Example Sentences

Ng mlo telkib el ngesonges a ududek me ng dimlak kucherar a chemelek el dekool.My budget was low, I could not buy cigarettes.
Tiang ngerang el beldoel er ngii? Ng dekool, ng diak lboes.What is in your hand? It is a cigarette, not gun.
Ak milurech a teblong er a rull, kmal ungil beldakl.I speared couple of sting rays, they are good for soup.
Diak ka mangblung
Ng diak . Ng kmal kirek el mesuub er a kebesengei.No, so I really have to study tonight.
Ng mla er ngii a temem el mesuub el kirel a test er a klukuk?Did you get an opportunity to study for the test tomorrow?
Ke mo er ker?Where are you going?
i love you
Ulang, diak molengull e ke kmal mla mo churusai.Ulang, can't you stop as you are getting annoying.
Rebladek a kele te mlo medengei el kmo belumam a di mechitangThe spirits knew that our home land is becoming deserted.
Ngar ngii a chelitakl era Bai era kebesengei el ungil el oderengesall.There is singing at the clubhouse tonight that is good to hear.
Ak mechiuaiu era yasumba e omchederrenges era ngerel a daob el me obuu era kederang.I was sleeping on the bench and listening to the waves breaking on the shore.
Mnguu el msang a chim el chad.Take it and give it to an empty-handed person.
Molengull ra omding eng mesika dingad.Quit begging; our ears are getting tired.
Ulang, ak mesikang el omnger er kau era omelechelbem!Ulang, I'm tired of constantly reminding you to shower [literally about your showering].
Tireka meral melaok ikal chidbengir.Those people have fat wallets.
Ng ko er a ngodech a debechiil.It's strange to be married.
A Ulang a meral sekodechelakl, ng kuk milcheliang el di oumondai.Ulang is so fiesty, she's back at it arguing again.
Ng diak a mokar el bom nguu er ngii.You won't profit from getting it.
Ng merengmiu me ng diak bo make.Try your hardest and you won't lose.
A John a mlo make.John lost.
Ak mla mo make.I have lost.
Ng diak bo make!Don't lose!
Te ngirader a lleng el belatong.They returned the borrowed plates.
A orekemel ngii el udoud a diak di lultuil er a klungel el meliuekl, ng mo uldak er a rengelel a omelsechel me a ngeiul el mo er a Beluulechab el nga er a debii.The value of such stone money is not only the sheer size of the discs, but the physical and treacherous labor of carving then, and then transporting them back to Yap via outrigger canoe.
Debii a keled.Let's divide our food.
fuck youi love you
Akerch eii kora kmal ngii!Wow, that’s really it!
A Ulang a tekeiungel era remerael era aikal blekerdelel.Ulang is being slandered (by people walking around) because of her bad behavior.
voluteers help
John, ke kuk meral di uleiitel a imelek el oisur meng dikeal sebechek el ngilmii. John, you've poured my drink so full that I will not be able to drink it all.
Ke meral churusai!You're so annoying!
Kmal mle soak el outama ngak ma rengalek a retonariI really liked playing marbles with the kids from neighborhood.
A Mary a outama er a rikl. Mary is playing with marbles outside.
I like you
I like you
Ng kora ngodech a de bechiil. Ng mla mo diak e dilkau. Ng diuaia lengarngii a bereked er kau ra bek el taem.It is weird being married. You're not on your own anymore. It's like something is attached to you all the time.
Alii e.kau
Ng dirk ultaut a cheldecheduch e ngii a mesngii a riid.The discussion was still ongoing and he left.
Ng mlo meioud ra tutau meng di milsngii a riid e obes a ikal suelbel.He was running late this morning and left without his lunch.
Ng ulereched meng di milsngii e remurt el tuobed.He was in a hurry so he just yanked it and ran out.
Ak dirk menguiu er ngii eng mei el mesngii ra chimak.I was still reading it and he came and yanked it out of my hands.
Bai di beches el ouchais el kmo ng chetim el mong e lak ko bong e mouuchel ra rengum. Be honest and say you don't want to go instead of going and then regretting it.
Ng bai soak a di beches el ouchais er ngak ra bai mongeteket er ngii.I want you to be direct with me instead of prolonging it.
Ng soak el menga delul el chum me a kukau.I would like to eat grilled ume and taro.
Ng kora soak el menga delul el diokang.I feel like eating burnt grated casava.
A ngloik a ungil el bisaol. The dance is really something good to be seen.
A kabekel era Belias el Kesebekuu a bisaol er a chisel me a rretel.The famous war canoe of Belias is a show case item for its speed and performance.
Kam nguu tia el terekill el mo era blil Dachelbai em msbedii el kmo ng mla era Ulang el sbedel a Ocherolel a Kitalong. Bring this basket of prepared food to Dachelbai's house and tell him that it's from Ulang for Kitalong's house-party.
Aika bla kues.I have seen these.
Aika choble mues er a elii.You saw those yesterday.
Dachelbai a mla okedii era Ulang, ngera telocha kaketib er chelechang.Dachelbai brought himself close to Ulang, what kind of schemes are they planning now?
Aika el delechor a dirrek el meringel el tekoi.This continuous standing is also hard work.
Ke mo omtaut a ngau?Will you light the fire?
Ng mla obtaut a ngau?Has the fire been lit?
Aki kmal kora mle ungil merael edi mle kiul kisbekl el metengel era dobu era mlai el lilengelakl el kmal bekerurt.We were walking fine on the road until a really fast car sped by that abruptly forced us into a ditch.
Ngera a dereuakl?What is the laughter about?
Te dorouakl er a tekingel a Bung.They are laughing at what Bung said.
Ke choilii a ralm el omrechorecher e mochu oldebodeb a billum.Wait for the water to boil and then put in the tapioca.
Aki miltutii a ngau.We lit the fire.
Ng mla mo suibes a deromukang me ng omelloes er a bab.The drum was overfull and flowed over the top.
Ke kmu el mo ngerang?What do you say?
Ke dmu el mo ngerang?What do you say?
A medal a biskang a tilaut era ulul a uel. The spear hit the turtle in the chest.
Ng mle omtaut er a ngau.She started the fire.
Ng mla tmaut a ureor.The work has (recently) begun.
Morrenges er a demam e le lak e ng tmaut er kau.Listen to your father because if you don't, he'll yell at you.
Aika bilem el ilengkai ele ke kora nguis el ullengui.Your clothes are piled up like you're a snake shedding its skin.
Motab a kloklem ra yasumba e mongellau.Put your things on the bench and rest yourself.
Akai! Ng mla motab a ochik era rais.Ouch! I stubbed my toe on a tree root.
Ng Ngiradaob, el ochedal a Dirasils, a silkur sel keldait el mlo chelbechiil. It was Ngiradaob, Dirasils's brother, who received the keldait that was put in for the marriage.
A chelbechiielel a Dirasils el mle keldait a mlora ochedal ra Ngiradaob.The money put in for the marriage of Dirasils, which was a keldait, went to her brother, Ngiradaob.
Tial chelebucheb el kuu cholbiungel er ngii a mle chelbechiielel a Sue el demak a silkur.This chelebucheb that I am wearing was for the marriage of Sue that my father received/earned.
Aika el oruikl el chemadch el kukau a kirel kdiil era rengalk el sechal mo era taoch el mo doiderekl era bilas el mo era omerael. These uncooked baskets of taro had to be carried by the young men to the boat at the channel to go on the trip.
A resechal ma redil ra Ngeremlengui a ungil ongbiall le te kladikm ra siukang.The men and women from Ngeremlengui are ideal spouses because they are well-versed in customs and traditions.
Ngkora mererengang tial eianged makuk mocha metetermokl era uldesuek el kirem.As the sky turns red I am perplexed about my thoughts for you.
Ng mera el ungil tia el sunga er kau ra bilas.Your picture of the boat is very good.
Sel sungata e ra ngkel a ngalk a kora kmal el ungil.The silhouette of that woman is very attractive.
Ng mla chemer a Lukes le te mla cheuamech a chemelel buuch.Lukes was sulking because they chewed all of her betelnut.
Al bong a Lukes e te mla omuchel lomengur meng chemer e mo remei.When Lukes went, they had already started eating so she pouted and went home.
Ng kmal di ior er tir.It's really up to them.
Ngkal Ulang a meral sekebdebid eldi omriuch a mla sidai e kuk metord.Ulang keeps dwelling and fermenting in the past and gets all worked up and shut down.
Ng melasem el olengoech ra imal ra mado e omok ra chesimer.He is trying to squeeze his hand through the window to open the door.
Ak kmal mechesang ng di ak kmal mo melasem el olengoech ra taem leko meskau.I'm very busy but trying to squeeze some time to come visit you.
Tial yasumba a kora ou tangtikebikel me ked mol reuebet.The bench is wobbly so we might fall.
A rengalek a milil er rikl lou tangtikebikel.The children are playing outside on the see-saw.
Ulang a meral ungil a chung er ngii el dimlak el aksident.Ulang really had great luck and didn't have an accident.
Ulang a locha ngarngii a techellel el metik era kiande era rael.Ulang might have a chance to find candy on the road.
Ng locha ngar ngii a techelled el mo mesisiich er tia el iakiu.Maybe we have a chance to win this baseball game.
Ulang a meral melusch el miltik era kiande.Ulang was really lucky and found some candy.
Ngera a chung er kid e kede mo kats ra iakiu?What are the odds that we win the baseball game?
Altang kuk ngara chung er kid.Maybe it's just our destiny.
Ng ulemdasu el kmo ng sebechel mengchii a luk e di lmuk er ngak, mak di liluk er ngii.He thought he could give me the silent treatment so I ignored him.
Ng kmal nguibes a renguk ra ikal redechel a iedel.I really really want those mangos.
Ng meral ng mbesaol ngalek meng di dekimes a bilel.That kid drools so much that his shirt is always wet.
Ng oldubech a ungelel a ngelekek me ng di merael a mbesel me tia bilek el dekmesang ra ngibes.My baby is teething and drooling so much that my shirt is now wet from the drool.
A dentist a mildelii a ungelek me ak kmal mlo mbesaol.The dentist pulled my tooth so now I am drooling a lot.
Di cheloit a sersek meng kmal klungang a emull er ngii. Ng kirel nglemull.My garden has been neglected and has become badly overgrown. It needs to be cleared.
ak mo mesab ra tara blungek. Ng kmal klou a omesab er chelchang.Im going to harvest one of my taro square. It is now big harvest season time.
Ng klalou lulsbechall ra temel a cheliuaiu rar sechal ma redil el moktek er ngii a tomer a kldiull e merrob a rakt meng diak el moiuul ra delongelir.It's the object used when a man and a woman go to bed together whose purpose is to prevent pregnancy and to prevent the transmission of disease between them.
Alii, tilechal delibuk a diak el mesisiich. Ngobechakl a chert.Hey. That knot's no good. The boat will float away.
Te chemur a brer e mora chei.They each took their own raft to go fishing.
Te chemur a ngerchelir.They each have their own responsibilities.
Tial chutem a tilobed el mo era rengelekel a Ngerkumer el okiu a cheldecheduch. This property went to Ngerkumer's kids through verbal agreement.
A Bent a mlo sebechel mora ukeruul el okiu a ngeseu.Bent was able to go abroad for medical help.
Ng kmal ungil aikio er a rechad er a Melekeok.The people of Melekeok are very attractive.
Ng ungil el meloik e ng di kmal diak a aikio er ngii.He dances well but lacks charisma.
Te mlo kedubech, e ng mesibas el obeu a btelul.They were pushing each other and he slipped and split his head.
A chermek el bilis a chedelekelek a bsechel.My dog has black fur.
Tela isei sel dengua?What's that phone number again?
Ng mekera isei sel doruul a subliual?How do we make pumpkin soup again?
Techa isei ngkal merredel ra Aleks?Who's Alex's boss again?
Ngkang techa isei el mle ra blai? Who was it that came to the house?
Ng milskak tiang ... ngera isei a ngklel el klekedellel a balech ra ngikelHe gave me this ... whatchamacallit piece for a speargun.
Tiang ngera isei a ngklel el basio? What is the name of this place?
Tiang ngera isei el leko kuker er ngii?What was it that I wanted to ask?
Kom di belsiochel e kemam a ngar tiang el menga tungd.You all are so pretentious and fancy and meanwhile we are just eating scrap.
Kmal meioud a John ia bechil a kora belsiochel el erabrukl el mengiil er ngii.John is taking too long and his wife is "like a decorated lobster" waiting for him.
Ng meral belbelsuchel a Lukes el di kiei e kuimd a cheiul meng kora belbelsuchel! Lukes looks really weird because she is just cutting her hair and it's all messed up.
Koi, ke di kie el di mesaod a selaod!Argh, You keep talking about what has already been resolved!
Te ngera ngemuu rrikl?Who's making all the commotion outside?
Ng mla ngmasech er a mlai e merael mora kmung ker.He climbed into the car and went I don't know where.
Ak meleng a udoud el diak el ngesonges malechub el mekesai era ta el telael.I'm borrowing money not less than a thousand dollars.
Ng betok a cheldim ma kuk kesengil e beskak a imol keremlal. You caught a lot of fish so at least give me one red snapper.
