Anticipatory and Predictive State Verbs

bdechallv.a.s.are to be bound into sheaves/pacified.bdechall a kirel el obudech, omudech, rullii a budech er a beluu, rullii a kltalreng er a rechad; bdechel. to be vomited on.bdechall a kirel el obudech, otobed a kllel, mudech a kllel, mdechii; kirel el omudech; mdechel. to be thrown hard/pushed away.bdesall a kirel el obides; mechoit, mdesii, mides a besbas, bdesel. to be shot.beakl a kirel el oboes; malk a beakl, mosii a babii, moes. be formed, shaped, created, or spanked.bebael a kirel el obeob, meob a kukau el mo medemedemek, bebel.
bechachongallv.a.s.empty.bechachongall a kirel el mo bechachau, mo diak; rullii el mo bechachau, mechachongii,diak el bechachongall a chidib.
bechallv.a.s.(long object) is to be thrown.bechall a kirel el oboech; uloech a bechall. mechii, moech a biskang, bechel.
bechallv.a.s.(firewood) is to be split. to be put into straight line or row.bechebechall a kirel el obechobech, omades er a rengalek, mechobech, mechebechii a ngloik, bechebechel. to be broken off/broken into pieces.bechedall a kirel el obached, omached er ngii; kukau a bechidel, mechedii, bechedel. to be made to float/let to drift.bechekill a kirel el obechakl, ngera a kired el omechakl? becheklel. to be stepped on and crushed.bechengall a kirel el meoch, omoch er ngii; mechengii, delul el meduu a ochengall.bechengel to be extracted or extirpated.bechetall a kirel el obechit, kirel el motobed, mechetir, medal ngikel a bechetall.
bechielungv.s.pred. to be connected.bechoel a kirel el obech el mo ta medal, omech er a taem, mechir a omerael diak el dob, mech a eru el baeb el mo tang; bechil a baeb.
bedachelv.a.s.(canoe, boat, etc.) is to have curve made in it. to be picked up with fingers.bedechall a kirel el obodech, medechii a odoim, modech a kall el olab a cheldingel. to be thrown down (in fighting, etc.).bedechekill a kirel el obedechakl, medecheklii a sechelil, medecheklii, klaibedechakl, bedecheklel.
bedesallv.a.s.(fish) is to be boiled in water; (tongue) is to be cut.bedesall a mereched el mo marek, modes a ngikel, bedakl el diokang. to be arranged/lined up/displayed.bedesall a kirel el obades; bedukl; omechobech; omades er a rengalek, mades, bedesel. to be cut/slit/operated on.bedikel a kirel el obodk; smecher a bedikel, medkii a medal, bodk, bedkel to be trapped or ensnared.bedkall a kirel el obedikl; medeklii a malk, medikl a beab, bedeklel.
bedoelv.a.s.(ball, etc.) is to be caught; is to be grabbed.bedoel a kirel el obed; bduu a bedoel. medir a bduu, med, omed, bedeel a bduu. to be extracted; is to be pulled/plucked out.bedull a kirel el obadel; diokang a bedull. medelii, madel, omadel, bedelel. to be unwrapped, unravelled, unwound or undone.bekatel a kirel el oboket; meterakl, toreklii a kall, moket a cheuikl, omoket a uldurokl, beketel.
bekatelv.a.s.bekatel a kirel el oboket, udoud a bekatel, moket a beldechelel, beketel a udoud. to be gladdened or made happy.bekebekall a kirel el obekebek, mekebekii a medal, rullii a rengul el mo ungil, mo diak le merur; omekebek er ngii, bekebekel. to be opened or spread apart.bekengall a kirel el obok; mkisii, omok a medal, mekengii a chesimer, bekengel.
bekesallv.a.s.(leg) is to be moved to walk.bekesall a sebechel el obakes el imuu er ngii, makes, mekesii, bekesel. to be forced open/pulled apart by force.bekesengchall a kirel el obekesangch, obok, mekesengchii a chesimer, mekengii, bekesengchel.
beksallv.a.s.(spearhead) is to be pounded and flattened.
beksallv.a.s.beksall a kirel el obuks; meksii, muks, omuks er a ngerel a tulechoid, beksel a ngerel. to be puffed up. to be wound around with rope, cord, tape, etc..beleball a kirel el obelebel; omelebel er ngii, melebelii a mesil, belebelel. to be shot with a slingshot.belochel a kirel el obalech; belechall, melechii, omalech, malech, belechel.
belsallv.a.s.belsall a kirel el obals, melsii, omals er a merechorech, omkecharem er ngii el kirel a telemellel, belsel, msa belsel. to be pumped.bemkall a kirel el obomk; bemkall a ralm, memkii, momk a cheluch. to be broken or cracked.bengall a kirel el obeu; beongel, mengii, meu a lius, omeu a lius, bengel. to be interrupted. to be bitten. to be laid on ground.bengkengkall a kirel el obengkangk; mengkengkii a bambuu, mengkangk a kerrekar, mo blengkangk, bengkengkel.
bengkengkollv.a.s.(object, usually long) to be laid on ground; exposed quickly by outgoing tide.bengkengkoll a meched el obebengkangk a mlai er ngii. to be put or held on or against.bengodel a kired el omenged er ngii; mengedii, omenged, kebui a bengodel er a kerrekar, bengedel. to be covered with hand; is to be stopped up.bengoel a kirel el obeng; mekngit a secherel a bengoel a ngerel, omeng a er a isngel er a mekngit el bau.
bengtallv.a.s.(hair) is to be curled/twisted.bengtall a bengutel, kirel el obungt, mengtii a bdelul, mungt. to be snatched, grabbed or seized; (land) is to be captured. to be dipped into sauce, etc..berechall a kirel el obarech, merechii, marech a chimal er a ralm, berechel. to be pasted or glued onto; is to be leaned against.berekedall a kirel el obereked. mereked a babier, merekedii, omereked er ngii. to be swallowed.
beremallv.a.s.(fish) is to be allowed to spoil slightly before wrapping and barbequeing.beremall a kirel el mukberaom, mo beraom; beremel el ngikel. to be spread or stretched out or propagated. to be hidden.berotel a kirel el obart, omart, diak el tekiungel, kngtil a chad a berotel, mertii, bertel.
bertachelv.a.s.(hands) are to be clapped; is to be slapped; deaf (i.e., has to be tapped on the back to get attention).bertachel a kirel el obrotech; mertechii, mrotech, mechad a bertachel. to be torn/pulled off.berudall a kirel el oberuud; merudii, meruud a chesimer, berudel.
berusallv.a.s.berusall a kirel el oberius, merusii, merius a besbas. to be counted/named/mentioned.
besebesallv.a.s.(basket, box) is to be tied up.besebesall a kirel el obesebes; mesebesii, mesaur, melechet a billum, omesebes. to be continually contradicted/opposed.besebesechall a kirel el obosech; mesechii, torebengii, omesebosech er ngii. to be broken open, postponed, contradicted or opposed.besechall a besebesechall. besechall a kirel el obasech; mo er a basech er a urreor, mo er a ochur, mesechii, besechel. to be tied into bundle; is to be pulled vigorously or grabbed. to be adorned/decorated.besiochel a kired el omesiich er ngii; omesiich, mesichii er a bung, mesiich, besichel.
betachel a to be pleased/satisfied/appeased; content.
betechallv.a.s.betechall a kirel el obotech, omotech er a rengul a ngalek, motech a reng, oldeu a rengrir a rechad, betechel a reng.
betechallv.a.s.betechall a otochel, kirel el meuetech er a bad, metechii a malk el mengiis a dellomel, otechel a malk to be shut or closed. to be rolled on the ground. to be helped to carry object. to be thrown at, pounded or cracked. to be chiseled.betutall a kirel el obetuut, ometuut, metuut a kerrekar, mtutii,betutel. to be sifted or filtered.bichall a biochel; kirel el obiich, michii, osiik, omiich a tekoi, bichel a klemerang.
bidallv.a.s.are to be travelled between.bidall a kirel el oboid; omoid, merael a beluu, midii, bidel to be cast/thrown.bidekill a kirel el obidokl; midokl, mideklii, bduu a bidekill, bideklel. to be raised/outstretched.bikall a kirel el oboik; meluoik er ngii el mo deluoik, lild a bikall. to be divided or distributed; (hair) is to be parted.
bisaolv.a.s.bisaol a kirel el moues, osongel; ngloik a bisaol, osengel a ngloik,. omes er ngii.
bitallv.a.s.(sugar cane) is to be cut.bitall a biatel; kirel el obuit, mitii, deb a bitall, omuit a deb, bitel. to be turned around or inside out or upside down.bitekill a kirel el obitokl; miteklii a mlai; biteklel, chelebuul a bebitekill, a lta e ng kuk obitokl el ekong. to be clothed/wrapped.biull a kirel el obail; omail, milii a ngalek, kall a biull. to be peeled (off).bkebukel a obibkobk; beot el mengai a budel, obibkobk, mkebkii, tuu a bkebukel el kall. to be opened; is to be lifted open/up.bkiikl a obibkais, mkisii, mkais, bkiikl el kiuar, bkisel. to be mixed or dissolved. to be regulated or restricted. to be punished for having violated a restriction.
bosallv.a.s.bosall a beakl; kirel el oboes, mosii, moes, malk a bosall, omoes er ngii, bosel. to be speared.brechall a bruchel; omurech er a temekai, mrechii, murech, brechel. to be brought to boil.brecherechall a kirel el obrechorech mrecherechii a klengoes, brecherechel. to be buttoned or inlaid.bredechall a kirel el obrodech, merdechii, mrodech, kirel el murodech a bail.
breelv.a.s.breel a bur, omur, breel a kim.
breelv.a.s.breel a bor, omor, mor a chimal, breel a ulul a tolechoi.
brekedallv.a.s.(clothes) are to be hung on line, etc.brekedall a kirel el obriked; locha er a omrekodel, mrekedii, mriked a bail, brekedel.
brengallv.a.s.(arm) is to be swung; (rope) is to be twirled.brengall a kirel el obar, mechelebed, merengii a medal, diak le brengall a chad le ng mekngit el tekoi to be shaken. to be scattered, spread, sown or dismantled.
brrengdallv.a.s.brrengdall a kirel el obringd, melimet er ngii; mlai a brrengdall, brrengdel. to be dyed or colored.brukel a kirel el oburek; omurek, mrekii a bail, brekel a such. to be drilled; (ear) is to be pierced.bsebsall a kirel el obsibs, lingir, msebsii a kerrekar, bsebsel a ding.
bsechallv.a.s.(feathers, hair, etc.) is to be plucked.bsechall a bsuchel, kirel el obusech, ngeuul a bsechel, msechii a malk; musech to be expanded or made to swell.bsusall a kirel el obsuus; msusii, msuus a blauang, bkukall, bsusel. to be bent down.bsuull a useuul; kirel el musau el me bedul tiei, mseur, bsuull a rachel, omsau, useul a rrechelel a iedel. to be sanded, smoothed or polished.btengetall a kirel el obtanget, toluk a btengetall, mtengetii a toluk, btengetel a chesiuch. to be split or cracked.buchall a bouechel; kirel el obouch; omouch a idungel, mouch, buchel a bambuu.
budallv.a.s.budall a kirel obuud, meterob, omuud, mudii a urreor
bungallv.a.s.(round object) is to be broken, smashed or shattered; (bomb) is to be exploded. to be piled/heaped up.butall a kirel el obuut; mengedidai, omuut, mutii a chutem, koididai, muut a besbas, mengudel, butel.
cheatelv.a.s.(rope; wire; fishing line; etc.) is to be wound; (baby) is to be cuddled.cheatel a kirel el mechaet; chemetii, chemaet a ekil, mengaet, chetel. to be poured out.chebelall a kirel el mochubel; moitel, ochebelall, olechubel a ralm, ochebelel. to have someone facing towards him, her or it.
