiil a ultebechel; mla metib; tibir a urreor; tuib a omenged, melib a tekoi.
22710.003teliturn.lack of experience; lack of ability; an inability (to do something).
22720.003tengetn.offering (including money given in church); sacrifice; tax or due money; barrier; dam; anything used to block access.tenget uldars el mo er a chelid; me a meang; melenget a udoud; tongel a kall, tengetengel; tenget a sers; klekedall el melenget; chesimer a tengetengel a blai, tongetengii; tonget.
22730.003terebengeln.poss.3saction of stopping; right to stop; control (over).
22740.003tetengeln.poss.3sa tear (in fabric, paper, etc.); the location on an object where it has been torn.tetengel a omelat er ngii; melat.
22750.003tetkeln.poss.3spointer; pole (for picking fruit).tetkel a omelutk er ngii; melutk. with the fist; box with.tikir a melik er ngii. chelimetemet chimal e tikir. (cloth; paper; etc.); shred.tmat a melat; smodel, totengii a bail; tetengel. on the head; fold (hands) on the head; hit against; bump head against; push against and knock down; reach; hold (title); exchange favors; carry out an obligation (especially, to give food or services to one's relatives); be responsible for.tmuchel a meluchel; olab a klalo er a bdelul; tmuchel a kall; tuchelii a til, techelel a kall.; kiss (with nose).tmungl a melungl; ungil el iis a tmungl a bau; turengur a bul; tenglel. starting to emerge.tobedang a mla tuobed; merolang; mlai a tobedang; tebedel.; massage; smooth over; pet; stroke.toiuii a melaiu er ngii; tiuel a bdelul el meringel.
22820.003tomirv.t.lose; miss; fail to catch (fish, etc.); drop accidentally.tomir a metom er ngii; tomii; mla tomir a bduu; temeel.; dismantle; break up; scatter; spread. (cloth; paper; etc.); shred.totengii a melat er ngii.
22850.003touchaklv.i.take detour, drop in or by; stop by.touchakl a diak lolemolem er a omerolel; touchakl er a ta er a rael; otucheklii; tucheklel.
22860.003tuabv.i.(moon) become new; make short visit; drop in or by; appear, succeed; accomplish.tuab a di telkib el dengchokl; otebengii, touchakl el olengull e merolung; ak di ultab e merael.
22870.003tuichn.torch/lamp (esp. for night fishing).tuich a klekedall el meluich; tichel, belduchel el dui el omekllomes.
22880.003ueseln.ordering of goods.uesel a uus er ngii; uesel a kles; uesall, muus; omuus er a blai.
22890.003uksongeln.poss.3sthe action of making (someone) used to (something); training (person, animal, plant, etc.); confining (engine) to particular speed.uksongel a uleksau er ngii; omeksau.
22900.003ulechv.t.connect; wait for (especially to ask a favor); splice; provide (oneself, others) with adequate supply, shelter, etc. emergency or other contingency; tide over.ulech a blech; mla mouech; odak erung el mo tang; mechir el mo kemanget; rael a ulech el mo er a Melekeok.
22910.003ulekeekv.t.fill up (container) with; charge battery.ulekeek a mla mokeek; mla mo mui; mekekii a ollumel, mekeek a olekang, ollumel a ulekeek er a ralm; okekel.
22920.003ulkokln.r.s.action of rising early in the morning.ulkokl a omkokl; sekukokl a mekiis er a mouais; mekiis er a milkolk; sechiuaiu a meringel er ngii a ulkokl, ulkeklel a meses el mo ourreor.
22930.003ultakv.r.s.carried aboard; transported in vehicle.ultak a ultekiall; mla motak; kldoel er bebul; medechel er a bab, otak a babier, ultak er a mlai, otekil.
22940.003ultautv.r.s.(spear, gun, etc.) aimed at target; (law) enforced; (fire) lighted; (job) started; hooked.ultaut a mla motaut; uluchel, urreor a ultaut, ngau a ultaut.
22950.003ultengelv.r.s.taken or brought down.ultengel a mla motengel; ngar eou; diak lulengasech.; run after; love; join; get or invite oneself into (group, etc.).
22970.003urriidv.r.s.lost.urriid a mla remiid; dibus; mla oridii a klok, oriid a udoud, oridel. urriid a diak a ngera el lodengei; diak el ngai a tekoi; diak lomtab a tekoi; metitur a urriid. for safe-keeping in house; inside-corner.urrukel a mesechesechel; ulsechesech; urrukel er a blai a omerotel er a klalo.
22990.003utetkeln.poss.3sstick put into ground as support for plant or as marker.utetkel a ututk er ngii; utetkel a dellomel; omtutk, mtutk.
23000.003uudesn.navel; center of the road.uudes a ta er a klekedellel a chad; udesel a tolechoi a debokl; uudes a belngel a rael; udesel a rael a ngemellir a remechebuul; remeteet a melaml a delebedeb el meringel.
23010.003bekseln.poss.3spound and flatten (spearhead) into barbs; purse/puff out (lips = ngor) (usually, to show anger).beksel a omuks er ngii.
23020.003chebingeln.large fishtrap.chebingel a cheldukl el bad el mengaud a ngikel, chebngelel.
23030.003cheleleuv.s.pale (usually from fright); (land) desolate or destroyed (e.g. after typhoon, war, etc.).cheleleu a medal er a dakd; kmal mlo medakd me a lechub e ng merur a cheleleu a medal; cheleleu a mla mengai, sersek a cheleleu, mla obadel a dellomel el rokui; chelelengang.
23040.003chelibeln.poss.3s(section of) turtle shell.chelibel a cheluib er ngii el uel.
23050.003cheluteln.poss.3scool breeze; (action of) slapping.
23060.003delikv.r.s.supported; propped up; placed in a particular location.delik a mla medik; loia chiull e a smecher a ultuil er ngii, dikir, dmik, smecher a delik er a dik, dkel; delik a kldoel, kled, kall a delik er a tebel, dikir a tet er a ulaol, melik er a til er a ulaol. unexpectedly the case.; make (someone) eat.
23090.003meluklv.t.transport; move (residence, etc.); hit; hit or smash into or against.melukl a ngodechii a blil; olsechall; ngukiii, ngmukl a blai, ngklel
23100.003mereuv.t.stretch out (arms) (to touch something, to reach for crab in hole, etc.).mereu a merutech er a diak losang; remengii a ochab; remeu a blil a rekung; rengel. directly from a bottle (without using a cup).mitii a omuit er ngii; melim er a medal a ollumel.
23120.003motautv.erg.aim (spear; gun; etc.) at; enforce (law); light (fire); start (particular job); hook (one vehicle to another; etc.); stick to/stay with apply (skill); put (skill) to use; support.motaut a ultaut; mla tmaut a ngau; otutii, otaut a idungel, otutel; motaut a ultaut; mla meuchel; mechelii, otutii a urreor; otaut; otutel a urreor.
23130.003obuitv.erg.drink directly from a bottle (without using a cup).obuit a nglim; mla mitii a ollumel; di melim er a medal ollumel; mla obuit el mo diak a ralm.
23140.003omurv.t.boil before cooking; pre-cook; parboil; clean (food - especially, clams) by rinsing in hot water before actual cooking.omur a teleu a rekel; omur a kim, breel a kim.
23150.003omuutv.t.gather sea worms.omuut a melai a chiull el cheled, remechas a omuut er a kereker.
23160.003siichv.s.hypo.enthusiastic; motivated to do things in the extreme; dark in color; (food) well cooked/well done; (nut; screw) tight.siich a smiich; delul el ngikel a smiich.
23170.003tetkeln.poss.3swart on sole of foot; disease of kebui leaves.tetkel a tutk er a chereuel a ochil.
23180.003ulecherov.t.turn (turtle) face up; turn (clothes) inside out; turn (hands) palms up; sail (boat) at angle out of water; bank (airplane).ulechero a mla mochero; bellutel; bail a ulechero; uel a dengarech; uel a ulechero er a chelechol. a sau; beltik el reng; ultirel er a soal; ultoir er a klengeasek, klaiuetoir er a klaungalek.
23200.003uudesn.Seat of Power, First Clan of Melekeok, House (figurative and literal) of Uudes. The ourot of Uudes choose the Reklai.uudes a kingellel a kebekuul er a Melekeok; blai er a uudes.
23210.003iengeln.line for stringing fish.iengel a ongesuch, klalo el mengesuch, iengel a mengesuch a ngikel; iengelel.
23220.003chelutelv.s.resembling someone in appearance or behavior; (esp., because baby acquired certain characteristics while still in the womb). first.a ba a uchelel a bebil er a cheldecheduch. Ba bo er uchei. Ba kurael. Ba bong. Ba molekoi.
23240.003balechn.slingshot; any material (e.g.; rubber band) used as slingshot; arrow; action of shooting with slingshot.balech a klekedall el el omalech, er a ngikel me a charm; melechii, malech, belechel.; sooty.bechachas a chelsbereber er a chas, chesengel a olekang a bechachas. mamed a diak el bechachas ng chedelekelek.
23260.003becheln.poss.3smissile; projectile; small spear.
23270.003berikdn.cluster/bunch of fruit.berikd a betok a rdechel; berikd a iedel, berikd el buuch, berekdel.
23280.003berriusv.r.s.carried along by (current, flood).berrius a mla oberius; obechakl, merusii, mlai a berrius er a berius, berusel.
23290.003besbesv.s.forgetful; absent-minded.besbes a mekudem el obes; besbes, sekebesbes, di remiid a tekoi er a bdelul.
23300.003besosn.oar; paddle; propeller; war spear; small paddle-shaped fish which swims vertically.besos a oius, klekedall er a omeus; bedesil a mlai er a daob.
23310.003blev.past.hypotheticalcome; arrive.
23320.003blechebecheln.poss.3shis/her/its arrangement; agenda.blechebechel a bechobech er ngii el babier.
23330.003bleleklv.r.s.repeated; revived.blelekl a mla obelekl; meleklii, dulii e lmuut e lmuut; blelekl a cheldechedechal.
23340.003blulakn.r.s.lie.blulak a klsuul; diak le klemerang, blulekngel, omulak, mulekngii, bulekngel.
23350.003bochungv.hypotheticalis about to go.
23360.003buchn.spouse; husband or wife.buch a bechil, ombil, kaubuch.
23370.003bulakv.s.deceitful; lying.bulak a outingaol, omulak, mengesuul, blulekngel, bulekolek, bulekngoel.
23380.003chasirengv.s.surprising; astonishing; unusual; extraordinary.chasireng a ongasireng, mechas a rengul.
23390.003chausn.lime for betel nut.chaus a delul el merangd, kim, chaus er a chemachel, mengaus, chusel.
23400.003chebechobelv.s.embarrassed.chebechobel a merur e debsochel, chemolt a blulekngel a chebechobel, nglengael.
23410.003cheberdiln.poss.3syoung sprout or frond (of any tree or plant); the leaf at the tip of the branch.cheberdil a blutek el llel a dellomel; beches el duubech el llel a lius, cheberdil a kerrekar; cheberdil a lius, cheberdil a kebui.
23420.003chebesaln.poss.3sunderarm; armpit.chebesal a mesekmel a uchul a chimal, mesikm.
23430.003chebisn.spinning top (with a string).chebis a klalo el mengebis, chobisur, chobis, chebisul.
23440.003chebseln.poss.3sstealing (ongraol from the garden).chebsel a omengubs er ngii; mengubs; merechorech a sers me a mesei.
23450.003cheldechuleln.poss.3sway or method of doing something; way of stopping or avoiding something.cheldechulel a cheldechuul er ngii, mengedechuul.
23460.003chelitechetuln.poss.3sweakness; softness; weakened condition (esp., due to old age); defeat (as in games, sports, or war).
23470.003chellibeln.r.s.story of house.chellibel a chachisois, blik a edei el chellibel. that a woman brings to one of her relative's funerals.chellungel a kall el longol a ngalek el dil el chedal a mlad el chad.
23490.003chelsechusemv.r.s.dirtied or smeared (with food); involved (in a situation).chelsechusem a bechesechusem, chusechesemii, chusechusem a chimal, chesechesemel a kall; cheisechusem a teloi er a tirudii a bank, ta er a chelsechusem er ngii. lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).chemaus a mengaus; chemaus a chemachel, chemaus a oruikl, chusel.
23510.003chemuln.poss.3sthe location on an object where it is broken or split.
23520.003cheraron.enemy.cheraro a ketiaol; kauklsibereng, diak lungil a deleongel er ngii me a chad, cherrouel, oucheraro.
23530.003cherduchv.s.(skin, bark of tree) rough or leathery; (person) having rough skin.cherduch a diak le meaiu; telkib el keritbetbechel; chimal a sibai a cherduch.
23540.003cherelleln.poss.3sbirth; birthday.cherellel a cheroll er ngii, sils le mlechell er ngii.
23550.003chereomeln.forest; woods.chereomel a oreomel; betok a kerrekar me a besebes er ngii. A chereomel aike el chutem el ngar er ngii a bek el bedengel a kerrekar me a besebes me a emull el dimlak a chad el melalem, ng di mle ngii el dubech.
23560.003cheriln.poss.3slaughter; laughing.
23570.003chesbrebern.paint.chesbereber a medemedek el klalo el betok el bedengel; usbechall er a omengesbereber.
23580.003chetituokelv.a.s.redup.complicated; tedious.chetituokel a diak le mededaes; chetituokel el chetil el mo er a skuul a siokel a rolel.
23590.003chitukeln.poss.3shis/her/its movement while asleep.chitukel a omengituuk er ngii; mengituuk.
23600.003chiuisn.bone (of human being or animal).chiuis a tebechelel e klisichel a chelechad; chiuis a bliull er a tech, chiuesel a uach me a chim. way to do (something); arrange; fix; save (sick person, person in distress); help; rescue.chodechulii a mengedechuul er ngii; mengituuk er ngii; osiik a rolel. (door, window); conclude (meeting); put in jail; confine; lock in (as punishment).chosmerii a mengesimer er ngii; tongetengii. or rap on; hit (head); ring (bell).chosmii a mengosm er ngii. person in group) sing with especially high pitched voice; sing poorly.chueseb a mengeseb a chelitakl.
23650.003delacheln.r.s.good place for setting fishtrap; rocks surrounding fishtrap to hold it in place.delachel a olsechall er a omelachel el bub; merau el delachel.
23660.003delauchv.r.s.cut; wounded.delauch a mla medauch; mla medobech; ochil a deleuechel, melauch, douchii, dmauch, duchel.
23670.003delengucheln.exact target; vulnerable part of fish, animal, person which, if hit, results in instant death.bruchel er a omengaidechedang a delenguchel; biskang a mla subechii er a delenguchel; bulis a omoes er a delenguchel.
23680.003deleuv.r.s.folded; creased; bent.deleu a mla medeu; deleuul; diak el melemalt; llemolem, dour a chimal, dmeu a babier, meleu, deul.
23690.003delidaiv.r.s.accompanied; braided.delidai a mla medidai; melidai a odak a edei el kakeakl e doidai el mo tang, chui a delidai.
23700.003dellochelv.r.s.dipped (and soaking in water).dellochel a delilech.
23710.003desiun.earthquake; tremor; sexual encounter.desiu a klisiich el simesmengii a chutem; mesisiich el desiu a tilemellii a Kobe er a Siabal. in wait for; wait for in ambush; set (trap).dmachel a melachel; dmachel a betok el bedikl er a beab me a malk, ochau er a merau el delachel. (with downward movement of leg); stomp.dmolk a melolk; mesebek, mla dolkii a tebel e mriid a babier, dmolk a kingall, delkel. (exactly or approximately); apportion; limit (e.g., one's eating).dobodeb a melebodeb a kukau. (with downward movement of leg); stomp.dolkii a melolk er ngii; sobekii, mla dolkii a rachel me a iedel a kaireberebet; delkel.; slap (face).dongebii a melangeb er ngii; loia dengebel; dongebii a klengoes.
23770.003douchiiv.t.cut (coconut tree) or wound with sharp instrument.; stay/spin in a fixed spot.dualem a melalem; mla dualem a lius me a buuch me a tuu. away; kick (ball); sweep away (with hand); push away (with hand or foot); fend off.duibek a melibek; kidib, duibek a klalo el otobed; odubech el oba terrekakl el teletael.
23800.003dulloklv.s.standing on slant or at angle; tilting; (person) hunched over.dullokl a diak el melemalt; telkib el ulukel; dullokl el lius, dulleklel.
23810.003ebakln.chopping instrument with narrow blade. Used for carving canoes.ebakl a klekedall er a omelasech, me a omelobech, ebeklel.
23820.003eiiinterj.exclamatory question of surprise similar to "Is that so?" or "Is that right?" or "Oh yeah?".eii a ngesenges, olengesenges; eii me ke mlong? eii ng soam a urreor.
23830.003emeln.poss.3sinterior; rear of enclosed space; interior end of mangrove channel.emel a chelsel; diak le ikrel; a mlai ulak er emel, blimam a ngar emel ng ulsechesech.
23840.003engedeln.poss.3ssky; weather; eyebrow.engedel a eanged er ngii, ungil engedel Belau e beches a eltel.
23850.003eru er a edeitiudexpr.two thirds.
23870.003iin.cave.ii a kerriu er a chelebacheb el sebechel el blai; ii er a Metukerikull a klou., etc. with back towards (person); ignore (person).ikrii a diak el chau ngii, blik a ikrii a rael.
23890.003ailechangpro.those objects/animals far from speaker and near listener.
23900.003kaiuekeedv.s.near; close; approaching; basic.kaiuekeed a didu el kmeed; diak le cheroid; blimam a kaiuekeed, kedel a blai er a rael. or love each other.kaiuetoir a didu el oltoir; kausemeriar, kaubeltikerreng, kelatk, klaiuetoir, otirel.
23920.003kaodengeiv.recip.know each other; know each other's whereabouts; keep track of each other.kaodengei a didu el medengei; klaodengei er a delongelir el di terung; kaodengei el tekoi. a movie .
23940.003kaukledemv.recip.accompany/help each other.kaukledem a klaingeseu; didu el kaingeseu; chad me a bechil a kaukledem, kldemel. friends with each other.kausechelei a rechad el ta rengrir; osisiu a klemeriar er tir; klausechelei, sechelil.
23960.003kdemeln.poss.3sspacing; closeness; distance (between objects in a row); close interval of time (between events).kdemel a kudem er ngii el dait; mekudem a delemel.
23970.003kebkabn.ring.kebkab a chaibibeob el klalo el mengebkab; besiichel a cheldingel, kolt el kebkab, kebkebil.
23980.003kedmekillv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.kedmekill a kirel el mekedmokl; kudmeklii, kudmokl a blai, kudmeklii a beluu el mo beches, kedmeklel.
23990.003kedolsv.s.(round object) fat, thick or wide. Commonly used to describe betelnuts and coconuts.kedols a klou, kedols el buuch, kedols el lius, kedelsel.
24010.003kerdicont.kede di
24020.003kesebekleln.poss.3shis/her/its sound of snapping, clucking, popping or tapping.kesebeklel a kosebakl er ngii; ngerel, kesebeklel a uach er a ulaol.
24030.003kesebekuun.moray eel.kesebekuu a charm el ko er a kitelel e ng di ngar er a daob.
24040.003kesekeseln.poss.3slong fishnet (kept stationary in order to trap fish on falling tide).kesekesel a omengesokes er ngii el kereker.
24050.003keskeleln.poss.3swhich/what part of?keskelel a ngera er ngii; ng keskelel a babii a odimek? ng keskelel a sers a ngemull?
24060.003kesokesn.long fishnet (kept stationary in order to trap fish on falling tide).kesokes a ta er a bedengel a omenged; mengesokes, kosekesii a kereker, kosokes a ngikel, kesekesel.
24070.003ketiaolv.s.hateful; repulsive.ketiaol a chetirir a rechad; ngar er a kemikr, kirel a ketui; diak el ungil el omeruul a ketiaol; mesaik el sechal a ketiaol.
24080.003kiesiiv.t.dig; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).kiesii a mengiis er ngii, kiesii a chutem, kmiis el oba osib, kisel; keisii a mengiis er ngii, kiesii a chesimer el oba a kiis; kisel.; hold on to selfishly; not give up.kiresii a mengreos er ngii; mekreos.
24100.003kirsn.penis.kirs a molech; eoulbeluu er a sechal, kersel. out (seeds; fishbones; etc.); pick at (scab; etc.); badger (person) to get information; seek truth from; seek out (truth).kitiit a mengetiit; imakl a ungil er a mekngit, kitiit a miich, kititii a klemerang.
24120.003kiuidn.starling (bird which eats papaya; excrement; etc. and then begins to squak).kiuid a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm.
24140.003kldemeln.poss.3scompanion/helper (esp. when going fishing, hunting, etc.).kldemel a kledem er ngii er a urreor; olengeseu er ngii.