Ke mekudem el mor Oreor ma kuk kesengil e bom tuchakl loldingel rar chedam.You visit Koror frequently so at least visit your relatives.
Akmekesengil a lius!That's a lot of coconuts.
A chidisel aika el ngikel, dimlak a kokemiu!That's a lot of fish, you guys should not have brought so much.
Tia el ngau er a ingukl a kmal derrir, mngesakl a idungel.The fire in the hearth is too big; remove some firewood.
Tia el olbingelek a kerresek era delak.This necklace was my moms and i treasure it so much.
Ulang a meral mekreos a kelel iedel el chetil el merrous. Ngdiak el dilechelid el lebo el meringel a delel.Ulang is hoarding her mango and doesnt want to share, hopefully she will get a bellyache.
Kemeral kora aikal bidabd el diak a bo el tab er ngii.You're like the jellyfish that do not have a destination.
Ng locha bai kirel el muut el morngii a bul era beluu e meruul a skoki el di me soiseb sel mellomes el ua nga era mong.I think there should be a curfew on land and have flights only come in during the day like before.
John, mousubes e ak mla touchakl er a blil a Ngerkumer me ak mo telkib el meioud.John, forgive me, I made a stop at Ngerkumer's and may be a run a little late.
Ng telitur rngak meng dimlak el sebechek el lomelmii ngii el deluill.My lack of experience prevented me from maintaining any relationships.
Ngka el rubak a dimle siesorch e mad.This old man stayed stiff and contorted as he died.
Ak mo omtang er tia el buuch el milchiraro er a eolt.I will add a support to that betel nut tree because it was pushed askew by the wind (and is now in danger of falling over).
Ak mla mtengii sei el kuabang el mileuukel.I propped up that guava tree that fell.
Ng sebechem el ngmai a betotem er sei el dilochel?Can you dive down into this channel and collect something from the sea floor?
A dechor era kederang e ones el bedul ngeuaol.Standing on the beach looking out towards the open ocean and the horizon.
A rsul a babii a kma el kirel di tang.The stabbing of the pig should only take once.
Kam moitel a sesei er tia el moromi e de chermii.Pour some of that wine and let me have a taste.
Ak mo melobech a llel a tuu el mo koias.Im going to cut down banana leaves for compost.
Alii, ke moubuu e mokokau.Hello,don't trip and take your time.
Lak dim omuit er tia el butiliang e moitel a imelem er a kob.Don't just take a drink from the bottle and pour your drink in a cup.
A toktang a kmo ng kirek el omad er tia el bduu er a ochik meng sebechel obuu me bolungil.The doctor says that I need to heat up my boil so that it can burst and get better.
Ongengedel a labk er ngii me ngika el dil a kma el dimle osisiu a delongelel.The seduction between them both was mutual.
Ng soam a ikei adang soam a ikang?Do you like those or do you like these?
Kam dort ailechal kukau ngkung e kekora kmeed.Would you clean them taros as you are closer to them.
Ng mla er ngii a dengchel ngka el tolechoi er a remechas er a blai.The baby had a serious recognition comparison by the ladies of the house.
Ng mo er ngii a tereklel tia el mechut el blai er a ngiaos.There will be a demolition of the old house two days from now.
Nga er ker a uked er a mekebud?Where is the sardine fishing net?
Mla er ngii a ngesul a ngisel a malk er a lukel er a elii.There was significant lower number of chicken eggs from her nest yesterday.
Tia el isingel a mera odbachel.His nose is broad.
A demak a mle blechoel el omad a suld er a diangel ngii me a re sechelil.My father had always made ropes from coconut husks at the boating house with his friends.
Ng mla er ngii a klaiuengader er a bai er a kesus.There was a farewell party at the community house last night.
Sel kunga kim ea aika el ulechel a blechoel el metecherakl er a ungelek.When I eat clam, the big muscle always gets stuck in my teeth.
Aika el meldung er a tutau a diak e mengodch mea klukuk e domes er ngii.What was said this morning will stay as is until we resume tomorrow.
Tia el otngeklel a chutem el mo er a meral chad er tia el kebliil a kma el mle ungil omesodel el dimlak a uldikel er ngii.The return of the land to the original clan members went well as planned without any disruptions.
Ngika el rubak a kilderii a ngelekel el meringel a ochil el loia er a ongelengelel e te merolang el mo remei.Her father picked his daughter onto his shoulder as her foot was hurting and they walked home.
Ke ongetelang era titiul?What was your birth order? (e.g. are you the oldest child amongst your siblings or the 4th born or what?)
Tia el ochechel a bul a kired el mo blak a rengud el otutii me a rengeask a mo mellengmes a llach.This enforcement of the stated curfew needs to enforced for the young generation to respect the laws.
Bem otebengau.Come sit for a while.
A oblong e ke mla mlei.If you had left already (instead of procrastinating or complaining or whatever), you'd already be back by now.
A osisebel a kahol, ng telal klok?What time will the coffin go into the ground?
Ng keriik er a blik.I have plenty (of them) at my house [like the tide fills the reef, the house is full].
Mtemelii a ngerem.Come taste/try (bitter food, sweet food, betelnut,etc.). (lit. destroy your mouth).
Eim el renged el mo dmak e Kerradel.Five villages united and called Kerradel.
Aika el ulech el baeb a diak el chars.The pipes connected are not leaking
Kemla olturek e mesauch er tilecha el buuch?Did you ask and getting that betelnut?
Nglocha nga er ngii a chisil a cheluch er sel isiobing.There might be a few drops of oil in the bottle.
Me a odekial aika el rokui el udoud el mlechudel eng mlo sebechek el mecherar a blik.The sum of all the money that was collected, i was able to buy my house.
Aika el dellemelek a ulekdubs er tia el kerrekerul a tonari er ngak.My plants are from the tree from my neighbor that i transplanted myself.
Eiang, ke meral delikik.Darn it, you are such a nincompoop.
Tia el iueklel a beluulechad a loba sils.The sun controls the rotation of earth.
Kom kmal meral dengerodk el ngalk el mla chidir a iklel a belochel meng medei.Unruly kids that have twisted the pigeon's neck so it died.
Kamluut el loia tacher kluk mel dechelel a bleketelek.Put another ten dollars in to add more to my donation.
Aki ulturk e remad a bebil er a bngal a chelilai.We asked and got okayed to pick some plumeria flowers.
Tia el kumiai el mera kmal meral ometuat meng merengla sengched.The boat is hitting the waves hard making my hips sore.
Ngera meke mesam a chimam, soam lobar?Why are you making fist, wanna get smacked?
Ngika el mechas er ngak a kma el soal oumekngit er ngak er a seked.My girlfriend likes to diss me in the crowd.
A sau a klaibedechakl era delongelel a sechal me a redil el olechotel a beltkil a rengrir.Consensual intercourse between a man and a woman to proclaim their affection for each other.
Ak ngara oderechel a Charlene.I'm running an errand for Charlene.
Ngkal Ulang el di mengimeluk e diak el olengeseu el mengetmokl.This Ulang just makes a mess and doesn't help clean up.
Aki mlo ungil chudecheduch a klungiolel mea klou el ututelel a skuul.We talked about the importance and the betterment of education.
Ngak me a ngelekek a chadecheduch el kirel a skulel.My daughter and I are talking about her schooling.
Ke lmuut el melamech?Are you going to chew betelnut again?
Ka bomchais a eru era llel ongael el mei.Go pluck two leaves from the Purple Viper's-bugloss tree and bring them back here.
Aika chemais a kmal di milengemais ra kesus; kele el ngar ngii a secher.The crickets were really chirping last night; maybe someone is sick or died.
Chemais a mle mengemais era dingak el kmo kemermang.A cricket was chirping in my ear that you were coming.
Tiang chad a kmeral tedobched.These people are stupid
Ak di mlo mededechor e loia er a kllel chebiei er ngii meng metulek.I hit him in the solar plexus and knocked him out.
A kerker a kmal berrebirt me ng kmal lungil el bodolai a ilekum.The tide is very low so it's a good time to collect clams.
Otaor a mle motechakl er a kederang er a kesus.A log washed ashore last night.
Ngka el charm a ulsechomel a osebekel.That bird is cowering with folded wings.
A buik a di ulsechomel er a blil le a rebulis a osiik er ngii.The boy is hiding in his house because the police are looking for him.
Mtilib a blatong.Wash the dishes
Uukel, meral medecheduch el mengib er sel sengchel.Wow, she's so good breaking it down with them hips.
Ngmeral babii!She's a pig!
Ng dillang, eia bechil a diak el sebechel loungalk.She's pregnant but her husband cannot bear children
Ko mla kimer a bodoruul era klukuk?Have you all agreed what we will be doing tomorrow?
Ng kileed ea kusebek a rengrir e le ak mlo meioudI I was close to worrying everyone as I was a little late.
Molengull el di melibkibk aika el keltkat er a ochim a uchul meng diak a chebsel! Stop picking on your sores that's why they don't get healed!
E ng tmoech a beab me a katuu a somkemkii.And when the mouse appeared, the cat snatched him.
Ngkal chad a meriitm a rodech.This person is harvesting fruits
Soak lekong eng di motenai ochikI want to go (with you) but my legs are too painful.
Kom kaukotai el melimet era chert me le mereched el mo diak a ngmatel.You all take turns bailing the boat so that it will be finished quickly.
John morael mo mengedub em tsuide el ngimetii a chert.John, go swim, and while you're there, bail the boat.
Aika el medam e Ngerkumer ngerang meng di ombesisebusch?Why are Ngerkumer's eyes blinking so much?
Tia el chaiskurim a ngeltemel techang?Whose ice cream is this?
Ng kmal chetik el mo blil a tekoi me ak mo melasem el meruul a teletelek er a buai.I don't want to become the subject of gossip so I will try to be well-behaved.
Sel kokil ribsakl a sils.When the sun sets slowly.
Ng kuk mocha kebsengei me ng kuk mo ribsakl a sils.It's getting dark and the sun is setting.
Ng kmal mereched a rebsel a sils er a chelechang.The setting of the sun is very quick today.
Ngka el Ulang a mera el blil a terached!That Ulang has really been behaving shamefully.
Tirka el chad el mle er a mur a mla kaiririid.The people who came to the feast are now all gone.
Aika el olsengek a di mla kaiririid. My knives have gone missing.
Ngkal John el ko er a di ua chelideuid; ngera telemall?John is really in a hurry; what's wrong?
A Lurvey a mlo elireuakl e ngubetii tia el medalia el ngkedel a Wilbur el mla er a chiklel e nguu el turecheklii er a deel el ngar er a bebul a blil a Wilbur. Lurvey bent down and removed Wilbur's medal from his neck and hung it from a nail at the top of Wilbur's pen.
Ng dimlak el longuiu me ng kmal urriid.She was very lost and didn't know what to do.
Mosischeklii a ngelekem el dongmesii mel sebechel dongmesii a ta era chad.Teach your child to respect themselves so that they can respect others.
A kumdasu eia rechad era Irrai a bai ungil el ruul a omelai el oleng era ngidil chad el mo era skozio.I think people in Airai should make toll booths at the airport and collect fees.
Alii, ng ungil tutau.Hello, good morning.
A John a mle kachebangel ngii mea bechim er tial mur.John was facing towards his wife during the ceremony.
Ngkal John a meral chelideuid a otechel. John has a reallly fast pitch.
A debar a mlo chebecheb e odbechii tia el ulebangel er ngais el mo bedul a Templeton.The duck bent down and pushed the unhatched egg towards Templeton.
Ke kora kim era bengall el di kled e siungel.You are like the clam of bengall, never moves an inch but always adored.
Ak mu er ngii.I told him.
A rechad el smecher a mo er a osbitar.Sick people go to the hospital.
A rechad el smecher el nga er a osbitar a kmal betok.There are a lot of sick people at the hospital.
Ng oumesind er a rechad el smecher el nga er a osbitar a mecheuodel el mechas.Most of the sick patients at the hospital are old women.
A rechad el meringel a bderrir a mo er a osbitar.People with headaches go to the hospital.
A rechad el ousbech a ukeruul a mo er a osbitar.People who need medical care go to the hospital.
A suliu a diak kubes.I will not forget your generousity.
A ulak el ochedak a kuk kmo ngak er remeral ochedak le ng blechoel me duum er a bek el chelsenguk.My attached (not blood) sister cares for me more than my real sisters because she always helps with all of my cultural obligations.
Auisekeang ngak er chelecha mla mechelebed al mla obdechem.Oh shucks, I just was beaten since I was caught.
Ak kulemekall era mlai eia re bulis a mdedhemak eleng ngdiak a lisens er ngak.I was driving a car and the police caught me because I don't have a license.
Me a om obekuk e ng mo ngerang?So what if you're my older brother?
A kumekedong e a delal a kmo ng mechiuaiu.When I called her mother said he is sleeping.
Ak mo telkib el meioud el me remei era klukuk. Ngkmal betok a urerek.Im going to be a little late tomorrow. I have a lot of work.
Ak mora osbitar era Oreor era telial sils. im going to the hospital in Koror in the afternoon.
Ak mo shiunteng era chert er ngak era klukuk.I am going to test drive my boat tomorrow.