chebengelallv.a.s.chebengelall a kirel el mechebangel, chemau ngii; chobengelii a ouchais, mengebangel. to be made round or rounded.
chebibeallv.a.s.chebibeall a kirel el mechibeob; mengibeob er ngii. be carried under the arm.chebill a kiukuall; kirel el mechabl; choblii a ngalek; chuabl, a ngalek a chebill; cheblel.
chebingelv.a.s.(fruit) is to be picked or plucked.chebingel a kirel el mechib; chibngii,chuib, meradel a chebingel, chebngel. to be spun. have ashes put on it.chebuul a kirel el mechab; locha chab er ngii; chobur, chuab a dellomel, mengab. to be given gift (sometimes, out of pity); is to be bribed.
chechallv.a.s.(ingredients for betel nut chewing) are to be supplemented with tobacco. to be husked.chechedall a kirel el mecheched; chochedii, mengeched a lius, chechedel to be chewed on.chechutel a deb me a ongchutel; menguchet a deb.
chedallv.a.s.chedall a kirel el mecheed; mengeed a rechad; chemeed a klauchad, mo ungil el kerekikl a rechad. to have glow cast upon it.chedechall a kirel el obtanget el mo mengeldoech; toluk a chedechall, cheldoech, cheldechel.
chedechedechalv.a.s.chedechedechal a kirel mechiut el mo telengtungd; mengedeched er ngii. to be talked about or discussed.chedechedechaol a kirel el mo rengii a tekoi; kirel el mechedecheduch; chedechedechaol el kirel a betok el ngodech el omerellel. to be fixed/arranged.chedechuall a udesuall; kirel el mechedechuul; chodechulii a smecher el mo er a osbitar; mengedechuul er a rengeasek el mo bekengerachel.
chedelallv.a.s.are to be collected/assembled. to be slapped.chedelekelekall a kirel el obar; chodelekelekii a chetelaol, chedelekelekel. to be blackened. to be headed/ruled/governed/explained; under someone else's power/supervision. to be explained.
chederedallv.a.s.are to be put together or into order; are to be arranged.
chedermotallv.a.s.(water) is to be stirred or agitated. to be carved, whittled or seduced by flattery.chediball a kirel el mecheduib, chodibii a itabori, choduib a ordomel; mengeduib a omekord. chedibel a ordomel. to be blessed or sanctified. to be roofed.chedool a lechengaol a chado er ngii; locha chado er a blai, chodeuii, chemado, mengado er ngii, chedouel. to be paved with stones.chedukl a kirel el mechades; chodesii a rael, chemades, olbed a chedukl, chedesel. to be cleaned by shaking with water inside; is to be shaken.
cheladelv.a.s.easily consoled.
chelballv.a.s.(outer surface of betel nut fiber) is to be stripped off; (wood) is to be whittled. to be hit or struck.chelebodel a oleker a chelebed; kirel el mechelebed; cholebedii, cholebed, diak le chelbodel a chad; chelebedel. to be reminded. to be favored or spoiled. to be rubbed (between hands).
chellaolv.a.s.chellaol a kirel el mechelil; mo mengelil er ngii, siokel a uchul, smecher a chellaol. to be accompanied/escorted.chelmongel a kirel el mechelim, mengelim er a medakd, cholmengii a mekngit a rengul; chelmengel. to be completed or pursued to end.
chelobelv.a.s.chelobel a dekedokel; kirel el echeleb; mengeleb er ngii, ngalek a chelobel er a sils; melenget. to be masturbated.chelochall a sebechel el mechelooch; beras a chelochall. to be carried (off) on the shoulders. to be slapped.
chemachelv.a.s.(betel nut) is to be chewed; (tobacco) is to be smoked.chemachel a redil el ourrot er a blil el motobed er a ocheraolbai me a klomengelungel, oungerachel a udoud me a rokui el tekoi. to be urinated on. to be broken into pieces.
chemedongallv.a.s.are to be welcomed or called together.
chemekillv.a.s.(object which is stuck) is to be freed by inserting lever and prying; (person) is to be tripped or thrown by putting lever (e.g., stick, leg) between his legs.chemekill a kirel el mechemekl; chomeklii, chomekl a kerrekar. to be pried up or lifted with lever.chemengall a ousbech er a ongem; kirel el mechem; mengem a kerrekar; mengider.
chemullv.a.s.(fire) is to be started up or kindled.
chemuulv.a.s.about to be broken in two.chemuul a kirel el mecham; kerrekar a chemuul; chomur, chuam a sengsongd, chemul. to be sewn, stitched or fixed temporarily.cheodel a kirel el mecheed; chemeed a mechut el bail, chemedii, mengeed, mlik a cheodel. to be complained about.cherdechall a kirel el mecherodech, chordechii, mengedecheduch el kirel, cherdechall a osisebel a mekngit el kar. to be fried.cherdechedall a kirel el mecherdoched; chordechedii, chordoched a ngikel, cherdechedel.
cherecheruulv.a.s.(liquid; etc.) is to be stirred up/agitated.cherecheruul a beot el mecherechar; mechecherechar, cherecheruul el omoachel.
cherechesungv.s.pred.(tide) is about to start falling.cherechesung a mochu cheraches; kmedu el cheraches. to be crumbled or crushed. to be washed or pumped out.cherematel a kirel el mecherumet; mengatech, churemetii, churumet a ollumel, cheremetel. to be looked for.cheremekill a kirel el mecheremakl; kirel el moues; choremeklii, mengeremakl, choremakl a bub; chermeklel. to be removed to a distance or moved away.cheridall a kirel mo cheroid; diak le keed, choridii, choroid; babii a cheridall er a blai; cheridel. to be caught up with; (hair, etc.) is to be cut to same length.
cherireallv.a.s.cherireall a kirel el mekoir; mengoir, koirii, kmoir, cheiul a ekebil a cherireall. to be tasted.cheromel a dellomel el soal a charem el mengang, chemutii a cheromel to be defecated on.
chertechetallv.a.s.(pandanus leaf) is to have spines cut off; is to be hemmed. to have a sticky substance applied.chertemall a kirel el mecheritem; chirtemii er a kar; chiritem, mengilt. to be made whole, completed or perfected.
chesbecheballv.a.s.(boat) is to have boards of frame put on.chesbecheball a kirel el mechesbocheb, morngii a chesbocheb, chosbechebii a kboub, mengesbocheb.
chesbedengallv.a.s.(face) is to be slapped.chesbedengall a kirel el mechesbad; mechelebed, chosbedengii, chosbad, diak le chesbedengall a chad. to be painted.chesberball a kirel el mechesbereber; chosbereberii a chado, chesbereber, mechilt er a chesbereber; mengesbereber er ngii, chesberberel. to be scooped or spooned out. to be assisted by contribution of food or labor.
chesechaolv.a.s.are to be threaded/strung; always wandering from house to house.chesechaol a chad el soal el mengesuch; merael a blai, di omais el diak el ultebechel. to be locked or latched. to be dirtied or smeared (with food).chesechesemall a kirel el mechilt; mechesechusem a bedengel er a kar; chusechesechemii, chiltii, mengesechusem. to be cooked with spices.chesekill a kirel el mechesekl; choseklii, chosekl a malk, mengesekl, cheseklel.
cheseksiktallv.a.s.(someone) is to be involved or mixed up in.
cheselsallv.a.s.(chant) is to be sung.cheselsall a kirel el mechesols; kirel el mechitakl, choselsii, chosols a cheselsir, mengesols, cheselsel.
chesemallv.a.s.(mouth) is to be wiped; (hands) are to be wiped of dirt, food, etc. to be occupied or busy. to be get blackened with soot or ink. to be turned, wound or screwed.chesimall a kirel el mechesoim; chosimii a seraub, chosoim, mengesoim er a ralm, chesimel. to be tapped or rapped on; is to be rung.chesmall a kirel el mechosm; chesmoll, chosmii, chuosm a kambalang, mengosm, chesmel. to be closed, confined or locked in (e.g. as punishment).
chesobelv.a.s.(taro tubers) are to be cut.chesobel a kirel el mecheseb; cheklii a tech er a dait, chosebii, chueseb a dait, chesebel.
chesobelv.a.s.chesobel a kirel el mecheseb; chosebii a chelitakl, chueseb a chesols, mengeseb, chesebel.
chesomelv.a.s.chesomel a kirel el mechusem; chusemii, chuusem a ngor, mengusem, chesemel a ngerel.
chesuallv.a.s.(food) is to be stirred so as not to stick to pan. to be given tortoise shell money.chesuchall a kirel el mechesiuch; chosuchii a buchelsechal, mengesiuch, msa chesuchel. to be splinted.
chesuerngallv.a.s.(face) is to be slapped; is to be slapped in the face. to be covered with asphalt. to be wounded.chetechetioll a kirel el mechetechat; mengetechat er ngii, mekull, diak chetechetioll a chad me a charem. to be held or led by the hand; is to be carried, towed or persuaded; easily persuaded; (woman) easily seduced.chetekill a beot el mechetakl; di ngera e ng mechetakl; diak a uldesuel; di remurt a ngor; choteklii, cheteklel. to be spun or turned.cheterebsall a kirel el mecheterbis; choterbisur, choterbis a chebis, mengeterbis, cheterebisul. to be neglected or abused. to be tempted or led astray.chetikikall a kirel el mechetikaik; choitikikii a ngalek, mengetikaik er a mesaik el mo ourreor, chetikikel. to be smeared or spread on.
chetiotelv.a.s.(point of knife, spear, etc.) is to be broken or bent. to be praised.chetongel a kirel a chetengakl; kirel a odanges, chetengel.
chetuotelv.a.s.(headware) to be put on; to be inserted or stuck into or onto; to be impaled or plugged in.chetuotel a klalo el rruul el mechetiut; klalo, lkou a chetuotel; mengetiut a lochang; otuu; osiseb; chetutel, chetutall.
chetuulv.a.s.(fish) smoked; having the potential of giving off too much smoke.chetuul a kirel el mechat; techa mengat a ngikel? chotur, chemat a ngikel, chetul. to be sprinkled with lime; is to be woven.cheuikl a kirel el mechaus; chousii, mengaus a sualo, chusel a tet. to be hung onto with hands.chideball a kirel el mechidobel, chimal a chedam a chideball er a rengelekel, choidebelii er a demal, mengidobel, chidebelel. to be drilled or bored into.
chiesungv.i.pred.about to escape.
chietallv.a.s.(food) is to have squeezed coconut milk added to it.chietall a chiotel; kirel el mechuit; chemuit a odoim, menguit, morengii a chuit, chietel.
chiikelv.a.s.(leaves) are to be plucked or stripped off plant. to be thrown away or abandoned. to be oiled, greased or anointed. to be covered over with (blanket, clothes, leave, etc.); (forest) choked with vegetation (and difficult to pass through).chimkemkall a kirel el mechimkomk; dokedekii, medekedek, imkemkii a smecher er a bar, mengimkomk, chimkemkel. to be waited for.chioll a kirel el mechiil; merreder a chioll er a cheldecheduch, choielii., olsingch er ngii. to be embraced or hugged.chisemesemall a kirel el mochull; mechisemesem, mechulii a ngalek, choisemesemii a ngelekel, megisemesem er a bechil, chisemesemel.
chisisallv.a.s.are to be piled up one on top of the other.chisisall a meleket; kirel el mechisois; choisisii, choisois a babier, mengisois er a blil, chisisel a blai. be sung.chitekill a kirel el mechitakl; choiteklii a "Belau el oba klisiich"; mengitakl er ngii.