24150.003klidmn.face (of person); head.klidm a uldekial a iis me a ngor me a otangel me a mad, ungil a kldmel el ekebil, ungil a medal, klidmechur.
24160.003kloin.r.s.corpse not yet buried.kloi a blengkangk el diak a telil; mo er ker a beldokel? a bedengel a ulekoad a mo kloi er a bai. or place down; lay (hands) over or on someone.kmed a menged; locha er a bebul; kmedii a babier er a tebel, kmed a kall er a ulaol. (with hands, machine, etc.); start or lead off (chant).kmider a melai el mo er a bab; mengider a kall; kiderii a odoim. kderel.; tow; drag.kmurs a mengurs; otamet; kmurs a chui
24200.003koiv.s.thick or strong (liquid); dark in color. higher; pile up.koididai a mengedidai; meleketek el mo er bab; mengudel el mo betok; mo kedidai, mla koididai a chelechol, koididiur, kedidiul.
24220.003kosebakln.sound of snapping, clucking, popping, tapping, or thunder.kosebakl a olekesebakl; ngar ngii a kesebeklel; ngar ngii a ngerel, kosebakl a belatong. or scrape (usually, coconut, sometimes, taro).kosir a menges er ngii; mla kosir a lius, kesil.
24240.003lebn.fuzz (on leaf) of plant (e.g.; sugar cane; grass); plant in coffee family; shyness.leb a lebleb; leblebul; melebleb; llel a deb a ngar ngii a leb er ngii; leb a rur; chad el merur ngar ngii a leb er a bedengel; molekoi er a ngii me le mengai a leb er a bedengel e bel tuu.
24250.003lechetn.bandage; something tied around.lechet a besebes el melechet; merenged, mesaur, lochetii, lmechet a telechull.
24260.003lekeln.poss.3sfat (of human, animal, or fish); fatty food (esp., animal fat).lekel a laok er ngii elbabii.
24270.003lilangelv.i.pastcry; (cat; dog) whine; howl.; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy.lmechet a melechet; mesaur a billum; lechetel a chimal.
24290.003altangconj.if (perhaps/maybe).
24300.003lukeln.poss.3snest; ovaries; uterus.lukel a luuk er ngii; lukel a charm. beginning to return or do again.; line up; display.mades a omades; omechobech, mla mades a kingall, medesii, bedesel a kingall. a omangch; osiu a ungelel e mengiok; mengchii, tolechoi a mangch a tut; bengchel a tut.
24340.003mechecheiv.s.jealous; envious.mechechei a chelechei; chetil a lungil a tang, bechelechelingaol; chelechingil. for (things) persistently.mechechii a omecheoch er ngii; meringel el melai er ngii; mechechii a klok, mecheoch a udoud, ochechel. on and crush (grass; vines; etc.); fall on top of; push (person, thing) forcibly into; (waves) break (at reef, etc.).mechengii a omoch er ngii.
24370.003mechuachedv.s.bitter.mechuached a ta er a bedengel a telemtam; cheluached, muau; osul a ngikel a mechuached, cheluchedel.
24380.003medecheduchn.coconut at later stage (between odimalmekebud and mechas) when juice turns acidic and meat hardens.medecheduch a rodech el lius el ngar a delongelel a metau me a mengur. curve (of canoe, boat, etc.).medechii a omodech er ngii; bedechel a odoim. (flesh); operate on.medkii a omodk er ngii; bodk er a delel a smecher; bedkel.
24410.003medortv.erg.scrape (taro, etc.) with horizontal movement of hand; cut through (cord, etc.); break off (relationship); divorce.medort a delort; delebes, dortii a ouak, dmort a ungil el deleongel, mla medort a kebui, dertel a chebechiil.
24420.003meikov.s.blind.meiko a cheiko; diak leuesbeluu; mekngit a osengel, diak lomes, ikeuel. (plant) grow; cultivate (plant); establish/start (business; etc.); invent.mekdubech a omekdubech; mekedbechii, mekdubech a ungil el urreor el mo er ngii. a omekedechor; remuul, mekedechor a skuul me a bai.
24450.003meketeketangv.erg.inch.get very delayed; spend a very protracted period of time.
24460.003melaesv.t.speak ill of; criticize.melaes a berrotel el melekoi a kngtil a chad, rengul; melekoi a bertelel a chad; dmesii a desil, deleakl, deleklel.
24470.003melechebv.t.remove something from wherever it is attached or stuck; scrape up (food, gum etc); cut out (appendix); perform abortion on; uproot (plant); cut close to roots; flow towards and soak into or seep under.melecheb a nguu er a ngot; tochebii a belsiich; tuecheb.
24480.003melecheraklv.t.pick up with a hook; hang on a hook; unload (cargo) with a winch; (snake, etc.) attach or wind (tail) around.melecherakl a locha er a techerakl; tuchereklii, tucherakl a bail, techereklel.
24490.003melengesv.t.collect sap from or tap (coconut tree); (bee) collect nectar.melenges a melai a chemadech er a lius el mo ilaot; songesengii, songes a ilaot, sengesengel. practitioner of black magic in order to put spell on (person or thing).melengesakl a olengit a kodellel me a temellel a chad er a chelid; dongeseklii, dongesakl, dengeseklel.
24510.003meletemv.t.lick.meletem a oba a chural el mengarem; meletem a sukal, uasech; ngotemii, nguetem; ngetemel.
24520.003meleuv.t.fold; crease; bend; make (string) double or triple strength before tying.meleu a dour a babier, dmeu a chimal; diak le melemalt; deul a babier.
24530.003meleuodov.t.pat (lightly); calm (something or someone); (rayfish) settle on ocean floor.meleuodo a mekekokil el omrotech, mengelebed; douedeuii a tolechoi meleuodo er a ulkel; deuedoel; meleuodo a meruul er a beluu me lak louedikel; meleuodo er kid me lak doldiu; deuedoel.
24540.003melitv.t.pierce (coconut) open; open (can, etc.) with can-opener, etc.melit a omok; tmit a oruer, titir a mengur, melit a kim, titil a mengur.
24550.003melitaiv.t.roll (something).melitai a toitiur; toitai a titai; titiul a bduu. (object) on slant; raise (oneself) at angle while sitting.melkois a omitech; dkois a omerolel; dkisii a olekang, dkisel.
24570.003melmesimv.t.shake; shake (head) sideways to say no; shake (from wind, etc.).melmesim a meririau; mengitektik; a desiu simesmengii a blai; simesim a dellomel, smesmengel.
24580.003melmotmv.t.suck in or on; suck out (blood etc.); dredge; syphon; kiss.melmotm a timetmii; timotm a titimel, timetmel. (arm, leg, etc.); flick with fingers; knock or rap (door, etc.).melngod a meluches el oba dngod; dungedngii a ulul, dungod a chimal, dngedngel. melngod a oba cheldingel el obengkel a kuk el melngod; dungedngii a rdechel a btaches.
24600.003melongaklv.t.put or throw something up high; pull or flip (someone) over one's shoulder and throw him down; fish by climbing up on branches of mangrove tree.melongakl a ta er a bedengel a omenged; dechor er a rechelel a churur e omurech.
24610.003mengaremv.t.test out; risk; dare; taste; check flavor of.mengarem a choremii; melasem a telemtemul; chuarem a kall; ke mengarem a mecherocher?
24620.003mengebangelv.t.face towards (someone; something) (at close range); look at (someone; something close).mengebangel a obangel; obengelii a bechil; chebengelel.
24630.003mengedibv.t.hit with rapid slap of hand; slap with back of hand; kick (with backward or lateral movement of leg); (fish, turtle, etc.) flail; (rooster) flap wings (before crowing).mengedib a omkerall; oba ikrel a chim el mengelebed; kidbengii a bilis; kidib a bduu; kidbengel.
24640.003mengeluchv.t.cajole; seduce; bribe; persuade; convince.mengeluch a omades a ngelteel; meluluuch; chulechur a ungil dil; chelechul.
24650.003mengesechusemv.t.dirty/smear (with food); get someone involved in (problem; matter; etc.).mengesechusem a chusechesemii; chusechusem a chimal; rullii el mo bechesechusem er a kall; chesechesemel.
24660.003mengesolsv.t.sing (chant).mengesols a mengitakl; choselsii a cheselsel a Oreor.
24680.003mengetelaolv.t.make (person) drunk/dizzymengetelaol a chetelaol; mengedereuar; smecher a mengetelaol; chotelolii er a rrom; chetelolel.
24690.003mengetikaikv.t.try to persuade strongly; tempt; lead astray.mengetikaik a mengesuseu el mo sebechel el nguu el merael; choitikikii el mo milil; chetikikel.
24700.003mengimerv.t.pry open (box; etc.); lift/move (heavy object) by putting wedge underneath.mengimer a melai, omeruud el oba ongimer; chuimer a kboub, chimerii a chesimer; chemerel. (debt); pay back debt to (someone).mengkad a omekmad a beldoel; kokad a belsel er a stoang; kokedeii bank; kekedeel.
24720.003menguchetv.t.chew or munch on (sugarcane, etc.).menguchet a chuchetii a deb; chemuchet a ongchutel; chechetel.
24730.003mengukv.t.pinch or press with thumb and index finger.menguk a kukur a ngalek; mesisiich el omet er a bedengel el olab a rsel a cheldingel; kmuk a bedengel.
24740.003merrubekv.t.thrust spear at/into/under (stone; etc.) without throwing.merrubek el oba orubek; durebekii, merrubek a ochab er a chemang; durubek a iisb, derbekel.
24750.003mesekiun.dugong.mesekiu a meklou el ngikel.; press; choke (neck).
24770.003mesiichv.s.affluent; well-to-do; of high clan.
24780.003mesubechv.t.break open (dam; earth; etc.); open passageway/drain in; gather (large taro) (by breaking earth around base); hit or strike against.mesubech a ngmai a tenget; subech a kaud er a ralm; sbechel a kudel a ralm.
24790.003mesuchedv.t.pull at (person); press (limb; etc.) so as to cause numbness or paralysis; talk harshly / impolitely to someone.mesuched a omekringel a bedengel a chad; suchedii a chimal, smuched e kmuk a bedengel; uldechuul er a osuched; sechedel.
24800.003metilechv.i.(person) collapse onto the floor.
24810.003metordv.erg.get annoyed or irritated by; get fed up with.
24820.003metukv.erg.cut according to a definite measurement; cut with quick chopping motion; cut off; amputate; measure. or crack; hatch.meu a omeu; ngalek a mla meu a ngais e mengii a belatong; obeu, bengel (between places).midii a omoid; moid; omais, merael, sekerael; a mla midii a beluu e mei, bidel a beluu.
24850.003moalechv.s.(leaves, stem of pepper leaf) withered; (facial expression) showing disappointment.moalech a diak le mekereker; bung a moalech; moalech a rengul; merael el mo merat a moalech; molechang.
24860.003ngaln.termite.ngal a mekekerei el charm el kiei a chelsel a kerrekar el menga er ngii; ngal a mengut a blai, kboub a klang er a ngal; ngeliil el kboub.
24870.003ngaokn.flute.ngaok a klekedall el olengaok; ongokii a ngaok; ongaok, ngokel.
24880.003ngbeteln.poss.3staking off (off clothes, etc.); freeing; removal.ngbetel a omelubet er ngii; meledaes er ngii, mengedoked, ngubetii; nguubet a lechetel.
24890.003ngeduchn.person of African descent.ngeduch a chedelekelek el chad.
24900.003obedobedv.erg.take off (clothes); tear off (vine; etc.).obedobed a mengai el mei er eou, mo cheroid; obedobed er a buuch, medebedii, medobed, bedebedel.
24910.003obosechv.erg.get contradicted, opposed or changed. up; stretch/extend (arms or legs).odars a oldars; odersii a chimal el olengeseu er a rechad; odersel.
24930.003odekialn.poss.3ssum; collection; aggregation.odekial a odak er ngii; oldak a reng; diak lorous.
24940.003odelebeln.poss.3saction of dipping (something) (into water).odelebel a oduleb er ngii; olduleb. into water.odelebii a olduleb er ngii.
24960.003oderecheln.poss.3serrand, request, message.oderechel a odurech er ngii.
24970.003odngeleln.poss.3svisit; food brought when visiting; Stations of the Cross.odngelel a odingel er ngii; omes er ngii; oldingel. (things or persons).odurokl a oldurokl; odureklii a babier, odurokl a udoud; odureklel.
24990.003oikabv.s.improved or better from illness.oikab a telkib; soak a oikab el betok el udoud, smecher a oikab el mesisiich.; transport; move something from one place to another; adopt (something new).oiuul a oleiuul; ouul a kall el mo er a bita el blai; ngmai el locha er a bitang; oiuelii, oiuelel.; make (relationship) closer.okes a olekes, okes a lechetel a telechull; okesengii, okesengel. (naturally, intentionally); rouse; make something stand; set upright; raise (head etc.).okisii a olekiis er ngii.
25030.003olderemeremv.caus.push (floating object, swimming person, etc.) under water; push or force (stake, etc.) into ground; push, thrust or insert (long object) into opening. .olderemerem a oderemeremii; olsarech er ngii er a chelsel a ralm, daob; oderemerem, oderemeremel.
25040.003oldumv.caus.make something appear; bring something to surface of water; show (one's) face.oldum a mengiil; oldum er a sils, odmii, oldum er a sechelil, odmil.
25050.003olduroklv.caus.send (things or persons).oldurokl a oba klalo el mo msa chad el cheroid; odurokl a udoud; odureklii a babier, odureklel.
25060.003olechelubeln.shower room.olechelubel a blil a omelecholb; olechelubel el ralm, olechelubel el sob.
25070.003olechobv.caus.bring something to surface of water; reveal or expose (secret, private matter, etc.).olechob a ochob; olecholt; nguu el mei er a bab; ochebngii a ert; ochebngel.
25080.003olekerdv.caus.let off; let out; unload; drop off (person).olekerd a oltengel; skoki a olekerd a rechad; okerdii, okerd, okerdel.
25090.003olemedn.anything used for cleaning table or floor; sponge; mop.olemed a klekedall el doba el melemed, mesuld; olemed er a ulaol, tebel; uulech; ngomedii, nguemed, olemedel.
25100.003olsebekv.t.make (something) fly.olsebek a osebek; remuul el suebek; osebekii a kedam; osebek a skoki, osebekel.
25110.003oltuilv.t.lay down.oltuil a olsirs; oltuil a biskang er a kerrekar; oltiil.
25120.003oltuubv.t.degrade; insult; slander; make fun of; speak ill of.oltuub a otuub el melekoi a mekngit el kirel a chad; omekidokel a rechad; otubii a sechelil; otubel. (person) return; send or give back; refund (money).olutii a olluut er ngii; merader; ngoderii.
25140.003omarv.t.slap (someone) in the face; slap (face).omar a mengesbad; merengii, chosbad, mengelebed, omar a medal, berengel.
25150.003omekedecheraoln.location where house is to be built. a mekedechor; remuul a betok el blai; mekedecherur a klou el blai, okedecherul.; copy; imitate; make (things) the same; even out; mix through.omekesiu a odak e omes a osisiu; omekesiu er a ngalek er a demal, mekesiur, mekesiu, okesiul.
25180.003omekmarekv.caus.make or let (plant) ripen; make or let (food) cooked.omekmarek a mengiil er a rekel; mekmarek a tuu, mekmerekii a ngeliokl, ukmerekel.
25190.003omekramekv.caus.put compost on (garden, taro patch, etc.).omekramek a mekramek; locha ramek; mekremekii a mesei, sers, ukremekel.
25200.003omekrurv.caus.embarrass.omekrur a mekrur; rullii el mo merur, rur, mekerrengii, chobechebelii.
25210.003omeksauv.caus.make (someone) used to; train (person, animal, plant, etc.); confine (engine) to particular speed.omeksau a meksau; rulleterir el mo smau, sorir, meksongii, omeksau a rengalek, uksongel.
25220.003omerekaoln.throat.omerekaol a klekedellel a chad, charm; sisebellel a kall, ilumel, omerekolel.
25230.003omerousn.distribution.omerous a bingel; omerusel, omerukel, rousii a babii, remous a beras; rusel a kall.
25240.003ometuutv.t.chisel; (chicken) pierce (other chicken) with spur.ometuut a metuut, metutii a deel, ometuut a kerrekar el oba otuut, betutel.
25250.003omodechv.t.pick up with fingers.omodech a olab a cheldingelel melai; medechii a ngikel, modech a kall, bedechel a odoim.
25260.003omodkv.t.cut/slit (flesh); operate on.omodk a meliud, toktang a omodk er a diil, medkii a ulkel a smecher; bedkel a mad.
25270.003omtangetv.t.sand; smooth; polish; rub (oneself) against.omtanget a rmuul el mo mengeldoech, mtanget a toluk, mtengetii, btengetel a toluk
25280.003omusechv.t.pluck (feathers, hair, etc.); blink (eye).omusech a omadel; musech a chesemel, musech a chiul, msechii a dait, bsechel.
25290.003omuuv.t.break, smash, shatter or burst (round object); explode (bomb); (waves) crash.omuu a meliud; omeu, mungii a lius, bungel.
25300.003ongeainum.8 [eighth] (ordinal).ongeai a ochur (8), ongeai el buil, ongeai er a rurt; ongeai el ngalek.
25310.003ongelleln.poss.3sthe action of taking a break or resting from work.ongellel a ongull er ngii; olengull er urreor. open to the wind.ongeluatel a olsechall, blil a omengeluut, melai a cheluut er a ongeluatel.
25330.003ongemekv.t.grunt and push out (excrement, baby); strain to move (bowels).ongemek a ngemek, ongemekii, ongemek er a ringel, ngemekel.
25340.003ongengeln.poss.3ssteering wheel or gear; rudder.ongengel a klekedall el omesiur; ongeu er ngii, ongengel a mlai; berruud a ongengel a techetech el chad.
25350.003ongesecheln.poss.3sthe action or raising, suing, or ascending (something).ongesechel a olengasech er ngii.
25360.003ongollv.i.clear throat (to give warning of one's presence).ongoll melekoi a omerekaol, ngoll, obo er a blai e ke ongoll.; let (something) fall; drop/remove (person; name) from list.orebet a orrebet, midokl, orebet a mengur, orebetii a ouak er a daob, orebetel. (oneself) onto; take hold of; attach (oneself) to; grasp; ask or convince (someone) to stay; keep; catch; arrest.oreked a orreked; diak el ongit; olab, ngmai, beldoel; orekedii a udoud, oreked a chutem e mengreos, orekedel.
25390.003orimeln.persuasion; urging.orimel a orrimel, mtekengelii, chetil e morimel a uchul e ng mong.
25400.003orusn.horn (of animal); injection; one-pronged spear.orus a klekedall el merus; orus er a ngikel, orus er a tereter el kar; orsul.
25410.003oserecheln.poss.3shot water (boiled with leaves) used for cleansing.oserechel a osarech er ngii, olsarech.
25420.003osobeln.act.action of saving; salvation; Savior.
25430.003osuln.poss.3sgall bladder.osul a klekedellel a chad me a charem; gall bladder , smecher a osul, bluu a osul a isngel. or drill through; show (one's face); express (idea, etc.); force (opinion).otechii a oltoech er ngii; olecholt.
25450.003otekuln.poss.3saction of holding in lap; holding or keeping family together; (foundation; etc.) supporting (house).otekul a otekau er ngii, otekul a ngelekel. at (rope, hand etc.); draw tight or taut.otemetii a oltamet er ngii, kursii.
25470.003otungeln.woman's purse (carried inside clothing). (spear; gun; etc.) at; enforce (law); light (fire); start (particular job); hook (one vehicle to another; etc.); stick to/stay with apply (skill); put (skill) to use; support.otutii a oltaut er ngii, otutii a ngau.
25490.003oucharmv.t.keep animals (as a pet); raise (animal).oucharm a ngar er ngii a cheremel el babii me a katuu.
25500.003ousauv.i.have sexual intercourse with (woman).ousau a betik a rengul; soal, omsau a reng, songel, ousau a mengemull.
25510.003rdiln.poss.3sthe action of picking or gathering things such as leaves or sticks.rdil a omerad er ngii; merad a kar; rodir a bung; rdil a kebui. (flowers, medicinal plants, young leaves at tip of vine); pick or gather sticks, vines, etc. (for fishtrap); pick small taro leaves for demok.remad a merad; melai a bung, remad a kar; rodir a kebui, rdil.
25530.003rengedn.anything used to tie long objects together; group; union; hamlet belonging to a particular municipality; reign; authority.renged a lechet; omak, rengedel a klalo, renged er a chebechiil; rongedii, remenged. Ngklel a ikei el mekekerei el rengedel a beluu.
25540.003rubekuln.poss.3solder brothers of male.rubekul a merreder a beluu; rubekengel a beluu.
25550.003rungalekn.term of address by parent to child.rungalek a okedong er a ngelekel; e rungalek.