A bechik a ulengeseu er ngak era tutau. Ngkmal meral mesaul.My wife helped me this morning. Im so grateful.
A ngelekek a mlo era omerael el mo era Mexico.My kid went on a trip to Mexico.
A rechad el menguteling era beluad adi meses a ngerir.The leaders for our nation speak empty speeches.
A tekoi era Belau a ngarngii a omelchesel mea omelkingel.The Palauan language has its own grammar and pronounciation.
Ak kmal mesululang engdi a kmal tekangel.Im so sleepy but im so adamant.
Diall a mei era ngiaos.The ship is coming in two days.
Ke kmo ng diak el chad er Belau?You said she's not a Palauan?
Ak kmo morael e ngii a chetil.I am saying to go but she doesn't want to.
Ng kmo ng mo ngera belkul donga yasai.He asked what is the purpose of eating vegetables.
Ng mo ngerang a loluchel ra dui?So what if he holds a title?
Ng mo ngerang al mechut, ng sebechek lou bail er ngii.So what if it's old; I can still wear it.
A bol meioud eng mo ngerang, ngii di le mlei.So what if he is late, as long as he comes.
Ng kmal kmo ngak meng di chiloit a rokui e mei.She is very fond of me and therefore left everything and came here.
Ng meral kmo kau me ng kmal imol buuch eng nguu el meskau.She is very fond of you so it was the last betel nut and she gave it to you.
Ak meral chubur leng kmal diak a kmo ngii.I feel sorry for her because no one likes her.
Ng meral a diak a kmo ngak.No one likes me.
Ng mle chetil lomengur e kmo ng smecher.He did not want to eat and said he's sick.
Ng kmo ng mla mo betok el le bong.He says he's been there several times.
Kora kbong me tir a kmo dorael.As soon as I went they said let's go.
Ak mengiil er ngii el kmul kmo ng diak el soal.I'm waiting for him to say he does not want to.
Ng meringel er kau a kmul kmo ng betik a rengum er ngak?Is it hard for you to say I love you?
Ng sebeched el kmo ng meral redil er a Ngerchelong.We can say she is really a woman from Ngerchelong.
Bai di beketeklii el kmo ng diak el soam.Just make it clear that you really do not want to.
Ak locha di telkib e todikak.Pretty soon they'll disown me.
Dimlak kulechesuar e osengebii a chimak er a chesimer.I didn't notice and accidentally slammed the door on my hand.
Telal klok eia makit a omuchel?What time does the market open?
Ngak a dirrek el morets el mengituuk.I have skills to tinker.
A rengeleked a meklungang.Our kids are getting older.
Ngdiak el dil ngerang e moruul era lengelem.Dont always cry.
Ak oureng era ta era taem el mo sebeched el kasues.I only wish that we will see each other in the future.
Ngdiak el mekngit a debode chacheroid.Its not bad if we go our separate ways.
Ak dirrek el milruul a kelam el sub el malk.I also made chicken soup for us.
Ak mlo era McDonald el mo omechar a kelel a ngelekek era suelb.I went to McDonlads to buy my son his lunch.
Ak mlo milil era kesus.I went out last night.
Ak omdasu el mo meruul era berruk er chelechal wikend.I think I will put together a bamboo raft this weekend.
Aikal kerrekar el mahongani a kmal meral mla mo metongakl.These mahogany trees are gettign so tall.
Ng dimlak kisang er sei.I didnt see him or her there.
Ng mlarngii a nglemuu er a renrak era tutau.There was a disturbance at the bridge this morning.
Ng sebechem el me kmeed er ngak?Can you come closer to me?
Ng soak el menga katsuo.I want to eat tuna fish.
Ng kmal mlo ungil a renguk.I was so happy.
A delak a mle oldingel er ngak era berrous era kesus.My mom visited me in my dreams last night.
A kurrenges el kmo ng sebeched el mengesekl a ngais era tkul a rael leng kmal mekeald.I heard we can literally fry eggs on the sidewalk because of the heat.
Ngdiak el sal soak el beluu a Arizona leng kmal mekeald.I really dont like Arizona state because of the heat.
Ngarngii a kerik.I have a question.
Mekngit a renguk sel bok letkii a delak mea demak el dibus.I get sad when I think of my mom and dad that are gone.
Ak milruul era bilsengek el miltemall.I was fixing my boat that had some problems.
Ng soak el mo era Merikel.I want to go to the states.
Ng kirek el mo omechar a klekedellel a ngelekek el mo era skuul.I need to buy my son's supplies for school.
Ng mochu soiseb a skuul.School is starting soon.
Ng kmal mesekd a Guam era rechad.There are lots of people in Guam.
A delak mea demak a betik a rengrir er ngak.My mother and father love me.
Ng di ungil a kurael mo remei?Is it okay for me to go home?
Kmal meringel a klengelakel.Being a family man is very involved.
Kmal mle klou a ieleb.It flooded.
Ngmlarngii a meses el eolt era Guam era idelsebel.There was a typhoon here in Guam three days ago.
Kmal betok a delmelek el iasai.I have lots of vegetable plants.
Kerai, ng di kmedung e te medechemau a rebulis e lochetau!Kerai, very soon the police will catch you and tie you up!
Bom ungil choieuii a renguk Elak momes er a klebekel a ikrel. Read my heart well and don't get smitten by what covers it.
Ng milekrang e mo deuall a delel a chochim?How did you get that bruise on your calf?
A bilis a kuk soal kau er ngak el soak kau.The dog likes you more than I do.
Ng kmal soam el di omtibukel a omilil.You always want to play around.
Ak mlo omramek era blungek er chelii.I went to fertilize my taro patch.
Ng meral chituuk mla rullii a umengel a bechil.He's very resourceful and made his wife a kitchen.
Kmal meringel a cheroid era deluill meng blechoel ngarngii a rrau el reng.Long distance realtionship are hard and misunderstandings are always a concern.
A ngelekek a mechiuaiu.My kid is asleep.
Ng sebechek el mo mechiuaiu mea klukuk.May I go to sleep until tomorrow.
Aikal klalo er tial stoang a mechut.Things items in this store are old.
Akoi! Tial klechad ng mo bedul ker.Ah! where this life going.
Ak locha kmal oremorm a ngerek.I serm to have a motor mouth.
Ng locha ungil a cheliuir sel klebesei.Bet they sleep in peace at night.
Titemusech el beluu el kmal meral meklou a uldikel er ngii.Such a tiny country to have so much issues.
Locha sebeched el kmo te kora aikal iwashi diak a bdelul e seluk era beached.Wr can say theyre like sardines without heads in a can.
Te kmal mesesuau.Theyre idiots.
Te locha omdasu a ngerang aikal bderrir.Wonder what they are thinking.
Ulekum eng beot a kodall, kekeed era lebora ngau.If death was so easy, they have done been put to the fire.
Tirkal mengeteklel a beluad a meral diak lodengei rengrir.Our leaders just don't have any compassion.
Ng telkib el meringel er ngak el menguiu a tekoi era Belau.I have a hard time reading Palauan.
Ng sebechek el meluches a tekoi era Belau.I can write in Palauan.
A kulemekall el mo era stoang eng mo diak a eolt era taiya era mlik.I was driving to the store when i got a flat tire.
A mechas era ureram a mo merek el oureor. Aki oba el mo omengur.Lady at work is retiring. we are taking her out for lunch.
Kmal ungil a renguk mlo sebechek el remuul a urerek.Im so happy I finished my work.
Ng sebechek el meskau a ududek mea obo era stoang e mocherar a imelek el biang?Can I give you my money for beer when you go to the store?
Ak meral mo oureng era demak mea delak sel bebil era taem.Sometimes, i really miss my father and mother.
Kede mor e mor engdi rengud a kmal di omdasu era rechad era blid.No matter where we go, we never stop thinking of our families.
Ak meral mo oureng era demak mea delak sel bebil era taem.Sometimes, i really miss my father and mother.
Ngarngii a rechad el kuk meral saualkii.There are people who are just nasty.
Ngkal dil a kmal bekerurt mla tomall a chelbechielir a rubliil.This woman is loose, she has broken peoples marriage.
Ak ngeltengat el dirkak el chesuerngak.Im lucky he hasnt slapped me yet.
Ak blechoel loudesbochel era bechik.I sometimes, rude to my spouse.
A ngelekek a mlo oureor e dirkak el mei.My son went to work and has not come home yet.
A sechelik a semmong era science.My friend is a scientist.
Ngdiak sal medengei el kmo tial mur ngmorngii era oingerang.Im not really sure when the feast going to take place.
Kmal oureng omengangbel chemutii mea sub.Im craving to eat some sweet potato and soup.
A kulureor era kesus eng mad a dengki.I was working last night when the power went out.
A sechelil a sechelik a miltuchel era mlai. Kmal ngeltengat el dimlak el mad.My friend's friend got hit by a car. She is so lucky she didnt die.
A bechil a sechelik a diak el sebechel lomekall a mlai er chelechang.My friend's wife can't drive now.
A sechelik mea telungalk er ngii a mo era omerael.My friend and his family are going on a trip.
Ngkal rubak er ngak a kmal meduch el ngara chei.My boyfriend is really good in fishing.
Aikal barrill a mla mo mui.All the barrels are now full.
Kileed eak merot era mlai el nga era rrat er ngak.I almost got ran over by a car riding my bicycle.
Alii, kemo kerekikl sel morael era rael.Be careful when walking on the streets.
A delak a mlo mesubch a brak.My mom went to get some elephant ears taro.
Ngkal bechim a Ngerkumer a kmal ulsemuul a rengul chad.Ngerkumer, your husband is very nicely humble.
Ng soak el rokir tiang el kot. I want to finish this first.
A Malsol a kmal mla mo morets el meluches a tekoi er a Belau.Malsol is really getting good at writing Belauan.
ng sebechem el mora Ikelesia lobengkemam ra Sandei?Can you go to Church with us on Sunday?
Ak mora stouang, ngar ngii omousbech?I'm going to the store, do you need anything?
ng soam a urrerem?Do you like your job?
Ng mochu taem el boderei.It's almost time to go home.
Ng soak lomes a iakiu, e kau ng soam?I like watching baseball, what about you?
Ng soam el mora elebacheb ra Sabadong?Do you want to go to Rock Island on Saturday?
Ak mlo milil era kesus ngak ma resechelik. Dimlak kibemrei mer chelechal tutau.My friends and I went out last night. We didnt get home until this morning.
Ng soam el ngmai bebil ra ikal kall sel bomrei?Do you want to take some of these food home when you leave?
Ak mo melai chemelek el kebui.I'm going to get my pepper leaves.
A delak a milsa ta era bekerkard el techel a til.My mom gave him a piece of palauan money for his wallet.
Alii a Ngerkumer a kuk mla chabarer.Wow, Ngerkumer is really angry.
kau meral merechd el ngmasch a rengum.You get irritable so quickly.
Aikal stoang era rechad era Bangladesh a mla otitch a stoang era rechad er Belau.These Bangladesh stores have squeezed out the locals.
Ke milekera er a wikend?What did you do over the weekend?
Ngar er a mo bedul ker a Yigo?Which direction is Yigo located on the map?
Ochoi, ak mekerasem.Yes, I'm cold
Deldalch a ulusbech el mengedelkelk a ungelir a rengelkir ar meteet.Girls of age from high clans had their teeth blackened.
A rechad a lulemak a chelbechielir.People were betrothed.
A rengalk a mle ulsemuul e delodau.Children were humble and disciplined.
A rengalk el sechal a mle mecheleoch.The boys were spoiled.
A rengalk el redil a mlu keroul el meringel a urerir.Girls were trained household chores a bit harsher.
Ng dimlak a klachechei era delongelir.There was no jealousy amongst siblings.
A rechad era sebadong a diak longang a babii.SDA church people do not eat pork.
A rechad era Emmaus a mo era ikelesia sel sandei.People from Emmaus attend church on Sunday.
A rechad era jahovah a oubaiong.Jehovah's witnesses carry umbrellas.
A rechad era mormon a ourrat.Mormons ride bicycles.
A rechad era Belau a mekerisebsub a chiierir.Palauans have curly hair.
A rubak mea remekekeriei el chad era nga era mong a di ulusaker.Men, young and old wore loin clothes.
A remechas mea rengeask el ekebil a ulu cheriut.Women, young and old wore grass skirts.
A omelngod a mle olangch era blirir a rechad.Tattoos were distinguished symbols from each family or clan.
A rubak a mle belsibes a dingerir.Old men had their ears pierced.
A rechad era Emmaus a mo era ikelesia sel sandei.People from Emmaus attend church on Sunday.
Ak milengereel era btelul a chang. Ngdi mle luut a cheldik.I fished at the dock. I only caught squid.
Omerollam el mo era chelbacheb, aki ngilasch era meched. Aki ngeltengat el dimlak lobeu a brobera.On the way to the rock island, we ran over the shallows. Good thing the propeller stayed intact.
A demal a bechik a mle tansiobi er ngii era elii.My father in law had a birthday yesterday.
Dimlak kisterir era chelsel a bai.I didn't see them in the men's club house.
Aki mesodel era babii.We are sectioning the pig.