chitemetallv.a.s.(hand) is to be closed to make fist; is to be crushed into ball. to be repaired, arranged or fixed.chitukall a kirel el mechituuk, kirel el meruul; chitukii, choituuk a mechut el mlai; chitukel. to be read or looked at closely. to be twisted or wrung. to be beaten (with stick, club, etc.).chiuertall a chelebodel; kirel el mechiuert,mechelebed, choiuertii, mekull el diak le chiuertall a chad. to be wrung out or twisted.chiutekill a kirel el mechiuetokl; mengiud, chiuteklii, choiuetokl a selokel. to be comforted or consoled.cholodall a kirel el mechelaod, mengelaod. to be wrapped in leaves or betel nut fiber and baked.chuomel a kirel el mechuum, chuemii, chuum a ngikel. to be bombed or dynamited.dbaol a kirel el medub er a dub; melub, klou el risois a dbaol, dubar, duub, omriid er ngii el oba dub. to be kicked (away) or swept away or fended off.dbokel a kirel el medibek; dibekii a bduu, duibek, melibek a bduu el olab a uach, dbekel. to be criticized.deakl a blil a deleakl; omelaes, dmesii a sikel; melaes er ngii, mesaik a deakl er a urreor, deleklel. to be chopped down.debachel a kirel el medobech; medebes, metuk, dobesii, dobechii a kerrekar, duobech a bambuu, melobech a ngikel, to be made into a drink of coconut meat and juice. to be objected to.debdebsall a kirel el medebdobs; meterob, torebengii, dobdebsii a omerael e le ng meringel a daob e meses a eolt; debdebsel. to be weighed.debedeball a debedabel to be thought about or remembered.debedebokel a kirel el mudasu, kirel el medebedebek a meldung el tekoi; dobedebekii, dobedebek a urreor el kirel a klengeasek. to be cursed.debekill a kirel el medebeakl; melebeakl er ngii; kmal mekull el diak el debekill a chad, rechad. to be cut or snipped. to be asked to pay for non-participation in work.debetall a kirel el medbaet; mengai a delbaet er ngii, dibetii a diak lengar a urreor el beluu, melbaet er ngii, dibetel. to be invented, introduced or composed.
deboklv.a.s.debokl a kirel el medebes; meluk er ngii, dobesii, duebes a keai, melebes a ngikel, mamed a debokl. to be interrupted or killed.debongel a kirel el medeb; meterob; dobengii a kemanget e . blelekl el cheldecheduch, dueb a klautok er a blai. to be speared.debsechall a kirel medebusech; dubsechii a debusech, melebusech a debusech, debsechel a seseb.
debsechallv.a.s.(conch shell or horn) is to be blown. to be dipped or dunked. to be increased or raised in amount.
dechallv.a.s.(trap) is to be set.dechall a kirel el medachel; melachel er a bub, dochelii a bedikl, dmachel, dechelel. to be patched.dechedechall a kirel el metenget; medechudech; melechudech a chemars; duchedechii a chemars; duchudech, dechedechel.
dechedechallv.a.s.(person) is to be speared or clubbed.
dechersallv.a.s.(penis) is to be made erect.
dedesallv.a.s.(place) is to be cleared.dedesall a kirel el mo mededaes; dmedesii, blai a dedesall diak le chelimeluk, dmedaes. to be tattoed. to be cut or sliced.dekedakel a kirel el medekodek; mesekosek, dokodek a ngikel, sokosek, melebes. to be covered.dekedokel a kirel el medekedek; kelel a meteet a dekedokel, dokedekii er a keai, dokedek. to be blown out, inflated, smoked or puffed. to be buried.dekull a kirel el medakl; doklii, dmakl, ulekoad a dekull, melakl er ngii er a chutem; deklel. to be broiled or roasted.delaol a kirel el medul; durur a mesekuuk, dmul a meas, ngikel a delaol.
delemekillv.a.s.(post, stick, etc.) is to be driven into ground.delemekill a kirel el medelemakl; kirel mukedechor; dolemeklii er a chutem; dolemakl a smengtel a chutem, mellemakl, delemeklel. to be accompanied or braided.
delomelv.a.s.delomel a kirel el medalem; dualem a delomel el diokang, dolemii a delomel el lius, delemel. to be softened, weakened, tenderized or calmed.demedemakall a ruoll el mo medemedemek; ngeliokl el brak a demedemekall, domedemekii, domedemek, demedemekel. to be levelled or equalized. to be covered.dengeball a dengobel, kirel el medangeb; melangeb er ngii, dongebii, duangeb a olekang; dengebel to be set aside, recognized, distinguished or to be mounded.dengechel a kirel el medangch; omuut a chutem er a uchul a iedel; dongchii a tuu er a chutem. to be laid down face up. to be looked up at.dengesall a omes er a bab; kirei el medanges; dongesii, dmanges a berikd el buuch, melanges er a sils; dengesel a buuch.
dengesechallv.a.s.(underbelly of crab) is to be opened.
dengesekillv.a.s.(person or thing) is to be put under a spell.dengesekill a kirel el medengesakl; kirel medebeakl; dongeseklii er a chelid, omelengesakl a rechad a mekull; dengeseklel. to be respected/honored. to be ridiculed (usually for incest). to be nailed.deoll a kirel el medeel; dmelii a chesimer, dmeel, meleel, blai a deoll, delel.
deratelv.a.s.(taro, etc.) is to be scraped; (cord, etc.) is to be cut through; (relationship) is to be broken off.deratel a kirel medort; kukau a deratel, merort a kukau, dmort a kukau, dertel.
deratelv.a.s.deratel a kirel el medort, kirel el mengai, dortii a kebui, merort er a kebui, dertel. to be thrust at with spear.derebakel a kirel el mederubek; merrubek er ngii; durebekii a ochab, durubek a ducher, osiik a ngduul. to be sharpened.deromel a kirel el medorm; doremii a oles; duorem a oluches, merorem, deremel.
desachelv.a.s.desachel a kirel el medasech; chad er a desachel a meruul a blai, melasech a blai, desechel. to be spat out or at.desbiil a kirel el medesbai; metub; ringetii e tubar; dusbai, melsbai, "lak mekreos e a chemachel a desbiil", desbil. to be cut, sliced or slit (open).desongel a kirel el mesekosek; dosengii, dmes a ngikel, meles, desengel. to be laid crosswise.diberdall kirel el medbard; diak le llemolem; mo delbard, diberdii a bambuu er a rael el melenget. to be tied into knot.
didichallv.a.s.didichall a chad el diak longull a tekoi; kirel el medidiich; mocholt a uchul; meteet a mla didichii; chad el odiaol a delal; didichel. to be sprayed or splashed all over.didimall a kirel el medidiim; mesubs; dellomel a didimall, duiim er a ralm, melidiim er a ralm; didimel. to be removed or extracted.diesall a kirel el meduis; dmuis a delsangel, duiesii, otobed er a chelsel; meluis a semum, diesel a semum.
dikesallv.a.s.(food) is to be divided or shared. to be sprayed/splashed.dimall a kirel el mediim; duiim a dellomel, dellomel a dimall, diemii, dimel. to be looked at in a mirror. to be increased or added to. to be placed on slant.dkisall a kirel el medkois; rullii el mo dkois, ulitech; smecher a dkisall e moues er a toktang, dkisii, dkisel. to be supported or propped up.dkoel a kirel el medik; dikir, kmedii, klok a dkoel er a tebel. to be cut or wounded.
doidereklungv.i.pred.doidereklung a mochu doiderekl; di kmeed el mo ngmasech, doidereklu er a skoki.
dolkungv.t.pred.dolkung a mochu melolk; dolkii, kmeed el dmolk. to be patted or calmed.doudoall a kirel el medeuodo; mokebai, douedeuii a beluu el chelellak; cholleklii, meleuodo er a rebuik a er a utekengel a ta er a beluu.
dubechungv.i.pred.dubechung a kmedu el duubech. to be folded/creased/bent.
ebedallv.a.s.ebedall a kirel meebed; ebedii a malk, iuebed a bilis, malk a ebedall; ebedel. to be unhooked.echetall a kirel el meiuchet; echetii, imuchet a bail er a techerakl; klalo el kirel el mengai er a techerakl. to be coaxed into doing something; is to be flattered/whetted/sharpened; easily flattered.edongel a chad el di beot el mo oumera a diak le mera el chetengakl; edengii, edengel. to be separated/disassociated (from). to be covered (with blanket, etc.).eleball a kirel el meeleb; mengeleb er ngii, elebii er a bar; dokedekii; smecher a eleball er a bar. to be tried out/challenged.esemall a kirel el measem; meues el mo ungil, kirel mo er a omelasem er a uchei er a bo ltobed; esemii, esemel a ngloik.
idesallv.a.s.(fruit) is to be pared or shredded.idesall a kirel el meiides; bobai a idesall, idesii a bobai, melides er ngii, idesel. about to finish or be over.
ildallv.a.s.(fruit, tapioca, taro, etc.) is to be peeled.ildall a kirel meild; kirel mengai a budel; ildii a brak, imild a diokang, ildel a kukau. to be loosened.imekill a kirel el mo mimokl; imeklii a delibuk, mo diak le kes a lechetel a chim, imeklel. to be rowed, paddled or stirred.isall a kirel el meius; isar a mlai, imus a ilumel, isal. to be held or grasped firmly.isechemall a kirel el musechem; orekedii e kiresii; diak el isechemall a udoud me a chutem. to be surrounded by.iuekill a kirel el miuekl; iueklii a kurangd, meliuekl er a beluu, iueklel. to be opened or cut open.iuochel a kirel el meiuch; meliuch a mengur, imuich a mekebud.
kbekballv.a.s.(house) is to be walled.kbekball a kirel el mekboub; mo er ngii a kboub.
kdemallv.a.s.are to be placed close together in space or time.kdemall a kirel mo mekudem; kudemii, kuudem a sersel a merechorech, kdemel.
kdillv.a.s.kdill a kirel el mekider; kiderii a ngalek, kmider a tebel, kderel a kingall, mengider. to be put or placed down.kdoel a kirel el meked; kmedii a til, kmed a kall, menged er a tebel, kedeel a kall, lochang er a ulaol. to be hung.kebikl a kirel el mekabs; metecherakl, kobsii, kuabs a tuu, kebsel.
kedallv.a.s.(sea cucumber) is to be rolled/rubbed in ashes (to remove bad-tasting outer membrane).kedall a kirel el mekad; kmad a cheremrum, mengad a irimd, ngmai a mekool er a budel; kedil a cheremrum. to be shortened.kedebengall a kirel el mo kedeb; bilek a kedebengall, kodebengii a bail, mengedeb er ngii; kedebengel. to be untied/unfastened.kedekadel a kirel el mekedoked; mengubet, kodekedii a telechull, kodoked a delibuk, kedekedel to be made thicker.kedelsall a kirel el mo kedols; kilungii, mengedols er ngii; mo klou, kodelsii, kedelsel. to be made higher/piled up. to be tamed.kedngiil a kirel el mekedmokl el mo kedung; kudngir a ngalek, kudung, rullii el mo kedung.
kekedallv.a.s.(debt) is to be paid. to be made smaller or reduced in size.kekeringall a kirel el mo kekerei; mengkekerei; kokeringii a blengur, kmekerei a mo delikik el kall, diak le klou, diak luleiis; kekeringil. to be watched over or guided.kekerongel a kirel el mekekar, omes er ngii; me lak le metemall; kokerengii a blil a kelebus, kokar a bangk, mengkar, kekerengel a bang to be scratched (because itchy).kekesuul a kirel el mekekas; mengkas er ngii, kukesur a mekekad, kokas a bedengel, kekesul a bedengel. to be pinched; having long nails or claws.kekuul a kirel el mekuk; kukur, menguk er ngii, kmuk a otengel; diak le kekuul a ngalek. to be jailed.kelebsengall a kirel el mekelebus; kirel el mukringel; kirel el mo er a kelebus, kulebsengii, meringel a kelebsengel. to be cooled down.kelekeltall a kirel mo mekelekolt; mengelekolt, kolekeltii a kelel a ngalek, kolekolt a ilumel; mo diak le mekeald, kelekeltel. to be tickled (lightly).kelemelemall a kirel el meklikl; kirel el mo mekelmolm; mengelemolem er ngii; kileklii. kelemelmel kelemelmel a omengelmolm er ngii; menglikl er a chebesal; kileklii. to be warmed or heated up.kelidel a beot el mo mekeald; soal el mekeald; blai el smengt kelidel. to be cooled. to be sewn up.kemedall a kirel el mekemed; melabek a mechut el klalo; komedii a bail, kuemed, kemedel a bail.