25560.003sbecheln.poss.3sthe action of breaking branches off of trees.sbechel a omesibech er ngii; sibechii.
25570.003secheseln.poss.3sprop (to keep window or door open); rafter; bamboo pole to which sail is attached.
25580.003sechoun.any bird in heron or egret family.sechou a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. A sechou a suebek el charm; ng ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng diak el sal meklou. Ng di ua a meklungel a malk e ng di mekemangel a chiklel me a ochil Ng kakerous a bedengel Ngar er ngii a becheleleu me a chedelekelek me a ko er a bedengel a chutem. Ng diak el kall.
25590.003selaodv.r.s.separated; explained.selaod a lloched; mla mesaod; diak el uldak; chebechiil a selaod; rengalek me te selaod, smodii, sodel.
25600.003selodelv.r.s.torn; dismembered.selodel a telat; sodelii a bail; smodel a babier; mesodel, sedelel.
25610.003semosemn.anything used to tie basket, bag, etc. shut; crossbeams at ends of house.semosem a klalo el melemosem; kerreel me a bekobek me a kebeas a semosem; melemosem, semesemel.; industriousness; a meses; bekurreor; sekurreor; meses a medinges; ses a uchul a ungil el klengar, sesengel.
25630.003simn.harvest season; lucky time; year.sim a ungil a rokui; kekeuii; belochel a melaok; sim er a rodech a betok e ungil a rodech; ungil a mesei me a sers me ng betok a kall; smengel.
25640.003smengtn.cement; boundary marker made of cement.smengt a cement. A smengt a mlo er ngii er se er a lemei a rechad er a Siabal me blo loluk a chutem er a Belau. Seikid e kid a mlochu melalem a smengt el oliochel er a chutem el me lmuut er a chelechang. (with forward movement of leg); press against firmly with feet.sobekii a mesebek er ngii.; break (chain, cord, etc.).songdii a mesongd er a bdelul; nguubet a cheiul. (things) in order; correct (person) for mistaken statement; put (someone; oneself) in correct position (in dancing; sports; etc. or when sitting among elders); improve; instruct or direct (person) about right way of doing something.sumecheklii a mesmechokl er ngii; merechebesul; sumechokl, sumecheklii a cheldechedechal; rullii el ungil; smecheklel.
25680.003tebetabn.redup.raised place or vista near sea.tebetab a bkul a beluu; tkul a daob; rengeasek a milil er a tebetab. to be carried on the head.techull a kirel el metuchel; kukau a techull er a mesei; tuchelii a kall; tmuchel, meluchel, techelel.
25700.003telkaeln.r.s.measurement; length.telkael a mla metuk; tukur a chutem, tmuk a mesei, telkelel.
25710.003teun.width; breadth.teu a teleu; teleu el urreor; diak el rrekui; melenget a teu. teu a tengel; meteu er ngii; teu er a rael.
25720.003ticheln.poss.3storch/lamp (esp. for night fishing).tichel a tuich er ngii; meluich; omeluich er ngii.
25730.003tkekleln.poss.3sprop; support.tkeklel a tkakl er ngii; omelkakl er ngii.
25740.003tmakv.i.get aboard; step onto.tmak a ngmasech; doiderekl; mla tmak er a mlai; tmak er a skoki; tmak a merderd; tmak er a ochil; tmak er ngii; sorechii; merderd.
25760.003turekorekv.s.twisted; crooked; awry.turekorek a chebirukel; diak el melemalt; olterekorek a omerolel; turekerkel.
25770.003ucheteln.poss.3sleader for fishing line.uchetel a uchaet er ngii; uchetel a kerelel.
25780.003udedmeln.poss.3sthe action of spying on; watching for (something or someone) carefully.udedmel a udidm er ngii; omdidm.
25790.003uldelidv.r.s.follow (trail, footsteps) carefully; follow (suggestions or demands that may be considered unreasonable).uldelid a mla modelid; ngar er a ta el mo er a tang; chutem a uldelid e ngar er a diak louchutem er ngii.
25800.003ulecharv.r.s.filled with liquid.ulechar a mla mochar; ulekeek; ollumel a ulechar er a ralm; mecherur a butiliang.
25810.003ulechemv.r.s.(fish or tapioca) tied and wrapped.ulechem a mla mochem; mla mechem a ngikel; odoim a ulechem el ngikel.
25820.003ulekerreuv.r.s.(person or animal) taken care of or protected; obeyed; cared about; respected; obedient.ulekerreu a klaubeltik el reng; kelatk, omecheliu a rechad; omekerreu a klauchd; ulekerreuil.
25830.003ulitechv.r.s.made to lean to side; capsized; lying on one's side.ulitech a mla muitech; omitech; dengchokl el dkois; ulitech e le ng meringel a sengchel; utechel.
25840.003ulsisebv.r.s.put, pushed or forced in.ulsiseb a mla mosiseb; ultuu; ulsiseb er a urreor; mla osisebii; osiseb; osisebel.
25850.003ulsiuv.r.s.(drawer, suitcase, etc.) closed; (clothes) have seam sewn; (fire) fed; (people) incited to fight.ulsiu a ulsikm; blutek; mla mosiu; ulsiu a berdel a ngerel.
25860.003ultechakln.r.s.low-status newcomer who is commonly adopted by one of the existing (generally high-ranking) clans of the village and who have, more or less, the status of servants; a drifter; someone who drifts around without a fixed residence.ultechakl a diak el sebechel el ileakl me ng melik a delengchokl; ultuil er a rechad; ultechakl a chad er a ngodech el beluu e mlei el diak a delengcheklel a motechakl er a blai; blailsiich a ometechakl er a ultechakl le ng kirel; klteket e a ultechakl a mochad er a ilteet; Belau a ua isei.
25870.003ultobedv.r.s.taken out.
25880.003ungamkn.straight line to mark location of something (e.g., foundation of house).ungamk a mesil; kerreel el usbechall el omngamk; omeklemalt er a ruoll; mngemkii a rael, mngamk, ungemkel.
25890.003ungialn.poss.3sgoodness; joy.ungial a klungiolel; menga ungial a kall.
25900.003uoimod.rather; quite; to some extent.
25910.003uukn.vagina.uuk a klekedellel a bedengel a chad; eoulbeluu er a dil; uuk a usbechall er a betok el telengtengil a klechad; kikoi, kikil; ukil, "ukil a delam". a di bita medal, merakd el mad, smecher a bita er a medal.
25930.003bliulln.r.s.wrapped tapioca.
25940.003cheberdiln.poss.3sfavorite thing, person, child, etc.cheberdil a keseuaol, mekreos; cheberdil a kall ma klalo; klungiolel; mekreos er a reng el ngalek.
25950.003chellungelv.r.s.carried (off) on the shoulders; carrying someone or something on the shoulders.chellungel a chelol; mla mechol; mengol a beras; chellungel a idungel, chelngel. (taro tubers); break (someone's) heart.chueseb a mengeseb a kukau. prepared by person to show he has become legitimate title-holder.debechel a kall er a mur er a klobak me a rubakldil; mechas a melobech me te merous er a debechelel.
25980.003debeseln.poss.3sending; the end of something after it has ben cut (unintentionally) short.
25990.003delomeln.a.s.plant (not yet in the ground).
26000.003dobodebv.s.calm (after being angry); calmed down; mellow; mellowed.dobodeb a dolechakl; dikea le kesib a rengul, chelellekla rengul.
26010.003iuecheln.poss.3stears.iuechel a chiuosech er ngii el mad, mla ruebet a iuechel a medal.
26020.003koin.log used as support for boat; log used to help in moving or pushing boat.koi a ulach, kerrekar el kongel a mlai me a bos.
26030.003medecheduchv.s.t.redup.know how (to); be skilled at; (wood, metal, etc.) strong or durable; half-ripe (i.e. ready to pick); (pregnant woman) at full-term.medecheduch a telkib el meduch; medecheduch el mengereomel a udoud me a kall, duch er ngii.
26040.003melebalv.t.wash/dunk (hands) in water (usually after eating).melebal a meriso a chimal er a ralm; mellib; lobal a chimal; lebul a chim.
26050.003merarv.t.heat (food) so as not to spoil; warm (hands, etc.) over or next to fire; heat (leaves, etc.) over fire.merar a mengeald a klengoes; rorengii, remar a kall; kmeald, koald; rerengel.
26060.003obedobedv.i.lose grip; slip down; get angry or irritated suddenly; fly off the handle.obedobed a beldobed; kesib a rengul; medebedii el ongesechii a rengul.
26070.003oldengelengelv.i.walk, move or fall downward.oldengelengel a merael el mo er eou.
26080.003omodechv.t.make curve (of canoe, boat, etc.).omodech a rullii el mo obodech; mo chellochoes; omodech er a mlai, medechii a bail, bedechel.
26090.003ongelleln.a.s.poss.3sthe fruit on a tree that is to fall or to be caused to fall.ongellel a ongil er ngii; olengill a iedel; orrebet.
26100.003ongengeln.poss.3shis or her action of staring.ongengel a ongeng er ngii, ulengeng.
26110.003otungeln.poss.3smake (someone) enter; put into.otungel a otuu er ngii, oltuu.
26120.003oucharmv.t.stare at disparagingly; look down upon.oucharm a chad el diak el ongull a rechad; diak lolengmes, melenguul a mesa chad el mekngit.; postpone.singerekl a torob; merrob; singerekl a urreor e omiiked a ngesecheklel a udoud; singereklii a omerael e mengiil er a isechel a daob; singereklel. on (clothes); adjust/equalize (amount); check whether food is properly cooked.sobechii a mesebech er a bilel; mesa el kmo ng ungil? sobechii a mesebech er ngii; diak el uldirekorek; sobechii a kelel a ngalek.
26150.003techulln.belt (worn after delivering baby).techull a btek; olekesongel; techellel a omechell; mtechulii.
26160.003bedocheln.poss.3saction of beating sea with pole or knocking down fruit from tree.
26170.003bekengeln.poss.3ssack, bag.
26180.003berrousn.dream.berrous a tekoi el meues me a medung er a cheliuaiu; omerrous, merrusii a mlad el demal, berrusel.
26190.003bertakln.ocean floor; sea bed; bottom (of swimming pool, etc.).bertakl a chutem me a chelechol er a daob; berteklel a daob me a omoachel; betaot.
26200.003bicheln.poss.3ssieve; filter.
26210.003bikeln.poss.3sboy; any male younger than another male.bikel a mekekerei el sechal; ngeasek el chad, bikel a Oreor, buik.
26230.003biseln.poss.3saction of wandering around.bisel a bais er ngii el mo e mei, omais a beluu.
26240.003blailv.t.clothe (person); wrap (present, package, etc.).blail a bliull; mla obail, milii, mail a belsiich, bilel.
26250.003blalv.r.s.astonished; amazed.blal a mla obal a rengul; mechas a rengul; ongasireng a belengel a reng.
26260.003blengkangkv.r.s.laid or lying down on ground (in disarray); (tide) low.blengkangk a ngar eou; meched, kerrekar a blengkangk, chei a blengkangk.
26270.003brecheln.poss.3s(action of) spearing.
26280.003bukitangn.octopus.bukitang a charm er a daob el betok a klemngel.
26290.003changn.jetty; road leading to dock.chang a chades, rael, bdelul a chang a siseball er a beluu.
26300.003chebaodn.side (of house, etc.).chebaod a bitang; telkib er a cherrungel, chebodel a blai, bita el chebaod er a chad, bita el a tkul a blai; chebodel.
26310.003checherdv.s.redup.impatient; fed up with.checherd a seselk a rengul; checherd a rengul er a cherrodech, checherdel a rengul.
26320.003chedein.mother (term of address less formal than chedil).chedei a ngakl el usbechall er a okedongel er a chedil; e chedei.
26330.003chedellumeln.cooked tapioca.chedellumel a ngeasek el diokang el mereched el mo mark; chedellumel el diokang
26340.003chedengaln.poss.3schedengal a chad; chedengal a babii, chedengal a rrull.
26350.003cheldechuulv.r.s.fixed; arranged.cheldechuul a mengedechuul; mengituuk el osiik a rolel el mo ungil, chodechulii me ng mo er a skuul, chudechuul.
26360.003cheldoechn.Palauan glass money; glow; luster; heaven.cheldoech a udoud er a Belau; olit er a kim; cheldoech a beluu er a eanged; mengeldoech.
26370.003chellebedv.r.s.hit; struckchellebed a cheliuert, mla mechiuert.
26380.003chelmelleln.poss.3sreef (general area).chelmellel a chelmoll er ngii el beluu. (pot) get burned/discolored.chemas a mengas; mengesuloul, mla chemas a ngeliokl, chesil.
26400.003cherradv.r.s.crumbled; crushed; messed up; covered with sores; unhealed; rampant.cherrad a mla mecherad; chordengii chorad a kall; medeel er a rechad; a cherrad el kall. away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.). (taro tubers); break (someone's) heart.chosebii a mengeseb er ngii el dait. for (fish); hold or lead (someone) by the hand; carry (something) in the hand at one's side; lead (animal, etc.); tow (boat, etc.); persuade; convince; string (person) along (without paying debt, etc.); attract; lure.choteklii a mengetakl er ngii. (long object) in two; fracture.chuam a mengam; chuam a kerrekar.; look closely at; look at (oneself, in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior).chuieuii a menguiu er ngii; omes a babier; menguiu er a medal er a direk.
26470.003dangebn.lid; cover.dangeb a klekedall el melangeb; melekedek; duangeb a kall, dongebii a olekang, dengebel.
26480.003dbecheln.poss.3scoconut sprouting on ground.dbechel a dubech er ngii el dait, ungil a dbechel el dellomel. prepared for taro.dechel a omeklochel; dekimes el chutem; dechel a ungil blil a dait, brak, dechelel. A dechel aike el mle mesei e mla mechoit me ng diak a dait me a lechub e ng brak el dellomel er ngii me ng di chudel.
26500.003dekleln.poss.3sburial.deklel a omelakl er ngii, doklii a ulekoad.
26510.003delecheruln.poss.3saction of standing up; position (where person is standing).delecherul a delechor er ngii; blai a di osisiu a delecherul ngii me a mla blai.
26520.003delechiln.poss.3sfish guts; intestine; bowels.delechil a delach er ngii; delechil a chad, delechil a ngikel, delechil a blaol a ngimes.
26530.003delekedekv.r.s.covered.delekedek a delekedokel; mla medekedek, mla medangeb; dokedek, dokedekii a kall er a keai.
26540.003delengerengern.r.s.poor behavior; sin; crime.delengerenger a mekngit el omeruul; oterebek me a osisebel a mekngit el kar a delengerenger, delengerenger a mengebuul a beluu, delengerengerel.
26550.003delibechv.t.invent; introduce; start (something new, independent life, etc.); compose (song, etc.); make up or fabricate (story, etc.); chip off part of blade of (tool).delibech a beches el rruul; delbochel, melibech, delibech el rael a beches.
26560.003dern.remainder; leftover food (on someone's plate); change (from purchase).der a mlo diak el mekang; derengel a blengur; medeel el kall; der a betok me molai a keliu, oumeder.
26570.003derumkn.thunder.derumk a klou el ngor el merrumk; ngerel a bisebusech; orreek e melekoier a eanged, derremkel. away; kick (ball); sweep away (with hand); push away (with hand or foot); fend off.dibekii a melibek er ngii.
26590.003diichn.ray (of light).diich a dichel a kmard el klalo; diichel a sils, melidiich, medad medidech er a diich. out (yard, etc.); clear off (floor, etc.); explain; clarify.dmedesii a meledaes er ngii; dmedesii a blai. away from (someone's house); move out; be thrown out; be exiled (from village).dmik a modik; remiid el mo diak le kiei, mla dmik er a delengchokl; meriim.; stay/spin in a fixed spot.dolemii a melalem er ngii; dolemii a kebui.; slap (face).duangeb a melangeb, mla duangeb a klengoes me a ongraol el olb a dengeb.
26640.003ducheln.poss.3sstep; cut part; stage (in life).duchel a dauch er ngii, duchel a ochil, delauch. down (tree); cut (hand, finger, etc.); walk straight through or across; take shortcut through or across.duobech a melobech; tmuk, duobech a delemelel el diokang me a dait.
26660.003iebedn.lasso; snare; contemporary fishing net (left in shallow water when tide goes out).iebed a besebes el chaibibeob el melebed; iebed a melebed a malk. a blil a omeluluuch er a Chelid.
26680.003iuekliiv.t.go around; circle/revolve around; surround.iueklii a meliuekl er ngii.
26690.003kaidesachelv.recip.race; compete.kaidesachel a didu el mengaidesachel; osiik er a mo er uchei; sorir a kot; klaidesachel er a rurt; klaiuengader a mekngit el reng. each other; pass by each other; hit or collide with each other.kaisiuekl a kebetech; kede mo kaisiuekl er a bai; mo kesoues er isei, ngalek me a chedil a mocha kasiuekl, osiueklii, osiueklel.
26710.003kasouesv.t.see; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.kasoues a didu el omes; kaiuedingel; kaingeseu, klasoues er a bek el sils; kasoues a oturek a mederir er a ta me a tang; kasoues el kirel a ko er a ngodech el dilubech.
26720.003kautokv.recip.quarrel with each other; (nails, logs, etc.) lie scattered around.kautok a didu el omtok; kaiueiit a tekoi, mtok a meldung, te kautok e le uldasu a kakerous; mtok a tekingel, utekengel.
26730.003kebelungv.s.stupid; foolish; crazy; ignorant; young and unexperienced.kebelung a mla mo ngodech a bdelul; mekngit el omdasu, klebelung; mengebelung a omerellel
26740.003keiukln.west coast of Babeldaob. Includes the villages of Ngardmau, Ngeremlengui, Ngatpang, Aimeliik, Airai, Koror, Peleliu, and Angaur.Keiukl a mo bedul a ngebard; se el ngmelt a sils er ngii; a Ngetbang a beluu er a keiukl.
26750.003kekedeln.poss.3slong duration of time.kekedel a kekeed, meketeketang; kekedel er a kulekoi.
26760.003kekemangetv.s.redup.tall; long.kekemanget a kemangel; metongakl, diak el kedeb, kekemanget el bambuu, kekemengetel.
26770.003keldeln.poss.3shis/her/its pinch mark (on body).keldel a omenguld er ngii, menguld er ngii; kuldii.
26780.003kerodeln.dock; landing place.kerodel a olekerodel; Ngerkemais a kerodel er a Oreor; olsechall er a me kmerd me a mo ngmasech, kerdelel.
26790.003keterkokln.surprise; something surprising.keterkokl a dimlak er a uldasu el tekoi e duubech; keterkokl el kodall; bkaischemrungel el omerael.
26800.003kiisn.key (for opening locks).kiis a klekedall el mengiis e omkais; kisel a blai me a mlai.
26810.003kiueln.poss.3spole (such as that to which a knife is attached at the top and used to harvest betelnut, pepper leaf, etc.).kiuel a kaiu er ngii.
26820.003klaiuengadern.saying goodbye; departure; farewell; the moment of departure.klaiuengader a klaiuerebet; ketemall, di du el olengader; soibesengii a sechelil e mo ruchei; tomellii a chad mengengmanget e ngii a mo kot a chelechei; klaiuengader a mekngit el tekoi; klaidesachel me a klaudiais a ungil el tekoi. knowledge (of one another); someone's knowledge (of something).klaodengei a klemedengei er ngii; melechesuar, medengei, medengelii.
26840.003kliltn.bracelet.klilt a besichel a chim, kltel el olecholl; ng soak a klilt el kolt.
26850.003klioklv.t.dig; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).kliokl a kliis el chutem.
26860.003klleln.poss.3sfood that has been swallowed.kllel a kall el bla le kang.
26870.003klloun.size; thickness.kllou a kllungel; kllou er ngii; ng ua ngera a kllou er a blim?
26880.003klsaklv.r.s.(something) wrong/the matter.klsakl a ngar er ngii a telemall; mla mekesakl? ke klsakl? tia ng klsakl?
26890.003kmerdv.i.get off or out; disembark.kmerd a metengel; kmerd er a skoki, kmerd er a bilas, kerdel er a skoki.; honor.kmull a mengull; a kedung a orrenges e ungil el kmull a llach; kmull a kuoll el sils. a mengeldoech el bad, kolt el klok.
26920.003kudeln.poss.3sdam; end of menstruation.kudel a kaud er ngii el bong.
26930.003lkiln.poss.3sanything used to line the bottom of a cooking pot or the bottom of a basket.lkil a omelik er ngii, melik.
26940.003lluchesv.r.s.written; drawn.lluches a mla meluches; llechukl, lmuches a cheldechedechal er a babier, luchesii, lechesel.
26950.003lmeln.poss.3sfresh water; level (carpenter's tool); easy or simple matter.lmel a ralm er ngii; lmel a klengoes. starting to cry.longelang a mocha lmangel; rengalek a longelang. about; take into consideration; believe/think (that); wonder (if).mdasu a omdasu; dobedebek, mdasu a ungil el omeruul, mdesuii, udesuel. about; take into consideration; believe/think (that); wonder (if).mdesuii a omdasu er ngii; ngar er a bdelul.