A rubak a mo bad era biir.The elderly titled men will be spending the night at their club house.
A kuklukl e ongirt. Locha klou a terreter.I'm coughing and sneezing. There's something going around.
Akii! Mla medul a ngerek er tial chaus!Damn! My mouth got burned by the lime powder.
Ng mla obuu a osul a isngek!I have a nose bleed!
Aki mlo era chelbacheb ngak mea rechad era bill a bechik.We went to the rock island with my wife's family.
Ng dimlak el durenguk el meliuis. Ak tilemir a ngerek.I didnt mean to cuss or swear. It slipped out of my mouth.
Ak mlo melai a ralm era chido e tmorch el mecheruakl a klisichel a ochik.I went to the well to get water and I slipped and sprained my right foot.
A delmelek el tuu a mileukel era eolt era kesus.My banana tree fell over from the wind last night.
Ng kmal meral ulis a kleald.It is really hot.
Ak mo era osbitar el mo oldingel era rsmecher.Im going to the hospital to visit the sick.
Aikel blil a sobterink a sebeched el mo oterau.We can sell the soda cans.
Aikal bechachau el blil a bata binats el butiliang a omngatch meng sebeched lousbech el kob.The empty peanut butter jars can be washed and used as drinking glasses.
Ng mekesai a tekoi era Belau meng betok a lleng el tekoi era bebil era beluu el lousbech.Palauan language is limited and there are many foreign words being used.
Tirkal mechas el loketa milil era bar a kuk meral odikel.These ladies clubbing are so wild.
Ngerang a sebechem el rullii era delengcheklem meng mo diak msal kurusii?What can you do in your household that would help relieve your stress?
Ngerang a kmal klou a ultutelel era klengar er kau?What is the most important in your life?
Kede bai mochu melamch a cheliuid.We should chew homegrown tobacco.
Kmal meral mla mo takai a cheral a dekool.Cigarrette prices has gone up a lot.
Ngak mea bechik mea rengelkam a mo era Belau.My wife, our kids and I are going to Palau.
Ke mo merael era choingerang el mo era Belau?When are you leaving to Palau?
A blik a dechor era bita era skuul.My house is next to the school.
Ulekum ke ngelekek eak mla kodmungau!If you were my kid, I would have whooped you already!
A kboub a ngarngii a dingal.Walls have ears.
Te meral betok a ngerir e diak a chimorir.Alot of talk but no action.
Actions speak more than words.Omeruul a kuk ngaruchei era tekoi era ngor.
Ak kmal bekikl era ikal meklou el kerrekar el nga era bita era blai al meukel lotelechid.Im so worried about these big trees by the house if they would break and crush us.
Ngdi bital meral mo soal morngii a eolt.It seems like there is a possibilty of a typhoon.
Ak milrorael era mekesong el omes a delmelek.I was walking around the yard looking at my plants.
Te kmal betok are ungil a chiklir el ngalk er chelechang.Theres a lot of good singers these days.
Ngarngii a cheliteklek el soak a omrengesii.I have a song that I would like you to hear.
Ngarngii a deleb era taoch.There is a ghost at the mangrove channel.
Kmal meral meringel a cheral a dengki er chelechal buil.The electric bill is so high this month.
Ngarngii a klemechek el mo era rechad era blik.I have a message for my folks.
Ar soldau a kldmokl el kirel a mekemad.Soldiers are ready for any war.
Ak telkib lolbechall sel kuloik.Im a bit awkward when dancing.
Ngkal bechik a meral meduch el meloik.My wife is a good dancer.
Ak mlo mengerkung era kederang.I went to collect land crabs at the beach.
Ng diak bai debo dongedub era btelul a chang?Why don't we go take a swim at the dock?
Ng soak el di merael engdi kmal meral meringel a sils.I like to walk its just that the sun is scorching.
Ng sebechek el melidai er kau el mo era beluu?Could I catch a ride with you to the city?
A delak a diak el sal soal akuu otobai.My mom doesnt really want me to have a motorcycle.
Ak bai locha mo mecherar a otobai er ngak.I should buy me a motorcycle.
Ngdiak kumekall makdi nga era bas.I dont drive so I take the bus.
Kemeduch lomekall a mlai?Do you know how to drive a car?
Ak mlo ubuu era cheldukl bad el mengii a bdeluk.I fell on the stone path and cracked my head.
Ak dirrek el mildobech a ochik era butiliang era ak ngalk.I cut my foot on a broken bottle when i was little.
Ng betok a ultil a kelkat era bedengek.I have a lot of scars all over my body.
Ak ulebangch era bilis era kekerei.I was bitten by a dog when I was little.
Ak medakd el obangch era ius.Im scared to get bitten by a crocodile.
Ak medakd a chermel uos.Im a bit afraid of his horses.
Ngarngii a chermel uos.He has horses.
Ng kmal ungil a blil ngkal sechelik.My friend has a nice house.
Alekong mlo mengemang era tutau.He went crabbing this morning.
Ng milruul a chemang mea cherchur.He cooked crab and shrimps.
Ak mlo era blil a sechelik era kesus. Ng milruul era belsilam.I went to my significant other's last night. He made dinner for us.
Mekam ouchais, ngera mla er ngii era kesus?Do tell, what happened last night?
Ngarngii a kerik.I have a question.
Ngdiak el sal soak a redil delngod.I kinda dont like women with tattoos.
Ngarngii a delngod er a bedengem?Do you have any tattoos?
Aikal dingam ng belsibs?Are your ears pierced?
Ng mla er ngii a chermek el bilis engdi mla mad.I had a pet dog but he died.
Akdi oucharm a katuu.I only have pet cats.
Ng soak loucharm a bersoech.I like pet snakes.
Achedil, ngkal ngelekem a meral ungil a bedengel.Awe, your baby looks so healthy.
Kemeral mesaik e kei.You are so lazy my dear.
Ngerang mekedi mengisngull?Why are you frowning all the time?
Ng sebechem el kuk molmuk tial ngerem e kuk kungedecheduch ngdiak?Can you be quiet for a sec so that I can talk or not?
Ngikal dil a meral ongermermangel.This girl complains too much.
Aikal lisek a meral ungil a dbechel.My ypung coconut trees are sprouting real good.
Ng kirek el melabek era subelngek el milsodel.I have to mend my pants that was torn.
A chermek el olik a chiliis.My pet fruit bat flew away.
Ng mle mekull aki molamch era skuul.Chewing betelnut was not allowed at school.
Aki milekelbus alsekum eaki oldechelakl era skuul.We got punished for fighting at school.
A rokui el ngalk a mle ngelekel tial imol beluu. Ng mle klou a klaukerreu.All the kids belonged to the village. Everyone cared about each other.
Aki millengelmes er a ar sensei me a merredel era skuul.We respected the teachers and the school principal.
Ak mle blechoel el mechelebd era ruler era ak nga era skuul.I used to get spanked with a ruler or yard stick when I was in school.
Ar sensei a mla er ngii a klisischir el mellach e mesmechokl er a rengalk era skuul.Teachers had the authority to discipline and correct the kids on premises.
Aki dirrek el di milrael el mo era skuul a lechull mea lsils.We did walk to school every day, rain or shine.
A kim nga era skuul, eaki millamel a mekesong era skuul.When we were kids in school, we used to cut the grass and do general clean up at school.
Ar sensei era skuul a dengmesall.Teachers need respect.
Ng klau beltikerreng era delongeled a uchul mekede kaukerreu.Because of the love between us we care about each other's well being.
Ng kired el mengull era remechuodel era beluu.We need to respect the village elders.
Rungalk, kabom mocheuir a ta era taxi el mei me lotekak el mo era btelul a chang.My child, go hail me a taxi cab so that I can take it to the dock.
Alii eke oberngung!Watch it! Im gonna smack you!
Alii! Kam henzi er tial dengua!Hello! Answer the phone!
Tial yasumba era cheungel a iedel a meral mechuu e mechecheluut.The bamboo bench under the mango tree is shaded and breezy.
Ak ulemkokl el mo era kederang el mo omes era ngesechel a sils.I went to the beach at crack of daen to watch the sun rise.
Ar mesiich a kmal meral mesiich e kung me a remechebuul a kmal meral mechebulang.Wealthy are getting wealthier and the poor are getting poorer.
Ngdiak el ngerang, ng kmal betekngang a tellemall era beluu.The reason is, there are too many crimes in the society.
A daitorio era beluad a di chemau a siungel mea kerremelel a daob.Our president is focused on conserving and protecting the sea life.
Kmal betok a diirrir a rechad era kabelment eldi osisiu a urerir.Government has many redudant job titles with likely the same job duties.
A dillir a rechad era Sina a kol milrael er tial mlomerek el buil.The Chinese ship finally sailed out last month.
Tial kabelment era Belau a kuk meral ulis a klungel.Belau's government is over budgeted.
A toktang er ngak a dilul kmo ngkirek lolengeask era omengelek era sar.My doctor said to cut down on my salt intake.
Ng kmo melasm el merrob era omelmechek era buuch.Im going to try to stop my betelnut chewing.
A ireba er ngak a bokusebch era suelb.I have to size my false teeth at noon.
Ak mlo meruul a ungelek era haishia.I went to fix my teeth at the dentist.
A sensei er ngak era ongngak a meral meduch el lou kita.My music teacher really is good in playing guitar.
A merrengek a tilobed era skuul era daingak.My younger sister graduated from college.
Ak mesobil. Ngdirkak a tang meng bechiil.I'm single. I have never been married.
Ak milruul a oiaol er blik. Ak milekroli el mo era tank.I made rain gutters for my house. I ran it into a tank.
A mlik a lilengir a tonari er ngak e nguu el tuchelii a iedel.My neighbor borrowed my car and drove it into a mango tree.
Ak meral metitur el omekall aikal mlai era Siabal.I really dont know how to drive these Japanese cars.
A sechelimam a mo merael el mo era Rosia er tial mei el sandei.Our friend is leaving to Russia next week.
A blimam a oikab el kmeed era blil a charm.Our house is a bit closer to the zoo.
Aki ulerrenges era rasio. Te ulerael a chelitakl era Belau.We were listening to the radio. They were playing Belauan songs.
A bechik a ulemekall er kemam el mong.My spouse drove us there.
Aki mlo oltak era ngelekam era skozio.We went to pick up our kid at the airport.
A bilel a bekerkard eia sailengel a becheleleu.Her shirt is red and her skirt is white.
A dingal a kuk meklou era llel a brrak.His ears are bigger than elephant taro leaves.
A rechad era merikel el kiei er Belau a betik a rengrir era klshiorrai el kirel Belau.Most Americans living in Belau love Belau and future compact towards the island.
A rechad el miluches aikal hong a dimlak a ungil losischeklir meng betok a chelebireklel.People who wrote these books didnt have enough experience or teachings so there are some mistakes.
Tial siasing er kau el nga era chelbacheb, tiang ngerang el dengchokl er ngii? Ng brer malechub eng totang?Your picture at the rock island, what are you sitting on? Is it bamboo raft or tin canoe?
Ng uangerang a bedengel a mlim? Ng mellemau adang ng bekerkard?what is the color or your car? is it blue? or is it red?
Te mlo kakoad er a kesus eng oboes a chimal er a boes er a ngikel.They got into a fight last night and he was shot in the arm by a fishing gun
Kom sebiil el meseskebelung.You are young and idiotic.
Kede mochung era rolel meke mo diak kemdu tekingem.If we go at it, yoy wont be able to say anything.
Kamesa blim mea delengcheklem e bochu molemalt era rengelkir a rubliil.Look at where you came from let alond your household before you try to wise up a stranger.
A rengalk er chelchal taem aleko te kmal mellomes.Kids these days think they are so smart.
A chelbirukel a diak lochellii a llemalt, engdi chebirukel.Crookedness will not bear straight, it will always be crooked.
Kabong era chesmel me desang e kom kmal mellomes.Do as you say so everyone can see you are smart as you talk.
Ngarngii a rechad el di meduch el mesaod e merkong.There are people whom just know how to talk and thats about it.
A delal a mesesuau meng kmal di ua ingii.Her mother is an idiot and she is just like her.
Te mekebelung el blai era rechuodel el mei.Theyre from stupid family from eons ago.
Ar mesesuau a di mesesuau el mo era kodall.Idiots will always stay idiots until death.
Aikal baks a kmal lolseked.These boxes are taking up so much space.
Mlarngii a teluchel el mlai era bitara did. Dimlak a metemall el chad.There was a crash by the bridge. Nobody got hurt.
A nguis a ultirak era tutau. Belsuchel el nguis!A green garden snake chased me this morning. Darn snake!
Aikel beluotel el llel a miich a bom seseb.Burn the heaps of leaves you raked up.
Kemo mengiuut era mekesong.Clean up the yard.
Ke kora mo melbedebk era omkekerei?Do you still remember when you were young?
Kemo meriik er a mekesong er a ieta sils.You have to rake the yard in the afternoon.
Ak mal mo oureng er ochedak.I miss my brother terribly.
A ochedak a mle blechoel el mesauch a buuch. Chelechal bla lorael eng kuk urerek.My brother used to get the betelnuts. Now that he left, its my duty.