kemengetallv.a.s.kemengetall a mengemanget er ngii; kirel el mo kemanget; komengetii, komanget a chui, mechei el mo mekemanget. to be respected or honored. to be nibbled, munched or bitten.keradel a kirel el mekard; mekiok, mengiok, kordii, bobai a keradel er a beab me a kiuid, kmard, kerdel a bobai.
kerekungv.s.pred.(tide) is about to start rising.kerekung a mochu keriik, kmeda el keriik.
keremallv.a.s.keremall a kirel el mekereomel; mekedmokl, mengereomel a udoud el diak el terrekakl, koremelii a chei, koreomel a kerrekar, keremelel a chad el diak el meterekakl. to be rolled.kereoll a kirel el mekereel; korelii, mengereel a suld, koreel a suld; kerelel a suld. to be hoarded or held on to.keresall a kirel el mekreos; kedmekill, kiresii a ngalek, kireos; a chutem er a Belau; keresall el di kirir a Rechibelau; chutem a kiresall er a rechad er a ngodech el beluu, keresel. to be asked or inquired.keriil a kirel el meker; korir er a udoud, kmer a tekoi, merreder a keriil a tekoi er ngii, keril.
keriollv.a.s.(person) is to be reminded of debt; (loan, etc.) is to be recalled.kerioll a kirel el mekeriil; korilii, mengeriil a medal a udoud; koriil a udoud, blals a kerioll, kerilel. to be pulled, towed or dragged.kersall a krukl; kirel el mekurs; kursii a mlai, otemetii, kmurs a kerrekar. to be decreased or reduced.
kesekakelv.a.s.(fish) is to be caught (with long net).
kesekesengallv.a.s.(chant, lullaby, etc.) is to be sung.kesekesengall a kirel el mekesekes; kosekesengii a ngalek, kesekesengel.
kesiilv.a.s.(coconut or taro) is to be grated or scraped.kesiil a kirel el mekes; menges a lius, kesiil a kles er a klechedaol, kosir, kmes a kles, kesil.
keteketallv.a.s.keteketall a kirel a omengeteket; koteketii, omekioud, koteket a mlai, mengeteket, keteketel.
ketitallv.a.s.ketitall a kirel el meketiit; meakl a techel er a budel; mengetiit, kitiit a miich, kititel. to be straightened up, arranged, cleaned or prepared.
kidbengallv.a.s.kidbengall a kirel el mekedib kidbengii a bduu; mengedib er ngii
kidetallv.a.s.kidetall a kirel el mekidet; debokl; medebes.
kidiballv.a.s.are to be called together.
kiikiallv.a.s.kiikiall a soal el mekiok er a beab; mengiok; kiikiel. to be absolved, purified or emptied.kikidall a kirel el mekikiid; mo klikiid, mo beches, kikidii a beluu, kmikiid a blai, kikidel.
kikiullv.a.s.(distance or course) is to be swum.
kilmeklallv.a.s.kilmeklall a kirel el mekelmekl; mengelmekl er a rengul; oserechii a rengul; kilmeklel. to be enlarged or increased in size.kilungall a kirel el mo klou; osarech a rengmiu; menglou, mo kiei a rengmiu; rengud a rechad a kilungall, kilungii a rengum, mo diak el sebek a rengum; kilungel a reng.
kimekmallv.a.s.kimekmall a beot el medebes; di sebechel a uingel el kimekil el dobesii; kimokm a besebes.
kimekmallv.a.s.(string, cord, etc.) is to be bitten and broken. to be grabbed and thrown down; is to be overpowered.kimetengall a kirel mekimut; koimetengii, mitekelengii, nguu el tilechii.
kimungallv.a.s.(person) is to have head shaven.kimungall a kirel el mekemuu; metamk a bdelul, kimungii el mo diak a chiul, klemuu, kimungel. to be sat upon. to be dug; is to be opened or unlocked; (clock, watch) is to be wound.kiokl a kirel el mekiis; kiesii el mo delluchel, kmiis a chutem, mengiis er ngii, mesib. to be pressed with fingers and massaged; is to be pressed against surface with fingers; is to be softened.kitall a kirel mekit; mengit er ngii; omet el mesisiich. to be picked with pole; is to be attracted/seduced.kiuall a kirel el mekaiu; koiuii a iedel, kmaiu a meradel; melai er a bab el oba kaiu. to be carried/cradled.kiukuall a kirel el mekuoku; kiukuii a ngalek, menguoku er ngii, tolechoi a kiukuall, kiukuel. about to sit.kiung a kiei.
kiutallv.a.s.(weeds; grass) is to be cut; (garden; village; road; etc.) is to be cleaned up. to be pinched (with fingernails). to be grabbed at and squeezed or kneaded; (taro patch) is to be prepared. about to get near or close.kmedung a kmedang.
kmudelv.a.s.(hair) is to be cut; (shrubs, etc.) are to be trimmed; (string, etc.) is to be cut.kmudel a kirel el mekimd; chiuk a kmudel; buuch a mla tuobed a bngal me ng kmudel; kirel el mekimd, kemdel.
koesengallv.a.s.(plants) are to be fertilized.koesengall a kirel el mekoeas; locha ramek; koesengii, mengoeas er ngii.
kongallv.a.s.(boat) is to be placed on supports.kongall a kirel el mekoi; mo er a koi; mlai a kongall.
kordungv.i.pred.kordung a mochu imuul; kordu er a skoki.
ksekiklv.a.s.(tapioca) is to be grated; (tapioca) requires grating before boiling.ksekikl a cherduch el diokang el di kirelel meksous; diak el chedelumel.
kseksallv.a.s.(metal, wood, etc.) is to be filed.kseksall a ksekikl; kirel el meksous.
ksmedallv.a.s.(fish) is to be choked. to be chopped with clam-shell ax.ksomel a kirel el mekisem; mecheduib, mengisem er ngii; ksemel. to be dammed or delayed.kudall a kirel el mekaud; melecha kaud, koudii a ralm, kmaud a bong, kudel. to be carried/cradled.kuekuall a kirel el mekuoku; kiukuii a ngalek, kiuoku a babirengel, kiukuel.
ldaolv.a.s.(woman) is to have sexual intercourse.ldaol a ldall.
lebeluulv.a.s.(hands) are to be washed/dunked in water.lebeluul a kirel el melebal; mellib; ngalek a lebeluul a chimal, lobelur, lobal, meriso, lebelul a chimal. to be sawed.lecheluchel a lechelechall. to be put/taken.lechengaol a kirel el modars; kles a lechengaol er a bai; loiang, lochang.
lechidelv.a.s.(string; cord; wire; etc.) is to be broken.lechidel a lechedall. to be tied or wrapped.lechotel a lechetall. to be written/drawn.lechukl a kirel el meluches; luchesii a babier, lmuches a ildisel a udoud; lechesel. to be advised/warned. to be stretched out or placed lengthwise.
lemelemallv.a.s.(long object) is to be laid down lengthwise; (work, schooling, etc.) is to be completed; is to be accomplished; (path, stream, etc.) is to be followed.lemelemall a kirel melemolem; diak lemeterob, urreor a lemelemall, lomelemii a urreor; lomolem, lemelemel. to be borrowed.lengiil a bedoel; kirel el meleng; kirel obed a udoud el mo cheral a mlai; lengiil a udoud er a bank. to have hole punched/opened in it.lingall a kirel meling; bsebsall, lingir a beached; msebsii a bechad el mo lling. to have meat removed fromit.liochel a kirel el meliich; mengai a techel er a ulekngall; lius a liochel, liechii, lmiich, lichel.
lkiilv.a.s.(bottom of pot; basket) is to be lined with leaves; etc.lkiil a kirel el melik; loia lkil; likir a chelais er a ngimes, lmik, lkil. about to cry.longelung a mochu lmangel.
ltukelv.a.s.(someone) is to be remembered (because he will be a titled person).ltukel a kirel a omelatk; ungil a omerellel el chad a ltukel; klou a omelatk el kirel; kedung el chad a ltukel, ltkel. about to return or do again.
mechikungv.s.pred.goodbye (said to someone preparing to leave).mechikung a mechikang.
mechiseksektungv.erg.pred. about to die or go out.medkung a kmeed el mad; mochu er a kodall; kmal smecher.
melechelbungv.t.pred. about to talk.melekingung a mochu melekoi. about to close.mengesmerung a mochu mengesimer; kmeed el mengesimer.
mengetemungv.erg.pred. about to come or arrive.
merolungv.pred.merolung a kmedu el merael; skoki a tobedung, ng merolung.
mochu about to finish. about to go.mochung a kmeed el mong; ke mochung? ak mochung.
ngbatelv.a.s.(clothes; etc.) are to be taken off; is to be pulled out/freed/absolved.ngbatel a kirel el mengubet; mekedoked a lechetel; ngubetii er a cheliseksikd; nguubet a okul; a ouak a ngbatel. to be ironed/planed.ngebakel a kirel el mengabek; ngobekii a bail; nguabek a kerrekar; ngebekel.
ngebtallv.a.s.(newborn baby) is to have membrane washed off. to be seen/sent off; is to be returned/sent back; (bride) is to be brought to prospective husband's family.ngedall a kirel mengader; ngedall er a blil a chebechiil; ngoderii a ngelekel; merader a lleng el olekang; ngederel. to be smoothed or stroked. to be climbed on. to be licked. to be bailed. to be washed off or mopped.ngemodel a kirel el mengemed; ngomedii a ulaol; nguemed a tebel, melemed; ngemedel.
ngemullv.a.s.(grass; garden; yard; etc.) is to be cut.ngemull a kirel el mengaml; ngomlii a mekesokes, nguaml a rael, melaml; ngemlel. to be hoisted. to be divided, separated or moved out of the way; (wood) is to be removed from fire.ngesekill a kirel mengesakl; melsakl, idungel a ngesekill; ngosakl; mo chacheroid; ngeseklel. to be helped/assisted. to be reduced in number/subtracted.ngesuul a kirel el mengas; melas; diak lengesuul a ulechucher el udoud, ngosur, ngmai, ngesul. to be cleaned, scrubbed or washed.ngetachel a kirel el mengatech; ngotechii; ngmatech a mlai; ngetechel. to be chosen or elected. to be lifted out of water. to be danced.ngikall a kirel el meloik er ngii; ngera el ngloik a ngikall? karkimenai me a ngera a ngikall?
ngikallv.a.s.(excrement) is to be removed. to be extracted; is to be picked or pulled out.ngimersall a kirel el mengmors; melmors a ochur; ngimersii a kot, ngimors, ngimersel.
ngisallv.a.s.(ongraol) is to be cooked or boiled in water; (tapioca) just ripe for boiling.ngisall a kirel el mengiokl; ngisall a ongraol er a kebesengei el diokang. to be brought/taken/received.ngiuul a kirel el mengai; nguu, ngmai, udoud a ngiuul er a bank.
ngkedallv.a.s.(fine) is to be paid.ngkedall a kirel el nguu a nguked; kirel a odanges; msa ngkedel.