26990.003meadv.s.conceited; proud of oneself; boastful.mead a ulekeangel; mengedidai er e ngii; mead a cheldechedechal, ilad, Idengel and wrap (fish or tapioca); hold together (someone's arms or legs).mechem a omechem a ngikel; mechem a chimal a merechorech; mechemir, orekedii, melechet; orkedel.
27010.003mechesimerv.erg.close (door, window); conclude (meeting); put in jail; confine; lock in (as punishment).mechesimer a chelsimer chosmerii, metenget; chosimer a tuangl, chesmerel.
27020.003medangchv.erg.set (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant).medangch a delangch; locha chutem er dellomel; dongchii, dmangch a kebui; mla medangch er a chutem, dengchel; medangch a delangch; mes e mo medengei; dongchii a chad, dmangch a chaibebelau, mla medangch.
27030.003medeuv.erg.get folded, creased or bent.medeu a deleu; dour, dmeu a chimal; medeu a diak le melemalt, deul a chim.
27040.003medidirtv.s.redup.almost dry.medidirt a medirt; didirt, bail a medidirt; diak el dekimes; diditel. working (usually, with hands).mekekeam a mereched; meklekilt, klekeam, mekekeam er a urreor, klekemengel.
27060.003mekelmolmv.s.ticklish; tingling; sensitive.mekelmolm a melemlim; chebesal a mekelmolm; menglikl er ngii me ng mo mekelmolm; mengelmolm er ngii.; extinguish; put out.mekoad a omekoad; te mla mekoad a babii, mekodir., tie up; make (relationship between people) closer, (plant) send out (roots) into soil.mekur a omak er ngii; mak; mla mekur a bilis, bilas; okul.
27090.003melalemv.t.plant; stay/spin in a fixed spot.melalem a dolemii; dualem, oltuu er a chutem; melalem a diokang, dualem a lius, delemel.
27100.003melangesv.t.look up at.melanges a omes er a bab; dongesii, dmanges a buuch, dengesel.
27110.003melebisechv.t.pierce (fish) with downward thrust of spear; pierce or cut into (earth); thrust at (with long object).melebisech a ngii di lomurech; dibsechii a ngikel, dibisech a tekoi a meterekakl a ngerel; ngii di lolekoi; dibsechel.
27120.003melebodebv.t.weigh (exactly or approximately); apportion; limit (e.g., one's eating).melebodeb a osiik a berraod; dobedebii; dobodeb; debedebel.
27130.003melechosechv.t.take a bite of (solid food); cut too much hair off (head).melechosech a mengiok a kall; suchesechii; suchosech a bobai, sechesechel.
27140.003melechotechv.t.pound with fist, stone, hammer; (clock) strike hour; (engine, valve) knock.melechotech a mesisiich el merusech, mengelebed; tuchetechii; tuchotech a suld, melechotech a chemang, techetechel.
27150.003meledesv.t.stretch out (legs); stretch (oneself); stretch (arm) to reach for something; place (long object) lengthwise in relation to something else.meledes a tuamet; odersii el mong lmedes a ochil, lodesii a chimal; ldesel. polite to; respect; honor; refuse (someone's) kind offer out of politeness or consideration.melengmes a mengull; oldanges, omotech a reng; delengmes a osiik a chioll.
27170.003mellibv.t.wash or rinse (hands, dishes, etc.).mellib a tolib; melatech; mengerumet, tolbengii a olekang, telbengel.
27180.003melubsv.t.sprinkle; spray; throw water on (from container); water (plants).melubs a melekimes; suubs er a ralm; subsii, sebsel.
27190.003mengaiuv.t.reach for or pick with pole; attract or seduce (woman).mengaiu a koiuii; kmaiu a meradel oba kaiu el melai; kiuel.
27200.003mengardv.t.nibble; munch; bite.mengard a mengiok; beab a mla kordii a lius; kmard a diokang, chemutii; klard, kerdel.
27210.003mengchongchn.thick betel nut fiber used for wrapping food, making rain hat, etc.mengchongch a keai; koul a buuch.
27220.003mengelaodv.t.comfort; console.mengelaod a cholaod; meruul er a rengul; oldeu a reng; cholodii a ngalek, chelodel.
27230.003mengemochemv.t.urinate.mengemochem a oltobed a chemochem; chumchemii; chumochem; chemechemel a ngalek.
27240.003mengeradv.t.crumble or crush (food, earth, etc.) into small pieces; mess up; put into disorder; misinterpret; misquote.mengerad a chorad; mriid; chordengii a keik; chorad a kall; cherdengel; mengerad a mengesengsang; melebisech a tekoi; ngii di lolekoi; mengerad a cheldecheduch; cherdengel.
27250.003mengesimerv.t.close (door, window); conclude (meeting); put in jail; confine; lock in (as punishment).mengesimer a chosmerii; chosimer a blai; diak el teleu; chesmerel.
27260.003mengetoemv.t.smear or spread (something) on.mengetoem a chotemii, mengesechusem; chusechesemii, otoem a mederir er a chas, chetemel.
27270.003mengeuidv.t.err in (something); confuse (people, matters).mengeuid a choudur; chouid a tekoi ngmodech; cheludul.
27280.003mengisemesemv.t.embrace, hug or clasp (when lying down or sleeping).mengisemesem a omechull er ngii; choisemesemii a ngelekel; mechulii; choisemesem, chisemesemel.
27290.003mengisngullv.t.frown or scowl at; show disgust or annoyance with.mengisngull a chelisngull; kesib a rengul e bluks a ngerel; choisngull a medal e dengchokl
27300.003mengkasv.t.scratch (because itchy).mengkas a kukesur a mekekad; kokas a ochil; mengertall a mekekad; kokesur a chimal; kekesul.
27310.003mengkekereiv.t.make smaller; reduce in size.mengkekerei a kmekerei; remuul el mo mekekerei; kokeringii a kall el mo diak luldirekorek, kekeringil.
27320.003merekiiv.t.spread (blanket, clothes, news, etc.); stretch out (arms, legs); propogate (religion, belief, etc.); cast or toss (e.g. fishnet); flatten and spread out (e.g. earth).merekii a omerek er a iluil el klalo; berekel a mamed.
27330.003mererdv.t.hoist; crane (neck)/raise (eyes) (in order to see something or to keep one's head above water).mererd a omdai el mo er bab; ngmerd a bangderang, ngerdel.
27340.003merereekv.i.redup.make rustling sound continually.merereek a ngar er ngii a rrekel; orreek, merechorech a merereek.
27350.003merraklv.t.destroy; dismantle; break up; scatter; spread.merrakl a mriid; remous; toreklii a blai; torakl a kall er a mechesang; tereklel a terekill el kall.
27360.003merrauv.t.catch (fish) with handnet.merrau a ouemenged el olab a derau; merrau a meas.
27370.003meruuv.t.collect; gather.meruu a mo ngmai a rirebet; remuu a lius; rouar a iedel, rual a lius
27380.003mesakdv.t.make (raft); tie side by side; crowd out (as in weeds crowding out other plants); change (subject of conversation).mesakd a odak a betok e lmechet; smakd a brer; sokdii a olechutel, sekdel.
27390.003mesebechv.t.try on (clothes); adjust/equalize (amount); check whether food is properly cooked.mesebech a melasem el meluk a kllou; mo selebech el ungil el ildois; mo diak el medeel; mesebech a kall el mo diak a delikiik.
27400.003mesongdv.t.comb; break (chain, cord, etc.).mesongd a songdii a bdelul; smongd a bderrir a rengalek.
27410.003mesurechv.t.cleanse (woman after childbirth) with hot water; bathe or soak (limb) in hot water.mesurech a melecholb a mekeald; meriso er a mekeald; surechii a omechell; smurech a kltkat; serechel.
27420.003metutkv.erg.point at; pick (fruit, etc.) with pole; appoint; assign; allocate (land, goods, etc.).; (chicken) pierce (other chicken) with spur.metuut a ometuut, malk a mla metuut a kall; Daiksang a mla metuut a kerrekar; betutel a kerrekar. hard; push away (hand); cut/knock off (end; top). Throw with a back-handed motion.mides a omides; chemoit a kall; mides a chimal, mla mides a kall; bdesel.
27450.003milkn.milk.milk a osechel a tul a kerebou. (door, cabinet, book, etc.); lift open (cover); lift up (clothing, etc.) .mkisii a omkais er ngii.
27470.003modakv.erg.put or add together; unify; join; include.modak a uldak; oldak; beluu a mla modak, odekiar, odak a reng; odekial.
27480.003moitelv.erg.pour (liquid) into. upon (moon; stars; etc.) to find one's way; find (landmark); focus on/understand implications of (words; behavior; etc.); take (words, etc.) seriously; commit to memory; recognize as.mtebengii a omtab er ngii.; go against; talk back at; balk at; swim against (current); go against or buck (wind); hit against (sharp object projecting from ground).mtok a omtok; diak lekengei; Rengelbechull a mla mtok a mekngit el kirel a buai. over or inside out; turn (oneself) around; translate; interprete.mult a omult; nguu bab el mei er eou; meltii, mult a ngikel, beltel., smash, shatter or burst (round object); explode (bomb); (waves) crash.mungii a omuu er ngii; mungii a dub; bungel, bngel a dub.
27530.003ngar kerexpr.where is it.
27540.003ngduuln.mangrove clam.ngduul a cheled er a keburs e ko er a teletelel a kikoi. A ngduul a cheled; ng di ua a teletelel a debuongel e ng di ng kuk mekekerei. Ng meliliut a ulekngellel e becheleleu. Kede melai er a chelsel a ilachetomel el bekord edei el sak a delechel. Ng kall.
27550.003ngedereln.poss.3sgift of food accompanying bride when she is brought to prospective husband's family.ngederel a ngader er ngii el ekebil.
27560.003ngelsongesn.insufficiency; insufficient quantity.ngelsonges a kesai er a usbechall; ngelsengesel; olengesonges; ngesonges a udoud er a cheral a blai.
27570.003ngerroeln.action of scolding or reprimanding.ngerroel a melekoi a meringel el tekoi; oungeroel, mengokl; mesmechokl er a telemall; ngerrelel.
27580.003ngeuallv.s.(person, animal) slow; slow-moving; slow-working.
27590.003ngibdn.mucus (from mouth); slime; slimy substance.ngibd a ngebudel el klalo; ngebdel a techel a semum; ongirt a ngibd.
27600.003ngilechangpro.that animal/person far from speaker and near listener.ngilechang a melekoi er a cheroid er a mengedecheduch e kmeed er a orrenges; ngilecha el buik; ngilecha el ekebil.
27610.003nglunguuchn.r.s.prayer; apology.
27620.003ngosechangv.inch.climb (tree, etc.); get onto (vehicle).; scrub; wash (thoroughly).ngotechii a melatech er ngii.
27640.003ngurdn.vein; artery.ngurd a klekedall er a chad el rolel a rasech er a bedengel; sechalngurd klou el me ra kekerei el ngurd; oungerengurd. (person's, someone's glance or attention); call out to.ochau a omekedong; olechau, klebokel el dil a ochau a ues, ocheuil a ues. up; put into disarray; meddle in; gossip about.ochoid a olechoid a tekoi me a klalo el mo e mei; mla ochoid a deleongel, ochidel. (from village); send away (from one's household).odikii a oldik er ngii; mengeroid er ngii.
27680.003oeakv.t.go by way of; walk or go through; pass or go by.oeak a merael er ngii; okiu ngii; oeak a ked, ouked.
27690.003oechereln.poss.3sshoes; footwear.oecherel a oeacher er ngii. (oncoming object).oiu a oleiu; diak el sbechii er ngii; oiu a durech, oiur a bduu, oiul.; transport; move something from one place to another; adopt (something new).oiuelii a oleuul er ngii; nguu er a bita el loia er a bitang.
27720.003okedv.t.instruct; command; give calls for dancing (e.g. in matamatong); direct; call into action; organize.oked a mengedereder; mesmechokl; oked a ngloik; tekoi, kodur, kmed a urreor, kedul. near; move (onself) close to.okeed a olekeed; ngmai el me kmeed; okedii, okeed a kelel a mechitechut; okedel.
27740.003okouangnum.40 [forty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).okouang a ochur , blai a okouang, rechad a okouang.
27750.003oldeuv.t.make happy; please; enjoy (oneself).oldeu a odeu; ungil a rengrir er a beches el rak; dmeu a rengul, deuil a reng; odeuil.
27760.003oldikv.t.banish (from village); send away (from one's household).oldik a odik; odikii; otebedii; odkikel.
27770.003olechibv.caus.turn something away from; deflect; avoid; avert; disregard (advice, order etc.); restore (teeth of saw) to proper position.olechib a mo chuib; oleiit er ngii; ochebir a biskang; ochib a mlai me ng diak el merot; olechib er ngii er a urreor, ochebil.
27780.003olechoudv.t.look for (diligently).olechoud a osiik; melngot, ochoud a udoud; ochudii, ochudel a kall.
27790.003oleitelv.t.pour (liquid) into.
27800.003olekarv.caus.wake up; awaken.olekar a tomellii a cheliuaiu; okerengii, okar, mekar, okerengel. flute; whistle to (person) (to get attention); use (fingers) to whistle.olengaok a meloko er a ngaok; ongokii; ongaok a ngaok, ongokel.
27820.003oliocheln.boundary (between land, villages, etc.).oliochel a omii; olkael, olichelel a chutem; oliochel er a beluu.
27830.003olluutv.t.make (person) return; send or give back; refund (money).olluut a suumech; ngmader; olutii a mlik; oluut a chutem, olutel.
27840.003oltengelv.t.take/bring down (from above).oltengel a otengel; melai el me er eou; otengelii a banderang, otengelel.
27850.003oluisn.instr.hook for removing trochus meat.oluis a klekedall el meluis, oluis er a semum. (person) return; send or give back; refund (money).oluut a olluut; merader; oltel.
27870.003omakesv.i.walk; take a step.omakes a merael omekebakes, blekeklel a ouach, bakes, bekesel.
27880.003omdachv.caus.give (someone) heavy work; cause (someone) to strain himself; spoil (appetite, sleep, etc.).omdach a tomall a bedengel; mdach a chimal me a ulul; chelebed a omdach a rechad, udechul.
27890.003omechiuaiuv.t.put to sleep.omechiuaiu a rullii el mo mechiuaiu, mo bad; mechiuii a ngalek, ochiuiuel. back (debt) to; return (favor - help, food, etc.).omekmad a mekmad; locha medal; locha oltechil, mekmedar a udoud, ukmedal.
27910.003omelasechn.action of carving.
27920.003omeobv.t.form; shape; create; spank.omeob a meob; mebii a kukau, meob a blauang, bebeel.
27930.003omiichv.t.sift; filter; get at the truth of (some matter).omiich a meleakl a ungil er a mekngit, kerrekeriil a miich a klemerang, bichel.
27940.003omkuukv.t.puff (oneself, something) up; expand (stomach); make (bread) rise.omkuuk a mkuuk a remuul el mo meklou; mkuuk a blauang, bkukel a blauang. (between places).omoid a merael; omais, moid a beluu, chad er a usaso a omoid a beluu, midii, bidel.
27960.003omriidv.t.scatter; spread; sow (seed); dismantle; disrupt; break or split up; take apart; cause (members of family) to separate.omriid a merrakl; diak el longudel; mriid a besbas, omriid a rechad, bridel a delengchokl.
27970.003omtelubv.caus.tease; ridicule; criticize. (with some component of truth).omtelub a oungelakel el melemall; mtelbar a omerolel a ouretakl; utelbal a milil e soal a udoud.
27980.003ongeteruichnum.10 [tenth] (ordinal).ongeteruich a ochur (10), teruich, tacher, ongeteruich el klebesei, ongeteruich el ngalek.
27990.003ongisbn.instr.any instrument for scooping out (e.g. spoon, ladle, etc.).ongisb a klekedall el mengisb.
28000.003osarechn.instr.anything used for pressing (pin, thumbtack etc.).osarech a klekedall el olsarech; osarech er a selokel, oserechii a bail, oserechel.
28010.003osusv.i.greet; salute (flag).osus a outkeu, ounged, sus a terrob e merael er a delongelir a rechad. (spear; gun; etc.) at; enforce (law); light (fire); start (particular job); hook (one vehicle to another; etc.); stick to/stay with apply (skill); put (skill) to use; support.otaut a oltaut; remuul a meldung; mla otaut a rokui el meldung, otutii a ngau, otutel a llach. or lay (something) against.otilii a oltuil er ngii.
28040.003otngekleln.poss.3srejection; return; act of rejecting or returning something.otngeklel a otngakl er ngii. or drill through; show (one's face); express (idea, etc.); force (opinion).otoech a oltoech; rokui el chad a kirir el otoech a uldesuir, otechii, otechel.
28060.003raisn.root (of a plant, tree, etc.).rais a orreked er a kerrekar er a chutem; risel a lius, kerrekar a ourais.
28070.003rechorechn.stealing; theft; robbery; selfishness.rechorech a merechorech; berrotel el melai a diak el kloleklel; rucherechii a udoud; ruchorech a kall; recherechel.
28090.003reklain.title of chiefs in Melekeok.Reklai a Kebekuul, dial a bdelul a beluu er a Melekeok; merreder er a Bitalianged.
28100.003remeseln.poss.3s(long, high-piched) fart; gap or separation.remesel a rames er ngii, ruames.
28110.003remosv.i.drown.remos a rusors er a daob me a ralm; ngalek a mla remos, rosengang. (particular distance) [for a useful purpose such as crossing a stream].ridekekl a merdekekl; suchesokl; melechesokl, ridekeklii a cheroid, ridekekl er a cheldukl.; listen to; obey.
28140.003rirurtv.t.pastrun; (fish) move/swim.
28150.003rrengodelv.t.tie or bind (long objects) together; join; make (relationship) closer.rrengodel a rrenged.
28160.003ruchorechv.i.sink (in water).ruchorech a meeleb, ngobeet er a daob; mo er a eou; ert a mla ruchorech.
28170.003rusorsv.i.sink to bottom of sea.rusors a ngobeet; ngar er a chelsel a daob, orresors, rusersang.; stab; inject; inoculate.rusur a merus er ngii.
28190.003sakn.unit of measure; foot.
28200.003sbedeln.poss.3sannouncement; notice; message.sbedel a subed er ngii; mesubed.
28210.003sebekrengn.worry; anxiety.sebekreng a bekikl; suebek a rengrir klou a sebekreng er a osisebel a mekngit el kar. off (branches, leaves, plants, etc.).sibechii a mesibech er ngii; mengam er ngii; mla suibech a rachel. move in on / snap at / peck at (food; prey); swallow up; harvest.sobngii a mesab er ngii; bilis a mesab er a kelel.
28240.003songeln.poss.3smistress; sexual partner.songel a sau er ngii; soal el dil, sechal; ombil er a klsau.
28250.003stobn.stove.stob a ingukl lousbech a dengki me a kas. move in on / snap at / peck at (food; prey); swallow up; harvest.suab a omangch; mesab, bilis a mla suab a ngikel; sobngii; suab a mesab; sobngii; omadel a klab; mla suab a kukau; sebngel a bite of (solid food); cut too much hair off (head).suchesechii a mengiok; melechosech er ngii; suchesechii a ongraol.
28280.003taorn.towel.taor a mamed el usbechall er a omesuld; taor er a omelecholb; torel.
28290.003techiirn.handnet with handle; cloth or screen for pressing coconut milk; sheath at base of coconut frond (used for pressing coconut milk).techiir a klekedall el melechiir; techiir er a lius; techiir er a chemang, ticherii; techerel.
28300.003temeteln.poss.3sits straightness.temetel a omelamet er ngii; melamet.
28310.003teuidnum.7 [seven] (human).teuid a ochur (7) el mo er a rechad; teuid el ngalek, teuid el rubak, teuid el buik. or thorn) stick into.tmoched a meloched; techedel a such a mla tmoched a chimak.
28330.003tmutv.t.suck on (breast; thumb; candy); suck (milk).tmut a melmotm a tut; ngalek a tmut a tul a delal; tetul a tut.; scrape; remove bristles.tomkii a melamk er ngii; tuamk a chesemel; tomkii a babii; temkel.
28350.003totangn.canoe (typically of simple construction; e.g. using a folded aluminum sheet).; scrape; remove bristles.tuamk a melamk; melai a busech; tomkii, tuamek a chesemel; temkel. on.tubar a melub er ngii.
28380.003tutkn.pointer; pole (for picking fruit).tutk a kaiu el melutk; oltkel.
28390.003uderengeln.poss.3sanything used as protection against sun, rain etc.uderengel a udor er ngii; omderengel; tengetengel er a chull me a sils; omdor.