A demak a uliaechakl el ngak el mengaus a teuechel el mo chadoue.My dad taught me how to make thatch roofs.
A delak a ululsisechakl er ngak el mengaus a llel a such el mo ulkou.My mom tried to teach me how to weave hats from pandanus leaves.
Kmal mle betok a ultil a ochik er sel omoachel.I had many footsteps at the river.
Ngak mea rebebil er ngak a ulengeseu er okdemelam era bebil era udoud era mechesengul a bechil.My cousins and I helped with some money for my uncle's wife.
A okdemelek a ngarngii a chelsengul a bechil er chelechang.My uncle's wife has an obligation to go to today.
A delak a mlo era ukeruul era tutau. Akmlo olekerd er ngii.My mom went for a check up this morning. I went to drop her off.
A bechik a milruul era kelam el aho.My spouse made us some sweet porridge soup.
Ak songerenger. Ng soak el menga sub el malk.Im hungry. I like to have some chicken soup.
Kam mekom sesei. Kemeral sekutitch.Scoot over. Youre crowding me.
Tial oiaol a kirel utechall.The rain retainer around the house needs changing.
Kamutebechelau engdiak el mekemad!Control yourself, it isnt war!
Kemeral kora aikal char era Kosiil!You are so like them seaweeds at Kosiil!
Tilecha ng berusem malechub e ng mera el dilubech el tekoi?Is that your dream or did it really happen?
Kabora oreomel e mues aikel rambotang el kmo mla mo mark e mngai a bebil mei. Kemo ungil mart meng disk el ues a rechad el lolengit era uchei era bemrei.Go check the rambutan in the rain forest. If there are ripe ones, bring them home but make sure to hide them so people don't bum them off you.
Ngarngii a keliu era kebesengei?Do you have food for tonight?
Kmal di medechel cherul buil el kungkad era mlik.I only have two months to pay off for my car.
A mlo harau a belsek era bangk.I went to pay my debt at the bank.
Sebechem el mo ngosukak era klukuk el melukl.Are you able to help me move tomorrow?
A bechik a ngarngii a ngelkel.My spouse has a kid.
Ak meral medakd a telulchoid. Ngdi tomall a deleongel e merkong.Im scared of gossip. It ruins relationships.
Ngkal chad a mla mo dengerengel era ta era redil.This guy is having an affair with another woman.
Kmal di soad a merreched e beot el sisebel a udoud. Ngdiak domdasu era nga era medad el taem.We like it quick and easy money making schemes without thinking for the future.
Dimlak kudengei el kmo kede kmal mekedidai a rengud.I didnt really realize that we are so darn stubborn.
Tuobed a cherik el tirkal chad era kabelment, aikal mlai lomekall a rengrir klokir a bedengir.Im smirking at the people working for the government, do they think they own these government vehicles when theyre behind the wheels.
Kabo mesang ngkel dechuu el malk el mla omechell e mngai teblol era ngisel mede sengoes.Go see the hen that has laid her eggs and bring a couple so we can cook them.
Aikal dechedch a omechellbera bong era mesei.The frogs laid their eggs in the moat around the taro swamp.
Kamluut el mo klou a ngerem eng dimlak rengesau.Can you speak a bit louder, i didnt hear you?
Ng di kea odimed. We are about to run out of meat.
A Belau a teluidel, a remerrau ma remechebuul, dikea klaukerreu era delongeled.Belau is divided into two; the rich and wealthy and the poor, theres no caring amongst the people.
Olekedang a sengkyo, metekuk mochu mediderurt lomelsiich er a beluu.As the election nears, theyll be singing coated lies for the people to digest.
Aikal bilas el silesb a rechad er Belau alekong olangch el mo era beluulechad.The ships that were burned is a message to the world not to mess with Belau.
A rechad era olai mea temall a kdekudel.People associated with magic and voodoo are feared.
A kimlo melechong era diong e mlarngii a melengok.There was a peeping tom when we went shower.
Tial chadou era blik a chemersang.My roof is leaking.
A bechil a ngelekek a dillang.My son's wife may be pregnant.
Aki mlo mukai era ochedak el mlei el nga era ngebard.We went to pick up my brother that flew in from the states.
A babii okelall!The pigs need to be fed.
Ak ngilai a bebil era kall era kibo era kemeldiil.I took some food when we went to the funeral.
Ngkal sechelik el sechal a kiei era Oreor.My boyfriend lives in Koror.
Aki mlo omechar a ngikel era makit.We went to buy fish at the market.
Aki mlo era taoch el mo mengduul.We went to the mangrove channel to get clams.
A demul a dodenge el kmo ng sebechel el ngosuterir a rechad a bo lemetacherbeserir.About dolphins, we know that they can help humans when humans get into trouble.
Kau kam chilt a keled el blauang ra tsiam ma batabinats.Fix us some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
A ngelekek a milengilt el mo omtechei era rsechelil el mengedecheduch era omelilt.My kid had the honor to speak on behalf of his class on their graduation.
Ak mo era omelilt era ngelekek el mo tuobed era ongeai el skuul.Im going to my kid's graduation from elementary school.
Ngak mea ius a mlo kaiberober er ngkal chemang era taoch.The crocodile and I had a snatching match for the crab in the channel.
Aki mlo omalech era kesus.We went spear gun fishing last night.
Aikal chelatngikl a melnges.The Belauan honey bees are making honey.
Aikel cheldil el iaus a kmal ungil cheltuul.The yellow striped sweet lips we caught last night are good smoked.
Achedil, mla omung aikal kerdeu.The ixora plant is blooming.
A bedengel a ulekeuad el chad a mo era morque.The body will be at the morque.
Ak meruul era cheluit el uel.I'm making the turtle soup in coconut mik
Alii kemo kerkikl sel momecholue a ngikel e kemol metacheb.Be careful de scaling the fish so that you dont get hurt from its spikes.
Aikel cheluel a ngikel a ungil el koiyas.The fish scales are good fertilizer.
Ungil ieta sils.Good early afternoon.
Sebechem lousubes er ngak adang ngdiak? would you forgive me please?
Kemeral mekngit a ngerem. dang, you are so straight up.
Ng meral betik a renguk er kau el sechelik. I love you my friend.
Ak milengang a somen mea diokang era kesus. I ate cassava and Japanese noodles soup.
Ngera uldesuem er tial sengkyio? what are your thoughts about the upcoming election?
Ng soak el mo bechiil era uchei era bol okolm a rekik. I want to get married before I turn 60.
Aki ko oltak er kau era telal klok?. What time am I picking you up?
Kemo merek loureror era telal klok? what time are you getting off of work?
Ngkirek el meruul a bengtelngek. I need to make my lunch.
Ak dilu era delak el kmo a kmo milil era tebetab. I told my mom that I'm going to the park.
Kemlo omoes era ked era tutau? did you hunting in the hills this morning?
Ngkal temamungel a maml mekera domecholue er ngii e chedam? father, how do we de scale this monstrous wrasse fish?
Aikal berdel a ngerem e kei kelsakl. hon, whats wrong with your lips?
Aikal kim a meral diak a ngisel.these clams just released their eggs.
Ke medengei, aikal chemochem a kerul a ongekad? Did you know that urine cures jellyfish stings?
Ak tilak era smuuch era cheungel a did.I stepped on a stone fish under the bridge.
Hai, kemeral bekelilangel. ugh, you whine so much.
Aikal kalngebard a mla mo ouuid.cotton trees are ready to be reaped.
Ak mo melalm era tedobch er ngii el chemutii eia bitang a diokang.im planting sweet potatoes on one half and cassava on the other half.
A demak a mlo mengetakl era kesus. Chilteklii a ai.my dad went trolling last night. Caught a barracuda.
A milesb era sers er era tutau. I set the farm on fire this morning.
Ak mlo melalm a delmelek el chercherou.I planted my spotted taro plants.
A rechad era blik a mla mo smecher.my folks have passed on.
Ng kmal mle smiich.It was very good with a lot of action.
Aki mlo er a katsudo.We went to the movies
Ng mle ua ngara siou?How was the movie?
E kemiu a mlo er ker er a kesus?And you, where did you go last night?
Ng diak. Ng di ungil a cheralNo. The price is reasonable
Ng meringel a cheral a kall er a Denny's?Is the food expensive at Denny's?
Ng kmal mle ungil.It was very good
Ng mle ua ngara kall?How was the food ?
Ak milenga a beras me a techel a kerbou me a iasai.I ate rice and beef with vegetables.
Ng ngara ke milengang?What did you eat?
Ng ngara el blil a blengur?Which restaurant did you go to?
Kom mlo er ker er a kesus?Where did you go last night?
Ng soak a mekelekolt el ralm. Tia el imelek a diak lmekelkolt.I want cold water. My drink is not cold.
A imelek a kmal merekosMy drink is to sweet
A imelek a telkib el beralm.My drink needs a little more sugar.
Ng ua ngara a imeliu?How's your drink?
A odimek a chelas.My meat is burnt
A odimek a dirk mesesechemadechMy meat is too rare.
A odimek a kmal losengudelMy meat is to tough
A odimek a telkib le mecheroche.My meat is a little too salty.
Ng ua ngara a odimiu?How's your meat?
Ng diak. Ke mesulang.No, thank you
Ng ngara er ngii a lmuut el somiu?Do you want anything else?
Ng tela a cheral a kelek?What is the cost of our food?
Ng kmal ungil a chasi er ngii.This taste delicious
Me ta er a taodPlease give me a fork
Tia a kmal merekos.This is to sweet.
Ng sebechem el meskak a sesei er a ralm?Can you give me some water?
Tia a kmal mecherocher.This is too salty.
Tia a telkib el beralm.This tastes a little bland.
Ng soak a rodech.I would like fruits for desserts.
Ng ngara soam el kliou?What would you like for dessert?
Mekong me a uriul.Well see you later.
Me ke mo er ker el stoang?Which store are you going to?
Ak mo omechar a kelam el beras me a kansume.I'm going to the store to buy rice and canned meat.
Ak mo omechar a subong me a chelechedal a bail me a oecherek.I'm going to buy pants and a shirt and shoes.
Ngara el bail a chobo mosiik?What kind of clothes are you going to buy?
Ak mo omechar a bilek.I'm going to buy clothes.
Ke mo omechar a ngarang?What are you going to buy?
Te ngara a mlo kats?Who won?
A Tim er a Mangilao a mle kats.The team from Mangilao won the game.
Aki mlo omes a iakiu.we went to a baseball game.
E kau a milekerang er a wikend?and you, what did you do over the weekend?
Ochoi, Ng di mle ta el bo kuloik.Yes, but I only danced once.
Ke mlo meloik?Did you dance?
Ochoi, tem le betok a rechad el meloik.yes, a lot of people were dancing
Ng mla er ngii a ngloik?was ther much dancing?
Ochoi, ng kmal mle meseked.Yes, there were a lot of people at the party.
Ng mle meseked?Were there a lot of people at the party?
Ak mlo er a pari er a skuul.I went to the school party.
Ng techang a kot el meduch el chad er a omengikai er tia el skuul?Who is the best swimmer at this school?
Ng techang a kot el meduch el loubarebor er tia el skuul?Who is the best volleyball player at this school?
Ng techang a kot el mesisiich el chad er a rurt er tia el skuul?Who is the fastest runner at this school?
Ng techang a kot le meduch el chad er a bingbong er tia el skuul?Who is the best at pingpong at this school?
Ng techang a kot el meduch el chad er a iakiu er tia el skuul?Who is the best baseball at this school?
Ng techa oba a bduu er a iakiu?who has the baseball?
Ng net er a barebor.It's a volleyball net.
Ngklir a remeruul a kall er tia el skuul.Names of the cooks at this school.
Lidisir a rechad el meruul a kall er tia el skuul.Number of cooks at this school
Lidisir a rengalek er tia el skuul.Number of students attending this school.
Lidisir a resensei er tia el skuul.Number of teachers at this school.
A urerel a chad er a omeruul el kall a meruul a kelir a rengalek er a skuul.The job of a cook is to make the food.
A urerel a chad er a komi a melai a komi e mengetmok er a skuul.The job of a janitor or is to collect trash and keep the school clean.
Ng ngara a urerel a chad er a komi?What is the job of a janitor or custodian.
A chad er a laibreri a oungerachel aike el rokui el buk me a babier el ngar er a laibreri.A librarian's job is to take care of all the books and documents in the library.
Ng ngara a urerel a chad er a laibreri?What is the job of the libarian?
A melechelsel a skuul a ngerechelel el mengetmokl a rokui el babier er a skuul.A secretary's job is to keep all the school records in order.
Ng ngara a urerel a melechesel a skuul?What is the job of a school secretary?
A ngalek er a skuul a urerel el mesuub a subelel.What he or she is being taught at school
Ng Ngara a urerel a ngalek er a skuul?What is the job of the student?
A sensei a olisechakl er a rengalek er a skuul.A teacher's job is to teach the students.
Ng ngara a urerel a sensei?What is the job of a teacher?
A kotsio sensei a merredel er a skuulA principal or president is the head of the school.
Ng ngara a urerel a kotsio sensei?What is the job of a school principal or president?
Morelii a sembuki.turn on the fan.
