basingul, n.poss.3sanus.
basingul a ingul; tebedellel a dach
bekebau, v.s.smell of vagina.
See also:
berdel a but, expr.lips of vagina.
See also:
bisech, v.s.(person) easily aroused sexually.
See also:
brak, v.s.having a vagina which stays dry during sexual intercourse.
See also:
bsechel a but, expr.pubic hair.
See also:
but, n.genitals; anus; vagina; bottom (surface).
but a eoulbeluu er a chad me a uriul, idekel a but, uchauch a btil a chad, btil a omerael, btil a lius.
chachelooch, v.recip.masturbate each other.
chachelooch a di du el mengelooch. di menga a ongraol ma lechub e te kuk di menga a odoim, dibus a kirel el ngar er ngii.
See also:
chebaringul, n.poss.3sanus.
> He's doing a very wrong thing./He doesn't know what he's doing. [strong insult]
chebecheb a btil, expr.woman with hard-to-reach vagina.
See also:
chebecheb el redil, expr.woman with hard-to-reach vagina.
See also:
chellooch, n.r.s.masturbation.
chellooch a mla mechelooch; mengelooch a odoim le ng diak ongraol, chelochel.
See also:
chellooch, v.r.s.masturbated.
chellooch a mla mechelooch; mengelooch a odoim le ng diak ongraol, chelochel.
See also:
chelochall, to be masturbated.
chelochall a sebechel el mechelooch; beras a chelochall.
See also:
chemei, v.i.evacuate the bowels; defecate.
chemei a tuobed a dechil; tuong, chemert, chortii, ngalek a chemei.
chemold, v.t.fart; pass gas; break wind at.
chemold a choldii, chold, cheldel.
chermall, v.s. having vagina which lubricates quickly.
See also:
cherrumet a btil, expr.(woman) having insides worn out from too much sexual intercourse.
See also:
chert, n.excrement; fart.
chesechol, n.clitoris.
See also:
chold, n.fart.
chold a mekngit el eolt tuobed er a basingul a chad, chemold, choldii, cheldel.
dach, n.excrement; residue; secretion.
dach a kall el mo er a chelsel a diil e me tuobed; mekngit el diak bo elrasech me ng mechoit; mechert, dechil.
dechors, v.s.(penis) erect.
dechors a blolech; medecherecher el kirs a dechors.
deleboes el delengerenger, expr.sexual desire; lust.
See also:
dengarech a btil , expr.woman with easy-to-reach vagina.
See also:
ibuchel, n.vagina.
See also:
ingul, n.poss.3shis/her/its anus.
ingul a basingul, ingul a charm me a chad; tebedellel a dach.
kadibuk, v.recip.(dogs) locked in sexual intercourse.
See also:
kaoterebek, v.recip.(animals) mate with each other; (persons) have sexual intercourse with each other noisily.
kaoterebek a didu el olterebek; oterebekii, oterebek, oterbekel.
katecherakl, v.recip.(dogs) joined together in sexual intercourse.
See also:
kaudengerenger, v.recip.have sexual intercourse with each other.
kaudengerenger a dmak e meruul a delengerenger; te ngar a llaokreng.
See also:
kerutech, v.recip.have sexual intercourse.
See also:
kikaol, v.s.having a large vagina.
See also:
kikil, n.poss.3svagina.
kikil a ukil; uuk er ngii el dil.
See also:
kikil a delam, expr.Your mother's vagina (very offensive insult).
See also:
kikil a deleb,
, n.
a black slug with no shell.
See also:
kirs, n.penis.
kirs a molech; eoulbeluu er a sechal, kersel.
lenguul, n.a.s.penis.
lenguul a melang; tmelang.
malk, n.person who reaches sexual climax rapidly.
See also:
mechurars, v.s.(penis) flaccid after having prematurely lost erection.
See also:
medal a molech, expr.glans penis.
See also:
medengei, v.s.t.have sexual knowledge of.
medengei a ngar er ngii a klaodengei er ngii; medengelii a tekoi.
See also:
melak, v.t.pull down foreskin of (penis).
melak a melang; teketak; meleketak.
telekoel a kirs el melak.
See also:
melang, v.t.suck or fellate (person, penis).
melang a tmelang, melak.
tmelangv.s.prone to fellating; be homosexual.
tmelang a melang.
See also:
, v.redup.keep masturbating.
melbetubech a melubech.
metbetubechv.erg.redup.easily masturbated.
See also: ,
melechaol, v.s.having a large penis.
melechaol a klou a melechel, kersel.
See also:
melechel, n.poss.3spenis.
melechel a molech er ngii.
See also:
melechors, v.t.make (penis) erect; stimulate.
melechui, v.t.wipe (anus) after defecating.
melechui a mesuld er a btil; tuchiur, tuchui; tichiul.
meleketak, v.t.(male) masturbate.
meleketak a teketak; outeketak.
melemumuu, v.t.desire (person) sexually; lust after.
melemumuu a doimumuu; delenguul, melemumuu a klauchad; dongerenger, tomall klauchad.
melubech, v.t.pull down foreskin of (penis); (male) masturbate.
melubech a omkobk; tubechii; tuubech.
melud, v.t.have sexual intercourse with (woman).
melud a ludur; kelud.
melukouk, v.t.pull down foreskin (of pennis).
mengam a ochil a katuu, expr.solidify a relationship (esp. by having sexual intercourse).
See also:
mengchechelooch, v.redup.keep masturbating.
See also:
mengedecheos, v.i.have sexual intercourse during the day.