28400.003ukarn.bow (for arrow).ukar a bluoik el kerrekar el oldubech er a balech; ukerul.
28410.003ukedeln.poss.3sfish or mosquito net.ukedel a uked el ngii a ouuked er ngii.
28420.003ukeruln.poss.3sbow (for arrow).ukerul a ukar er ngii.
28430.003ulekngalln.discarded coconut shell after meat has been removed (used for kindling).ulekngall a medecherecher er a rdechel a lius el mle bereked a techel a lius er ngii; ulekngellel; ulekngall a lius el bleu e lliich a techel el nglai.
28440.003ulengesengesv.r.s.obeyed.ulengesenges a mla mongesenges; remenges; mla morenges e tekingel; motirakl; olengesenges, llach a ulengesenges.
28450.003ulesv.r.s.seen; looked at.ules a mla moues; mechuiu; babier er a chutem a ules; omes, osengel.
28460.003ulisn.edge of yard.Ulis a ulisul; ullebengelel; ulis era mekesokes a tkul a mekesokes; ulis era sers a tkul a sers; omis, misur a tkul.
28470.003ulsarechv.r.s.pressed down; pinned onto.ulsarech a ulsongeb er eou; mla mosarech; ngar er a ulsarechg er a oberaod; oserechii, osarech, oserechel.
28480.003ultuuv.r.s.made to enter; put into.ultuu a mla motuu; ulsiseb; mla soiseb; ultuu a deel er a ochil; babii a ultuu er a blil; otungii; otungel.
28490.003urrebetv.r.s.dropped.urrebet a mla morebet; mla me er a eou; orrebet a mengur; orebetii, orebetel.
28500.003urrekodelv.r.s.holding or grasping for a long time.urrekodel a urreked; orreked
28510.003ututkn.stick put into ground as support for plant or as marker.ututk a klalo el mukedechor el olecholt, omeketakl; ututk er a mo rael, utetkel.
28520.003bedochelv.s.(words, medicine) effective/strong.bedochel a beketaut; oureor el kar; bldochel er a kar, bedochel a ongellul. pole.bikel a klekedall er omengereel, bikel er a ngikel.
28540.003born.low tide in the morning.bor a chedelchei er a tutau; temel a ulengimes, me a omelkelikes.
28550.003cheldechuuln.r.s.way or method of doing something; way of stopping or avoiding something. coconut milk into (food). person in group) sing with especially high pitched voice; sing poorly.chosebii a mengeseb er ngii el chesols. (object; usually large) to keep it in a certain position; prop up (sleeping person) with pillows; put or set down.dmik a melik; menged, dikir a kall er a tebel, mla dmik a babier me a til er a tebel, dkil.
28590.003mechemv.erg.pry up; lift with lever. (long object) over considerable distance.mechii a omoech er ngii; omurech er ngii; mechii a lild, moech a uloech, bechel a uloech.
28610.003metengetv.erg.offer or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle.; move (residence, etc.); hit; hit or smash into or against.nguklii a melukl er ngii; nguklii a blil.
28630.003oiun.squall; a sudden violent gust of windy rain.oiu a klou el chull el obengkel a eolt; mochero a daob; osiuklii a oiu.
28640.003oltengeln.poss.3sinstrument for tearing; letter opener.oltengel a olat er ngii, oltengel er a babier.
28650.003omadv.t.make (rope) out of coconut cord.omad a suld, omad a chesemel, omad a belsiich el kukau.
28660.003omadv.t.pierce (boil) to re-initiate drainage.omad a oba chimal el melaiu; omad er a ochil el meringel. (including wife; girlfriend; etc.); rob; capture; kidnap.ruchorech a mla ngmai a diak le kloleklel; merechorech; mla . ruchorech a udoud; rucherechii, recherechel.
28680.003suobeln.a.s.lesson; homework; study.suobel a kirel el mesuub; tekoi er a Belau a suobel.
28690.003tutkn.wart on sole of foot; disease of kebui leaves.tutk a rakd el duubech a cheroel a ouach; tetkel a ochil.
28700.003ulechoidv.r.s.messed up.
28710.003ulturekv.t.ask or get permission; argue (someone) down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); put things together.ulturek a mla mengai a kengei er ngii; mla moturek; mla oturek er a usbechel a chutem; ouchutem a ulturek, oterekii, oterekel; ulturek a mla mo keterekokl; diak lodengei a lolekoi; tmurek a ngerel, ulturek a ngerel; oterekii a blulekngel; oterekel; ulturek a bereked; mla moturek; bilas ulturek er a cheldukl; ulteroter; oterekii a bilas, oturk a mlai, oterekel.
28720.002ulengchideln.res.coconut husk (often used for kindling).ulengchidel a bilel a ulekngall; ulengchidel a suld; ulengchedelel a lius.
28730.002basn.embers; burned pieces of wood.bas a ulout, besengel a idungel me a dekool; oubas.
28740.002baskuan.Easter.baskua a chedaol el sils er a kisel a kristiano er a kodall.
28750.002bdeseln.poss.3sthrowing (of something) (with a back-handed motion).bdesel a bides er ngii,omides.
28760.002bechosn.thumb; big toe.bechos a klou e kedeb el cheldingel er a uach me a chim; bechesengel.
28770.002bekain.pottery; clay pot/jar.bekai a blil a ralm, ilaot el rruul er a chutem. bekiul
28780.002bekebekeln.poss.3sgladden; make happy.bekebekel a omekebek er ngii, rullii el mo diak le merur, mo diak el debsochel.
28790.002bekeseln.poss.3sstep (in walking).
28800.002beltokn.many; numerous; plenty; abundant.beltok a betok; beltok er a kall a ungil. where the land begins to slope.bengedel a tkul a ngesachel; bengedel a ngesachel.
28820.002berekeln.poss.3sspread (blanket, clothes, news, etc.); stretch out (arms, legs); propogate (religion, belief, etc.); cast or toss (e.g. fishnet); flatten and spread out (e.g. earth).
28830.002bertecheln.poss.3sclapping; wooden paddle used as war weapon; applause; praise.
28840.002besbesiln.poss.3shis/her/its trash; rubbish; litter; debris.
28850.002besiichn.adornment; decoration; ornament.besiich a onglebokel; klekedall el menglebokel, bung me a telau me a olbiungel a besiich, besichel.
28860.002betengelv.hypotheticaldescend; come/climb down; land.
28870.002birn.jump-rope; anything used to play jump-rope.bir a klekedall el omir besebes, rengalek a olab a bir el omir, ousekool.
28890.002bladekn.r.s.spirit of ancestors.bladek a beldokel; omadek, medekii, obadek a obail er a chedecholl, bar; bedekel
28900.002blebeleln.poss.3sshape; form.
28910.002blekebekv.r.s.gladdened; made happy.blekebek a ungil a medal; mla obekebek; mekebekii a medal; odeuir a rengul, bekebekel.
28920.002blekeun.r.s.bravery; courage.blekeu a blekengel, bekeu.
28930.002blengedv.t.put (oneself, part of one's body) against; hold (oneself) onto or against; put (hand) on or against.blenged a blengodel; mengedii, menged, ngalek a blenged er a demal. bengedel.
28940.002bleuv.r.s.broken; cracked.bleu a mla obeu; mecherad, mengii, a blatong bleu; bengel.
28950.002blingerv.t.let (boat) get stranded by (low tide); run (boat) aground in shallow area.blinger a mla obinger, ulengasech er a meched, mlai a blinger me ng mla mo diak lorael.; affection.
28970.002blulv.r.s.regulated; restricted.blul a ngar ngii a bul, blul a er a uel a llach el diak le ngeiul a uel, blul a belochel el diak le beakl.
28980.002blurechv.r.s.speared.blurech a berruchel; mla oburech, omurech, mrechii, murech, brechel.
28990.002blusv.r.s.tied into bundle; pulled vigorously; grabbed.blus a mla obus; mesemosem, medibuk, blus a kall, mesngii, mus, besngel a kall.
29000.002bodkn.(surgical) operation.bodk a omodk, bodk er a diil, medkii a delel, modk, bedkel.
29010.002boidn.mistake, error. also, chant which mentions people traveling to many places.boid a merael; omais, omoid a beluu, midii, omiboid, moid a beluu, bidel. boid a cheleuid, boid er a llechukl, boid el cheuikl.
29020.002bosechn.time of privation; drought; famine.bosech a ngelsonges er a kall; telemellel a dellomel; kemtimt, bosech er a kall, besechel a udoud.
29030.002breelv.a.s.boil before cooking; pre-cook; parboil; clean (food - especially, clams) by rinsing in hot water before actual cooking.breel a bur, omur, breel a kim.
29040.002bsebseln.poss.3sdrill; termite.
29050.002btekeln.poss.3salso, wooden trimming on sides of boat.
29060.002chaidirenguln.poss.3sheart (internal organ); one's deepest feelings.
29070.002chebechabn.redup.dust (esp. under house).chebechab a chutem el ua chab, chebechebuul, klou a chebechab er a rael a le medirt a chutem.
29080.002chebleln.poss.3scurtain or partition in house (hanging down to level of armpit).cheblel a omengabl er ngii er a rengalek, mengabl.
29090.002chedeseln.poss.3sroad (originally paved with stones); causeway; jetty.chedesel a chades er ngii beluu.
29100.002chedidiichv.s.(skin) smooth or shiny.
29110.002chedoleln.poss.3sholy; sacred; (woman's private parts) not to be touched.
29120.002cheldengn.r.s.enclosed part of house where precious family items are kept.cheldeng a telia er a blai, uchul a orengodel, kingellel a merreder.
29130.002chelebangelv.r.s.facing towards (at close range); (person) faced with (problems, etc.); (person) looking forward to expecting (future event) (and having to deal with it).chelebangel a mengebangel; chachuchau, chelebangel a kall, chebengelel.
29140.002chelebedeln.poss.3shitting object; whip, club, bat.
29150.002chelebirukelv.r.s.made crooked.chelebirukel a chebirukel; diak le melemalt el omeruul, chelebirekelel er a urreor, mengebirukel a melemalt el cheldecheduch.
29160.002chelechein.r.s.jealousy; envy.chelechei a mechechei; diak el soal a lungil a rebebil, chelechingil, mekekirenguul a rengul.
29170.002chelidobelv.t.hang onto (someone, something) with hands; moving by hanging on with one hand at a time like from branch to branch.chelidobel a mengidobel; olik a chelidobel er a kerrekar, urrekodel er a rachel e cheliraro; chiidebel.
29180.002chelitechutn.weakness; softness; weakened condition (esp., due to old age); defeat (as in games, sports, or war).chelitechut a mechitechut; diak el mesisiich, choitechetur a rengul, choitechut a bedengel; chelitechetul
29190.002chelsakln.wall pillar/post in bai or house.chelsakl a mesisiich el kerrekar el orreked a kboub er a bai me a blai, chelseklel.
29200.002cheluchuln.poss.3scoconut oil; fuel (e.g. gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.); grease (from meat being cooked).cheluchul a cheluch er ngii.
29210.002cheluodeln.r.s.old age.cheluodel a kllou el chad, chuodel, cheludellel a mechas. (ear).chemad a leko ng diak el rrenges; oumechad er ngii, chemad a dingal er a urreor, diak le kerekikl. (house).chemado a mengado, chodeuii a blai chemado a bai; chedouel. (rope; wire; fishing line; etc.); cuddle (baby) when sleeping; (hen) sit on/hatch (eggs).chemaet a mengaet; chemetii a kerreel, chemaet a chetakl, chetel. or stitch patch onto; fix temporarily or sloppily; push (person) against (wall, etc.).chemedii a rosmii a telat el bail; rullii a mechut el mlai; mengeed er ngii; cheed, chedel.
29260.002chemekleln.poss.3saction of throwing or tripping someone by putting lever between his legs.chemeklel a omengemekl er ngii, mengemekl. for; expect.chemiil a mengiil, olsingch, chemiil a bilas el mei.
29280.002chemoldv.t.fart; pass gas; break wind at.chemold a choldii, chold, cheldel.; put together; assemble; save (money).chemudel a mengudel; oldak, chemudel a idungel, chedelel.
29300.002chemurv.s.(each) provided with his own thing, share, etc..chemur a bek el chad a ngar er ngii a blingelir, diak a ongok a rengul, chemur a dikesir.
29310.002cherechurn.shrimp.cherechur a cheremel a omoachel me a taoch, kebliil er a cheramrou.
29320.002cherodechv.s.noisy.cherodech a smau e mekudem el mengerodech; mesaod, chordechii a mesei, chorodech a chutem, cherdechel.
29340.002chesengeln.poss.3ssoot; ink; lead of pencil.chesengel a chas er ngii.
29350.002chesmeln.poss.3sringing (of a bell).chesmel a omengosm er ngii el kambalang, mengosm.
29360.002chetaun.brief rain squall.chetau a kekerei el chull el obengkela eolt.
29370.002chetelluchelv.s.(voice) low-pitched.chetelluchel a chebecheb el ngor; ngerel a sechal a chetelluchel, mengetelluchel, chetellechelel.
29380.002chiisn.escape; flight.chiis a chemiis; mo cheroid er a kdekudel, mle klou a chiis er a mekomad.
29390.002chilteln.poss.3soil; ointment; grease; chrism.chiltel a omengilt er ngii; mengilt.
29400.002chisemesemeln.poss.3shug; embrace.chisemesemel a omengisemesem er ngii; mengisemesem.
29410.002chisiln.poss.3ssmall quantity of something.chisil a mla mo sesei; kesengei a medechel; chisil a odoim.
29420.002chisiseln.poss.3saction of stacking.chisisel a omengisois er ngii, mengisois.
29430.002chitechutv.s.paralyzed.chitechut a mechitechut; smecher el diak lorael, chitechut a ngesool. towards (someone; something) (at close range); look at (someone; something close).
29450.002chodeuiiv.t.roof (house).chodeuii a mengado er ngii el blai. (things) up one on top of the other; repeat (something) for confirmation.choisois a mengisois; meleketek.; strike; bat.cholebedii a mengelebed er ngii. on; defecate or expel (particular object).chortii a mengert; chemei er ngii. (pot) get burned/discolored.chosir a mengas er ngii; chelas. in (something); confuse (people, matters).chouid a mengeuid, cheleuid.
29510.002chuitn.miserliness; avarice. or rap on; hit (head); ring (bell).chuosm a mengosm; mengelebed. inside of (bottle, bowl, pot, etc.) with circular motion; wash out (mouth, ear, etc.); brush (teeth); pump out (stomach, intestine); give enema or laxative.churemetii a mengerumet er ngii.
29540.002chutn.disease that causes plants to rot; rot; decay; cancer.chut a mechut; chutur a blai, diak le beches.
29550.002delbecheleln.r.s.poss.3smusical composition.delbechelel a ngii a dilbechii; betok a chelitakl el delbechelel a lmesei, "sechou er a kereker" a tang.
29560.002delebedebv.s.incomplete; not well-connected.delebedeb a diak el ungil el blech; betok a delebes er ngii; delebedeb a cheldechedechal.
29570.002delelualuv.s.(liquid) motionless, still or collected in puddle, pool, container, etc.delelualu a telekuau el ralm; diak el omaoch; delelualu el chad a mesaik.
29580.002dengeseln.poss.3sthe action of looking up.dengesel a omelanges er ngii; melanges.
29590.002dereuakln.loud laughter from a group of people.dereuakl a doreuakl; cherechur; klou a dereuakl; kauoderouakl, ocherechur, kacherechur.
29600.002dersesein.different (small) quantities (of something). (fish) with downward thrust of spear; pierce or cut into (earth); thrust at (with long object).dibisech a melebisech el oba biskang; mla dibisech a ngikel.
29620.002dilleln.poss.3sship. or slice (fish, meat); slit (open); eat (fish) raw.dmes a meles, dmes a ngikel. or dunk (person, thing) into water.dmilech a melilech; oduleb er a ralm, dmilech a chimal, delechel. out (candle, etc.); blow up (balloon); blow on or at; smoke or puff (cigarette).dmoko a meloko; mla dmoko a betok el dekool, dokouii a dekool, dekool; dmoko a olbidel. objecting to; keep being negative about; be pessimistic.dobdebsii a melebdobs er ngii; mla dobdebsii a omerael el mo diak, omsebosech. (conversation, life); kill; stop (blood).dobengii a meleb er ngii, torebengii, mla dobengii a kemanget e blelekl el cheldecheduch. (cord, string, hair, etc.) into knot.doibuk a melibuk; delibuk; doibuk a betok el besebes.
29690.002dokouiiv.t.blow out (candle, etc.); blow up (balloon); blow on or at; smoke or puff (cigarette). (post, stick, etc.) into (ground); thrust or stick (ax, etc.) into (wood, etc.); throw (dart, etc.) into (target).dolemeklii a mellemakl er ngii; otungii er a chutem. practitioner of black magic in order to put spell on (person or thing).dongeseklii a melengesakl er ngii; melebeakl, tiakl. up at.dongesii a melanges er ngii; mla dongesii a buuch. or rehurt wound in (some part of body).dorir a merrai er ngii; mla dorir a kltkat er a ochik, rullii a kltkat el lmuut el mo meringel, mederai. (log for canoe); build (house); (cat) claw at.dosechii a melasech er ngii; desechel. (conversation, life); kill; stop (blood).dueb a torob; meleb a olloi, dueb a cheldecheduch, mekemad a dueb a betok el klengar; kodeb, duebes something from (esp., spear from fish); remove (feet) from shoes.duldelii a mellodel er ngii; duldelii a kall er a butiliang; otebedii. (arm, leg, etc.); flick with fingers; knock or rap (door, etc.).dungod a melngod, dungod a ulurir, dungod a uach.; roast; get (oneself) sunburned; bake (bread, etc.).durur a melul er ngii, durur a ngikel er a ngau; omekmark er a kall er a ngau.
29790.002eachinterj.exclamation of surprise.each a kibetiekl; each e ke mlei! each ng miting e diak a chad?
29800.002ekongv.i.go (towards location of hearer).ekong a merael el mo bedul a orrenges. (out); practice; check; challenge; imitate. .esemii a omelasem er ngii; melasem.
29820.002hangn.hamlet; neighborhood; section of village or town.
29830.002honton.Babeldaob.honto a babeldaob, ochalechutem.
29840.002ibucheln.sea urchin.ibuchel a ta er a bedengel a cheled el kall. A ibuchel a cheled; ng mechaibibeob e outoched. Ng di kmeed el ua a meklungel a redechel a cheluchau Kede meruu er a kereker. Ng kall.
29850.002ieueklv.t.go around; circle/revolve around; surround.ieuekl a mo obart, mla ieuekl er a rebai er a blai, iueklel.
29860.002ilelebv.r.s.overgrown (with foliage); flooded; under water; covered (with blanket, etc.).ileleb a delekedek; mla meeleb; ralm iueleb a dait er a mesei; rael a ileleb er a ralm.
29870.002ilmokln.r.s.freedom; license; permission.ilmokl a mimokl; mededaes, mimokl el deleuill, diak a ulecheracheb er a beluu.
29880.002iltekngeln.poss.3samount; quantity; number.iltekngel a beltok er ngii; betok a udoud, ildisel; iltekngel a ngikel. or differentiate (something) from; set apart; put aside; remove; disassociate (oneself) from.imakl a meleakl, meruul el mo diak el luldak; imakl a kall er a ulengall.
29900.002iuekleln.poss.3sthe action of circling (something); revolution (of the sun, moon, etc.).iueklel a omeliuekl er ngii; meliuekl; iueklel a ieuekl el mertii, ieuekl el mo dibus.
29910.002kaholn.wooden box; coffin.kahol a rruul el kerrekar el blil a klalo me a ulekouad el chad, kaselengel.
29920.002kaiberoberv.recip.grapple with each other over something; dispute (land).kaiberober a didu el omerober; kaiueribech; orribech; ruchad a kaiberober a chutem, mereberii, merober, bereberel a dui.
29930.002kaiuedangesv.recip.praise each other.kaiuedanges a didu el oldanges; didu el chemat, remerreder a kaiuedanges; odengesii, odanges a cheldechduch, odengesel.
29940.002kaiuedubechv.recip.push each other.kaiuedubech a didu el oldubech; odbechii a chad, odubech a ungil el uldasu, kaiuedubech er a mo er a kingall, odbechel.
29950.002kakeaklv.recip.(lives, purposes, etc.) separate or divergent from each other; (objects) physically separated from each other.kakeakl a kakerous; ileakl a chetemel a chad me a chad; diak luldak, kakeakl a bai er a remeau me a beil a klobak.
29960.002kbekbeln.poss.3swall.kbekbel a kboub er ngii el blai.
29970.002kebseln.poss.3sanything used for hanging (e.g., rope, wire, etc); sling for arm.kebsel a kabs er ngii el tuu.
29980.002kein.woman's term of address to younger woman or woman of same age.kei a okedong er aklausechelei er a redil, e kei ka mei; dorael e kei.