Mchesmii a kambalang.ring the bell.
Mketmokl a buk er kemiu.put your books away.
Mnguu a buk el loia er a eungel a kingalput the book under the table
Mngai a komi el locha er a blil a komi.put the trash in the trash can.
Mluches a ngkliu.write your names.
Motobed a babilengiu.take out your books
Bem mngai a buk er kemiucome and get your books
Butek a buk er kemiu.close your books.
Mngai a book er kemiu el meskakGive me your books
Mtetkii a chad el kot el kmeed er kauPoint to the person nearest to you.
Ng mo er ngii a test er a Ongeim el lureor.We're going to have a test on Friday.
Ng mo er ngii a test er a oingerang?When is our test?
Ng soam aki mokerang?What do you want us to do?
Tia ng ngara a belkul?What does this mean?
Mnguu a buk er kau.Take your book.
Motebedii a buk er kau er a ochur.take out your math book
Motobed a buk er kau.take out your books
Motebedii a buk er kau.Take out your book
Ng soam a kukerang?What do you want me to do?
Ke ousbech a ngeso?Do you need assistance?
Ng diak lsa el meringel.It's not very hard.
Ng meringel a dosuub a tekoi er a Belau?Is it hard to learn the Palauan Language?
Ng kot el soak a omesubel a tekoi er a Belau.My favorite subject is the study of the the Palauan language.
Ng ngara a kot el soam el suobel?What's your favorite subject?
Ak mesuub a ochur me a tekoi er a Belau, me a omesubel a melidiul me a chutem.I'm studying math, Palauan, and Science.
Ng ngara el suobel a chom mosuub er a skuul?What subjects are you studying at
Ng ngar er ngii a chull e ng ko er a di chemechemel a olik.It's raining here but only lightly.
E a eanged er tilechang a ua ngarang?And how is the weather over there?
Ochoi, se er a tutau el me er elechang el di lechull.Yes, it's been raining since morning.
Ng meketeketang er a lebo el chull?Has it been raining long?
Ng mera el subelab el chull.It's raining heavily and continuously.
Ng klou a chull er tilechang?Is it raining hard over there?
Ng kmal mekngit a eanged er tiei.The weather here is very bad.
Alii, ng ua ngara eanged er tilechang?Hello, how's the weather over there?
Ng di chemechemel a olik.It's raining very lightly.
Ng di meseschull.It's raining lightly and continuously.
Ng di ngerengir.It's just starting to rain lightly.
Ng subelab el chullIt's raining heavily and continuously.
A Tom a kot el cheroid er a chesimer.Tom is the one farthest from the door
Ng techang a ngar er a bitang er a Mary?Who is next to Mary?
Ng ngarang a ngar er a bebuul a tebelWhat is on the table or desk?
Ng techang a kot el kmeed er a chesimer?Who is the one closest to the door?
A hong a ngar er a eungel a tebel.The book is under the table.
Bom dengchokl er a delongelel a Mary me a JohnSit between Mary and John
Bom dengchokl el cheroid er a madoSit away from the window
Bom dengchokl el kmeed er a sechelim.Sit next (or near) to your friend.
Bom dengchokl er a bitang er a mado.Sit on the opposite side of the window
Mnguu a oluches el loia er a bebul a hong.Put the pencil on top of the book.
Mnguu a hong el loia er a bebul a tebel.put the book on top of the dest
Ak merael el bedul a dimes.I'll be going due south.
A Yigo a ngar er a mo bedul a diluches.Yigo is located on the north side of the island.
A eolt a ngar er a dimesngebard el mei.The wind is coming from the southwest.
A eolt a ngar er a dimesungos el mei.The wind is coming from the southeast.
A eolt a ngar er a diluchesngebard el mei.The wind is coming from the northwest.
A eolt a ngar er a diluchesungos el mei.The wind is coming from the northeast.
A eolt a ngar er a dimes el mei.The wind is coming from the south.
A eolt a ngar er a diluches el mei.The wind is coming from the north
A eolt a ngar er a ngebard el mei.The wind is coming from the west.
A eolt a ngar er a ongos el mei.The wind is coming from the east.
A eolt el ngar er ker el mei?Where is the wind coming from?
Ngar er ker a uchul a eolt?From which direction is the wind coming from?
Choi, ak di omes er a eanged me a lsa el mo mekngit e ak merael.Yes, if the weather gets worse, I'll leave.
Alii e ke mo el metemall.Take care. Don't hurt yourself.
Ng diak lbo lechull. Ng di kebodel a eanged.It won't rain. It's just cloudy today.
Ng ko er a kmal mekingit a eanged e kau a mengedub?Why are you going swimming when the weather is very bad?
Ak me mengedub.I'm going swimming.
Ng ngar ngii a desiu.There's an earthquake.
Ng ngar er ngii a eolt.It's typhoon condition.
Ng meringel a sils.It's sunny.
Ng meses a eolt.It's very windy.
Ng chullIt's raining.
Ng kebodel a eangedIt's cloudy (with the possibility of rain.)
Ng mechucheb a eangedIt's cloudy (with a small chance of rain).
Ng mekngit a eangedThe weather is bad.
Ng ungil a eanged.The weather is good.
Ng ua ngara a eanged?How is the weather?
Ng ngarang milengang a Mary er a kesus er a elii?What did Mary drink for dinner ?
Ng ngarang millim a Mary er a sueleb?What did Mary drink for lunch yesterday?
Ng ngarang milengang a Mary er a sueleb?What did Mary have for lunch?
Ng ngarang millim a Mary er a tutau?What did Mary drink for breakfast yesterday?
Ng ngarang milengang a Mary er a tutau?What did Mary have for breakfast
Sel lebo lemark er rokui e monagarm.Taste them when you finish.
Mlecha bebil er a chemadech el tuu.Put the other uncooked bananas in the frying pan.
Mlecha mark el tuu er a blatong.Put the cooked bananas in a plate.
Mnguu a ochadu el ngmai.take them out with tongs.
Mongiil el mo mark.Wait till they are cooked.
Bult a tuu el oba ochadu.Turn the bananas with tongs.
Momes el mo mark a bitang.Watch till the other side is brown.
Mlecha sese er a tuu er a ongerdechidel.Put some banana in the frying pan.
Mongiil er a salad oil el mo mekeald.Wait till the salad oil is hot.
Mnguu a mases, msiesur.take a match and strike it.
Mlecha salad oil er a ongerdechidel.Pour salad oil in it( frying pan).
Mlia ongerdechidel er a konro.Put frying pan on the kerosene stove.
Mlecha tuu er a pancake mix.Put bananas in the pancake mix.
Mngai a budel.peel them
Mtiuid er a belengel el oba oles.Cut in half with knife.
Mngai a bebil er a mark el tuu.Take some ripe bananans.
Mnguu a oliich el iisar.Use a spoon to mix the engredients.
Mlecha a ralm er a pancake mix.Pour water on the pancake mix.
Mngai a kleua el kob el pancake mix el locha er a kanadarai.Pour 4 cups of pancake mix in a basin.
Ng diak. Ke mesulang.No, thank you.
Ng diak a lmuut el soam?Do you want anything else?
Ng soak el melim a ralm.I'll have water.
E ngara soam el melim?And what do you want to drink?
Ng soak el menga a bobai.I would like to eat papaya
Ng ngara el rodech a soam?Which fruit do you like?
Ng soak el menga ngikel me a meduu.I feel like eating fish and breadfruit.
Ng ngara soam el menga er ngii?What do you want to eat?
Ng mekngit a chasi er ngii.It doesn't taste good.
Ng ungil a chasi er ngii.It tastes good.
Ng mecherocher.It's salty.
Ng beralm.It's not sweet or salty enough.
Ng mechuached.It's bitter.
Ng merekos.It's sweet.
Ng mekemim.It's sour.?
Ng ua ngara a chasi er a iedel?What does mango taste like?
Ng mekngit a bul.It smells bad.
Ng mekemim a bul.It's smell sour.
Ng bechochod a bul.It's fragrant.
Ng ua ngara a bul a iedel?What does mango smell like?
Ng debrechet.It's flat.
Ng derbengais.It's oval shaped.
Ng derebkemanget.It's longish.
Ng keribetbechel.It's rough or it has edges.
Ng chaibibeob.It's round.
Ng meaiu.It's smooth.
Ng ua ngara a teletelel a iedel?What's the shape and texture of mangoes?
Ak mo omoes a belochelI'm going to hunt for pigeons.
Ak mo mengatatI'm going to hunt for coconut crabs
Ak mo meruu a rekungI'm going crab hunting
Ak mo emedikl a malkI'm going to trap chickens
Ak mo melit a kim.I'm going to hunt for clams
Ak mo melai a cherabrukl.I'm going to catch lobsters.
Ak mo mengemangI'm going mangrove crab hunting.
Ak mo er a cheiI'm going fishing.
Ak mo er a mesei el mo melai a teblo er a brak.I'm going to the taro garden to get two yellow taro.
Ak mo omadel a teblo er a diokang e mengiis a chemutii.I'm going to harvest some tapioca and dig up some sweet potato.
Ng ngara ke mo melai?What are you going to get?
Ak mo er a sers.I'm going to the garden or farm.
Mongarm a meduutaste the breadfruit
Mokodir a konroTurn off the kerosene stove.
Sel lomrechorech a meduu e ke lmuut el mechirei el locha teruich me a eim elbung.When it starts boiling, let it boil for about 15 more minutes.
Ke meliokl a meduu el okeuang me a eim el bung.Cook the breadfruit for about 45 minutes.
Moderdii a konrouse the lighted match to light the kerosene stove.
Mnguu a mases e msiesur.Light a match.
Mnguu a olekang el metir er a konroPut the pot on the kerosene stove.
Mchubel a disech er a chelsel a olekang.Pour the coconut milk in the pot.
Mnguu a oliich el iisar.use a spoon to mix the ingredients.
Mlecha a sesei er a sukalPut some sugar in the basin
Mlecha a sesei er a sar.put some salt in the basin.
Mongiuetokl er a techiir lotobed a osechel a lius.Squeeze the wet cloth with grated coconut in it to squeeze out the coconut milk.
Mdikmesii a techiir.Wet the cloth.
Mnguu a techiir e mlecha a lius er ngiiPut some crated coconut in the piece of cloth.
Mngai a kleuang el kob el ralm el locha er a kanadarai.Put four cups of water in the basin.
Mkes a lius.Grate the coconuts.
Bengii a lius el mo erbitang.Crack the coconut into halves.
Mngai a meduu el locha er a chelsel a olekallput the breadfruit in the pot.
Mtektuk a meduu el mo ungil a meklungelCut the breadfruit into good size bite.
Mlildii a meduuPeel the skin off the breadfruit
Kede ousbech a kor el melim a ilumel.We use cups to drink.
Kede ousbech a ollumel el omelechang a ilumel er ngii.We use pitchers to put drinks in.
Kede ousbech a oliich el melim a uasech.We use spoons to each soup.
Kede ousbech a mases el omkard a ngau.We use matches to light fires.
Kede ousbech a okekall el meruul a kall.We use pots to cook food in.
Kede ousbech a konro el meruul a kall.We use kerosene stove to cook food.
Kede ousbech a omcholo er a ngikel el omcholo a ngikel.We use fish scale to scale fish
Kede ousbech a kanadarai el omelecha a ralm malechub a kall er ngii.We use basins to put water or food in.
Kede ousbech a manaita el melekosek a kall.We use cutting boards for cutting or slicing food on.
Kede ousbech a ochadu el omchadu a kall.We use tongs to pick food.
Kede ousbech a ongerdechidel el mengerdoched a kall.We use frying pans to fry food.
Kede ousbech a ordall el merodel a klengoes.We use pot holders for lifting hot pot and pans.
Kede ousbech a ordall el mekerang?What do we use pot holders for?
Kede ousbech a ongisb er a uasech el mengisb a uasech.We use ladles for ladling soup.
Kede ousbech a oles el melengos a kallWe use a knife to slice food.
Ak di meruul a kall e merekong.I only cook the food.
Ak meriik, e melemed, e meruul a kall, e mengetmokl er a blai.I sweep and mop and make food and clean the house.
Ngarang a urerem er a blim?What chores do you do at home?
Omes er a rengalekWatch the children.
Mketmeklii a blaiClean the house.
Mngemlii a iikr.Mow the lawn.
Mruul a kall.Cook or prepare the food.
Mtilib a chimam.Wash your hands.
Mtatam a selokelFold the clothes.
Mosilek a selokel.Wash the clothes!
Mengemedii a ulaol.Mop the floor!
Mrikii a mekesokesSweep the yard!
Mrikii a ulaolSweep the floor!
Ke mechiuaiu e oubar.You're sleeping under a blanket.
Ke mechiuaiu er a chiull.You're sleeping on a pillow.
Ke mesuld a chimam el oba a taor.You're wiping your hands with a towel.
Ak mesuld a chimak el oba a ngarang?What am I wiping my hands with?
Ke melatch a chimam el oba sobYou're washing your hands with soap
Ak mekerang?What am I doing?
Ng di chimong a stob er ngiiIt has one stove or oven.