ngkodelv.a.s.(fishnet) is to be made.ngkodel a kirel el mengiked; uked er a mekebud a ngkodel; ngikedii, ngmiked a uked. to be transported or moved. about to submerge; (lamp) is about to go down. to be changed. to be prayed to.ngunguchall a kirel el mengunguuch; ngunguchii me le cheridii er a rrom; ngunguchall el mo soal el mo er a skuul; ngunguchel.
obecheklungv.erg.pred.obecheklung a kmeed el obechakl.
obedebedungv.pred.obedebedung a kmeed el obedobed
obekengungv.erg.pred.obekengung a kmeed el obok.
obeketungv.erg.pred.obeketung a kmeed el oboket.
obkobkungv.erg.pred.obkobkung a kmeed el obkobk.
obngungv.s.pred.obngung a mochu chuob; uleiull a obngung.
obridungv.erg.pred.obridung a kmeed el obriid. to be put upside down; is to be turned face down.ochebecheball a kirel el mochebecheb; omechebecheb er a dengarech; mechebecheb a olekang; ochebechebel a olekang.
ochebelallv.a.s.ochebelall a kirel el mochubel; kirel el moitel; oleitel er ngii; idokel el ralm a ochebelall; olechubel. to be deflected or avoided; (teeth of saw) are to be restored.ochebiil a kirel el mochib; diak msbechii er ngii; oiur, olechib er ngii; imiit er ngii; ochebir a uetech. to be brought to surface of water.ochebngall a kirel el mochob; mei er a bab; olechob er a mlai, ochebngii a ert el mei er a bebul a daob; ochebngel. to be asked for persistently. to be made to stand; is to be built. to be cut with scissors; is to be picked up with tongs.ocheduall a kirel el mochadu; bail a ocheduall; omechadu er ngii.
ochelallv.a.s.(fish) is to be scaled.
ochemillv.a.s.(fish or tapioca) is to be tied and wrapped. to be bought.ocheraol a kirel el mochar; omechar a kall; skuul a ocheraol; ralm a ocheraol; mecherar, mechar, ocheral. to be counted or included.ocherengaol a ocherengall.
ocheroallv.a.s.(turtle) is to be turned face up; (clothes) are to be turned inside out.ocheroall a kirel el mochero; mechereuii, uel a ocheroall; mo dengarech; ocherouel. to be taken to the toilet.ochertall a kirel el mochert; olechert, ochertii a ngalek; chemei; ochertel. to be filled with liquid.ocheruul a kirel el mokeek, ralm a ocheruul er a butiliang; mesuk er a chelsel; mecherur a ollumel; ocherul. to be advanced past or defeated. to be lifted up or revealed.ochiball a kirel mochiib; mochederiib, klalo er a skoki a ochiball el kirel a skel a mekngit el kar; ochidall, ochibel. to be messed up.ochidall a kirel el mochoid, mochetekl, klalo er a skoki a ochidall el osiik a mekull er a llach el klalo. to be chased away. to be emptied.ochisall a kirel el mochis; diak el ochisall a ollumel, di kirel el ngar ngii a ilumel; ochisir a klengoes.
ochisallv.a.s.(new) is to be announced or told. to be put to sleep. to be shown or revealed.ochotall a kirel el mocholt; oterul a mekngit el kar a ochotall er a bulis; ochotii. to be looked for.ochudall a kirel el mochoud; olechoud, osiik; kall me a udoud a ochudall; ochoud, ochudii, ochudel.
ochuillv.a.s.(someone's glance or attention) is to be attracted; is to be called out to. to be pushed.odbechall a kirel modubech; kirel el mosesei; olsesei er ngii; oldubech, mlai a odbechall, odbechii, odubech, odbechel. to be dropped through hole; is to be delayed. to be chased or run after; is to be caught with or fought (with).odekedekall a kirel el modekedek; kirel el moreked; orekedii, odekedekii a merechorech, odekedek, odekedekel.
odekiaolv.a.s.are to be added together, unified or joined.odekiaol a kirel el modak; oldak, uldak, odekiar, odak a kakerous el uldasu; reng a odekiaol, diak lodekial el chad. to be dipped into water.odeleball a morsors er a daob; kirel moduleb; odelebii; olduleb er a daob, odelebel. to be fought.odelechekill a chelebodel; kirel modechelakl; odelecheklii; odechelakl a mekngit el omeruul, odecheleklel. to be sent or thrown down slope; is to be sailed downwind.odengelengelall a kirel modengelengel; odengelengel a kerrekar er a taoch. to be praised or honored; praiseworthy.odengesall a kirel a chetengakl; kirel el modanges; odengesii a ungil merreder; odanges, odengesel. to be pushed or forced (under water, into ground, etc.). to be lifted up.odersall a kirel modars; chim a odersall el mo er a chad el olengeseu; oderdsii, odars a chimal; odersel. to be told/asked/encouraged to do something; is to be sent on an errand. to be sent.oderukill a kirel el modurokl; odureklii a kall, odurokl a udoud; odureklel. to be relieved from pain; overwork; etc.odeseball a kirel el modoseb; mo duoseb; oldoseb, chad a odeseball a rengul; mo ungil a rengul; odesebii, odoseb, odesebel a reng. to be made happy/pleased. to be shouted or yelled to.odiaol a kirel el modiu; oldiu, olecholt; ouchais; odiu a belduchel; odiul a udoud. to be filled to overflowing; is to be poured out.odibsebsall a kirel el mokeek; mo mui; odibsebsii a ralm er a ngeliokl; subsii; odibsebsel. to be loaded into (boat, etc.).odiderekill a kirel el modiderekl; oltak; olengasech; odiderekl er a ert, odidereklii; odidereklel. to be banished, exiled or sent away.odikall a kirel el modik; odikii; tuobed er a delengchokl; odik, odkikel. to have odoim added to it; is to be given odoim. to be overdone.odirekerekall a kirel el mo direkorek; oldirekorek; oisur; betok; mo medeel, cheleberochel a uldirekorek el kall. to be made to move; (person) is to be made active.odkelall a kirel el modikel; mesaik a odkelall, odkelii; rullii el mo ouedikel; odkelel. to be made to appear. to be visited.odngelall a kirel el modingel; odngelii a smecher, odingel a blai; odngelel; omes. to be rushed against.oechedall a kirel el moeached; omech; orreched; orechudel; oechedii, oechedall a dolech, oechedel. to be broken or smashed through.oibekall a kirel el moiubek; tmoech er a bitang; kboub a oibekall, oibekii, oiubek, oibekel. to be sneaked away or hidden from.oibngall a kirel el moiub; oudur; ngalek a oibngall, oibngii, oiub, oibngel; mengeuid er ngii. to be copied, translated or transferred.oidall a kirel el moiuid; mutechei; chutem a oidall, oidii, oiuid a ngakl, oidel. to be deflected or turned away.oietall a kirel moiit; oleiit, oietii, oiit a telechull; nguu el mei er a eou; meluchel a oietall, oietel. to be lowered; (boat) is to be moved out to deep water; (food) is to be brought to meteet.oimimall a kirel el moimoim; oimimii a bilas el mo er a dmolech; oimoim, olimoim, oimimel; mo er a eou. oimimel; oimimel a oimoim er ngii; olimoim. to be dodged. to be won or beaten.oingetchall a kirel el moingatech; oingatech; diak el oingetechall a kall. to be shown or instructed.oisechall a kirel el moisech; mocholt; oisech a siliseb el udoud; oisechii; ocholt; oisechel.
oitallv.a.s.(liquid) is to be poured (into container).
oiuelallv.a.s.oiuelall a kirel el moiuul; nga er a bita el mo er a bitang; oiuelii a mlai, oiuul a ngakl; ngmai el locha er a ngodech; oiuelel.
okallv.a.s.okall a kirel el mokang; okelall; mekelii; mekang, okall a ngalek, okelel; msa kelel. to be placed or set rightside up; is to be turned face up. to be let to hang down.okebesall a kirel el mokabes; chetakl a okebesall, okebesii, okabes a chetakl, okebesel. to be restrained/held back.okebiil a kirel el mokebai; meterob; buik a okebiil er a oterul a mekngit el kar; okebir. to be brought near.okedall a kirel el mokeed; olekeed; okedii a ocheraol, okeed, okedel. to be carried or transmitted with care; fragile; (person, thing, matter, problem) delicate; (person, situation) requiring special care.okedeldaol a kirel el kerekikl er ngii; mukedelad; meringel kedmekill; ngalek a okedeldaol, mekedeldar, mekedelad, okedeldal a ngalek. to be laid, put or knocked down; is to be put to bed.okedusall a kirel el mokedurs; mechiuaiu, smecher a okedusall, mekedusii a ngalek, mekedurs, okedusel. to be filled up. to be awakened. to be fed or made to eat.okelall a okall.
okengelallv.a.s.okengelall a kirel el mokeangel; okengelii a chad; okeangel a kerrekar. to be lighted.okeradel a kirel el mokard; mekerdii a olbidel; mekard, okerdel. to be unloaded.okerdall a okerodel. to be awakened. to be raised or cultivated. to be controlled; (price) is to be lowered.okesebechall a kirel el mokesebech; omekesebech, mekesebechii a medal; mekesebech, okesebechel.
okesebekillv.a.s.(fingers) are to be snapped; (hands) are to be clapped.okesebekill a kirel el mokesebakl; okesebakl a chimal; okesebeklii; okesebeklel. to be tightened.okesengall a kirel el mokes; okesengii a lechet, okes; okesengel. to be compared, copied, imitated, made the same, evened out, or mixed through; is to be matched (by other half or part).okesiaol a kirel el mokesiu; mekesiur, mekesiu, okesiul; mo osisiu. to be copied or imitated or made the same. to be arranged or put in a proper place. to be consumed; is to be used or eaten up.okidall a kirel el mokiid; okiid; mo diak; okidel. to be transported or brought.okikall a kirel el mokiik; olekik; okiik a kall er a ocheraol. to be seated or appointed.
okioklv.a.s.okiokl a kirel mokiis; okisii a smecher, okiis; a ngalek a okiokl; okisel; diak di lengii el mo dengchokl. to be consumed or used up.okngemedall a kirel el mokngemed; kirel mo diak; nguemed, usbechel a mekngit el kar a okngemedall. to be killed.okodall a kirel el mokoad; mad; babii a okodall; ngmai a telil; mekodir, mekoad, okodil. to be called.okodongall a kirel el mokedong; mekedongii, mekedong; oleker to be embarrassed. to be anchored.
olengellungv.i.pred.olengellung a mochu olengull.
oluatelv.a.s.oluatel a kirel el moluut; chutem a oluatel el mo er a ouchutem er ngii; oluut, olutii, olutel. to be returned or sent back.olutall a oluatel.
omechelungv.t.pred.omechelung a mochu omuchel. about to drive.omekellung a mochu omekall.
omesilungv.i.pred.omesilung a mochu a omesoil. about to spear.omrechung a omurech e kung, mochu omurech. to be tempted, teased or seduced.ongbesall a kirel el mongibes; rebis a ongbesall er a klebokel el ngloik, mo sorir; nguibes er a ungil el dil, ongbesel. to be dropped down from tree; (restriction) is to be removed.ongchengchall a kirel el mongchongch; ongchengchii a bul er a uel; mo diak a bul el telkib, ongchengchel. to be pushed under water; (wick of lamp) is to be turned down.ongebetall a kirel el mongebeet; mo kekerei e mo er eou; olengebeet a ngeriu er a seked. to be carried or transported. to be sunk (into soft ground).ongeltall a olsiseb er a chelsel, kirel el mongelt, dait a ongeltall er a chutem, ongeltii. to be pushed out with effort.ongemekall a kirel mongemek, ongemek er a dechil; ngemekel a cheroll; ongemekii. to be carried or transported.ongemiil a kirel el mongemai; ongkdall, olngemai a kall, ongemir a ilumel el mo er a bai. to be stared at. to be lowered by sliding.ongengedall a kirel el monganged el mei er eou; ongengedii, olenganged, ongengedel a kerrekar. to be lowered or demoted; is to be held or kept back.ongengetall a kirel el mo er eou; mo er a uriul; monganget, mesaik a ongengetall a ududel el mo rredemelel a urrereel; ongengetel. to be raised, sued or ascended.ongesechall a kirel el mongasech el mo er a bab; ongesechii, ongesechel a tax; ongesechall a kirel el mongasech ongesechii a olterau a ice, ongesechel er a kort.