29990.002kekesuln.poss.3sscratch mark.kekesul a omengkas er ngii; mengkas; kekesul a ulk.
30000.002kelengv.recip.borrow (each other's things).keleng a kalengleng, kebed a udoud; meleng a udoud, omed a ududel
30010.002kertelleln.poss.3sscratch from scar.kertellel a kertall er ngii.
30020.002kesaodv.recip.separate from/divorce each other; move apart from each other.kesaod a kebii; kacheroid; chacheroid; te mlo kesaod, ng diak el dak el kiei.
30030.002kesiln.poss.3sgrate or scrape (usually, coconut, sometimes, taro).
30040.002ketomv.s.(knife, etc) blunt or dull.ketom a kltom; diak el kedorem; kotemengii a oles, kotom a kamang, ketemengel.
30050.002kikideln.poss.3sconfession; absolution; purification.kikidel a omengikiid er ngii; mengikiid. (esp., armpits or sides) (enough to make someone laugh).kileklii a mengelikl er ngii; oltobed er a cheril; kileklel.; amplify; make louder; increase in size.kilungii a menglou er ngii; mo kiei a rengum el diak omedakd.
30080.002kiteleln.freshwater eel.kitelel a charm er a omoachel me a taoch; ko er a teletelel a kesebekuu.
30090.002kititeln.poss.3sthe action of asking many questions or picking at something or badgering someone for information.kititel a omengetiit er ngii; mengetiit.
30100.002kiukueln.poss.3sthe action of carrying (something) (close to the chest); the action of cradling (something, such as a baby).kiukuel a omenguoku er ngii; kiukuel a ngalek; menguoku.
30110.002klakodiln.poss.3sfight; brawl; battle.klakodil a klakoad er ngii.
30120.002klardv.r.s.nibbled; munched; bitten.klard a klechosech; mla mekard; kliok, kiikii, selechosech; suchesechii, iedel a klard, kerdel a iedel.
30130.002klaseklv.s.left-handed; clumsy; awkward.klasekl a mesisiich a katerul a chimal; diak el kladikm. klasekl a klaskokl.
30140.002klderaolv.r.s.moored with outrigger away from shore.klderaol a ulak, mlil a omerael a klderaol er a cheldukl; koderolii, koderaol a mlai er a klemedaol; kederolel.
30150.002klebechelv.t.try on (clothes); adjust/equalize (amount); check whether food is properly cooked.klebechel a selebech, ungil el ildois; klebechel el kall er a mechesang a ungil el diak a mo cheitel er ngii. Selebech.
30160.002klebkallv.r.s.glorified.klebkall a kebkall; kebekuul a klebkall, chedolel a ilteet; meteet a olab a klebkall, chengal a ilteet; klebkellel.
30170.002klemeriarn.interest (in).klemeriar a semeriar; deurreng, sau, sorir a klekool, semeremeriang.
30180.002kliisv.r.s.(ground) dug/scratched in (by chicken); opened or unlocked; (clock, watch) wound.kliis a mla mekiis; kliokl; debull a kliis, kiesii el mo delluchel, kmiis, mengiis, kisel a debull.
30190.002kliokv.r.s.gnawed at.kliok a klard; mla mekiok; mekard, selechosech, mesechosech, kiikii a iedel, kiok a kukau; bobai a kliok er a charm, mengiok, kiikiel.
30200.002kllolemnum.6 [six] (animal; nonliving thing).kllolem a ochur el elolem (6); kllolem el lius; kllolem el blai, kllolem el bduu.
30210.002klteketn.delay; duration of stay.klteket a eoud; meoud; meketeket el mengiil; tia el klteket er kau.
30220.002kmollv.s.(something that) almost collided; close call; near miss; (foot) slipped (off something). or press with thumb and index finger.kmuk a menguk; kmuk a otengel, kekul a otangel. with fingernails.kmuld a menguld; kmuld a chim; osiu a kuk er ngii, menguld er a rengalek.; unfasten.kodekedii a mengedoked er ngii; omoket, kedekedel a delibuk; melubet er a rengedel. for or pick with pole; attract or seduce (woman).koiuii a mengaiu er ngii, mla koiuii a buuch; kiuel a buuch. (in a manner typically more playful than remurt).kolekel a remurt; rekebil a mla kolekel er a klaidesachel.
30280.002kongeln.poss.3slog used as support for boat; log used to help in moving or pushing boat.
30290.002kortn.court of law. (powerfully); rake (ground).kortall a mengertall; mengesemramr, katuu a mla kortall a chimak. (road, etc.).kortii a mengort er ngii; mla kortii a rael, kertel. amount of or reduce in number (resulting in insufficiency).kosadel a mengesadel; olngesonges, kosai, kom kosadel a kall e le udoud a kesai, kosedelii, kesedelel a kall. (fish) with (long) net; lurk around environs of house; block (e.g., road, entrance, etc.); surround.kosekesii a mengesokes er ngii; mla kosekesii a delebechel el meas, kesekesel.
30350.002ksulln.small (hairy) sea crab.ksull a cheled; kebliil er a kidel me a chellabed me a kmai. (someone's) hair; trim (shrubs; trees; betel nuts; etc.); cut (string; wire; etc.).kuimd a mengimd; kuimd a cheiul, kemdel a chui.; honor.kullii a mengull er ngii; kullii a Chelid me a chad; melengmes.
30380.002leblebuln.poss.3sfuzz (on leaf) of plant (e.g.; sugar cane; grass); plant in coffee family; shyness.leblebul a leb er ngii; melebleb.
30390.002lekukukv.s.hypo.when tomorrow arrives.
30400.002lemelemeln.poss.3slength; continuation; addition; extension (in a straight line).lemelemel a ua kllemengtel; metongakl el ngalek el di lemelemel a chedecholl; lemelemel a omelemolem er ngii; melemolem, lomelemii a omerolel.
30410.002saingv.t.sign; sign name; pledge to obstain from liquor. hole in.lingir a meling er ngii, rullii el mo chemars; metetoech.
30430.002llochedv.r.s.(string, cord, wire, etc. or relationship between villages) broken.lloched a llechidel. Telemall el deleuill era beluu ma beluu. (person); wrap (present, package, etc.).mail a omail; locha bilel, mla mail a billum, milii. (knife).mais a omais; meu, chemiud a medal, mla mais a oles me a kamang, bisel a oles.; announce/report/tell (news about something).mchisii a ouchais; olecholt; merekii, mla mchisii a meang el chais.; capture.mdechemii a omdechem er ngii; orkedii.; wait for (especially to ask a favor); splice; provide (oneself, others) with adequate supply, shelter, etc. emergency or other contingency; tide over.mech a omech; ungil el ourreor a mech a taem, oldak a erung; mechir, mech a ekil.
30500.002mechaetv.erg.wind (rope; wire; fishing line; etc.); cuddle (baby) when sleeping; (hen) sit on/hatch (eggs).mechaet a chelaet; chemetii a ekil, mla chemaet a ekil, chetel.
30510.002mechedaolv.erg.bless; sanctify; anoint.mechedaol a cheledaol; chemedolii a blai, mla mechedaol, chemedaol, chedolel.
30520.002mechelaolv.s.afraid of heights; acrophobic.mechelaol a medakd; suebek a rengul, mechelaol el melemiakl, chelolel.
30530.002mechellingsv.s.(liquid, glass, etc.) clear or transparent.mechellings a chellings; beches, mechellings a ralm diak lecherrechar, chellengsel. for (things) persistently.mecheoch a omecheoch; mecheoch a kelel a sechelil; ngmai, melai el mesisiich; mechechii, ochechel.
30550.002mecherumetv.erg.wash inside of (bottle, bowl, pot, etc.) with circular motion; wash out (mouth, ear, etc.); brush (teeth); pump out (stomach, intestine); give enema or laxative.mecherumet a chelerrumet; churemetii a ollumel, mla mecherumet, churumet, mellib; chermetel.
30560.002mechesebv.erg.cut (taro tubers); break (someone's) heart.mecheseb a cheleseb; medebes, chosebii a dait, chueseb a deb, chesebel.
30570.002mecheseiv.erg.inch.getting blackened with soot or ink, burned or discolored.
30580.002mecheuidv.s.confused; lost (in forest, etc.); mistaken.mecheuid a cheleuid; choudur; ngodechii, chouid a tekoi, mecheuid er a blil bubong, chudul.
30590.002mechibv.erg.pick/pluck (fruit); extract (tooth); wean (baby); sway (hips) when dancing; ignore; avoid eye contact.mechib a chelib; chibngii; chuib, mla mechib a iedel, mengai er a chelechedal; mengib, chebngel.
30600.002mechiseksikdv.erg.tangle up (string, line, etc.); get someone involved or mixed up in; complicate or confuse (matters).mechiseksikd a cheliseksikd; seleksakd, choiseksekdii, mechiseksikd er a blals, chiseksekdel.
30610.002mechubelv.erg.spill; pour out.
30620.002mechuchebv.s.(sky) cloudy/threatening.mechucheb a chelucheb; ngar ngii a chucheb, a eanged a mechucheb me ng soal el mo chull, chuchebii, chuucheb,chechebel
30630.002medangebv.erg.cover; slap (face).medangeb a delangeb; locha dangeb er ngii; delengobel, dongebii, duangeb a kall, mla medangeb, dengebel. down (in fighting, etc.); let (something) drop; drop (oneself) to floor, etc.medechakl a omedechakl; omides, chemoit, medechakl a kall e le ng kesib a rengul, medecheklii, bedecheklel a kall.; ensnare; raise (pole or mast).medeklii a omedikl er ngii el malk.
30660.002medideriikv.s.redup.(yard, etc.) cleaned out/stripped of things (because of wind, etc.); (house) empty (of persons); (persons) broke or out of money.medideriik a mededaes; diak a besbas; medideriik el blai di bechachau. (object; usually large) to keep it in a certain position; prop up (sleeping person) with pillows; put or set down.medik a delik; dikir a smecher, mla medik er a chiull, dkel el chiull; medik a dmik; dikir a olekang, mla medik er a tebel; kldoel er tebel; dkil.
30680.002meelebv.erg.cover; submerge; flood over; cover (person) (with blanket; etc.).meeleb a medekedek; beluu a ileleb er a ralm; ielebii a medal er a mamed, iueleb a mederir; rael a mla meeleb er a ralm, ielebel. a omekedechor er ngii.
30700.002mekekealdv.s.redup.rather warm.mekekeald a telkib el mekeald. (fire, lamp, cigarette, etc.); turn on.mekerdii a omekard er ngii.
30720.002mekerrengiiv.caus.embarrass.mekerrengii a omekrur er ngii; rullii el mo merur. (clothes, etc.) in the sun; expose (head, etc.) to sun.mekngisii a omekngiis er ngii.
30740.002mekursv.erg.pull; tow; drag.mekurs a klurs; otamet, mla mekurs a mlai; kursii a udai, kersel a mlai.
30750.002melaisv.t.delouse.melais a omiis e osiik a kud; melais a chudel el osiik a kukau; sisel.
30760.002melangebv.t.cover; slap (face).melangeb a loia dangeb; dongebii, duangeb, dengebel.
30770.002melaodv.t.catch (sardines) between prongs of spear; spear (fish); comb out (lice); place (legs) astraddle.melaod a melai el oba taod; tmodii, tmaod a mekebud, todel.
30780.002melasv.t.reduce in number; subtract; remove/extract (something) from.melas a melai; mengesai; kosai, ngmas a udoud, ngosur a oluches.
30790.002melboechv.t.touch (person) lightly (to get attention).melboech a oba kekul el merumes; tibechii, tiboech; tibechel.
30800.002meleblebv.s.itchy; prickly; covered with fuzz of plant.melebleb a ngar ngii a leb er ngii; leblebul a deb; lab a melebleb.
30810.002melecheluchesv.redup.keep writing or drawing; scribble or write all over; (image) keep appearing in one's mind.melecheluches a meses, blechoel el meluches; luchesii, lmuches a babier, lechelechesel.
30820.002melecholechv.t.saw; cut with a saw.melecholech a melebes el oba olecholech; luchelechii, lucholech a kerrekar, lechelechel.
30830.002melechuiv.t.wipe (anus) after defecating.melechui a mesuld er a btil; tuchiur, tuchui; tichiul.
30840.002melengerengerv.t.encourage; allow (someone) to pursue bad behavior; squander/waste (food; money); waste (someone's) time; not make proper use of.melengerenger a kall; merrekakl; mengeberochel.
30850.002meleotv.t.hammer; pound or bang; remove bark from tree by pounding.
30860.002melibasv.t.trip; put obstacles on way of; hinder (matter); interfere in.melibas a melemall; soibesengii me ng moubuu; soibas a klalo el olab a ochil; sibesengel a chad a mekngit.
30870.002melidabv.t.climb (tree, ladder); (vine) climb (tree), etc.; (spider) crawl on (web).melidab a melemiakl; ng doidab a iedel; doidebur a meradel; didebul.
30880.002melidelv.t.lift (food, fishtrap, etc.) out of water.melidel a ngmai el choroid er a daob, uasech; ngidelii a ngikel, ngmidel a bub; ngdelel.
30890.002melidesv.t.pare or shred (fruit).melides a melebes; melngos el mo meliliut; imides a bobai, idesii a iedel, idesel.
30900.002meliimv.t.spray; sprinkle; splash.meliim a melubs; melekimes el olab a ralm, daob; diemii, duiim a bung, dimel.
30910.002melingv.t.make/open/punch hole in.meling a lingir; remuul a belsibs; rullii el mo chemars; lingir a baket, lming, lngil.
30920.002melmorsv.t.extract; pick or pull out (from pile or bunch).melmors a nguu, ngmai er a cheldull, ulechull; ngimersii a oluches; ngimors a udoud, ngimersel. (underbelly of crab) to get meat.melngisech a dingesechii; dingisech a chemang; omok, merrakl; dngesechel
30940.002meludeuv.t.redup.bend in many places; twitch (nose); (star) twinkle.meludeu a meleu; mo diak lemelemalt; dmeu a chimal, mamed; dour a ochil, deul.
30950.002mengabv.t.put ashes on; get ashes in; have blurred vision.mengab a chuab; locha chab er a dellomel; chobur, chuab a dellomel; chebul.
30960.002mengadv.t.slap (ear).mengad a chemad; chetil el lorenges; chodengii a dingal, chelad a dingal, chedengel.
30970.002mengamlv.erg.cut (grass, garden, yard, etc.).
30980.002mengatechv.erg.clean; scrub; wash (thoroughly).
30990.002mengaudv.t.dam; delay; stop (blood).mengaud a melenget; koudii a beng er a ngikel; mechas a mla kmaud a bong; kudel, kaud.
31000.002mengedaolv.t.bless; sanctify; anoint.mengedaol a rullii el mo chedaol; meang, chemedolii a ongdibel; chemedaol; chedolel.
31010.002mengedokedv.t.untie; unfasten.mengedoked a kodekedii; omoket; kodoked a semosem; nguubet a chimal; kedekedel.
31020.002mengerumetv.t.wash inside of (bottle, bowl, pot, etc.) with circular motion; wash out (mouth, ear, etc.); brush (teeth); pump out (stomach, intestine); give enema or laxative.mengerumet a melatech; churemetii; churumet a belatong; chermetel.
31030.002mengesadelv.t.decrease amount of or reduce in number (resulting in insufficiency).mengesadel a mengesai; remuul el mo kesai, ngosonges, kosadel a udoud; mengesadel a delikiik el kall.
31040.002mengesokesv.t.catch (fish) with (long) net; lurk around environs of house; block (e.g., road, entrance, etc.); surround.mengesokes a ouemenged el ousbech a kesokes; kosekesii, kosokes a meas; kesekesel.
31050.002mengesuulv.t.lie about; misrepresent.mengesuul a omulak; klsuul a cheldechedechal.
31060.002mengikiidv.t.absolve or purify (oneself) of; empty something from container, etc.; empty out or consume content of.mengikiid a omechachau; kikidii a chidib me ng di kea udoud; koikiid a olekang; kikidel. mengikiid a omekbeches; melam e melai a besbas er a beluu; kikidii a rael el mo beches; kmikiid a blai, kikidel. mengikiid a omekbeches er a rengul; klikiid er a klengit; kikidel.
31070.002mengimelukv.t.make a mess; hastily throw things together.
31080.002mengitengtikv.t.shake; sway; move; disturb.mengitengtik a mengitektik. (usually, long object) on ground.mengkengkii a omengkangk er ngii; mo blengkangk.
31100.002mengoirv.t.cut (hair) to same length; even out (hair, etc.) by cutting; reach or come down to level of; keep up with (someone) (esp., socially); emulate.mengoir a mengiroir; meruul el mo osisiu.
31110.002mengoklv.t.scold (immediately or without delay).mengokl a oungeroel; choklii; choklterir el kirel a terrekakl el usbechel a mlai; cheklel.
31120.002mengubelv.t.spill; pour out.mengubel a oleitel; olechubel; ochebelii a ralm; chuubel a ilumel; chebelel.
31130.002mengubsv.t.steal ongraol from garden, etc.mengubs a merechorech a sers me a mesei; chubsii a sers; chuubs a kukau; chebsel a mesei.
31140.002menguchebv.t.shade.mengucheb a loia chucheb er ngii; kerrekar a mengucheb a blai; chechebel.
31150.002mengumlv.t.start up or kindle (fire).menguml a chumlii; oltaut er a ngau; chuuml a ngau; otutii a ngau; chemlel.
31160.002menguokuv.t.carry in arms close to chest; cradle (baby).menguoku a kiukuii; kioku a lius; kluoku er a ngalek; kiukuel. (boat).menguteling a merreder; ngar er uchei; oba omerreder er a urreor; menguteling er a mlai.
31180.002menguumv.t.wrap (food) in leaves or betel nut fiber and bake.menguum a chuum ; omail a kall; chuemii a ngikel; menguum a babii; chumel.
31190.002meramv.t.mix (fluids, ingredients, etc.).meram a oldak a kakerous e ruam; meram a beras er a sos me a cheluch; remul a kall.
31200.002merebekv.t.grope at or test out (with foot, stick, pole, etc.).merebek a merutech er a diak lesang; osiik el oba orebek, robekii, ruebek a ochab; rebekel. or glue (something) onto; lean (oneself) against; hang (laundry).mereked a omereked el ousbech a uid; merekedii a llechukl er a kboub; berkedel. (fish) with large one-pronged fish spear.merelii a omurch er ngii el oba beroel; omeroel er ngii; merelii a uel.
31230.002meriimv.t.collect or gather and transport.meriim a melukl; tuobed ngii me a kloleklel; riemii a blai; ruiim a klalo; riemel a kloleklel.
31240.002merirekv.t.look at in a mirror.merirek a omes er ngii er a direk; direkii a mes a mekngit er a chad e melekoi; merirek a omerellel a sechelil; dmirek; derekel.; grab; seize; capture (land).merober a omerober el oba klisiich; orrouk e melai; mereberii a udoud; merober a chutem, bereberel.
31260.002merodechv.t.try to aim at blindly; trick (person) in order to get information.merodech a ngii di lomurech, ngii di lolekoi; remodech a ngikel; rodechii a merechorech me ng kongei.
31270.002merredesv.s.(sun) burning; (food) hot/peppery; have stinging sensation (e.g. from sunburn).merredes a ringel er a buld; delulsils a merredes; merredes a ngerel a oberaod a ngerel el melekoi.
31280.002merurousv.t.redup.keep distributing.merurous a merous; omibii; betok el blii, rrurous, remurous a buuch; rurusel a buuch. off (wall, roof, etc.).
31300.002mesebelv.t.shovel (dirt, soil, etc.); remove soil or debris from (ditch, etc.).mesebel a melai el oba sebel; sobelii a chelechol, suebel a bertakl; mesebel a chutem, sebelel. (basket) closed by pulling string through open edges; tie up (billum = wrapped tapioca); tie (box) all over.mesebes a omesebes; melechet er a besebes, mesebes a billum, mesebesii a ngikel, besebesel.
31320.002mesibechv.t.break off (branches, leaves, plants, etc.).mesibech a chuam a rachel el otengel; sibechii a iedel; mesibech a ramek, sbechel a rachel.
31330.002mesuudv.t.shred (paper; leaves); strip off (skin; meat; etc.); grab/pull away.mesuud a merrakl; melbotb, suedii, smuud a ulechel a kim; suedel.; squeeze.met a omet; omeseos; met a meradel el melai a osechel, metir a tut.
31350.002metaun.coconut at final stage when meat gets dry and coconut falls from the tree (copra-making stage); woman chief; woman first reaching menstruation.metau a meduch el lius el di ngii el ruebet.