Ng ngar er ngii a kllolem el tebel me a kleai el kingal.There are 6 tables in the house
Ng ngar er ngii a chimong el chaisbaks.It has one refrigerator.
A uum er ngii a klouIt's kitchen is large
Ng di chimong a olechelubel er ngii.It has only one bathroom.
Ngar er ngii a kleuang el delmerab er ngii.It has four rooms.
Ngar er ngii a kleai el madoThere are eight windows.
Ng kleim a tuangel er ngii.It has five doors.
Ng mellemau a bedengelIts color blue
Ng diak mekerasem.I'm not cold.
A blik a smengtMy house in concrete.
Ke mekerasemAre you cold?
Ng diak merur.I'm not shy
Ochoi, ak kmal merur.Yes, I'm very shy.
Ke merur?Are you shy?
Ak mesisiich.I'm fine
Ng diak mesaulI'm not tired
Ochoi, ak kmal mesaul.Yes, I'm very tired
Ke mesaul?Are you tired?
Ng diak, mesulaul.I'm not sleepy
Ochoi, ak mesulaul.Yes, I'm sleepy
Ke mesulaul?Are you sleepy?
Ng diak lmeched a renguk.I'm not thirsty
Ng meched a renguk.I'm thirsty
Ng meched a regnum?Are you thirsty?
Ak medingesI'm full
Ng diak songerenger.I'm not hungry
Ak kmal songerengerI'm very hungry
Ng diak sa el songerengerI'm not too hungry
Ke songerenger?Are you hungry?
Ng milekesakl e mecham?How did you sprain it?
Ng smecher el terahom.He or she has pink eye.
Ng uluusekool a mases e medul.He or she played with matches and burned himself or herself.
Ng rirebet er a laidang le lobeu a bdelul.he or she fell off a ladder and cracked his or her head.
Ng uluusekook el loba a oles e dobechii a chimalHe or she played with a knife and accidentally cut his or her arm.
Ng milsibas el metabt a chimal.He or she slipped and scratched his or her arm.
Ng rirebet er a kerrekar el mecham a ochil.He or she fell out of the tree and broke his or her leg.
Ng techa kesib?Who is hot?
Ng techa a mesaik?Who is lazy?
Ng techa a diak lsecher?Who is not feeling sick?
Ng techa a meringel a bdelul?Who has a headache?
Ng techa a smecher?Who is sick?
Ng diak klsakl, ak de mesaikThere's nothing wrong with me. I'm just lazy.
Ak kesib.I'm hot.
Ak mekerasem.I'm cold.
Ak mesaik.I'm lazy.
Me kurael, e ak mo el mo meoud.I have to go or I'll be late.
Ng kmal kirem el momsa a toktang.You really should see a doctor.
Nge meringel a bedengem el dirrek?Does your whole body hurt also?
Ng meringel a bdeluk e chetelaol.My head is aching and I feel dizzy.
Ke klsakl el smecher?What 's wrong with you?
Ng diak, ng diak lmeringel a delel.No, he or she doesn't have a
Ochoi, ng meringel a delelYes, he or she has a stomachache
Ng meringel a delel?Does he or she have a stomachache?
Ng diak. Ng diak lmeringel a omerkolek.No, My throat isn't sore (doesn't hurt).
Ochoi, ng meringel a omerkolek.Yes, my throat is sore.
Ng meringel a omerkolemDo you have sore throat (does it your throat
Ng meringel a ochikMy foot(feet) hurts or I have sore feet
Ng meringel a keskelem?Which part of your body hurs?
Ng meringel a bdeluk.My head hurts, or I have a headache.
Mdengchokl, e ki bo mesa a toktang.Sit and wait your turn while we go see the
Ng diak. Ng bai ko er a di chetelaol.No. He or she only feels dizzy.
Ng omudech el dirrek?Does he or she vomit, too?
Ochoi, ng omachediil.Yes, he or she has diarrhea.
E kau, ng dirrek el smecher a ngelekem?And you, is your child sick, too.
Ng smecher er a tereter.He or she has a cold, fever, flu, etc.
Ng klsakl?What's wrong with him or her?
Ng diak. Ng smecher a ngelekek.No. My child is sick
Ungil tutau, ke smecher?Good morning. Are you sick?
Ng ouchelechedal a bail er a bibrurkHe or she is wearing a yellow shirt.
Ng outelau a bekerekart el telauHe or she is wearing red earrings
Ng mekekedeb a mekerisebsub a cheiulHe or she has short and curly hair.
Ngika el chad a kemangel a isngelThis person has a long nose
Ngika el chad a ungil a klemengetal.This person's height is average.
Ochoi, ng ngar er ngii a mellemau me a becheleleu me a bekerkardYes, they have blue, white, and red.
Ng uoi soak a bilem. Ke milecherar a bilem er ker?I really like your dress. Where did you buy it?
A bilel er a Mark a becheleleu a bedengel.Mark's socks are white.
A bilel a Tina a bekerekard a bedengel.Tina's dress is red.?
Ng ngua ngara a bedengel a bilel a Tina?What color is Tina's dress?
Te tela el redil a oukebkab?How many females are wearing rings.
Ng techa a oukebkab?Who's wearing a ring?
Ng techa a ouolbeiungel?Who's wearing a necklace?
A Mary me a Lily me a Betty a outelau.Mary, Lily, and Betty are wearing earrings.
Ng techa a outelau?Who's wearing earrings?
Ng diak loubail.He or she is not dressed.
Mary a oureacher a saks me a sportsiuus.Mary is wearing socks and sport shoes.
Ng ngara oureacher a Mary?What kind of footwear is Mary wearing?
A Mary a oubail a skato me a chelechedal a bail.?Mary is wearing a skirt and short-sleeved shirt.
Ng ngarang oubail a Mary?What is Mary wearing?
Ak chetitau a bedengek e melemalt a chiuk e meklou a medak.I'm brown skinned with straight hair and big eyes.
Ke ua techang el chad?What are you like?
Ng becheleleu a bedengel.He or she is white.
Ng metongakl el chad.He or she is a tall person.
Ng ua techa ngikal el chad?What is this person like?
Mtetki a medalpoint to his or her eyes, or face.
Mretechii a bedelumtouch your head
Ng, ng diak lsebechem el longer a babilengek.No, you can't borrow by book.
Ng sebechek el longir a babilngem?Can I borrow your book
Ng sebechem el meskak a oluches?Can you give me a pencil?
Ng diak, ng diak lsebechek el ngosukau.No, I can't help you.
Ng sebechem el ngosukak?Can you help me?
Ng diak, ng diak kuusbech a ngeso.No, I don't need help.
Ke ousbech a ngeso?Do you need help?
Ak mle buras a ungelek er a eliiI brushed my teeth yesterday
Ak mesongd a cheiuk el oba a osongdI'm combing my hair with a comb.
Ak melim a ralmI'm drinking water
Ak mo melecholb er a kebesengeiI will shower tonight
Ak remurt el mo er a tuangel.I'm running to the door.
Ak merael el mo er a mado.I'm walking to the window
Ak buras a ungelekI'm brushing my teeth.
Ak omengur.I'm eating
Ak mesongd a cheiukI'm combing my hair.
Mada mechikung me a uriul.Well, bye'see you later.
Ke mo meketekt er a Belau?Will you stay long in Palau?
A eai el klok e ak merael el mo er a schoolat 8:00 a.m. I leave for school.
A euid el klok me a tedobech e ak omengurAt 7:30 a.m. I eat breakfast.
A euid el klok e a kuubail e songdii a bdeluk.At 7:00 a.m. I dress and comb my hair.
A elolem el klok e ak mekiisat 6:00 a.m. I wake up.
A elolem el klok me a tedobech e ak mo lelechong e burasat 6:30 a.m. I take a shower
Okedei me a ta el kebesengil a builthirty first day of the month
Okedei el kebesengil a builthirtieth day of the month
A sechelim ng mlechell er a ongetela el buil?What month was your friend born in?
E kau a mlechell er ker el beluu?And you, where were you born?
A sechelim ng mlechell er ker el beluu?Where was your friend born?
Ak mlechell er a Ongeiem el buil.I was born in May.
Ke mlechell er a ongetela el buil.What month were you born?
Ng di ta el sandei el kngar er a Belau.I'll be in Palau for only one week
Ke mo er a Belau el tela el sandei?How long will you be in Palau?
Ak mo er a BelauI'm going to Palau
Ke mo er ker er a klukuk?Where are you going tomorrow?
Ak mlei er a Ongedei el ureorI came on Wednesday
Ke mlei er a oingerang?When did you arrive here?
Ak mla er a MerikelI came from the States
Alii, ke mla er ker el mei?Hello, where did you come from?
A ideliseb e ng mele SabadongThe day before yesterday was Saturday
A ideliseb e ng mle ongetela el ureor?What was the day before yesterday?
A elii e ng mle SandeiYesterday was Sunday.
A elii e ng mle ongetela el ureor?What day was yesterday?
A ngiaos e ng Ongedei el ureor.The day after tomorrow is Wednesday.
A ngiaos e ng ongetela el ureor?What day is the day after tomorrow?
klukuk e ng ongeru el ureorTomorrow is Tuesday
klukuk e ng ongetela el ureor?What day is tomorrow?
Elechang e ng Kot el ureorToday is Monday
Elechang e ng ongetela el ureor?What day is today?
Ng diak, ng diak lungil.No, it's not correct.
Ochoi, ng di ungil.Yes, it's correct.
Ka mluut el melekoi er a osisiu el tekoi?Can you repeat what you just said.
Ng ua ngara omelechesel tia el tekoi?How do you spell or write this word?
Ng mekera a omolekoi er tia el tekoiHow do you say this word?
Lak molutkDon't point
Lak momesDon't look
MtetkiiPoint to
Bem mtuuCome inside
Lak bem mtuuDon't come inside
Bom mtuuGo inside
Lak bom mtuuDon't go inside
Lak be mbtobedDon't come outside
Be mtobedcome outside
Lak bom mtobedDon't go outside
Bom mtobedGo outside
Ng mlechell er a KororHe was born in Koror
Ng chad er a BelauHe's from Palau
Ng teruich me a eai a rekilHe's 18 years old.
Ngika a sechelik el Huan.This is my friend Huan
Ng tela a dengua er kau?What's your phone number?
Ak mlechell er a GuamI was born In Guam
Ke mlechell er ker el beluu?Where were you born?
ke chad er a keskelel a beluu er a MerikelWhere in the U.S are you from?
Ak chad er a Beliliou.I'm from Peliliu
Ke chad er a keskelel a beluu er a Belau?Which Island of Palau are you from?
Ng tela rekil a merrengem?How old is your younger sister? (only said by a female)
Ng tela rekil a udelem?How old is your older sister? (only said by a female)
Ng tela rekil a ochellem?How old is your younger brother? (only said by a male)
Ng tela rekil a obekum?How old is your older brother? (only said by a male)
Ng tela rekil a ochedam?How old is your opposite sex sibling?
Ng tela rekil a delam?How old is your mother?
Ng tela rekil a demam?How old is your father?
Ng tela rekim?How old are you?
Ng teruich me a elolem a rekikI'm sixteen years old
Aike ngarang?What are those?
Ailechang ngarang?What are those?
Se ngarang?What's that?
Aikang ngarang?What are these?
Tiang ngarang?What's this?
Tilechang ngarang?What's that?
E tela a ruchedam?And how many opposite sex siblings do you have?
E kau, te tela a rechad er a blim?And you, how many people are in your family?
A ochellek a di tangI have one younger brother. (Can only be said by a maile).
A rubekuk a terungI have two older brothers. (Can only be said by a male).
A rechad er a blik a teai.There are 8 people in my family.
A ruchedak a tedei.I have three opposite sex siblings.
Ng techa ngklel a okdemelem?What is your uncle's name?
Ng techa ngklel a delam el mechas?What's your grandmother's name?
Ng techa ngklel a merrengem?What's your younger sister's name? (female to
Ng techa ngklel a chudelem?What is your older sister's name?
Ng techa a ngklel a ochellem?What's your younger brother's name? (male to
Ng techa ngklel a obekum?What is your older brother's name?
Ng techa a ngklel a ochedam?What's your opposite sex sibling's name?
Ng techa ngklel a delam?What's your mother's name?
Lak molaidon't get, take, or bring
Ng techa ngklel a demam?What's your father's name?
Lak momeskakdon't give me
Mnguutake, get, bring
Beskakgive me
Ke mo er a skuul er a klukuk?Are you going to school tomorrow?
Ke mlo er ker er a elii?Where did you go yesterday?
Ak mla er a blaiI was at the house
Ng diak, ng diak bo er a skuul er a klukuk.No, I'm going to school tomorrow
Ochoi, ak mo er a skuul er a klukukYes, I'm going to school tomorrow
Ke mo er a klukuk?Are you going tomorrow?
Ak mo er a skuul er a klukukI'm going to school tomorrow
Ke mo er ker er a klukuk?Where are you going tomorrow?
Ke mla er a blai er a elii?Were you at the house yesterday?
Ak mla er a skuul.I came from school.
Ke mla er ker?where did you come from?
Ak mo er a blai.I'm going to the house.
Ng techa ngklel a sechelim?What's your friend's name?