ongesechekillv.a.s.ongesechekill a kirel el mongasech; ongesechii a merechorech er a kort.
ongesechekillv.a.s.(pants, etc.) are to be pulled up; is to be moved up to particular position; is to be praised or elevated.ongesechekill a kirel el mongesechekl; rredemelel a mo er a bab; ongesecheklii, ongesecheklel. to be controlled, reduced, limited. to be obeyed.ongesengesall a kirel el morenges, llach er a buai a ongesengesall.
ongesengesallv.a.s.ongesengesall a kirel el mo kesai; chad er a ngodech el beluu a ongesengesall er a Belau.
ongidallv.a.s.(food) is to be given or exchanged ceremonially.ongidall a kirel el mongoid; ongoid, diak el ongidall a chutem er a telungalek. to be pushed down or made fall; is to be torn down.ongkengkall a kirel el mongkangk; ongkangk a mechut el blai el me er a chutem; ongkengkii a chutem el mei er rael; ongkengkel. to be lowered slowly and carefully.ongmengmall a kirel el mongmongm; ongmongm a cheremrum, ongmengmel, a cheremrum. to be whistled to.ongokall a kirel el mongaok ongaok a ngaok, ongokel. to be begged or asked for.ongtiall a kirel el mongit; ongtil a udoud, ongtiall a udoud el ngeso er a reberriid er a eolt. to be cut down (to size).orebatel a orebet; orrebet. to be dropped.orebetall a kirel el morebet; orebet a mengur; orebetii, orebetel. to be rushed.orechedall a orechudel; kirel el mereched, orechedii a mlai, oreched a kles; orechedel. to be sunk.orecherechall a kirel el morechorech; locha er a chelsel a daob; orechorech a mechut el diall; orecherechel. to be rushed; urgent; emergency situation.orechudel a orechedall. to be pushed sideways.orekerekall a kirel el morekorek; orekorek a chutem; odubech el mong; orekerekel el mei.
orekerekallv.a.s. to be held onto or grasped.orekodel a kirel el moreked; orekodel a ngalek; omerael a orekodel e le eolt a meses, orked
oremkallv.a.s.(boat, etc.) is to be weighed down.oremkall a kirel el morumek; mo ruumk; oremkii a bilas, orumek a ert er a rechad, oremkel. to be urged or forced. to be heard or listened to.orengesall a kirel el morenges a tekingel; merreder a beluu a orengesall; remenges a llach, el. orengesel a llach. to be touched (lightly).oreokel a di moreek e tochetech; di moreek e lmangel.
oridallv.a.s.(someone's) departure is to be awaited.oridall a kirel el moriid; mo dibus; olterau a ice a oridall er a beluu; odkikall. to be chased out, expelled or gotten rid of.orikall a kirel el moriik, oriik a bilis, orikii a merechorech, orikel.
orolallv.a.s.(animal) is to be led; (boat, car etc.) is to be driven.orolall a oreall, orolel. to be made to run.orretall a kirel el morurt; skuul er a kldachelbai a orretall, orretii el mo ungil, orurt a osisechakl er a usaso, orretel. to be drowned or made to sink.orsersall a kirel el morsors, locha er a bertakl; orsersii a mechut el diall, orechorech, orsersel. to be drowned.orsngall a kirel el moros; orros, olduleb, orsngii, diak el orsngall a charm; orsngel.
ortertallv.a.s.(desire) is to be suppressed; is to be pushed into ground.ortertall a kirel el mortert; mengai el mo er eou; ortert a mekedidai el chutem; ortertii a kldidiul a rengul, ortertel a reng. to be made to fly.osebekall a kirel el mosebek, osebekii, osebek a skoki, osebekel. to be saved, rescued or taken care of.osebelall a kirel el mosobel, urrechorech el dial! a osebelall a rechad, osebelii, osobel, osebelel. to be stuffed into; is to be held in narrow space.osechesechall a kirel el mosechesech; mo medechel er a ulsechesech; osechesechii, berotel el klalo a osechesechall.
osekedallv.a.s.osekedall a kirel el moseked; delemerab er a skuul a osekedall; diak le kirel el medidai; osekedel. to be held or pressed down.osengeball a kirel el mosongeb, kud a osengeball, osengebii, olsongeb, osengebel. to be allowed to go hungry.osengerengerall a kirel el mosengerenger; uasech a osengerengerall el mo urrekerek; osengerengerel. to be pressed down or pinned onto.oserechall a kirel el mosarech; oserechii a bdelul a smecher, osarech a meringel er a bedengel, oserechel a smecher. to be squeezed or pressed.osesall a kirel el mouet; kirel el moseos, omeseos, lius a osesall, meseos; omet, osesel a lius. to be moved a little bit or ways.osesengall a kirel el mosesei; olsesei el mong; telkib el odubech.
osiaolv.a.s.(drawer, suitcase, etc.) is to be closed; (clothes) are to have seam sewn; (fire) is to be fed.
osichallv.a.s.(nut, screw) is to be tightened.osichall a kirel el mosiich, osiich a seraub, osichii a rengul er a soal el kall, osichel.
osisallv.a.s.(money) is to be pawned or pledged; is to be leaned against.osisall a kirel el mosirs; mo smirs er a kingall; osirs a biskang el mo diak el ulukel; osisel. to be put, pushed or forced in.osiseball a kirel el mosiseb; oltuu, mekull el diak el osiseball a ice er a Belau. to be taught, instructed, trained.osisechekill a kirel el mosisechakl; osisecheklii, metitur a osischekill, osisechakl el kirel a metitur; osisecheklel. to be pushed vigorously.oskeskall a kirel el moskosk; kirel elmodubech; oskeskii a cheltelaol el otebedii, cheltelaol a oskeskall; oskeskel. to be seen or looked at.osongel a kirel el moes; mes a ngloik, omes a ruk, smecher a mo er a osongel; osengel. to be taken out.otebedall a kirel el motobed el mo er a kirel, otebedii er a delengchokl, otobed, otebedel. to be placed on raised surface.otebengall a kirel el motab; oltab er a remeleboteb, otebengii e merolung, otebengel. to be pierced or drilled through.otechall a kirel el motoech, otechii a ungil el uldasu, otoech a mederir, otechel. to be made to lean to side; is to be capsized. to be pushed into water.otebechekill a kirel el motechebekl, melechebekl, otebecheklii a lechet, otebecheklel. to be made to give up.otechedall a kirel el motoched; otechedii, oltoched er ngii er a meringel el tekoi; rullii el tmoched, diak el ungil el otechedall a chad. to be deflected or detained.otechekill a kirel el motechakl; metecheklii e kudmeklii a terruaol, omtechakl er a diak a blil, otecheklel.
otechukillv.a.s.otechukill a kirel el motuchakl; oltuchakl er a meleboteb e kudmeklii e mekelii; otucheklel. to be opposed or gone against. to be taken out of water.otekerekill a kirel el otekerekl; odikii, ongesechii; otekereklii er a mesei, otekereklel er a mesei. to be carried aboard/transported in vehicle.otekiall a kirel el motak; rengalek er a skuul a otekiall; oltak er tir er a mlai er a skuul. to be held in lap; (house) is to be supported (by foundation; etc.).otekuul a kirel el motekau; oltekau, ngalek a otekuul; otekul a ngalek. to be accused/suspected.otelechekill a kirel el motelechakl; chad a di ngii el omekedong a otelechakl; otelecheklii e le ng mlo tmuu er a diak el blil; otelecheklel. to have something put on top of it.otelochel a olsechall el beot el moltilech er ngii; eungel a berikd el lius a otelochel. to be pulled at; is to be drawn tight/taut.otematel a kirel el motamet, kirel el mekurs; oltamet a kerrekar, kursii, otemetii a chimal, otemetel. to be poked/stuck out.otemengall a kirel el motom; olecholt, otom a mederir er a urreor, otom a mederir er a mechesang, otemeel. to be taken/brought down.otengelall a kirel el motengel; otengel a kall el mei er eou; otengelii a bangderang. to be raped.oterebekall a kirel el moterebek; mekull ng diak el oterebekall a rechad; oterebekii, oterebekel. to be made to slip.oterechall a rullii el mo ketiterachel; kirel el motorech; diak el oterechall a rael; otorech, oterechel. to be argued down; is to be moored; is to be ask permission.oterekall a oterukel; kirel el moturek; olturek, nguu a kengei; oterekall a merreder, oterekel; oterekall a kirel el moturek, oturek a blulekngel; rullii el tmurek; oterekel a ngerel. to be entrusted to someone; is to be given for safekeeping; (specific time) is to be set; trustworthy.oterekekill a kirel el moterkokl; oterkeklii a omsangel, oterekokl a blai, oterekeklel a ngalek. to be followed/pursued. to be pressed down/crushed.oteremedall a kirel el moteremed cheremrum a oteremedall, oteremed. to be sold or given away; for sale. to be made to ejaculate or brought to climax.otidall a kirel el motiid; rullii el otobed a tiid, tidel. to be laid down.otilall a kirel el motuil; otuil a tekoi er a merreder, otilel. to be chased.otirall a oteil.
otitechallv.a.s.otitechall a kirel el motitech; otitechii, diak el otitechall a chad er a chetemel.
otitengedallv.a.s.otitengedall a kirel el motitenganged, otitengedii a kerrekar el mo er eou. to be rejected, returned, declined or pushed back.otngekill a kirel el motngakl, oltngakl e rngii, otngakl; otngeklel. to be pressed/squeezed. to be included.otongall a kirel el motoi; oltoi, oldak, blengur a otongall a ongraol me a kliou me a rodech me a iasai er ngii; otongel. to be degraded, insulted or slandered.otuball a kirel a motuub; otubii a sechelil, omerellel a kirel a otuub; oltuub er a cheldecheduch, otubel. to be made to enter or to put into.otungall a kirel el motuu; otungii a meleboteb, otuu a klalo, otungel.
otutallv.a.s.(spear, gun, etc.) is to be aimed at target; (law) is to be enforced; (fire) is to be lighted; (job) is to be started; is to be hooked.otutall a kirel el motaut; otaut a llechul a rael, otutii a ngau, llechul a rael a otutall; otutel. to be told on or accused. to be suckled, nursed, given milk.otutuul a kirel el motut; msa tul; tolechoi a otutuul, otutur, otutul. to be carried on the back or held behind the back.otuull a kirel el motour; oturii a ngalek, otour a babier, ngalek a otuull, oturel.
rdallv.a.s.(flowers, etc.) are to be picked.
rdechallv.a.s.blosech a omerolel a rdechall; rodechii a ilengelakl el kmo, ak milsekau el tiluu er a blik me ke rirechorech a ududek; merodech er ngii.
rdimelv.a.s.redimel a kirel el meridm; ridmii a tuu, ruidm, rdmel a tuu,
reallv.a.s.(particular distance) is to be walked, traveled or covered.reall a kirel el merael; ng reall a kekemanget e mochu er a Ngerechelong; remolii. to be groped at.rebekall a kirel el merebek; ochab er a chemang a rebekall; robekii el oba orebek; ruebek, rebekel. to be groped for.reberebekall a kirel el mereberebek; merreuaech el osiik er ngii. to be stolen.recherechail a recheruchel; kirel el merechorech; babii a recherechall. to be moved, readied or set in order.rechuul a kirel el merech; udesuall, siokel a rolel, rochur a blil a melekdik a delengchokl; rechuul a delengcheklel.