31360.002metengaln.poss.3sfork in road; crotch of tree.metengal a metang er ngii el rael. beginning to get cut; (time) is approaching; often used in expressions to signify that morning or evening is coming.metudang a mla metiud; obii, metuda klebesei; teliud, blii el erung, tudel.; (chicken) pierce (other chicken) with spur.metutii a ometuut er ngii; malk a mla metutii a katuu. (e.g.; fish net); throw underhand (as in softball); throw out(side).mideklii a omidokl er ngii; metechii el mong me a lechub e ng mei. (car, boat) around; turn (sleeping person, etc.) in opposite position; turn inside down or upside down; distort (message etc.) (usually, unintentionally).miteklii a omitokl er ngii; mo blitokl. (banana, etc.); peel off (bark, skin after sunburn, etc.).mkebkii a omkobk er ngii; nguu a budel; bkebkel. (between places).moid a omoid; merael; sekerael a mla moid a betok el beluu; midii, bidel a beluu.
31430.002molechn.trepang; penis.molech a kirs; melechel.
31440.002moubuuv.i.(person) fall down.
31450.002mrurtv.imp.(You) run!. barbs of (spearhead); jerk or pull at.mtechedii a omtoched er ngii; loia techedel, utechedel a biskang. with; argue down; endure or put up with pain; perservere; exert oneself; persist in (undesirable activity); take the trouble to do something; make special effort to do something.mtekengelii a outekangel er ngii; mtekengelii a sechelil me le kiei. (mouth, eyes, fist, etc.); close (bag, basket, legs, etc.).mtekii a omutek er ngii; mo diak le blok; btekel a ngor. stick into ground to support (plants); mark (site of house; etc.) with sticks and strings.mtutk a omtutk; locha ututk; mtetkii, mtutk a oliochel er a chutem; utetkel.; begin; cause; form; establish.muchel a omuchel; rengelbechull a mla otaut a urreor el kirir a rechad.
31510.002mukdubechv.erg.make (plant) grow; cultivate (plant); establish/start (business; etc.); invent.mukdubech a kirel el meruul, omekdubech a oreomel, mekdubech a kerrekar; kirel mukdubech a urreor el kirir a rengeasek; okedbechel.; color.murek a omurek; ngmodech a bedengel; mrekii, murek a bail me a cheriut, brekel.
31530.002ngardmaun.village in west Babeldaob, north of Ngeremlengui; the state in which Beouch is chief.Ngardmau a beluu er a keiukl; Ongedechuul.
31540.002ngemuuv.i.(many people) clamor/talk at once (about something).ngemuu a nglemuu; cherrodech; rebeluu a ngemuu er a mengubs; nglemungel.
31550.002ngengedeln.poss.3sthe act of seduction or titillation.
31560.002ngerchemain.hamlet in Koror; historical home of the proverbial fisherman who lost both his canoe and the turtle he was chasing.
31570.002ngerdeln.poss.3svein; artery.
31580.002ngerreleln.poss.3saction of scolding or reprimanding.ngerrelel a ngerroel er ngii; oungeroel, diak le mekard a ngerrelel.
31590.002ngersuuln.hamlet in Ngchesar, historically famous for surviving multiple attacks from much larger raiding parties from Koror.Ngersuul a beluu er a Ngchesar; Bungelkelau.
31600.002ngerteln.poss.3smucus (from nose only).ngertel a ngirt er ngii.
31610.002ngesekleln.poss.3sthe action of dividing; separating; removing or pulling out (wood) from fire; moving (oneself) out of the way.ngeseklel a omelsakl er ngii; melsakl.
31620.002ngesuln.poss.3sthe action of reducing in number, subtracting, removing or extracting (something) from (something else).ngesul a omelas er ngii; ngmas, melas, ngesul a udoud; ngmai er a ulechucher.
31630.002ngii di elpro.any. (fishnet); move around in cramped quarters.ngikedii a meliked er ngii; meliked er a uked.
31650.002nglemuun.r.s.clamor; commotion; disturbance.nglemuu a ngemuu; chacherodech; kautoketok, kaiueribech, nglemuu el kirel a dui me a chutem, nglemungel. (fishnet); move around in cramped quarters.ngmiked a meliked; ngmiked a uked er a mekebud, ngikedii; ngikedel. or stroke with hand; roll (clothing) off.ngomir a melam er ngii; ngomir a bdelul el meringel. (grass, garden, yard, etc.).ngomlii a melaml er ngii.; crane (neck)/raise (eyes) (in order to see something or to keep one's head above water).ngordii a mererd er ngii; nguu el mo er a bab; ngordii a chiklel e omes.
31700.002ngoriaklv.i.move forward (to make space; get closer; etc.).ngoriakl a smesei el mo er a uchei; sils ngoriakl el mo klukuk; klekool a olengeriakl; ngeriklel. a melim; mla nguim a kar. to; plead to; implore; apologize to.ngunguchii a meluluuch er ngii.
31730.002obadesv.erg.arrange; line up; display.obades a obechobech; ngloik a mla obades; mla obades a klobak.
31740.002obalv.erg.astonish; amaze; impress; cause admiration.obal a chasireng; belengel a reng, mla obal a rengud er a beltok er a rechad er a ngodech el beluu el kiei er a Belau.
31750.002obartv.erg.get hidden; (moon) get eclipsed.
31760.002obetuutv.erg.chisel; (chicken) pierce (other chicken) with spur.obetuut a bltuut; malk a mla metutii; metuut; obetuut er a cheladngikl, betutel.
31770.002obliiln.any house other than one's own.obliil a delengchokl; blai; chad er a obliil; diak el klauchad.
31780.002oboesv.erg.shoot at.oboes a bloes; bleakl, mosii, moes; bosel a babii.
31790.002obudechv.erg.bind (coconut fronds) into sheaves; pacify (relationship between people; villages; etc.).obudech a bludech; ta rengrir a rechad; budech, mdechii a beluu, mudech, mla obudech a beluu; chelellakl; bdechel a beluu.
31800.002obutekv.erg.get shut or closed; narrow; constricted; (eyes) slit.obutek a kekerei el teleu; obutek el tuangel, obutek el rael.
31810.002obuuv.erg.explode; break open; get blistered; (hidden information, etc.) get exposed or surface.obuu a morengii a ngerel; mla obuu a boes; mungii a dub, muu a bosir; bungel a bosel.
31820.002ochadn.sibling of opposite sex; any relation of opposite sex.ochad a sechal me a redil el kauchad; ngalektang a ochedal.
31830.002ochecheln.poss.3sthe action of persistently asking for something or enforcing something.ochechel a ocheoch er ngii; omecheoch er ngii. up; put into disarray; meddle in; gossip about.ochidii a olechoid er ngii; olechetekl. for (diligently).ochudii a olechoud; osiik er ngii. (someone); pick at wound (in some part of body).odechelakl a oldechelakl; mengelebed a rechad, odecheleklii, odecheleklel. or add together; unify; join; include.odekiar a oldak er ngii; odekial.
31880.002odengeseln.poss.3spraise; honor.odengesel a odanges er ngii; oldanges; chemat.
31890.002oderseln.poss.3sthe action of lifting (something) up or stretching or extending (arms or legs).odersel a odars er ngii; oldars. out; yell to.odiu a oldiu; melekoi el klou a ngerel; odiur, oldiu a udoud; odiul. (person) from pain; overwork; etc.odoseb a oldoseb; ungil el omelekoi a odoseb a reng; mo dmeu a reng; odesebii, odesebel.
31920.002odurekleln.r.s.package; parcel.odureklel a odurokl er ngii; oldurokl.; footwear.oeacher a klalo el ngar er a oach el dousbech el olab el merael; oecherel. on and squash; win; beat (in fighting).oingatech a koingar; otorech; oingatech a kall er a ulaol; oingetechii, oingetechel. or smash through.oiubek a oliubek; mla oiubek a kboub e soiseb; oibekii; otoech er a bitang; oibekel. (oncoming object).oiur a oleiu er ngii; diak el sbechii er ngii.
31970.002okaln.torch for walking at night.okal a otoel, belduchel el dui el dolab e omekard er a rael; okelil, omekal, okal a omekllomes er a rael.
31980.002okeangeln.log used for rolling/sliding something downwards.okeangel a olekeangel; orrurt, okeangel a kerrekar er a ngesachel, okengelii, okengelel.
31990.002okedbecheln.poss.3sthe action of making (plant) grow; cultivating (plant); establishing or starting (business; etc.); inventing; making something appear or happen.okedbechel a omekdubech er ngii; rullii el mo er ngii; okedbechel a dellomel, kall; okedbechel a delengchokl; mekedbechii a ungil el beluu. to be carried or transmitted with care; fragile; (person, thing, matter, problem) delicate; (person, situation) requiring special care.okedeldaol a kirel el kerekikl er ngii; mukedelad; meringel kedmekill; ngalek a okedeldaol, mekedeldar, mekedelad, okedeldal a ngalek.
32010.002okekeln.poss.3sthe filling of something.okekel a omekeek er ngii; okekel a ollumel er a ralm.
32020.002okeruleln.poss.3sthe action of raising a child or cultivating a plant. (fingers); clap (hands); pop (chewing gum, etc.); make clucking sound with (mouth).okesebeklii a olekesbakl er ngii.
32040.002okiseln.poss.3srising; resurrection.
32050.002okodiln.poss.3sdeath; murder; the action of killing.okodil a omekoad; okodil a chad a mekull; ngar ngii a okodil a dengki .
32060.002olbiungeln.necklace; any adornment worn around neck; medal.olbiungel a besichel a cheiukl; olbingelel el bachel, kolt; oubiungel.
32070.002oldosebv.t.relieve (person) from pain; overwork; etc.oldoseb a odoseb; odosebii, odoseb a rengrir; olengull; odesebel a reng.
32080.002olekabesv.caus.let (limb, etc.) hang down; let (fishing line) go straight down into water.olekabes a okabes; mekebekabes; okebesii a kerelel; okebesel. pot.olekall a olekang; blil a kall el doba el meliokl, melengoes.
32100.002olekiisv.caus.awaken (naturally, intentionally); rouse; make something stand; set upright; raise (head etc.).olekiis a olekar; okiis; okisii a mechiuaiu, okisel.
32110.002olengebeetv.caus.push something under water; turn down (wick of lamp); make (oneself) cringe or slink.olengebeet a merael el mo er eou; mo kekerei, smecher a olengebeet a ngerel.
32120.002olengemaiv.t.carry or transport (by multiple trips but not typically more than three).olengemai a olengakd; melai a klalo.
32130.002olengeriaklv.caus.move something or oneself forward.olengeriakl a mo er bab, ngoriakl, olengesechekl, ongeriklii a sils er a ocheraol; ongeriklel.
32140.002olimoimv.t.lower; move (boat) out to deep water; give or bring (food) to meteet.olimoim a ngar er a bab el mei er a eou; olimoim er a ouak; oimimii, oimoim a klalo; oimimel.
32150.002ollemeleln.poss.3scovered pitcher or small well for holding drinking water.
32160.002olsechesechv.caus.stuff into; hide (oneself) in corner, dark, etc.; hold (someone) in narrow space.olsechesech a locha er a kosekodel; omart, osechesech a udoud, osechesechii a mekngit; osechesechel.
32170.002olsiichv.caus.darken (color); tighten (nut; screw); confirm (planned activity).olsiich a melisiich; chelleoch a sisichii a ngalek; seraub a olsiich a mesil; osichel. (with); go to meet; pass by; collide or hit into.olsiuekl a osiuekl; merael el mo er ngii; osiueklii, olsiuekl er a klechedaol, osiueklel.
32190.002olsongebv.t.hold down (to stop from moving, blowing away etc.); press down (to flatten etc.); clench or grind (teeth).olsongeb a mesisiich ei olsarech; osengebii, osongeb a kud, osengebel. (large object) on raised surface (esp. near edge); place or seat (oneself) on edge of something (e.g. board, bench, etc.); hinder or delay temporarily; wait for new moon.oltab a ultab; kedeb el delengchokl; otebengii er a tuangel; otab a telechull, otebengel.
32210.002oltelechaklv.caus.accuse; suspect; blame.oltelechakl (diak lesang e kmo ngii), otelecheklii er a rechorech, ultelechakl, otelecheklel.
32220.002olterebekv.t.rape; assault sexually.olterebek a okiu a ulekdakd, blekeu e mengemull, oterebek, oterebekii, oterebekel. of person used to perpetuate his memory.
32240.002oltoiv.caus.include.oltoi a olsiseb, oldak, otongii a babii er a ngikel (odoim), uldimukl, otoi, teloi, otongel.
32250.002oltomv.caus.poke out; stick out (legs); project.oltom a otom, ocholt, oisech, odum, oltom a mederir er a urreor; otoech a mederir er a mechesang.
32260.002oltorechv.t.make (person) slip; slide (one's foot) across ground; etc.oltorech a otorech; remuul el mo ketiterachel, oterechii a rael, oterechel.
32270.002oltutv.t.suckle; nurse; give milk to (from baby-bottle).oltut a msa tut , otutur a ngalek, otutul.
32280.002omarechv.t.dip (food, fingers) into sauce, etc.omarech a merechii; marech, locha er a dekimes, omarech a kall er a ilumel, berechel.
32290.002omatv.t.put (pot, food in pot) on fire; put; place; pound (something) into ground; (boat) jump up and down in waves.omat a mo kmedii; metir a olekang er a ingukl, omat er a btil a di dengchokl e chetil el merael; otil.
32300.002ombibechaklv.erg.redup.floating; drifting.ombibechakl a blechakl; diak el uresors; mlai a omechakl, lius a ombibechakl er a daob.
32310.002omechoeln.coupling; joint; link; connection.
32320.002omechullv.t.tie into a bundle; embrace.omechull a odak e lmechet; mechull, mechulii a idungel, ochulel.
32330.002omediklv.t.trap; ensnare; raise (pole or mast).omedikl a mikelii el mo er a bab; medeklii a kiuel, medikl a orrakl, bedeklel.
32340.002omekbuchv.caus.marry (i.e.; join as husband and wife); marry off; arrange (someone's) marriage; mate (animals).omekbuch a rullii el mo bechiil; ukbechil, mekbechir, mekbuch a babii.
32350.002omekedursv.caus.lay or put down; put to bed; put (animals) in for the night; (storm) knock down (plants, etc.).omekedurs a mekedurs; mo mechiuaiu, mekedusii a ngalek, omekedurs a babier a omekioud, okedusel.
32360.002omekiaiv.caus.stop or restrain (oneself) from doing something; avoid; abstain from; keep (feet, clothes, etc.) from getting dirty.omekiai a oudelasech; mekiai a mariuana, mekiir a delsechel, ukiil a ice.
32370.002omekodalln.cause of death.omekodall a klalo me a kall el rullii a chad me ng mad; omekodall el klalo a olsecher, ice a omekodall.
32380.002omengerekern.act.earn or seek money; make a living; seek or gather medicinal plants for religious ceremony.
32390.002mereng a saulexpr.thank someone for his trouble.
32400.002omesebesv.t.tie (basket) closed by pulling string through open edges; tie up (billum = wrapped tapioca); tie (box) all over.omesebes a melechet, mesaur, mesebesii a ulechem el ngikel; mesebes a billum, besebesel.
32410.002omesubeln.act.poss.3sstudy; learn; imitate; copy.
32420.002ometuatv.s.bouncing up and down (as in a car on a bumpy road, or a boat in rough seas).ometuat a betok el omat el mo er a bab e mei er eou; mekngit a rael me a mlai a ometuat.
32430.002omingsn.headache.omings a bingsbedul; ringel er a bedul, ringelel a uldasu; diak a ngodech el omings er a chad, ng di bedul a omings, bengsel.
32440.002omiouv.t.put down (in a pile); discard; leave behind.omiou a koididai; mo betok, miungii a kall, miou a tekoi e diak a meruul, oked el omiou.
32450.002omkobkv.t.peel (banana, etc.); peel off (bark, skin after sunburn, etc.).omkobk a ngmai a budel; mkebkii a billum, mkobk a tuu, bkebkel.
32460.002omlaochv.t.prophesy about.omlaoch a mlaoch; mes e melekoi a ngar medad el tekoi er uchei er a ldubech; mlochii a merserasech el kodall, ulochel.
32470.002omngimv.caus.give to drink; make (someone) drink.omngim a mesterir a imelir; msa imelel; mngelmii a smecher; mngim a babii, ungelmel.
32480.002omochv.t.step on and crush (grass; vines; etc.); fall on top of; push (person, thing) forcibly into; (waves) break (at reef, etc.).omoch a otilech; olsarech, moch a chudel, mechengii a delul el meduu, ochengel.
32490.002omouchv.t.split (bamboo, etc.); crack (bone, head, etc.).omouch a melbotb; mouch a idungel, melutiud a lild; buchel a bambuu.
32500.002omuachelv.i.brag or boast or tell tale about (esp. about having girlfriends or boyfriends).omuachel a melekoi a urrengulel el ua le ngar ngii; ouchais a el kirel a soal el dil a leko te kaodengei; chaisngemokel; bluachel er ngii.
32510.002omuksv.t.pound and flatten (spearhead) into barbs; purse/puff out (lips = ngor) (usually, to show anger).omuks a mo tebull, meksii a ngerel; kesib a rengul a bluks a ngerel, beksel a ngor; omuks a tul.
32520.002omuseklv.t.cover (someone) with legs while sleeping.omusekl a blusekl el ouach el ulechadu er a ochil a tang a omusekl, museklii, kabusekl, buseklel
32530.002ongakdv.t.carry or transport (by many trips, typically more than three).ongakd a olengakd; olengemai el mo er a ngodech, ongakd a kall, ongkdii a ilumel, ongkdel. ongalek a ongalek a chad, bechil me a rengelekir; ongalek a kmeed el klauchad.
32540.002ongchuteln.coconut tree with sweet, chewable husk.ongchutel a ta er a bedengel a lius el chechutel; merkos a sudel; menguchet a ongchutel.
32550.002ongekadn.Tradescantia plant; type of poisonous seaweed.ongekad a ongut; emull er a daob el mengekad; mengut a buld, chelut er a ongekad a mekekad.
32560.002ongeruln.poss.3sdouble-woven mat.ongerul a ongar er ngii; ongerul a cheuikl el chedecholl.
32570.002ongesn.instr.coconut scraper; female genitals.onges a ongerekor el menges a lius, ongesil.
32580.002ongetelangpro.which (number from a set of ordinal numbers)?
32590.002ongetiunum.9 [ninth] (ordinal).ongetiu a ochur (9), Ongetiu el buil, ongetiu er a rak.
32600.002ongkangkv.t.push down; make fall; tear down (house, etc.).
32610.002ongkdeln.poss.3sthe action of carrying or transporting things from one place to another (when many trips back and forth are required).ongkdel a ongakd er ngii, olengakd.
32620.002ongokeln.poss.3sthe action of playing a flute; whistling to (a person) (to get attention); using (fingers) to whistle; the action of whistling by using some sort of tool such as a flute or fingers.ongokel a ongaok er ngii, olengaok.
32630.002orarsn.partition.orars a klekedall el melenget; merers, orars er a blai, orresel.
32640.002orebeteln.poss.3sthe action of dropping something.orebetel a orebet er ngii.
32650.002orekioleln.poss.3sthe end or completion of something.orekiolel a rekil; mocha merek, Ongelolem el buil a orekiolel a omesuub er a skuul.; force.oremelii a orrimel er ngii.; wait for (someone) to leave.oridii a orriid er ngii, oridel. out, expel or shoo (animal); get rid of (person, ghost).orikii a orriik er ngii, hui el bilis.
32690.002orretertv.i.suppress (one's desire to do something); push into ground; boil down (gravy).orretert a ngmai el mo er eou; orretert a klididailreng, ortert a kedidai el omelekoi; ortertel. out, expel or shoo (animal); get rid of (person, ghost).orriik a oriik; olechiis a bilis; mengelebed el oriik, orikii a katuu; orikel a charm.
32710.002orrumkn.weight on fishnet; anchor.orrumk a klekedall el oremkii; nguu el mo er eou; orrumk er a uked, orremkel.
32720.002orserseln.poss.3sthe action of pushing something or someone under the water or submerging or sinking or drowning something or someone.orsersel a osors er ngii.
32730.002osebeleln.poss.3saction of saving; salvation; Savior.osebelel a osobel er ngii. (something) into; push/crowd against; crowd out; fill up completely; (male) seeking money from (sister).oseked a olseked; klechedaol a mla oseked a blai, osekedii, meseked, mesekedang; osekedel. down (to stop from moving, blowing away etc.); press down (to flatten etc.); clench or grind (teeth).osengebii a olsongeb er ngii. into; put (thread) into needle.osiseb a olsiseb; oltuu, mekull a osisebel a mekngit el kar. (with); go to meet; pass by; collide or hit into.osiuekl a olsiuekl; subechii er ngii; osiueklii a mlai, osiueklel. (large object) on raised surface (esp. near edge); place or seat (oneself) on edge of something (e.g. board, bench, etc.); hinder or delay temporarily; wait for new moon.otebengii a oltab er ngii. down or crush with heavy object.oteremed a olteremed; oingatech.