Ak dirrek el mesisiich.I'm fine too.
Ak mesisiich. E kau a ua ngarang?I'm fine. How are you?
Ke ua ngarang?How are you?
Ungil tutau.Good morning.
Lak komeidon't come
Lak moraeldon't go
Lak bom dengchokldon't sit down
Lak bom dechordon't stand up
Lak mongerodechdon't make noise
Lak mluut el molekoidon't repeat
Mluut el molekoirepeat and say that again
SulangThanks. Very informal.
Ke mesulangThanks. Informal.
Ke kmal mesaulThank you. Formal.
Ng dial kudengei.I don't understand
Ak medengeiI understand.
Bo mokokau el melekoi.Please speak slowly
Bom dengchoklsit down
Bom dechorStand up
Ng techa ngklel?What is his or her name?
Ng techa ngkliu?What are your names?
Ng techa ngklem?What is your name?
Ng techa ngklek?What is my name?
Ak dirrek el mesisiich.I'm fine, too.
Mechikung me a uriul.Bye? See you later.
E kau a ua ngarang?And How are you?
Ke ua ngarang?How are you?
Ak Mesisiich.I'm fine.
Ungil Kebsengei.Good Evening.
Ungil SuelebGood Afternoon.
Ungil Chodochosong.Greetings at midmorning (toward noon)
Ungil Tutau.Good Morning.
Kmal betok a kitelel era bong era meseiThe pond at the taro swamp has a lot of water eels.
A chelbechielel a delemam al silkur a okdememlam.Our uncle recieved her alimony.
A dillel a delmam al siluk a okdememlam.Our uncle received the money for my mom's funeral.
Ngkal bechik a kumdasu eng ousechelei era rael.I suspect that my spouse is having an affair.
Eya, a kurrenges eng morngii a klou el blengur leng tansiobi era Reklai.I heard there is a big party for Reklai's birthday.
Menglangl a dingak! Ngtechang a kuk mesosaod er ngak.My ears are ringing. Someone is talking about me.
Ak mlo dengerenger era ochedal bechil a ochedak.I had an affair with my brother in laws sister.
Mruul a ochim e tia bellum el di ultom.Fix your legs, I can see your privates.
Meral ungil a katelengel buik sel lou sirubak.That guy is so darn good when he does jitterbug.
Ngkmal meral omosiroi ngkang sel loloik.He is a riot and funny when dancing.
Elik aikal delir tirkang mea aikal bilir bai dil dimeau kung meltang.Oh my, their bellies and their clothes, they shoudl just go naked then.
Ngmeral ungil a cheritel mea klekedellel engdi aikal berdel a ngerel akora ulecherue er tial kutsibenni er ngii.She looks so beautiful with her traditional grass skirt and decorations except her lips look inside out with that lipstick.
Ngmle uangerang a cherellem?How was your labor?
Tirkal ngelekek a kmal diak el delodau sel bebil era taem.My kids are so unruly sometimes.
Tirkal ngelekel ngkal rubak a soadel er a cheldecheduch.These old man's kids will be talked about at the conference next month.
Seselka renguk lorreng er tirkal chad era balatiks tedi mesaod a selaod, engdi soak el dimo omengur.I don't want to go listen to the politicians speak because they're so boring and talk forever but I wouldn't mind just going to eat the food.
Ngera rolem el mo chedal?How are you related?
Kamo mechara imeleld el biiang, soad el taorer.Buy us beer before we faint.
A delak mea tonari er kemam a mlora sers, aleko temo meruul a billum.Our neighbor and my mom went to the farm, they will be making grated cassava.
Ailechal itotch a ungil mecherdoched e mora makit.Those emperor fish should be fried and be sold at the market.
Ng kmal mle meringel a daob meng dimlak a cheldemam.We didnt catch anything as the waves were really strong.
Alii! Komo kerkikl sel bo moumenged meng diak mtemall a ochaeo eng mekull.Dont mess with the spotted eagle ray when you go fishing as they are sacred.
Eya, ngkel uel loba teuang ak miltom er ngii.I lost the turtle that takes four peopel to subdue..
Kmal meral kirek el mo melabk era ukedek era mekebud.I really need to mend my sardine/mackerel net.
Ak miltechei a ordemelel a todek.I changed the handle for my three prong spear.
Ngkirek el mo meredm aikel teblong era biskeleng.I need to put together at least two more spears.
Ochellek a lilngir a ukedek chelechang mla mechiseksikd.My brother borrowed my net and now it's all tangled.
Ngidak molai delchil aikang, ngdi uaisei eng mecherdochd.Oh don't gut those ones, we're just gonna fry them like that.
Ngdiak moltobed aikel ngarngii a desal.Hey, when you the females, leave the eggs in.
Kamei aikl uaol. Aikal ngikel a di menga uolek.Pass the bait. The fish keep eating my bait.
Tial uak a mla metecherakl. Kam hantai mel mengubt.The anchor is stuck. Back up and see if it will come out.
Kabom risue aikel mekebud e dongerdochd mea dousashimi.Go wash the sardines real good so we can fry some and have some for sashimi.
Ng sakarii era bilis er elechang.Dogs are in heat.
Ak mlotngeong era rubekel era sers.I came upon two lovers at the farm.
Ak milsa a ngelekel a debar era omoachel.I saw a duckling at the river.
Kam nguu sel sualek e dorael mo era mesei.Go and bring my basket so we can go to the taro patch.
Ng soak el menga aiskurim.I want to eat ice cream.
Ngerang a ungil osongel era katsudokang?What is good to see at the movie theaters?
A kusiik er a mlik.I am looking for a car.
Diak el ungil sel molim a rrom e momekall, ng mekull.Its not wise to drink alcohol and drive, its agaisnt the law.
Ng mlarngii tirudii a mado er a blimam.Someone broke in our window.
Sel soam el mei era blik e komekedong el kot.When yo want to come to my house, call first.
Ak telkib el mechad a dingak.Im a bit hard of hearing.
Kmal klou a berrius er a omoachel.There is a strong current at the river.
Akimlora diosch er elii e ng mla er ngii a cherchur.We went to the small pond yesterday and there were shrimps.
A ngelekek a le bilengchii a bilis er a tutau.A dog bit my child this mornng.
Ak miltik a ngelekel a babiirureomel me ak mildemch a teblong.I found a litter of wild piglets and I was able to catch two of them.
Ngkired el lmuut el mosiik a betok el idungel.We need to more fire wood.
Ak milruul a takenoko el elsekl lobengkel a malk.i made stir fried bamboo shoots with chicken.
Ng sechal adang redil a ngelekem.You have a boy or a girl.
A bechik a milechell er a idelisb.My wife gave birth three days ago.
Ngdiak a beches el chais?Any news?
Ak milruul a udon er sera suelb.I made udon soup for lunch.
Ng soam el melim a kohi.You want some coffee.
Diak moruul a imeled el otsia.Why dont you make us some tea?
Achedil! Mla mad a dengki!Oh no! Electricity went out!
Morael el mo era stoang e mocherar a tara malk el mei bolodoim era kebesengei.Go to the store and buy a chicken for dinner tonight.
Ngkal sechelik el chad era ngebard a mesuub a tekoi era Belau.My American friend is learning Palauan.
Morael el mo melechong.Go shower or go take a bath.
Tial kelekolt a kmal mekngit era ryiumats..This cold weather is really bad for rheumatoid arthritis.
Ng meral klou a terreter.Cold/flu is spreading.
Meral ungil tial buil orakiruu.The full moon is so beautiful.
A rechad era haisha a mei era beluu era kebesengei.The dental program is visiting the village tonight.
Ak mle kelebus era skuul er elii lek milamch era skuul.I had detention at school yesterday because I chewed on campus.
A ochedak a mla mo bechiil.My sister got married.
Ngak mea ochellek a milruul er a mlimam er a daob.My younger brother and I were making our canoe.
Ak bai mlora chei ngak mea demak era elii.I went fishing with my dad yesterday.
A delak a soal a okulengeseu er ngii el ngomlii a sersel.My mom wants me to help her weed her garden/farm.
Ngilel rubak a kmo soal morngii a ses el eolt.This old man says that strong storm may be coming.
Alii, ng sebechek el mengedecheduch er a mechas er a blai? (dengua)Hello, can I speak to the woman of the house? (when making a phone call)
Sechelei, aikal cheral a iwashi a meral mla mo takai!Friends, these prices on canned mackerel are outrageous!
Ng meral soak tial bilem.I so like your dress/shirt.
Ng sebechek el mechulau?Can I hug you?
Ak milngerdoched a ngikel me a malk el odoim er a kebesengei.I fried some fish and chicken for dinner tonight.
Ng sebechek lolturk e bokultuil, ngua ksal kora mesululang.May I be excused and go to bed, feeling a bit sleepy.
Ng ual sal meringel a cheral a dengki er chelechal buil.The electric bill this month is a bit high.
Ng techang a miluches er tial hong?Who wrote this book?
Kemo mechell era oingerang?When are due with your baby?
Kamei e kuuchais, ak dioll.Let me tell you, Im pregnant.
Ng telal zikang el mngara skoki el mo era Belau?How many hours on the plane to go to Palau?
Ak bai mo mengimd er a kebesengei.I should go get a haircut tonight.
Ng kirek el mo omechar a subelngek el mo era skuul.I need to go buy me some pants for school.
Chedam/chedil a kuusbech a udoud el mo era daingak.Father/mother, I need money to go to college/university.
Kemla mekmad a udoud el mlileng er a demam er tial mlomerek el buil?Did you pay back your debt to your father, the money you borrowed last month?
Tirkal ngalk er a skuul a meral mekedung, te meruu a komi er a tkul a rael.The kids from school are so well behaved, they are picking up the trash on the sides of the road.
Ngdiak bodo ngeruer?Shall we go pick some clams?
Aki momengedub er a omoachel.We are going swimming at the river.
Meral berikt a iedel er a mesei.The mango tree at the taro swamp is covered with fruits.
Elik, ng meringel a delek er a dinges.Dang, my stomach hurts from being too full.
Kemla mecholue aikel ngikel el nga er a odekel?Did you descale the fish on the outdoor prep area?
Ng locha bai ungil doruul a cheluch er Belau.I think we should make coconut oil.
Ngikal buik a meral dachelbai.This guy is very well established.
Ngkal delal a bechik a kora telkib el sesmecher.My mother in law is a bit under the weather.
Ng telal babii a mo okodall er tial kemeldiil?How many pigs are to be killed for this funeral?
Ailechal ngais ng dirk chemadch malechub eng selengoes?Are those eggs uncooked or cooked?
Edil, tial klengoes a mla mo bekebau.Yikes, the cooked food in a pot smells rotten.
Aikal chemelek el kebui a meral di moalch.My chewing pepper leaves are withered.
Eia, ng sebechek longit a teblong er a buuch?Hey, could you spare a couple of betelnuts?
Ng meringel a bdeluk.My head hurts. I have a headache.
Mekekad a cheruel ochik.The bottom of my feet itches.
Achedil, ng meral soak el redil ngkei!Darn, I really like tha girl!
Ngkal sechesech a meral di uletemtimd er a kesus, tiang locha ngera belkul.The gecko kept chirping last night, I wonder what it meant.
Errang, diak el kora sebechem remusch a belsiich e domengur?Honey, cant you pound some taro so we could eat?
Ak meral kora songerenger.I am so starving.
Ke mla tatam a selkelem?Did you fold your laundry?
Ng kmal meral meringel a sils, soad el mol taorer.It is just too hot like we could faint.
Ng soal el morngii a chetau er a kebesengei.It looks like there will be a squall this evening.
Ng soal mo meses a eolt er a klukuk, ngi dilak el sal kmal mo mesisiich.it is likely that it will be windy tomorrow, lets just hope it doesnt get too strong.
Eia, ngarngii a chomengerakl er a sebadong, ngdiak debong?Hey, theres work exchange on Saturday, do you want to go?
A cheldecheduch a morngii er a Ongedei el Buil.The conference or the talk for the deceased will be in March.
Ng morngii a kemeldiil er a chad er a oingerang?When is his/her funeral?
Aki mlo mesauch a buuch er a ked, eaki bong e temla smauch.We went to pick the betelnuts on the hills but when we got there, someone already picked them.
Aki mlo er a chelbacheb er tial mlomerek el sandei.We went to the rock islands last week.
Me tial omengat er elii, ngmeral mle klebokel a milechell.The ceremony for the birth bath yesterday, the young mother looked really beautiful.
Aki mlora chei er a kesus e meral mle tairio.We went fishing last night and had large catch.
Komeng ngdimlak kungedecheduch er kau er adengua er a elii.Sorry I missed your call yesterday.
A Oreor a mats er a Belau.Koror is the main city in Palau.
Telal klok a skoki era ongeim lureor?What time is the airplane coming on Friday?
Sebechem meskak a dengua er kau?Can you give me your phone number?
Ngdi ungil a kumekedong er kau er a tara taem?Is it OK for me to call you sometime?
Ngdiak el soam el kora mo ousuelb malechub eng belsoil er a tara taem?Do you want to have lunch or dinner sometime?
Tilechang ngarker?Where is that?
Kau ke chad er ker?Where are you from?
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