redallv.a.s.(child) is to be adopted; (pot) is to be lifted from fire. to be tried or aimed at blindly.
redekekillv.a.s.(distance) is to be jumped. to have handle put on; is to be installed or attached. to be stepped on; (bicycle) is to be peddled.
rediilv.a.s.(wound) is to be irritated. to be broken into pieces or smaller denomination; (money) is to be exchanged. to be finished (completely).rekiaol a kirel el merekui; urreor a di rekiaol kung; mochu merek. to be picked up out of pot.rekill a kirel el mengakr; ngeliokl a rekill; merakl, ngmakr a ngeliokl; mla mengakr. to be squeezed (out), grasped or clutched. to be poked at; (food) is to be tested.remesall a kirel el merumes; kukau a remesall; rumesii, ruumes. to be kneaded.remotel a kirel meremet; rometii, ruemet a belsiich; brak a remotel; remetel. to be mixed.remuul a kirel meram; kirel el modak, romur, ruam, kall a remuul er a sukal, remul a kall.
rengallv.a.s.rengall a reongel; kirel el mereu, mengai a klemanget me a teu. to be chewed or crushed.rengetall a kirel el meringet; ringetii a kall, rengotel, reminget; rengetel.
rengodelv.a.s.(long objects) are to be tied together.rengodel a kirel el merenged; rongedii a chebechiil, ungil el deleongel er a Merikel me a Belau a rengodel; rengedel.
rengsallv.a.s.(hair) is to be pomaded.rengsall a kirel merenguus; mekedelial el chui a rengsall, runguus, rengsel.
rerongelv.a.s.(food) is to be heated so as not to spoil; (hands, etc.) are to be warmed over or next to fire. just about to leave.riedung a merolung; kmeed el remiid. to be collected/gathered and transported. to be swept.riokel a kirel el meriik; besbas a riokel; riekii a blai; remiik a besbas; rikel a rael. to be collected or gathered and transported.riomel a kirel el meriim; kloleklel a riomel, riemii, reuiim; ngmai el rokui el otobed; riemel. to be shaken.ririuul a kirel el meririau; berikd el iedel a ririuul; ririur me ng ruebet a rdechel. to be fanned.riueruall a kirel el meruoru, msa eolt; riueruii a smecher; riueruel. about to fall.robetung kmeed el ruebet; robetung er a skoki. about to drown.rosngung a kmeed el remos; remos kung.
rsachelv.a.s.(food, betel nut, medicine) is to be pounded; is to be punched.rsachel a kirel el merusech; kukau a rsachel; remusech a belsiich. to be sewn. to be washed or rinsed off. to be pierced, stabbed, injected or inoculated. to be touched.rtachel a mo rutechii; kirel el merutech; delenguchel a rtachel er a rurt; rutechii; rtechel. to be pounded, smashed or crushed.rtangel a kirel el merot; medal a biskang a rtangel, rotengii, remot.
rucherchungv.pred. to be divided up or distributed.ruikl a biongel; kirel el merous; rusel a kall; ruikl er a beluu. to be made/done/prepared/repaired.ruoll a kedmekill; kirel el meruul; kles a ruoll, rullii, remuul. about to run.rurtung a mochu remurt; kolekelung. to be divided up/distributed.rusall a reuikl; biongel, kirel merous.
rusersungv.pred. to be told or informed.sbadel a kirel el mesubed; beluu a sbadel er a urreor; subedii a beluu, sbedel a urreor.
sballv.a.s.(ground) is to be broken, plowed or dug. to be broken open.
sbedallv.a.s.(coconut tree) is to have cut re-opened to re-initiate sap flow.
sbochelv.a.s.(branches, etc.) are to be broken off.sbochel a kirel el mesibech; mengai el mei er eou; rechelel a iedel a sbochel, sibechii, suibech a rachel, sbechel to be snapped/pecked at; is to be harvested. to be defended or helped.sebechekill a kirel el mesebechakl, sobecheklii, odesebii, ngoseuir, buik a sebechekill, sebecheklel. to be tried on, adjusted or equalized. to be kicked.sebokel a kirel el mesebek; osebokel er a rrat a sebokel; roderdii, sobekii, suebek, sebekel. to be sprinkled, sprayed or watered.sebsall a sbukl; kirel el mesubs; suubs a dellomel, subsii, melubs er a ralm; sebsel. to be jerked/pulled.sechaol a kirel el mesuch; suchar a chimal, smuch, diak el sechaol a chimal a ngalek e le ng moudach. to be pulled at/pressed.sechedall a kirel mesuched; suchedii a ulul, diak el sechedall a chad, smuched a bedengel, sechedel. to be tied or bound.sechedekill a kirel mesechedekl; melibuk, sichedeklii a okul a ert; sichedekl a ouak, sechedeklel. to be propped open.sechesall a kirel el mesuches; suchesii, meluches, baiong a sechesall; smuches. to be pecked at. to be ladled out.secheseball a kirel mesecheseb; mengisb a ralm; sochesebii, socheseb a ralm, melecheseb; sechesebel. to be stuffed; (gun) is to be cocked or set.sechesechall a kirel mesechesech; locha kelel a boes; melechesech, sochesech a bosir, sechesechel.
sechesechallv.a.s.(solid food) is to be bitten into.
sechesekillv.a.s.(distance) is to be jumped.sechesekill a beot el mesechesokl; suchesokl er ngii; merdekekl er ngii.
sechudelv.a.s.temporarily crippled (by muscle cramp, etc.).sechudel a rekdel a ouach; mekngit el merael; tingoi a ochil; sechedelel. to be torn or dismembered. to be propositioned or proposed.sedomel a sedemall. to be squeezed in or crowded out.sekedall a kirel mo meseked; sokedii, Babeldaob a sekedall er a rechad er a Belau; smeked. to be cut, sliced or flattered; (pig) is to be castrated.sekesakel a kirel mesekosek; babii a sekesakel; sokesekii, sokosek, sekesekel; omodk. to be crawled or crept over.sekesekoall a kirel el mesekesako; melekesako er ngii; kongesachel el rael a sekesekoall.
sektallv.a.s.(raft) is to be made; (logs, etc.) are to be tied side by side.
seldallv.a.s.seldall a kirel el mesuld; suldii a ulaol; smuld a tebel. to be washed. to be stuck or pricked. to be tied shut.semesemall a semesamel. to be shaken. to be bidden farewell or given divorce payment; is to be refused gracefully. to be husked by hand.semikel a kirel el mesamk; mengai a semkel; kukau a semikel; semikel a klalo el betok a semkel; semsemikel. to be combed; (chain, cord, etc.) is to broken.sengdall a kirel el mesongd; songdii, smongd a bderrir; sengdel
sengeaklv.a.s.(odoim or rice) is to be cooked or boiled in water.sengeakl a kirel el mesengoes; odoim a sengeakl; smongosii, songoes, melengoes, sengosel. to be minced or cut. to be cleansed/bathed in hot water.serechall a serochel; kirel el mesarech, smarech a cheluib el mo toluk, serechel a cheluib. to be stepped on, toured or visited.
sersallv.a.s.sersall a ousbech er a sers; kirel el mesers; metenget, blai a sersall, sorsii, merers er ngii. to be shaken out. to be fenced or enclosed. to be burned.sesobel a seseball. to be tripped or hindered.sibesongel a olibesongel; ngii di le ngera el melibas; tetuk el kerrekar a sibesongel er a rael; mesaik el chad a sibesongel er a urreor.
sikesallv.a.s.(raft, canoe, etc.) is to be poled.sikesall a kirel el mesikes; sikesii a mlai; smikes, melikes a brer; sikesel a brer. to be shaken. to be looked or sought for.siokel a kirel el mesiik; osiik er a mo menguteling er a buai; siekii; skel to be deloused.sisall a kirel el mesais a bdelul; mengai a kud er ngii. to be strengthened. to be served; is to be dressed up.siungall a siungel; kirel mesiou; chuodel a siungall; siungii. to be sworn at. to be put, packed or stuffed into.skuul a kirel el mesuk; skuul a locha er a chelsel; smuk a kukau e sukur a ngikel; skul. to be put in order, corrected or improved.smechekill a kirel mesmechokl; sumecheklii a rengul, sumechokl a chebirukel el mo melemalt; smecheklel. to be cemented.smengtall a kirel el mesmengt; simengtii, simengt a rael; smengtel.
smochelv.a.s.(blanket, etc.) is to be spread out; (message) is to be sent; (body) is to be messaged; is to be restored.smochel a suumech; mesumech, uldechuul a smochel a bedengel; sumechii a bdelul; smechel a uldechuul. to be separated or explained.soadel a kirel el mesaod; kirel el obeketakl; soadel a chutem el kmo ng mor; meldung el tekoi a soadel about to fly.sobekung a mochu suebek; skoki a sobekung. about to be sick. to be broken off. about to enter.
songesongelv.a.s.(coconut tree) is to be tapped for sap. to be erased; is to be dried or wiped off.sudall a mesesusuud; ulechel a kim a sudall; suedii, smuud.
suisallv.a.s.(match) is to be struck/lighted.mases a suisall; meleuis er a mases. to be studied, learned or imitated. to be shredded/stripped off. to be spat on.tbaol a kirel el metub; tub, tbal, tubar, ng diak el tbaol a smengt. to be masturbated. to be patched; (fine) is to be paid.tebakel a kirel el metabek; tuabek a selodel el bail; tobekii, tebekel.
tebetballv.a.s.(long object) is to be divided or split into small pieces, strips, etc.
tebidallv.a.s.(lantern, etc.) is to be turned on. to be planned, arranged or decided on or determined.
tebongelv.a.s.(hands, dishes, etc.) are to be washed/rinsed. to be broken up in small pieces. to be skinned/scraped. to be removed/scraped up/cut out/uprooted.techeball a techibel; kirel el metecheb; nguu a belsiich er a ngot, tochebii a nguu el rokir, nguu er a uchul. to be dived into.techebekill a sebechel el metechelbakl; diak el sal dmolech; melechelbakl. to be deflected; is to be inserted (and held firmly). to be inserted (and held firmly).techekill a kirel el metichekl; ticheklii, melichekl er ngii, ko er a delibuk; ticheklel a chui. to be bathed or baptized.techelball a techelubel; kirel el metechong; melechong, tochelbii, techelbel. to be moved or pushed up and away; is to be cleared.techelekill a kirel el metechelokl; kirel el metemotem a oreomel; melechelokl er a kedidai; rullii el mo moded; tucheleklii a chutem; techeleklel. to be stuffed or crammed.techemekill a okekael; kirel el mo mui; metechemakl; mekekii, mekeek, techemekill a kliokl el chutem. to be hung on a hook or unloaded with a winch.techerekill a kirel el metecherakl; melecherakl er ngii. to be pounded.techetechall a kirel el metechotech; melechotech er a chemang; omeu er ngii. to be distracted.
techiallv.a.s.(anus) is to be wiped.techiall a kirel el metechui; mesuld a but; tuchiur, tuchui, melechui, techiall a btil a ngalek. to be carried on the head.techull a kirel el metuchel; kukau a techull er a mesei; tuchelii a kall; tmuchel, meluchel, techelel. to be constructed, assembled or put together.teketokel a kirel el meteketek meleketek er ngii; teketokel a kall; toketekii a blai; teketekel.
tekiulv.a.s.tekiul a tekuall; melaku a uasech; tokuii a odoim el babii; tekuel a klengoes.
tekiungelv.a.s.needs to be talked to; (person) is being talked about (because of bad behavior, etc.).tekiungel a kirel el mo er ngii a tekoi; soadel er a beluu, tekiungel er a beluu er a omengubs.el sers. to be carried in cupped hands.tekuall a kirel el metaku; tekiul; melaku, tmaku a uasech; tokuar a sub, tekuel.
