Words for Kaz

bareta, n., [From Tagalog] long pointed steel rod for digging soil; crowbar
bongai, v.s., [From Japanese] bothersome; annoying; obstructing.
> This old man is bothering the group.
> The tree is obstructing or bothering the road so I cannot go to the other side.
chim, n.hand; arm; front paws (of animal); help; assistance; manual labor; person sent to help.
chim a klekedellel a chad el uldeod er a cheiechad, chim a orreked a klalo; chimal.
, n.height; length.
klemanget a klemengetel; klemangel.
makisiak, n., [From Japanese makijaku] sewing tape measure.
mengoit, v.t.throw away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).
mengoit a chemoit; ongkangk, diak lolai; chemoit a tekoi, choitii a skuul; chemoit a besbas; chitel.
ngmors, n.undertow; rip current.
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oderengesall, n.a.s.something to be listened to
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More Examples:
> There is singing at the clubhouse tonight that is good to hear.
odirekorek, n.
odirekerekeln.poss.3sodirekerekel a odirekorek er ngii; medeel el kall; uliis; uldirekorek.
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oliochel, n.boundary (between land, villages, etc.).
oliochel a omii; olkael, olichelel a chutem; oliochel er a beluu.
omedeklel, n.poss.3srising and falling action
omedeklel a daobexpr.the rising and falling of the waves
omengchekl, v.t.hold something (e.g. betelnut chew) in cheek without chewing
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ongelil, n.instr.divination; foretelling.
oserechakl, n.
oserechekleln.poss.3soserecheklel a oserechakl er ngii; olserechakl er a delengcheklel.
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sekelas, v.s.vulgarity used to insult someone sexually; can be used to describe a man who struggles to climax or a woman who is easily aroused
songdang, n., [From Tagalog sundang] machete
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