32800.002otiln.poss.3sanything driven into ground to hold something down (e.g.; stake; hook; etc.).otil a okul; kisichel, otil a ouak er a mlai, sesei el udoud er a bank a otil a rengud.
32810.002otireln.poss.3s(action of) chasing; voluntary offering of food or drink.otirel a otoir er ngii; ues el kemeldiil; techiaremengeung. or wedge oneself in between.otitechii a oltitech er ngii.; return; decline; push back.otngakl a oltngakl;chetil el melai; otngeklii a kall, otngakl a udoud, otngeklel. (person, thing etc.) on the back; hold (arms) behind the back.otour a oltour; mla otour a klub el lius me a idungel, oturii, oturel.; insult; slander; make fun of; speak ill of.otubii a oltuub er ngii.
32860.002otuchekleln.poss.3sdetour off (road); deflect (runnig water); flag down (boat); detain (person) by inviting in, etc.otucheklel a otuchakl er ngii, oltuchakl. off (road); deflect (runnig water); flag down (boat); detain (person) by inviting in, etc.otucheklii a oltuchakl er ngii.
32880.002otureln.poss.3sthe action of carrying (person, thing etc.) on the back; holding (arms) behind the back.oturel a otour er ngii, oltour. (person, thing etc.) on the back; hold (arms) behind the back.oturii a oltour er ngii.; insult; slander; make fun of; speak ill of.otuub a oltuub; melekoi a kngtil a chad me a kngtil a tekoi; otuub a chelechei, otubii a chad, otubel a tekoi.
32910.002ouelaiv.i.know/perform magic.ouelai a meruul a olai el olsebek er a chull, oliul.
32920.002oumiskv.i.make sucking or clicking sound (to show disapproval).oumisk a misk; olochotel a chetil; seselk a rengul er a omelebeseaol a oumisk.
32930.002outelauv.i.wear earrings.outelau a ngar ngii a telul, sechelik a outelau a kolt.
32940.002outkeuv.t.greet or welcome (enthusiastically); rejoice at (sight of).outkeu a ounged; nguu a chad er a dmuil, outkeu er a klechedolel; ungil el mengemedaol a rechad.
32950.002ramesn.(long, high-piched) fart; gap or separation.rames a ngmoech el chold; diak el lolechesuar e ng tuobed; mla ruames, remesel; rames a delongelel; rames er a dellomel el dait; merames a delemel el dait; ungil a remesel.
32960.002rasmn.needle.rasm a klekedall er a omerasm; resmel.
32970.002rechedeln.poss.3searliness; promptness; haste.rechedel a reched er ngii; mereched a chimal; merechereched.
32980.002rekodolln.thread; string.rekodoll a mesisiich el besebes el usbechall er a omerasm el bail; rekodellel. up; distribute.remous a merous; merukel, mla remous a kall er a blengur, remous a terekill; rusel a terekill. (food; betel nut; medicine); pound/punch at (someone).remusech a merusech, ke mla remusech a belsiich? rusechii, rsechel a blsiich.
33010.002rereuchelv.s.(person) in a hurry.rereuchel a orrechereched; meselsel el mengedmokl; rereuchel el kirel a klechedaol.
33020.002riameln.trunk fish (i.e.; square fish which looks like football fruit); [Ostracion cubicus].riamel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel.
33030.002ribsaklv.s.(sun) setting.
33040.002riseln.poss.3sroot (of a plant, tree, etc.).risel a rais er ngii; ollemelel. on; peddle (bicycle); step on gas peddle of (car).roderd a mesarech; merderd, mla roderd a dellomel; rderdel.
33060.002rrechorechv.r.s.stolen; robbed.rrechorech a nglai; mla merechorech a udoud, rucherechii a mlai; recherechel.
33070.002rsuln.poss.3sthe action of piercing, stabbing, injecting, or inoculating. at; test (food).rumesii a mla merumes er ngii.; (fish) move/swim.rurtii a remurt er ngii; mla rurtii a cheroid.
33100.002ruumkv.i.get loaded down; get weighted down.ruumk a klou a uleklool er ngii; obereod, ert a ruumk er a betok el beras; oremkii, remkel.
33110.002sabaun.soup.sabau a ta er a bedengel a omelengoes el kall, sabau el babii, sabau el mais, sabau el tuu.
33120.002sebangioln.Spain.Sebangiol a beluu er a Europe.
33130.002sebseln.poss.3sthe splashing or spraying of water.sebsel a omelubs er ngii; melubs.
33140.002sedeleln.poss.3sthe action of tearing (cloth, paper, etc.) or dismembering (slaughtered animal).sedelel a omesodel er ngii; mesodel.
33150.002sengdeln.poss.3sfallen twig or branch; hair that has come out from combing.sengdel a sengsongd er ngii el kerrekar; sengdel a omesongd er ngii el chui. of money to first-born child by father's family; money given as reward for good work or performance.sengk a omereng el saul; sengkel a ungil el meloik, ousengk er ngii.
33170.002sesebeln.poss.3sfire (not for cooking).sesebel a seseb er ngii; meleseb.
33180.002sibain.slave; servant.sibai a mesiou; ourreor el kirel a chad; sibil.
33190.002siekiiv.t.look for, seek.siekii a osiik er ngii; merrau er ngii.
33200.002siesorechv.s.having a curved shape; being stiff.
33210.002sisn.ceremony after death.sis a ongedei el kebesengil a omelakl er a mlad el chad; olturek er a sis el osiik a uchul a secher me a kodall.
33220.002siuesiiv.t.swear at; revile; speak obscenely to; friendly teasing using father's side references.siuesii a melius er ngii. (person); dress (oneself) up.siungii a mesiou er ngii. in; pen up; enclose.smers a merers; tonget; sorsii, smers a mekesokes; sersel. (cloth, paper, etc.); dismember (slaughtered animal).smodel a melat; mesodel a babier; mla smodel a bilel; sodelii, sedelel. at (person); press (limb; etc.) so as to cause numbness or paralysis; talk harshly / impolitely to someone.smuched a mesuched; terrekakl el omelekoi; omdach; smuched a chimal. (woman after childbirth) with hot water; bathe or soak (limb) in hot water.smurech a mesurech; smurech a bedengel er a mekeald; surechii.
33280.002sngesngeln.poss.3ssneeze.sngesngel a sngos er ngii; osngos.; be on side of (person); help (person in danger).sobecheklii a mesebechakl er ngii; osobelii. or ladle out (and keep for further use).socheseb a melecheseb; mengisb, socheseb a ralm; sochesebii; sechesebel. or ladle out (and keep for further use).sochesebii a melecheseb er ngii. (mouth, stomach) with food; stuff (inside of turkey, etc.) with stuffing; stuff (pillow, etc.); stuff (clothing, etc.) into box, etc.; cock or set (gun); pump air into airgun; (fish) nibble at (fishing line, etc.).sochesech a melechesech; sochesech a chiull; sochesechii, sechesechel a boes. (cloth, paper, etc.); dismember (slaughtered animal).sodelii a mesodel; melat er ngii.; put obstacles on way of; hinder (matter); interfere in.soibesengii a melibas er ngii. (odoim = non-starchy food) vertically (partially or all the way through); cut (leaves; paper; finger; etc.); castrate (pig); flatter.sokosek a melekosek; mla melebes; sokosek a ngikel.
33360.002soldaun.soldier.soldau a chad er a klaumekomad; urrurt er a mekomad. in; pen up; enclose.sorsii a melenget er ngii; merers; sersel a mekesokes. at (person); press (limb; etc.) so as to cause numbness or paralysis; talk harshly / impolitely to someone.suchedii a mesuched er ngii; osuched. or cut (vegetables, tapioca, tobacco, etc.) with slow downward motion.sungos a melngos; melebes el mekekerei. (woman after childbirth) with hot water; bathe or soak (limb) in hot water.surechii a mesurech er ngii.
33410.002tbaln.poss.3sspit; saliva.tbal a tub er ngii; melub.
33420.002tbetbiln.poss.3ssmall piece of something; small pieces (of bread, food etc.) pulled apart with fingers.
33430.002tebdeln.poss.3saction of skinning.tebdel a omelabd er ngii; melabd.
33440.002tebedalln.exit.tebedall a rael el mo tuobed; taoch a tebedall er a mlai er a daob.
33450.002techetecheln.poss.3sclaw (of crab); hand (of clock).techetechel a techotech er ngii; omengchel a chemang.
33460.002telametv.r.s.straightened out.telamet a mla metamet; telematel, tometii a rengul; tuamet a chebirukel; temetel a reng.
33470.002telamkv.r.s.(beard; bristles; etc.) shaved; (broom) made out of stripped coconut ribs.telamk a mla metamk; telemikel; tuamk a chesemel; tomkii a bdelul; temkel.
33480.002telaun.earring.telau a besichel a ding; outelau a bung; telul el bung.
33490.002telbengeln.poss.3swash or rinse (hands, dishes, etc.).
33500.002telecheraklv.r.s.hooked; hung.telecherakl a ngar er a techerakl; tuchereklii a bilel, tucherakl, techereklel.
33510.002telekengeleln.poss.3sobstinance; persistance.telekengelel a telekangel er ngii., garbage, water etc. left aside (in container); food left around without storage place.telekuau a kall el diak el delekedek; melekuau a betok el kall a mengeberochel.
33530.002tengeln.poss.3swide; broad.tengel a meteu er ngii; teu.
33540.002terachedn.shameful act or behavior or trait; bad or negative aspect of something; blot (on reputation, etc.).terached a mekngit er ngii; kngtil, merechorech a outerached; rechorech a terechedel.
33550.002terechedeln.poss.3sshameful act or behavior or trait; bad or negative aspect of something; blot (on reputation, etc.).terechedel a terached er ngii; mekngit el chisel; outerached.
33560.002teribseln.poss.3sfoam (of sea); soap suds; bubbles; beer (slang).teribsel a teriobs er ngii; teribsel a sob; outeriobs.
33570.002terudeln.poss.3sthe action of breaking, tearing or smashing down; the action of taking apart; the action of breaking (relationship between people).terudel a omerruud er ngii; merruud
33580.002tetiunum.9 [nine] (human).tetiu a ochur (9) el mo er a rechad; tetiu el chad, tetiu el buik, tetiu el rubak, tetiu el ekebil.
33590.002tiakln.knot in cord; etc. to record date. or split (long object) into small pieces, strips.tibetbii a melbotb er ngii el bambuu. (person) down (in wrestling, etc.); smash open (young coconut); hit (head) against; (bird) drop (itself) to surface of water.tilechii a melilech er ngii; nguu el mengkengkii.; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.
33640.002titiuln.poss.3swheel or similar rolling object used as a toy.titiul a omelitai er ngii; titai er ngii.
33650.002tiuediiv.t.cut (fruit; log; board; pandanus leaf; etc.) lengthwise/down the middle.tiuedii a meliud er ngii.
33660.002tiueln.poss.3saction of rubbing.tiuel a omelaiu er ngii; melaiu.
33670.002tiuelecheln.poss.3sstick for throwing (at birds, fruits etc.).tiuelechel a tiualech er ngii; omeliualech er ngii or cook (food) lightly; heat to make it bendable; rub or massage; beckon to (person, animal).tmau a melau; tour; tmau er a mekeald; teul a such. up; plug; cork; seal off; block (intentionally).tminget a melinget a chemars; tminget a butiliang; tngetel. or reflect light on; illuminate; go night fishing with torch or lamp.tmuich a meluich; tmuich a medal; tichel a mad.
33710.002toachelmidn.ocean passage in Koror.Toachelmid a toachel er a Ngeremid.
33720.002tochedn.thorn or pricker (of plant).toched a kedorem el klalo; oloched el ngar er a such; techedel a biskang, techedel a meradel.
33730.002tocheln.poss.3sman made mangrove channel.tochel a taoch er ngii.; wash; baptize; get rid of evil spirits by ritual washing.tochelbii a melecholb er ngii; techelbel.; build; assemble; put together; edify; pile up, accumulate, increase.toketek a meleketek; toketekii a blai; teketekel a kall.; build; assemble; put together; edify; pile up, accumulate, increase.toketekii a meleketek er ngii; teketekel.
33770.002toklechadslangmany people.
33780.002tolibv.t.wash or rinse (hands, dishes, etc.).tolib a mellib; mla tolib a belatong; telbengel., tear or smash down; take apart; break (relationship between people).toruud a merruud; melemall; mla toruud a mlai; torudii a blai; terudel. (clothes, roof, etc.); pay (fine).tuabek a melabek; mla tuabek a mechut el bilel me a bilek; tebekel. or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).tuib a meruul; melib a llach; tibir a urreor, tbil. up; support; prevent from falling; push away.tukakl a melkakl; melisakl, tukeklii, tukakl a blai; tkeklel.
33830.002tulechoidv.s.prone to gossiping.tulechoid a tulechidakl.
33840.002turengurv.t.smell; kiss (with nose).turengur a melungl er ngii; tmungl a ungil el bau; melungl er a bechochod; tunglii a bul; tenglel a bau.
33850.002tutuun.paper or cloth bag.tutuu a blil a klalo me a kall; tutungel.
33860.002udain.anything used for pulling such as rope, anchor line, fishing line, etc.udai a klekedall el mengurs, omdai; ekil, bombatel a udai; omdai a ngikel me a klalo, udeul a ngikel.
33870.002udelein.term of address by male to older male.
33880.002ukbetengeln.poss.3smake easy or cheap; ease; lighten; make light of (matter); not take (matter) seriously.ukbetengel a ulekbeot er ngii; rullii el mo beot; omekbeot.
33890.002ukmedaln.poss.3sthe action of paying back (debt), returning (a favor such as help, food, etc.), honoring a reciprocal obligation.ukmedal a ulekmad er ngii; omekmad a beldoel el udoud.
33900.002uldidv.r.s.bridged.uldid a mla mudid; ngar er ngii a did er ngii el omoachel; didil.
33910.002uldubechv.r.s.pushed.uldubech a mla modubech; ulsesei, uldubech el mo er a uchei; mlai a uldubech, odbechii, odubech, odbechel.
33920.002ulechucherv.t.increase the number or amount (up to a certain point).ulechucher a mla mochucher; mla mengai a ngeiul el ildois; udoud a ulechucher el $30,000; ochecherel
33930.002ulekabesv.r.s.let to hang down; hanging down.ulekabes a mekebekabes; ngar er a bab e ultengel a tedebechel; cheteklek a ulekabes er a daob; okebesii a chetakl; okabes akerelir e mengereel; okebesel.
33940.002ulekdakdv.caus.frighten; scare; threaten.ulekdakd a omekdakd; rullii a chad el mo medakd; "chediul a kokok" a ulkdakd er a ngalek.
33950.002ulekedeladv.r.s.carried or transmitted with care; (person or animal) spoiled.ulekedelad a ungil el kldmokl; diak el terrekakl; ngalek a ungil el ulekedelad a okerulel; mla mukedelad.
33960.002ulengalln.res.inedible remains of food, garbage.ulengall a der el di kelel a babii kung; babii a menga ulengall, ulengolel.
33970.002ulengkangkv.t.push down; make fall; tear down (house, etc.).ulengkangk a mla mongkangk el mei er eou; bai a ulengkangk, ongkengkii a blai; ongkangk a mengur; ongkengkel.
33980.002ulukelv.t.cut down; push (person) down.ulukel a mla mukel el me moiit; mla mkelii a lius; mukel a kerrekar, ukelel; lius a ulukel er a eolt.
33990.002ungemkeln.poss.3sstraight line to mark location of something (e.g., foundation of house).ungemkel a ungamk er ngii; omngamk.
34000.002urechemeln.poss.3ssomething used as a mix or mixer; mixer for drinks; ingredient.urechemel a urachem er ngii.
34010.002urelmeln.poss.3sthe action of rinsing (something such as clothes).urelmel a uralm er ngii; omralm.
34020.002usechemeln.poss.3saction of grabbing with fist.usechemel a usechem er ngii.
34030.002utechedeln.poss.3sbarb of spear; action of making barb of spear.utechedel a utoched er ngii; omtoched a biskang,
34040.002uterecheln.poss.3sbow-string.uterechel a uturech er ngii; omturech a ukar.
34050.002blsibsv.r.s.drilled; (ear) pierced.
34060.002cheldengv.r.s.confused; puzzled; perplexed.cheldeng a milkolk a rengul; diak le mesaod a tekoi er ngii.
34070.002chelesebv.r.s.(one person in group) sing with especially high pitched voice; sing poorly.cheleseb a ta er a ngerel a chelitakl; mla mecheseb; chueseb a chelitakl, ungil a ongesebel, chesebel.
34080.002chemekleln.poss.3s(sl.) food.
34090.002cherteln.poss.3sexcrement; fart.
34100.002cherteln.poss.3s(large) spoon; ladle.
34110.002chetauv.s. (skin) dark. or nod (neck) to one side; twist or wring (something).chidir a dour; mengid, chidir a chiklel, chemid, mechid a chiukl; chidir a mengid er ngii, chidir a dait; duebes el tomall a delomel.
34130.002chisiln.banana blossom.chisil a bngal a tuu; chisil a tuu.; astonishing; unusual; extraordinary.chosir a mengasireng, chosir a renguk a seked er a Oreor.
34150.002chuitn.coconut milk (usually added to other things when cooking).chuit a disech er a lius; chuietii, chemuit, menguit a kall.
34160.002delebedebn.gutter; edge of the road; stone road or roadway. Also, a drink made from coconut meat and coconut milk.delebedeb a tkul a rael; mlai a diak lorael er a delebedeb.
34170.002delsacheln.r.s.thing carved.
34180.002deluusn.r.s.rain hat; raincoat.deluus a dor er a chull; omderungel; rrasm el mengchongch.
34190.002deluusv.r.s.(long object) inserted into storage or hiding place; (thatching) sewn.deluus a rrasm er a chim; merames a rresmelel.
34200.002hanginterj.Oh! (exclamation of surprise).hang a kibetiekl, hang kom ngar tiang! hang komlei!
34210.002klderaoln.female counterpart or assistant to chief.klderaol a Rubakldil el klderolel a klobak; Bilung a klderolel a lbedul, Ebilreklai a klderolel a Reklai.
34220.002kledv.r.s.directed; organized.kled a beruadel, madelkled a medal a ungil a rengul; madelkled a klebokel el meloik.
34230.002kledv.r.s.(branch) cut or chopped off.kled a mla medobech; delobech a rechelel a kerrekar.
34240.002maisn.corn. A mais a dellomel; ng diak bo lemeklou el dellomel; ng ua a teletelel a deb. Ng di ourodech a chebaod er ngii. Ng kall a redechel.
34260.002mechesebv.erg.(one person in group) sing with especially high pitched voice; sing poorly.mecheseb a mecham, dobechii a chelitakl; chelam a rengul, chesebreng, cheleseb a rengul.
34270.002mecheseiv.s.inch.becoming an old woman.
34280.002meduisv.erg.remove (usually, something dirty) with foot, stick, etc.; extract (meat of trochus or shellfish); remove (sliver, thorn, etc.) from body.
34290.002mengadv.t.(animal, child) roll (itself) in dirt; roll or rub (sea cucumber) in ashes (to remove bad tasting outer membrane).mengad a kmad a cheremrum, irimd; melai a mekoll er ngii el olab a chab; kedil.
34300.002meriimv.i. move one's residence.
34310.002metauv.erg.get heated; (plant) get wilted from heat.metau a mechebus er a mekeald, metau er ngau; tour a bakelungal; tmau a such, teul a such.
34320.002mocherov.erg.get turned face up; get turned inside out; drowned.mochero a blult; ngalek a mla mochero e omtok er a demal; mochero a urros; ulechero er a daob; ngalek a mla mochero.
34330.002ngasechn.hawksbill turtle with thick shell (suitable for making into Palauan woman's money).
34340.002obudechv.erg.vomit/throw up onto.obudech a omudech; smecher a mla mdechii a ulaol, mudech a berul, mdechel a smecher.
34350.002oltngaklv.t.reject; return; decline; push back.oltngakl a olluut, diak le kengei, chetil el melai; otngakl a kall, otkngeklii a udoud, otngeklel.
34360.002omesebesv.t.plan; intend.omesebes a melib; oltaut a urreor; rengelbechull er a buai omesebes a urreor er a rael; mesebesii a omengesiau, besebesel, a omenged.
34370.002telauv.r.s.heated/cooked lightly; heated so as to become bendable; rubbed; massaged.telau a mla metau; melau a cheled tmau a such; teul er a mekeald. or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).tibetbii a melib er a mo ungil el llach; oterkeklii a telbiil.
34390.002uldarsv.r.s.lifted up; (arm, leg) stretched or extended.uldars a mla modars; oba chimal el mo er a bab; odersii a chimal, odars a udoud, odersel.
34400.002baebn.pipe (for plumbing).baeb a klekedall el omekuiaol, oeaol er a ralm, bebel.
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