Pending Missing Words

bekoderengescooperative, agreeable (josephs has rongerenges which is incorrect?)
Beritem, beritemtemd, betermembetermemd is softer than medemdemk..almost in a soup stage..
Beritem...when a tapioca is still young and you overcook them, they get soft with that stickiness to them..that is beritem..
beritemtemd...I don't word is beritem and the other is temd..
temd is more of a soft stool, small amount that comes after a hard sneeze or cough..
BINGKELANG and BIRKERKEI.same as chausbendik
bochaA Ulang ER a le bocha ER a uum eng mo olsiu a idungel eng mla mechas a ngeliokl.
btekii from btekii a medamNg soam ak btekii a ngerem?
Btetchingallklalo el beot omeklemeltel or teetel. Things that are easily straighten or pounded out. Olmelmetel malechub eng omekmelmeltel a kmungerang el deel malechub kerrekar el ousbech omeliot.
chaikiothe way something looks. talking about a picture, someone might say, "Kmal Ungil a aikyo (sp) re kemiu rokui."
chebellukel v.s. (person) with gray hair.
ChelibChebngel a rodch Ulang
ChesungaiTiang tekoi er a Belau, adang ng rrodel...Sentence: Kabo mesa sel chesungai el buuch el kmo mla mo ourrodch? Langsu. Tall skinny buuch tree.Tiang tekoi er a Belau, adang ng rrodel...Sentence: Kabo mesa sel chesungai el buuch el kmo mla mo ourrodch? Langsu.
Chiludes or chidudes for bauxite?
CholsisngengUlekeuad a rsechel, omeksaik. Unmotivated, unmoved, moving in slow pace than norm.Ulang
churracheb / urrachebbully?
deiulacquiring a title when someone dies
delalakarPalau traditional concept of health is one that is free of pain and driven on holistic wellness such as use of herbal medicine like delalakar.
desilDesik el uoi deuaoch a rengul meke merael e metetuchakl el loba a ngamek chui ra deliongel uoi di diak ra rengum
DEUADUO/DEUADUAtype of clam?
deuallin pdef definitions of kerar and kiloelo. Means bruised?
DIDELLEL TIIAU OLBELUL KINGELLELmoney given at ceremonies?
donburicooking pot?
drebecheecholecheech, figure 8, hourglass
ilkelkii, Chilkelkiiruffle? from mesulkolk
iumsekungdance directive
katamarilump? cluster?
kikil a delebslug; snail without shell
kisel is also the action of waking up? n.poss.3s?mekiis a mo dechor; mekiis el merael; mekar, kisel er a cheliuaiu.
kiuidukalltype of bird? kiuiderkemur is in; might be mistake.
KledngesaklNgeask, mengerngur a uldesuel mea bedengel. Young and immature.Ulang
Kloleklel..many things to own
kotaerjapanese difficult; hard.
matmatmatmat = mededchor = standing around
ie. "ke di matmat er medad le ke ngelekel a Ibedul?
MelaosNgdiak a ulebengelel. Infinity.Ulang
melebtubmetebtub = medebdeb chomerollel = running irregularly, as in a car engine runs irregularly. metebtub is a different word. It may have originated from the same word, but when a car is sputtering, we say, "sel mlai a locha ngarngii a mekngit er ngii leng di melebtub".
mengituuk formsNg chelitukel a Bent. Bent's concoctions. chemituuk. A Bent a di dilengchokl el chemituik sukal radio meng mla mo oureor.
Mukaiolsiuekl; melai; oltak er rechad el mla era omerael el mei daob or melidiul. Meet/pick up someone from a trip either by boat, car, or airplane.
ngetomel, ngetemelelnephew?Ulang
Okelidblodch el dui el mo okal. Dried coconut leaves bound together as torch.
olaumeaspoisonous jelly-fish?
omailekelokflipping uncotrollably.or like having a seizure. flipping tossing turning
omerrikelOmerrikel is more like ouedikel but with more fierce and determined motion to loose himself from whatever that's gripping him.
Ongermermangelchad el el bek el chad a mengiremrum el kirel. Chad el kmal soal di mengiremrum. Whiner; whining. Chad el blil omengeremrum malechub e te chad el mengeremrum era tang.
ongkerongelguarded place? see mengkarit's in the title of some Jehovah's documents
oubasingos, OmasingosBob Naito: says it means exposed
Oubebiduchstriped; lined; spotted?
Tilorch, metitertorch or metetertorchtilorech v.r.s., others are v.redup.
tochedmeassmall but painful
Tumuumteleot el blai. Quick temporary dwelling set up
Uliokelcigarrette butt?
urracheb v.r.s. for omcheracheb?
usaklusakl is the substance or wood that connects the posts just below the roof.Bob Naito:
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