telekillv.a.s.(cord etc.) is to be knotted to record date. to be straightened up.tematel a smechekill; kirel el metamet; tometii a rengul; tuamet a chebirukel; temetel a cheldecheduch.
temetamelv.a.s.(land etc.) is to be cleared.temetamel a ukelall a kerrekar ngii; kirel el metemotem; tometemii, tomotem a oreomel. to be chewed. to be shaved or scraped.temikel a kirel el mengai; kirel el metamk; tomkii; tuamk a chesemel. to be pricked (from tungd).tengdall a kirel el metungd; tungdii a medudes er a buld; tmungd a bduu; tengdel.
tengetngallv.a.s.(food) is to be obtained, sought or foraged for. to be made sacrifice to; is to be hindered or obstructed.tengetongel a kirel el metenget; melai a tenget; tongetengii a kall; tonget a udoud; chelid a tengetongel; tengetongel a sersall; kirel el metenget; tongetengii a butiliang; tongetengii a ruoll el rael; tengetengel. to be irritated/annoyed/frustrated. to be turned face or top down; is to be stopped.terebengall a omosech; kirel el meterob; torebengii a omerael; torob a osisebel a mekngit el kar; terebengel. to be destroyed/broken.terekill a kirel meterakl; toreklii a mechut el blai; torakl a kall; tereklel. to be broken, torn or smashed down; is to be taken apart. to be divided into portions; something (esp. food) to be divided into portions.terukel a bliongel er a kall; terekelel a klobak me a rubakldil; rruklir el kall; terekelel a beluu. to be pounded.tetael a kirel el meteot; toetii a deel; toeot a kerrekar; meleot er a blai. to be plucked or torn off; is to be pulled at.tetekill a kirel el metetekakl; toteklii a dui; meltekakl er ngii, totekakl a okul a ert, teteklel. to be widened or opened wide.tetengall a kirel mo meteteu; tmetengii a ngerel; tmeteu a ngerir, tengel. to be pointed at or appointed.tetkall a kirel el metutk; tutkii a bobai; tmutk a mengur; tetkel. to be torn or shredded.tetongel a tetengall. to be touched lightly.tibechall a kirel el metboech; tibechii a sechelil; tiboech; melboech er ngii; tibechel.
tibengedaolv.a.s.(female) is to have sexual intercourse from rear. to be lighted or illuminated.tichall a kirel el metuich; tuiechii a rael; tmuich a ngikel, tichel. to be sucked in, on or out; is to be dredged or syphoned; is to be kissed.timetmall a kirel metmotm; melmotm er ngii; timetmii a titimel, timotm a medal a ngikel; timetmel. to be scraped (taro etc.).tingechall a kirel metngoech; merort a kukau; tingoech a kukau; tingechel. to be plugged up.tingetall a dengobel; kirel el metinget; tingetii, tminget a butiliang. to be hunted or investigated.tirterall a siokel; kirel el meteriter; tirterii a klemerang; tiriter a ungil, merriter a tekoi; tirterel. to be pierced (open).titall a kirel el metit; tmit a ilumel el mengur; melit, titir, titil. to be wedged.titechall a kirel el metitech; loia titechel; titechii a osib; tmitech a oles, melitech; titechel. to be rolled.titiuul a kirel el metitai; melitai er ngii; titiuul a bduu. to be rubbed or smoothed over or petted.tiuall a kirel el metaiu; melaiu er ngii; toiuii a chimal; tmaiu a bedengel; tiuel. to be thrown at with a stick.tiuelechall a kirel el metiualech; tiuelechii a iedel; toiualech, meliualech a meradel, tiuelechel. to be cut or measured.tkael a debokl; kirel el metuk; tukur a kerrekar; duebes, tmuk, meluk a idungel; tkul a idungel. to be propped up or supported.tkekill a kirel el metkakl; melisakl er a blai; tukeklii, tukakl, tkeklel. to be struck with fist.tkiil a kirel el metik; tikir, tmik; diak el tkiil a chad. to be held in palm of hand. to be appeased or consoledtngekill a kirel el metngakl; kirel el mengunguuch; tingeklii a rengul a meltord; locha tngakireng; tngeklel.
toadelv.a.s.(sardines) are to be caught between prongs of a spear.taodel a kirel el metaod; tmaod a mekebud, tmodii a kall, melaod, todel.
tobedungv.pred.tobedung a kmeed el tuobed, merolung, mlai a tobedung; tebedel. to be pre-chewed.
toechelv.a.s.(compost) is to be made. to be put or thrown up high. to be cut lengthwise or down the middle.tuidel a kirel metiud; meliud er ngii; tiuedii a bobai; tmiud a brak, tudel.
tukukallv.a.s.(land) is to be cleared.tukukall a kirel el metukouk; melukouk er ngii; toukukii a oreomel; toukouk a rael; tukukel.
tukukallv.a.s.foreskin is to be pulled down. to be heated or cooked lightly; is to be heated so as to become bendable; is to be rubbed or massaged.
uchebngallv.a.s.uchebnall a kirel el mochub; lechengaol a uchub er ngii; omechub er a blai. to be started or begun.uchelall a kirel el meuchel; otutall; urreor a uchelall, mechelii a omelaml; muchel, uchelel.
uchelcheballv.a.s.(cooking food) is to be covered with leaf; bag; etc.
uchetallv.a.s.(fishing line) is to be provided with leader.uchetall a kirel el mochaet; loia uchaet er ngii; mchetii a kereel; mechaet a chetakl, uchetel. to be glued or pasted.udall a kirel el obuid, meuid; mo er ngii a uuid; babier a udall; mudii a babier; muid, udel
udallv.a.s.(fishnet) is to be pulled in. to be caught or captured.udechemall a kirel el mudechem; kirel el motoir el moreked; mdechemii a malk; mdechem a babii, udechemel. to be spied on or watched for carefully.udedmall a kirel el mudidm; berrotel e mes; mdedmii a merechorech, mdidm a omerotel er a klalo, udedmel.
udelmallv.a.s.(weapon) is to be aimed; is to be focused on or at. to be shaded or sheltered. to be thought about or taken into consideration.udesuall a kirel el mudasu; mesiik a rolel el mo ungil; mdesuii a smecher; mdasu, smecher a udesuall a ukeruul er ngii. to be bridged.udidall a kirel el mudid; loia did er ngii; omdid er a toachelmid; mdidar, omoachel a udidal a delebechel er a didall.
udidallv.a.s.udidall a kirel mudid; omuchel er ngii; mechelii a tet; omdid er a tet; chedecholl a udidall; udidal. to be hidden in bushes. to be pulled in.udiuul a kirel el mudai; mengurs er ngii el oba udai; omdai er ngii; telemall el ert a udiuul.
udochallv.a.s.(sea) is to be beaten with pole; (fruit) is to be knocked down with pole. to be given money or paid.
ukadelv.a.s.(fish) is to be caught by casting net. to be cut or pushed down. to be renovated or repaired.ukbechesall a ukbechesuul; kirel mukbeches; mekbechesur a mechut el skuul; mekbeches a llach, ukbechesul. to be made easy or cheap.ukbetengall a kirel el mukbeot; remuul el mo beot, mekbetengii a urreor, mekbeot a char, ukbetengel. to be healed.ukechebsall a kirel el mukechubs; omkechubs er a kltkat; mekechebsii; mekechubs a deledes; ukechebsel.
ukdebechallv.a.s.(plant) is to be cultivated; (business, etc.) is to be established or started. to be frightened or scared. to be seated.ukdengchekill a kirel el mukedengchokl; mo dengchokl; mekedengcheklii, omekedengchokl er ngii. to be made full or satisfied.ukdengesall a kirel el mukdinges; mekelii el mo medinges; mo diak el sengerenger; mekdengesii, omekdinges er ngii; ulekdengesel. to be made to sit like a man.ukderebereball a kirel mukderboreb; mekderberebii a chad er a blai e msa ngerachel; mekdereboreb a ochil; ukderberebel; reberebel. to be dried out.ukedertall a kirel el mukdirt; mo diak el dekimes; mekdertii, mekdirt a bail, ukdertel a bail. to be given medicine; (fish) is to be salted.ukeruul a kirel el mukar; omkar; osbitar a blil a ukeruul el omkar a secher; toktang a omkar a secher. to be reminded.ukltkall a kirel el muklatk; omeklatk me lak lobes a klumech; mekltkii me lolim a kar, ukltkel. to be stopped or restrained. to be made straight. to be brightened or enlightened.ukllemesall a kirel el mukllomes; omekllomes; ochotii a ungil el rael; meklemesii a milkolk a rengul; mekllomes a real, uklemesel. to be wished luck.uklsechall a kirel el muklusech; omeklusech er ngii; meklsechii; mo ungil besul; mo melusech; ukbechel
ukmedallv.a.s.(debt) is to be repaid; (favor) is to be returned.ukmedall a medal a bled el udoud me a lechub e ng klalo; techill a bled. to be dried out in the sun.ukngisall a kirel mukngiis; ukngiokl, mekngiis a selokel; mekngisii a bail, ukngisel.
ukremekallv.a.s.ukremekall a kirel el morengii a ramek; omekramek er a mesei; mekremekii a sers; ukremekel. to be guided, advised or led. to be made to fly. to be made sick.uksecherall a kirel el muksecher; meksecherii; diak el uksecherall a chad me a charem le ng mekull. to be made used to or trained.uksoangel a kirel el muksau; omeksau er ngii; meruul er ngii el mo smau, mo soal; omeksau, meksongii ngalek; ngalek a uksoangel er a urreor; uksongel. to be prophesied about.ulochall a kirel el mulaoch; omlaoch er ngii; mlochii a meringel el kodall; mlaoch a klebelung; ulochel.
uluollv.a.s.(house) is to have floor put on. to be given drink or made to drink.ungelmall a kirel el mongim; msa imelel; omngim er ngii; ungelmel. to be named.ungkill a kirel el mungakl; mngeklii, loia a ngklel; omngakl er ngii; tolechoi a ungkill. to be buttoned/inlaid.urdechall a kirel el murodech; locha urdechel; merdechii, mrodech a bail; urdechel. to be mixed.urechemall a kirel murachem; omrachem a diokang er a brak, meruul a billum; urechemel.
urelmallv.a.s.(clothes) are to be rinsed.urelmall a kirel el muralm; omralm, mralm a selokel, mrelmii a klengoes, urelmel. to be worked at. to be ordered/imported. to be grabbed with the fist.usechemall a kirel el musechem; mla moreked, diak momsechem er a diak el ududem. to be girded with loincloth; is to be tied around.usekerall a kirel el musaker; msekerii; loia usekerel.
usesoolv.a.s.usesool a usasoall. to be obtain through barter or trade. to be held steady, controlled, confirmed or moored. to be fixed or focused upon.utebengall a kirel el mutab; kirel el mo medengelii; mtab a meldung, mtebengii a rael; remenges e nguelem a tekoi; utebengel.
utechedallv.a.s.(spearhead) is to have barbs made; is to be jerked or pulled.utechedall a kirel el mutoched; locha techedel; mtoched a biskang, mtechedii a ongerekor; utechedel. to be bent and tied.uterechall a kirel el muturech; omturech a ukar; mturech a ungamk, uterechel.
utetkallv.a.s.(plant) is to be supported by stick put into ground; (site of house, etc.) is to be marked with sticks and strings.utetkall a kirel el mututk; locha ututk; mtetkii a rael, mtutk, utetkel. to be changed, replaced or succeeded. to be put over fire; is to be put or placed; is to be pounded into ground.utiil a ngklel a irimd. utiil a klalo el kirel el mouat; omat a irimd; melai a mekoll er a budel.
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