See also:
mengelooch, v.t.masturbate.
See also:
mengemochem, v.t.urinate.
mengemochem a oltobed a chemochem; chumchemii; chumochem; chemechemel a ngalek.
mengemull, v.t.have sexual relations with.
mengemull a ousau; sechal me a dil a chachemull.
mengerem, v.s.without a sexual partner.
See also:
mengert, v.t.defecate on; defecate or expel (particular object).
mengert a chemei; bilis a mengert a rael, mekesokes, chortii, chemert, chertel.
mengol a otaor , homosexual or gay (referring to men only).
See also:
menguchet a otaor, homosexual.
See also:
menguchet a raod, homosexual.
See also:
mereberebek, v.t.redup.touch (sleeping woman) sexually.
mereberebek a merreuaech; diak lomes e olab a chimal el osiik e merutech; roberebekii a olekang, mereberebek a rdil; roberebek a blai, reberbekel.
See also:
mesabchemoes, v.s.prone to playing around sexually with someone too young.
mesabchemoes a melngot a chemoes el dellomel; sobngii a kukau, musech a diokang.
See also:
mesedem, v.t.proposition (woman) to have sexual intercourse.
See also:
milil, v.i.have fun (sexually).
See also:
mongduul, v.s.(woman) having thick-lipped, tightly-closed vagina.
mongduul a teletael; ko er a teletelel a ngduul; chaibibiob; mongduul el buuch.
mongduulv.s.(betel nut) hollow or having little meat.
mongduul a teletael; ko er a teletelel a ngduul; chaibibiob; mongduul el buuch.
See also: ,
, n.desire to acquire something; sexual desire; lust.
ngibeserreng a nguibes; oungemokel, soal a ungil dil; nguibes a ungil el klalo.
> I will put a stop to your lust.
obildeb, n.imaginary person in a sexual dream.
See also:
oikel, n.penis.
oikel a kirs; oikelel.
oldaol, n.vagina.
oldaol a uuk; oldolel.
olekelekel, n.poss.3spenis (esp., large).
olekelekel a ileakl el klou el kirs.
olterebek, v.t.rape; assault sexually.
olterebek a okiu a ulekdakd, blekeu e mengemull, oterebek, oterebekii, oterebekel.
oltiid, v.caus.make (someone) ejaculate; bring to climax or orgasm.
olud, n.olud a kirs.
See also:
oluld, n.penis.
See also:
omangko, n., [From Japanese omanko] vagina.
omelibenged, n.action of having sexual intercourse from rear.
omelibenged a melibenged; remurt el mengemuli, melengaol, outibenged.
See also:
omok a medal, expr.introduce (someone) to sex.
See also:
omolech, v.t.make (penis) erect.
omolech a obolech; mo dechor e medecherecher, blolech.
orcherotel, n.anus.
See also:
otechelel, n.poss.3salso, vagina.
See also:
oukekesus, v.i.have sexual intercourse in early evening.
ousau, v.i.have sexual intercourse with (woman).
ousau a betik a rengul; soal, omsau a reng, songel, ousau a mengemull.
ousechelei, v.i.have sex.
ousechelei a ngar ngii a sechelil.
See also:
outibenged, v.t.(person; animal) have sexual intercourse with (female) from rear; put pelvic area against (something).
outibenged a melibenged; melengaol, remurt el mengemull e melai a udoud, tibengedel.
rames, n.(long, high-piched) fart; gap or separation.
rames a ngmoech el chold; diak el lolechesuar e ng tuobed; mla ruames, remesel; rames a delongelel; rames er a dellomel el dait; merames a delemel el dait; ungil a remesel.
ruames, v.i.make (long; high pitched) fart; break wind.
ruames a rames; remesel.
> Watch out; you're laughing so hard you'll split your sides.
, v.s.prone to masturbation.
sechelakl a sechelooch.
meschelakl a sechelooch; mengelooch.
sekekitel, v.s.(woman) prone to moaning during sexual intercourse.
See also:
sekelas, v.s.vulgarity used to insult someone sexually; can be used to describe a man who struggles to climax or a woman who is easily aroused
sekerutech, v.s.prone to touching people (sexually); lecherous.
See also:
sing, n.odor of sperm.
sing a bau; bul a lalech; ngibd a besing.
sisi, baby, [From Japanese] urinate.
smosm, v.s.(penis) small (often used in jokes or insults).
songel, n.poss.3smistress; sexual partner.
songel a sau er ngii; soal el dil, sechal; ombil er a klsau.
teleketak, v.r.s.masturbated; circumcised.
teleketak a mla meteketak; teketak.
telubech, n.glans penis.
temingel, n.poss.3sclitoris; penis.
temingel a temoi er ngii.
See also:
tengerdel, n.poss.3sanus.
tengerdel a tengod er ngii.
tetomel, n.clitoris.
tibenged, v.s.sensual; (person) always wanting to have sexual intercourse.
tibenged a melibenged; outibenged; meses el mengemull; tibengedel.
tibengedoelv.s.very sensual.
See also:
tiid, n.sperm; semen.
tiid a sperm , tmiid, tidel.
tmeleches, interj.stuff it. (refers to when the foreskin is pulled back behind the head of the penis).
See also:
tokedengarech a btil, expr.(woman) having well-positioned vagina.
See also:
uel el chad, who reaches sexual climax slowly.
See also:
uuk, n.vagina.
uuk a klekedellel a bedengel a chad; eoulbeluu er a dil; uuk a usbechall er a betok el telengtengil a klechad; kikoi, kikil; ukil, "ukil a delam".
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